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Every man at the beginning behold, there came a leper doth set forth good wine, and and worshipped him, saying, when men have well drunk. Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst then that which is worse ; but make me clean. And Jesus thou hast kept the good wint put forth his hand, and touchuntil now. This beginning of id him, saying, I will, be thou miracles did Jesus in Cana of clean. And immediately his Galilee, and manifested forth leprosy was cleansed.

And his glory, and his disciples Jesus saith unto him, See thou believed on him.

tell no man, but go thy way,

show thyself to the priest, and The Third Sunday after the offer the gift that Moses comEiphany.

manded for a testimony unto The Collect.

them. And when Jesus was A ,

ing God, mercifully look came unto him a Centurion upon our infirmities, and in beseeching him, and saying, all our dangers and necessities Lord, my servant lieth at streich forth thy right hand home sick of the palsy, grievto help and defend us, throughously tormented. And Jesus Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. saith unto him, I will come The Fifistle. Rom. xii. 16. and heal him. The Centurion B. E not wise in your own answered and said, Lord, I am

conceits. Recompense to not worthy that thou shouldno man evil sor evil. Provide est come under my roof; but things honest in the sight of speak the word only, and my all men. If it be possible, as servant shall be healed. For much as lieth in you, live peace- I am a man under authority, ably with all men. Dearly having soldiers under me : beloved, avenge not your-and I say unto this man, Go, selves, but rather give place and he goeth ; and to another, unto wrath ; for it is written, Come, and he cometh; and Vengeance is mine ; I will re- to my servant, Do this, and pay, saith the Lord. There- he doeth it When Jesus fore, if thine enemy hunger, heard it, he marvelled, and feed him; if he thirst, give said to them that followed, him drink : for in so doing Verily i say unto you, I have thou shalt heap coals of fire not found so great faith, no on his head. Be not over- not in Israel. And I say unto come of. evil, but overcome you, that many shall come

from the east and west, and

shall sit down with Abrahanı The Gospel. St. Matt. viii. 1.

land Isaac and Jaco's, in the WHEN he was come down kingdom of heaven : But the

from the mountain, great children of the kingdom snail multitudes followed him. And be casi out into cuitr dark

cvil with good.


ness; there shall be weeping him that doeth evil. Where. and gnashing of teeth. And fore ye must needs be subject, Jesus said unto the Centurion not only for wrath, but also for Go thy way, and as thou hast conscience sake. For, for this believed, so be it done unto cause pay ye tribute also ; for thee. And his servant was they are God's ministers, at. healed in the self-same hour. tending continually upon this

very tiiing. Render, there. The Fourth Sunday after the fore, to all, their dues ; tribute Epiphany.

to whom tribute is due, custom The Collect.

to whom custom, fear to whom

fear, honour to whom honour. O GOD, who live widest of The Gospel. St. Matt. viii. 23. thamanreason for rent flangers. AND, when he was entered

a ship, our nature we cannot always followed him. And behold, stand upright; grant to us there arose a great tempest in such strength and protection, the sea, insomuch that the as may support us in all dan-ship was covered with the gers, and carry us through waves ; but he was asleep. all temptations, through Je. And his disciples came to him, sus Christ our Lord. Amen. and awoke him, saying, Lord,

save us, we perish. And he The Epistle. Rom. xiii. 1.

saith unto them, Why are ye LET every soul be subject fearful, o ye of little faith

unto the higher powers: Then he arose, and rebuked for there is no power but of the winds and the sea, and God : the powers that be are there was a great calm. But ordained of God. Whosoever. the men marvelled, saying, therefore, resisteth the power, W’hat manner of man is this, resisteth the ordinance of God: that even the winds and the and they that resist, shall re- sea obey him ? And when he ceive to themselves damnation. was come to the other side, For rulers are not a terror to into the country of the Ger. good works, but to theevil. Wilt gesenes, there met him two thou then not be afraid of the possessed with devils, coming power? do that which is good, out of the tombs, exceeding and thou shalt have praise of fierce, so that no man might the same : for he is the minis- pass by that way. And behold, ter of God to thee for good. they cried out, saying, What But if thou do that which is have we to do with thee, Jeevil, be airaid ; for he beareth sus, thou Son of God? art thou not the sword in vain: for he come hither to torment us be, is the minister of God, a re-fore the time? And there Tonger to execute wrath upon was a good way off from them an herd of many swine, feed- even as Christ forgave you, ing. So the devils besought so also do ye. And, above all him, saying, If thou cast us these things, put on Charity, out, suffer us to go away into which is the bond of perfectthe herd of swine. And he ness. And let the peace of said unto them, Go. And God rule in your hearts, to when they were come out, they the which also ye are called in went into the herd of swine; one body; and be ye thankful. and behold, the whole herd of Let the word of Christ dwell in swine ran violently down a you richly in all wisdom ; steep place into the sea, and teaching and admonishing one perished in the waters. And another in psalms, and hymns, they that kept them fled, and and spiritual songs; singing went their ways into the city, with grace in your hearts to and told every thing, and what the Lord. And whatsoever was befallen to the possessed ye do in word or deed, do all of the devils. And behold, the in the name of the Lord Jesus; whole city came out to meet giving thanks to God and the Jesus; and when they saw him. Father by him. they besought him, that he would depart out of their

The Gospel. St. Matt. xii. 24 coasts.

