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النشر الإلكتروني

7,8 While some on me with wonder gaze,

Thy hand supports me stilli-
Thy honour, therefore, and thy praise,

My mouth shall always fill.
9 Reject not then thy servant, Lord,

When I with age decay ;
Forsake me not when, worn with years;

My vigour fades away.
10 My foes against my fame and me

With crafty malice speak;
Against my soul they lay their snares,

And mutual counsel take : 11 “ His God,” say they, forsakes him now,

“ On whom he aid rely ;
6 Pursue and take him, whilst no hope

“Of timely aid is nigh."
12 But thou, my God, withdraw not far,

For speedy help I call : 13 To shame and ruin bring my soes,

That seek to work my fall.
14. But as for me, my stedfast hope

Shall on thy pow'r depend ;
And I in grateful songs of praise
My time to come will spend.

15 Thy righteous acts, and saving health,

My mouth shall still declare ;
Unable yet to count them all,

Though summ’d with utmost care. 16 While God vouchsafes me his support,

I'll in his strength go on ;
All other righteousness disclaim,

And mention his alone. 17 Thou, Lord, hast taught me from my youth

To praise thy glorious Name;
And, ever since, thy wondrous works

Have been my constant theme. 18 Then now forsake me not, when I

Am grey and feeble grown;
Till I to these and future times

Thy strength and pow'r have shown.
En High thy justice soars, O God!

meat and wondrous are

The mighty works which thou bast done!

Who may with thee compare !
20 Me, whom thy hand has sorely press'd,

Thy grace shall yet relieve ;
And from the lowest depth of woe,

With tender care retrieve. 21 Through thee, my time to come shall be

With pow'r and greatness crown's; And me, who dismal years have pass'd,

Thy comforts shall surround, 22 Then I with psaltery and harp,

Thy truth, O Lord, will praise ;
To thee, the God of Jacob's race;

My voice in anthems raise. , 23 Then joy shall fill my mouth, and songs

Employ my cheerful voice;
My grateful soul by thee redeem'd,

Shall in thy strength rejoice.
24 My tongue thy just and righteous acts


all the day proclaim ;
Because thou didst confound my foess
And brought'st them all to-shame.

ORD, let thy just decrees the king

In all his ways direct;
And let his son, throughout his reign,

Thy righteous laws respect.
2 So shall he still thy people judge

With pure and upright mind ;
Whilst all the helpless poor shall him

Their just protector find. 3 Then hills and mountains shall bring forth

The happy fruits of peace ;
Which all the land shall own to be

The work of righteousness :
4. Whilst he the poor and needy race

Shall rule with gentle sway;
And from their humble necks shall take

Oppressive yokes away.
$ In ev'ry heart thy awful fear

Shall then be rooted fast,
As long as sun and moon endure,

Or time itself shall last.

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6' He shall descend like rain, that cheers

The meadow's second birth;
Or like warm show'rs, whose gentle drops

Refresh the thirsty earth.
7 In his blest days the just and good

Shall be with favour crown'd;
The happy land shall ev'ry where

With endless peace abound.
8 His uncontrould dominion shall

From sea to sea extend ;
Begin at proud Euphrates' streams

At nature's limits end.
9 To him the savage nations round

Shall bow their servile heads;
His vanquish'd foes shall lick the dust

Where he his conquests spreads. 10 The king of Tarshish, and the isles,

Shall costly presents bring ;
From spicy Sheba gifts shall come,

And wealthy Saba's king.
11 To him shall ev'ry king on earth

His humble homage pay ;
And diff’ring nations gladly join

To own his righteous sway. 12 For he shall set the needy free,

When they for succour cry ;
Shall save the helpless and the poor,
And all their wants supply:

13 His providence for needy souls

Shall due supplies prepare;
And over their defenceless lives

Shall watch with tender care.
14 He shall preserve and keep their souls

From fraud and rapine free ;
And, in his sight, their guiltless blood

Of mighty price shall be.
15 Therefore shall God his life and reign

To many years extend ;
Whilst eastern princes tribute pay,

And golden presents send.
For him shall constant pray'rs be made,
Through all his proces

His just dominions'

A lasting them

16 Of useful grain through all the land,

Great plenty shall appear ;
A handful, sown on mountains-top,

A mighty crop shall bear :
Its fruits, like cedars shook by winds,

A rattling noise shall yield;
The city too shall thrive, and vie

For plenty with the field.
17 The mem'ry of his glorious Name

Through endless years shall 'run ;
His spotless fame shall shine as bright

And lasting as the sun.
In him the nations of the world

Shall be completely bless'd,
And his unbounded happiness

By ev'ry tongue confess'd.
18 Then bless'd be God, the mighty Lord,

The God whom Israel fears;
Who only wondrous in his works,

Beyond compare appears.
19 Let earth be with his glory filld;

For ever bless his Name;
Whilst to his praise the list'ning world
Their glad assent proclaim.

) T length, by certain proofs, tis plain

That God will to his saints be kind;
That all whose hearts are pure and clean

Shall his protecting favour find. 2, 3 Till this sustaining truth I knew,

My stagg'ring feet had almost fail'd;
I griev'd the sinners' wealth to view,

And envy'd when the fools prevail'd. 4,5 They to the grave in peace descend,

And, whilst they live, are hale and strong; No plagues or troubles them offend,

Which oft to other men belong.
0,7 With pride, as with a chain, they're held,

And rapine seems their robe of state ;
Their eyes stand out, with fatness swell’d;

They grow, beyond their wishes, great. 3, 9 With hearts corrupt, and losty talk,

Oppressive methods they defend;
Their tongue through all the earth does walk;

Their blasphemies to heav'n ascend.

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*10 And yet admiring crowds are found,

Who servile visits duly make ;
Because with plenty they abound,

Of which their flatt'ring slaves partake. 11 Their fond opinions, these pursue,

Till they with them profanely cry,
“ How should the Lord our actions view !

“ Can he perceive who dwells so high ?” 12 Behold the wicked! these are they

Who openly their sins profess;
And yet their wealth's increas'd each day,

And all their actions meet success. 13, 14 “ Then have I cleans'd my heart,” said I,

“ And wash'd my hands from guilt, in vain, “ If all the day oppress'd I lic,

" And ev'ry morning suffer pain.” 15 Thus did I once to speak intend ;

But, if such things I rashly say,
Thy children, Lord, I must offend,
And basely should their cause betray.

16, 17 To fathom this my thoughts I bent,

But found the case too hard for me ;
Till to the house of God I went ;

Then I their end did plainly see. 18 How high soe'er advanc’d, they all

On slipp'ry places loosely stand;
Thence into ruin headlong fall,

Cast down by thy avenging hand. 19, 20 How dreadful and how quick their fate!

Despis'd by thee, when they're destroy'd ; As waking men with scorn do treat

The fancies that their dreams employ'd. 21, 22 Thus was my heart with grief opprest,

My reins were rack'd with restless pains ; So stupid was I, like a beast,

Who no reflecting thought retains. 23, 24 Yet still thy presence me supply'd,

And thy right hand assistance gave;
Thou first shalt with thy counsel guide,

And then to glory me receive.
25 Whom then in heav'n, but thee alone,

Have I, whose favour I require ? Throughout the spacious carth there's none

That I besides thee can desire.

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