Arthur Young's Travels in France During the Years 1787, 1788, 1789

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G. Bell and sons, 1906 - 366 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 271 - FLORENCE OF WORCESTER'S Chronicle, with the Two Continuations : comprising Annals of English History from the Departure of the Romans to the Reign of Edward I.
الصفحة 279 - History oi the Planting and Training of the Christian Church by the Apostles. Translated by JE Ryland. 2 vols. 3*. 6id. each. Memorials of Christian Life in the Early and Middle Ages ; including Light in Dark Places.
الصفحة 281 - Homer's Odyssey, with the Battle of Frogs and Mice, Hymns, &c., by other translators. Edited by the Rev. JS Watson, MA With the entire Series of Flaxman's Designs. 5*.
الصفحة 264 - Tables for verifying Dates with the Christian Era, &c. Giving an account of the Chief Eras and Systems used by various Nations ; with the easy Methods for determining the Corresponding Dates. By JJ Bond. 5*. BONOMI'S Nineveh and Its Palaces. 7 Plates and 294 Woodcut Illustrations. 5.;.
الصفحة 275 - JULIAN, the Emperor. Containing Gregory Nazianzen's Two Invectives and Libanus" Monody, with Julian's extant Theosophical Works. Translated by CW King, MA 5*.
الصفحة 274 - HOLBEIN'S Dance of Death and Bible Cuts. Upwards of 150 Subjects, engraved in facsimile, with Introduction and Descriptions by Francis Douce and Dr. Thomas Frognall Dibden. 5*. HOMER'S Iliad. Translated into English Prose by TA Buckley, BA $s. Odyssey. Hymns, Epigrams, and Battle of the Frogs and Mice. Translated into English Prose by TA Buckley, BA 5*.
الصفحة 285 - SWIFT'S Prose Works. Edited by Temple Scott. With a Biographical Introduction by the Right Hon. WEH Lecky, MP With Portraits and Facsimiles. 12 vols.
الصفحة 274 - HERODOTUS, Notes on. Original and Selected from the best Commentators. By DW Turner, MA Coloured Map, Analysis and Summary of, with a Synchronistical Table of Events...
الصفحة 268 - On the Nature of the Gods, Divination, Fate, Laws, a Republic, Consulship. Translated by Prof. CD Yonge, MA, and Francis Barham.
الصفحة 269 - Histories of Louis XI. and Charles VIII., Kings of France, and Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. Together with the Scandalous Chronicle, or Secret History ot Louis XI., by Jean de Troyes.

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