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left him. So the father knew that your love may abound yet that it was at the same hour more and more in knowledge, in the which Jesus said unto and in all judgment : That ye him, Thy son liveth ; and him- may approve things that are self believed, and his whole excellent, that ye may be sinhouse. This is again the se-cere, and without offence till cond miracle that Jesus did, the day of Christ'; being filled when he was come out of Ju- with the fruits of righteousdea into Galilee.

ness,which are by Jesus Christ,

unto the glory and praise of The Twenty-second Sunday God. afier Trinity.

The Gospel. St. Matt. xviii. 21. The Collect.

Lord, how oft shall my

L keeps they behousehold the borother sin against me, and y

ORD, we beseech thee to PETER saith unto Jesus,

Church in continual godliness: forgive him ? till seven times? that, through thy protection, Jesus saith unto him, I say not it may be free from all adver-unio thee, until seven times : sities, and devoutly given to but until seventy times seven. serve thee in good works, to Therefore is the kingdom of the glory of thy name, through heaven likened unto a certain Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. king, who would take account The Epistle. Phil. i. 3.

of his servants. And when he

had begun to reckon, one was I THANK my God upon brought unto him, who owed

every remembrance of you him ten thousand talents. But (always in every prayer of forasmuch as he had not to pay, mine for you all making re- his lord commanded him to be quest with joy)for your fellow-sold, and his wife and children, ship inthe Gospel from the first and all that he had, and pay. day until now; being confidentment to be made. The serof this very thing, that he who vant therefore fell down and hath begun a good work in worshipped him, saying, Lord, you, will perform it until the have patience with me, and I day of Jesus Christ ; even as will pay thee all. Then the it is meet for me to think this Lord of that servant of you all, because I have you moved with compassion, and in my heart, inasmuch as both loosed him, and forgave him in my bonds, and in the de-i he debt. But the same serfence and confirmation of the vant went out, and found one Gospel, ye all are partakers of his fellow servants, who of my grace. For God is my owed him an hundred pence; record, how greatly I long af- and he laid hands on him, and ter you all in the bowels offtook him by the throat, saying, Jesus Christ. And this I pray, Pay me that thou owest. And


his fellow-servant fell down at us for an ensample. (For his feet, and besought him. many walk, of whom I have saying, Have patience witi told you often, and now tell me, and I will pay thee all. you even weeping, that they And he would not; but went are the enemies of the cross and cast him into prison, till of Christ; whose end is dehe should pay the debt. So struction, whose god is their when his fellow-servants saw belly, and whose glory is in what was done, they were their shame, who mind earthly very sorry, and came and told things.) For our conversation unto their lord all that was is in heaven, from whence done. Then his lord, after also we look for the Saviour, that he had called him, said the Lord Jesus Christ; who unto him, O thou wicked ser-shall change our vile body, : vant, I forgave thee all that that it may be fashioned like debt, because thou desiredst unto his glorious body, accordme: shouldest not thou also ing to the working, whereby have had compassion on thy he is able even to subdue all fellow-servant, even as I had things unto himself. pity on thee? "And his lord was wroth, and delivered him

The Gospel. St. Matt. xxii. 15. to the tormentors, till he


THEN went the Pharisees, should pay all that was due and took counsel how unto him. So likewise shall they might entangle liim in his my heavenly Father do also talk. And they sent out unto unto you, if ye, from your him their disciples, with the hearts, forgive not every one Herodians, saying, Master, his brother their trespasses.

we know that thou art true,'

and teachest the way of God: Thic Twerdy-third Sunday af in truth, neither carest thou'

ter Trinitys for any man: for thou regard." The Collect.

est not the person of men.

Tell us, therefore, What: O

thinkest thou? Is it lawful to strength, who art the au

give trilate unto Cæsar, ors thor of all godliness ; be ready we beseech thee, to hear the

not? But Jesus perceived their

wickedness, and said, Why: devout prayers of thy Church; and grant that those things Show in the tribute-money.

tempt ye me, ye hypocrites ?: which we ask faithfully, we may obtain effectually, through

And they brought unto him a Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen, penny. And he saith unto

them, Whose is this image The Epistle. Phil. iii. 17. and superscription? They say B.

RETHREN, be followers upto him, Cæsar's, Then

together of me, and mark saith he unto them, Render them who walk so, as ye have therefore unto Cæsar the thin



which are Cæsar's ; and unto we heard it, do not cease to God the things that are God's. pray for you, and to desire When they had heard these lihat ye might be filled with words, they marvelled, and the knowledge of his will in left him, and went their way. all wisdom and spiritual un

derstanding; that ye might The Twenty-fourth Sunday after walk worthy of the Lord unto Trinity.

all pleasing, being fruitful in The Collect.

every good work, and increase

ing in the knowledge of God; LORD, we beseech thee, strengthened with all might,

absolve thy people from according to his glorious pow. their offences; that, throughser, unto all patience and longthy bountiful goodness, we suffering, with joyfulness ; may all be delivered from the giving thanks unto the Father, bands of those sins which by who hath made us meet to be our frailty we have committed : partakers of the inheritance Grant this, o heavenly Fa- of the saints in light. ther, for Jesus Christ's sake, our blessed Lord and Saviour.

The Gospel. St. Matt. ix. 18. Amen.