THE kingdom of heaven is

likened unto a man whicle The Fifth Sunday after the

sowed good seed in his field.

But while men slept, his eneEpiphany.

my came and sowed tares The Collect.

among the wheat, and went , to keep thy Church and was sprung up, and brought Household continually in thy forth fruit, then appeared the true religion, that they who do tares also. So the servants lean only upon the hope of thy of the householder came and heavenly grace, may evermore said unto him, Sir, didst not be defended by thy mighty thou sow good seed in thy power, through Jesus Christ field ? from whence then bath our Lord. Amen.

lit tares? He said unto them, The Epistle. Col. iii. 12.

An enemy hath done this.

The servants said unto him, PUT

on therefore (as the Wilt thou then that we go and elect of God, holy and be- gather them up? But he said, loved) bowels of mercies, kind-Nay ; lest, while ye gather up Dess, humbleness of mind, the tares, ye root up also the meekness, long-suffering; for- wheat with them. Let both bearing one another, and for-grow together until the hargiving one another, if any man vest; and in the time of barhave a quarrel against any ; vest I will say to the reapers

as he is devil.

Gather ye together first the the law. And ye know that tares, and bind them in bun- he was manifested to take away dles to burn them ; but gather our sins; and in him is no sin. the wheat into my barn.

Whosoever abideth in him,

sinneth not: whosoever sinThe Sixth Sunday after the

neth, hath not seen him, neiFilihany.

ther known him. Little chil.

<lren, let no man deceive you : The Collect. he that doeth righteousness is GOD, whose blessed Son righteous, even as he is right

was manifested that he cous. He that committeth night destroy the works of the sin is of the devil ; for the dedevil, ad niake us the sons of vil sinneth from the beginning. God, and heirs of eternal life ; For this purpose the Son of grant us, we beseech thee, that God was manifested, that he Basing this lope, we may pumipht destroy the works of the rify ours:lves, even pure ; that when lie shall ap. The Gosfiel. St. Matt. xxiv. 23 pear again with power and

WHEN is any man like unto him in his etcrnal and glorious kingdom : where, Christ, or there; believe it with thee, O Father, an'! thee, not. For there shall arise ( IIoly Ghost, lie liveth and false Christs and false proreigneti, ever one God, world phets, and shall show great without end. Amen.

signs and wonder's; insomuch

that (if it were possible) they The Ilistle. 1 John iii. l.

shall deceive the very elect. EHOLD what manner of Behold, I have told you before.

love the Father hath be- \Vherefore, if they shall say stowed upon us, that we should unto you, Behold he is in the be called the sons of God; desart; go not forth : behold, therefore the world knoweth he is in the secret chambers; us not, because it knew him believe it not. For as the not. Beloved, now are we the lightning cometh out of the sons of God; and it doth notleast, and shineth even unto yet appear what we shall be : the west; so shall also the but we know, that when he coming of the Son of man be. shall appear, we shall be like for wheresoever the carcase him ; for we shall see him as is, there will the eagles be gahe is. And every man that: hered together. Immediately hath this liope in him purifieth after the tribulation of those himsell, even as he is pure.days, shall the sun be darkenWhosoever committeth" sin, ed, and the moon shall not give transgresseth also the law; her light, and the stars shall for sin is the transgression of fall from heaven, and the


powers of the heavens shall be keep under my body, and
shaken. And then shall ap-bring it into subjection, lest
pear the sign of the Son of that by any means, when I
man in heaven ; and then shall have preached to others, I my-
all the tribes of the earth self should be a castaway.
mourn, and they shall see the The Gosfiel. St. Matt. xx. 1:
Son of man coming in the
clouds of heaven, with

: The kingdom

of heaven is

like unto a man that is an send his angels with a great householder, which went out sound of a trumpet, and they early in the morning to hire shall gather together his elect labourers into his vineyard. from the four winds, from one And when he had agreed with end of heaven to the other.

the labourers for a penny a

day, he sent them into his The Sunday called Septuage-vineyard. And he went out

sima, or the Third Sunday about the third hour, and saw before Lent.

others standing idle in the

market place, and said unto The Collect.

them, Go ye also into the vineO is right

favourably to hear the I will give you. prayers of thy people, that we, went their way. Again he who are justly punished for went out about the sixth and our offences, may be merciful- ninth hour, and did likewise. ly delivered by thy goodness, And about the eleventh hour for the glory of thy -Name, he went out, and found otherstlırough Jesus Christ our Sa-standing idle, and saith unto viour, who liveth and reigneth them, Why stand ye here all with thee and the Holy Ghost, the day idle? They say unto ever one God, world without him, Because no man hath end. Amen.

hired us. He saith unto them,

Go ye also into the vineyard, The Epistle. I Cor. ix. 24

and whatsoever is right, that NOW ye not, that they shall ye receive. So when all, but one receiveth the prize the vineyard saith unto his So run, that ye may obtain. steward, Call the labourers, And every man that striveth and give them their hire, bca for the mastery, is temperate ginning from the last unto the in all things. Now they do it first. And when they came to obtain a corruptible crown, that were hired alout the elco but we an incorruptible. 1 venth hour, they received evetherefore so run, not as uncer-fry man a penny. But when tainly; so fight I, not as one the first came they supposed that beateth the air : but I that they should have received

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