Melodic Third Reader, كتاب 3

الغلاف الأمامي
American Book Company, 1906 - 192 من الصفحات
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الصفحة 129 - Ring out false pride in place and blood, The civic slander and the spite; Ring in the love of truth and right, Ring in the common love of good.
الصفحة 191 - tis of thee, Sweet land of lib - er - ty, 2. My na - tive coun - try, thee, Land of the no - ble free, 3. Let mu - sic swell the breeze, And ring from all the trees 4. Our fa - thers...
الصفحة 191 - ry moun - tain side Let free - dom ring ! tem -pled hills: My heart with rap - ture thrills Like that a - bove. breathe par-take; Let rocks their si - lence break, The sound pro- long, ho - ly light; Pro - tect us by thy might, Great God, our King! \ Q»n — ir~ 1 — П F 1 Г J — 1 H f* i 1 /T^ti \ КПГ4 — a ¿— — J — -±-— ¡===¿r-:« i — ¿-^= Ц — 7 J ] 1 . My coun 2.
الصفحة 171 - ... rustling sail And bends the gallant mast; And bends the gallant mast, my boys, While like the eagle free Away the good ship flies, and leaves Old England on the lee. O for a soft and gentle wind!
الصفحة 27 - Heigh ho ! He dances and sings To the sound of his wings With a hey and a heigh and a ho. Oh, who is so merry, so airy, heigh ho ! As the light-headed fairy ? heigh ho, Heigh ho ! His nectar he sips From the primroses' lips With a hey and a heigh and a ho.
الصفحة 7 - Of arbours filled with dainty scents From lovely flowers that never fade; Bright flies that glitter in the sun, And glow-worms shining in the shade. And talking birds with gifted tongues, For singing songs and telling tales, And pretty dwarfs to show the way Through fairy hills and fairy dales. But when a bad child goes to bed, From left to right she weaves her rings, And then it dreams all through the night Of only ugly horrid things! Then...
الصفحة 64 - Has it feathers like a bird? Is it brought from famous countries Of which I have never heard? Oh, some scholar! Oh, some sailor! Oh, some wise man from the skies! Please to tell a little pilgrim Where the place called morning lies!
الصفحة 6 - There's a wonderful weaver High up in the air, And he weaves a white mantle For cold earth to wear. With the wind for his shuttle, The cloud for his loom, How he weaves, how he weaves, In the light, in the gloom.
الصفحة 128 - Ring out the grief that saps the mind, For those that here we see no more : Ring out the feud of rich and poor, Ring in redress to all mankind.

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