CHILE Jesus spake these The Epistle. Colos. i. 3.

things unto John's dis

ciples, behold, there came a We give thanks to God,certain ruler, and worshipped

and the Father of our him, saying, My daughter is Lord Jesus Christ, praying even now dead; but come and always for you, since we heard lay thy hand upon her, and of your faith in Christ Jesus, she shall live. And Jesus arose, and of the love which ye have and followed him, and so did to all the saints ; for the hope his disciples. (And behold, a which is laid up for you in woman, which was diseased heaven, whereof ye heard be- with an issue of blood twelve fore in the word of the truth years, came behind him, and of the Gospel ; which is come touched the hem of his garunto you, as it is in all the ment: For she said within world, and bringeth forth fruit, herself, If I may but touch as it doth also in you, since his garment, I shall be whole. the day ye heard of it, and But Jesus turned him about, knew the grace of God in and when he saw her, he said, truth. As ye also learned of Daughter, be of good comfort, Epaphras, our dear fellow-thy faith' hath made thee servant, who is for you 'a faith-whole. And the woman was ful minister of Christ; who made whole from that hour.) also declared unto us your And when Jesus came into the love in the spirit. For this ruler's house, and saw the cause we also, since the day minstrels and the people mak

her by the hand, and the maid WHEN Jesus then lift up

ing a noise, he said unto them, tries whither I had driven Give place : for the maid is them; and they shall dwell not dead, but sleepeth. And in their own land. they laughed him to scorn.

The Gospel. St. John vi, 5. But when the people were put forth, he went in, and took THEN

his eyes and saw a arose. And the fame hereof great company come unto him, went abroad into all that land. he saith unto Philip, Whence

shall we buy bread, that these

may eat? (and this he said to The Twenty-fifth Sunday after prove him ; for he himself Trinity.

knew what he would do.) The Collect.

Philip answered him, Two

hundred penny-worth of bread STOR up, we beseech thee, is not sufficient for them, that

O Lord, the wills of thy every one of them may take a faithful people ; that they plen- little. One of his disciples, teously bringing forth the fruit Andrew, Simon Peter's brcof good works, inay by thee be ther, saith unto him, There plenteously rewarded, through is a lad here, who hath five Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. barley loaves, and two small For the Epistle. Jer. xxiii. 5.

fishes ; but what are they

among so many? And Jesus BEI EHOLD, the days come said, Make the men sit down.

saith the Lord, that I Now there was much grass in will raise unto David a righ-the place. So the men sat teous branch; and a King shall down, in number about five reign and prosper, and shall thousand. And Jesus took the execute judgment, and justice loaves, and when he had given in the earth. In his clays,'hanks, he distributed to the Judah shall be saved, and Is-disciples, and the disciples to rael shall dwell safely : and them that were set down, and this is his Name whereby he likewise of the fishes, as much shall be called, THE LORD as they would. When they OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. were filled, he said unto his Therefore, behold, the days disciples, Gather up the fragcome, saith the Lord, that ments that remain, that nothey shall no more say, Thuthing be lost. Therefore they Lord liveth, who brought up gathered them together, and the children of Israel out of filled twelve baskets with the the land of Egypt ; but, The fragments of the five barleyLord liveth who brought up. loaves, which remained over and who led the seed of the and above unto them that had house of Israel out of the north-eaten. Then those men, when country, and from all coun- they had seen the miracle il

Jesus did, said, This is of a made unto salvation. For the truth that Prophet'that should Scripture saith, Whosoever come into the world. believeth on him shall not be

ashamed. For there is no dif1 If there be any more Sun-ference between the Jew and

days before Advent-Sunday, the Greek: for the same Lord the service of some of those over all, is rich unto all that Sundays that were omitied call upon him. For whosoafter the Epiphany, shall ever shall call upon the name be taken in 10 supply 80 of the Lord, shall be saved. many as are here quanting. How then shall they call on And if there be fewer, the him in whom they have not overplus may be omitted : believed ? And how shall they Provided that this last Col-believe in him of whom they Lect, Epistle, and Gospel, have not heard? And how shail always be used upon shall they hear without a the Sunday next before Ad-preacher? And how shall they vent.

preach, except they be sent?

As it is written, How beauti.

ful are the feet of them that Srini Andrew's Day.

preach the Gospel of peace, The Collect. and bring glad tidings of good

things? But they have not all LMIGHTY God, who obeyed the Gospel. For Esaias. thy holy Apostle Saint An-led our report? So then, faith drew, that he readily obeyed cometh by hearing, and hearthe calling of thy Son Jesus

ing by the Word of God. But Christ, and followed bim with

I out delay ; șrant unto us all, Yes verily, their sound went

say, have they not heard ? that we, being called by thy into all the earth, and theirholy Word, may forthwith

words unto the ends of the give up ourselves obediently world. to fulfil thy holy command-rael know? First, Moses saith,

But I say, did not Isments, through the same Jesus I will provoke you to jealousy Christ our Lord. Amen.

by them that are no people,

and by a foolish nation I will The Epistle. Rom. x. 9.

anger you. But Esaias is very IF F thou shalt confess with bold, and saith, I was found

thy mouth the Lord Jesus, of them that sought me not ; and shalt believe in thine heart I was made manifest unto that God hath raised him from them that asked not after me. the dead, thou shalt be saved. But to Israel he saith, All day For with the heart man be-long have 1 stretched forth my lieveth unto righteousness and hands unto a disobedient and with the mouth confession is gainsaying people.

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