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W. Pickering, 1883

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الصفحة 229 - ... per censuram ecclesiasticam firmiter observari. Testes autem, qui fuerint nominati, si se gratia, odio vel timore subtraxerint, censura simili appellatione cessante cogatis veritati testimonium perhibere. Quod si non omnes hiis exequendis potueritis interesse, duo vestrum ea nichilominus exequantur.
الصفحة 268 - All that you can expect from hence is a relation of the state of this Garrison of Pembroke. Which is briefly thus : They begin to be in extreme want of provision, so as in all probability they cannot live a fortnight without being starved. But we hear that they mutinied about three days since ; cried out, " Shall we be ruined for two or three men's pleasure \ Better it were we should throw them over the walls.
الصفحة 318 - The Superiority of the Force under my Command, which is hourly increasing, must prevent my treating upon any Terms short of your surrendering your whole Force Prisoners of War. I enter fully into your Wish of preventing an unnecessary Effusion of Blood, which your speedy Surrender can alone prevent, and which will entitle you to that Consideration it is ever the Wish of British Troops to...
الصفحة 269 - Poyer hath engaged himself to the officers of the town not to keep the castle longer than the town can hold out; neither indeed can he, for we can take away his water in two days by beating down a staircase, which goes into a cellar where he hath a well. They allow the men half a pound of beef, and as much bread a day, but it is almost spent.
الصفحة 272 - Town I have not to certify you, — the Commissioners I sent-in to receive the same not being yet returned, nor like suddenly to be ; and I was unwilling to defer the giving you an account of this mercy for a day. The Persons Excepted are such as have formerly served you in a very good Cause ; but, being now apostatised, I did rather make election of them than of those who had always been for the King; — judging their iniquity double; because they have sinned against so much light, and against...
الصفحة 221 - Brechonia et monachis ibidem Deo servientibus in liberam puram et perpetuam elemosinam pro salute anime mee...
الصفحة 147 - Swinlintona, pro salute anime mee et patris mei et matris mee et omnium antecessorum et...
الصفحة 261 - IVE me my scallop-shell of quiet, My staff of faith to walk upon, My scrip of joy, immortal diet, My bottle of salvation, THE PILGRIM'S WAY My gown of glory, hope's true gage ; And thus I'll take my pilgrimage.
الصفحة 225 - Hamton' et fratribus ibidem Deo servientibus pro salute anime mee et antecessorum et successorum meorum in puram et perpetuam elemosinam totam terram de Werrore que de feodo meo est, cum omnibus pertinentiis suis in plano, pascuis, viis, scmitis, pratis et aquis et omnibus libertatibus suis, scilicet, a Pukeflut' ascendendo versus Perkehurst' per doitum de Cleibroc usque ad magnan!
الصفحة 232 - Ideoque discrecioni vestre per apostolica scripta mandamus quatinus partibus convocatis audiatis causam et appellatione remota fine debito terminetis facientes quod decreveritis per censuram ecclesiasticam firmiter observari. Testes autem qui fuerint nominati si se gratia odio vel timore subtraxerint per districtionem eandem cessante appellatione cogatis veritati testimonium perhibere. Quod si non omnes hijs exequendis potueritis interesse duo vestrum ea nichilominus exequantur.

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