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النشر الإلكتروني

Sit not thou still, O God of strength,
We cry, and do not ceafe.
2 For lo thy furious foes now ‡ fwell
And ftorm outrageously,
And they that hate thee proud and fell

Exalt their heads full high.

3 Against thy people they * contrive

Their plots and counfels deep,

§ Them to enfnare they chiefly ftrive,

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§ Fithjagnatfu gnal. Tfephuneca.

+ Whom thou dost hide and keep. 4 Come let us cut them off, say they,

Till they no nation be,

That Ifrael's name for ever may

Be loft in memory. Badar L

5 For they confult * with all their might,

And all as one in mind

Themselves against thee they unite,

And in firm union bind.

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6 The tents of Edom, and the brood

of fcornful fhmael,

Moab, with them of Hagar's blood,

That in the defart dwell,

7 Gebal and Ammon there confpire,
And hateful Amalec,

The Philiftins, and they of Tyre,
Whofe bounds the fea doth check.

8 With them great Affur alfo bands,
And doth confirm the knot:

All thefe have lent their armed hands

To aid the fons of Lot;

9 Do to them as to Midian bald,
That wasted all the coaft,
To Sifera, and as is told

Thou didst to Jabin's boll,

When at the brook of Kifhon old

They were repuls'd and fain,

* Lev jachdan.

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10 At Endor quite cut off, and roll'd

As dung upon the plain.

II As Zeb and Oreb evil sped;
So let their princes fpeed;
As Zeba and Zalmunna bled,
So let their princes bleed.

12 For they amidst their pride have faid,
By right now fhall we feize

God's houses, and will now invade

* Their stately palaces.

* Neath Elohim bears both.

13 My God, oh make them as a wheel, No quiet let them find;

Giddy and restless let them reel

Like ftubble from the wind.

14 As when an aged wood takes fire,
Which on a fudden rays,

The greedy flame runs higher and higher
Till all the mountains blaze,

15 So with thy whirlwind them purfue,

And with thy tempeft chafe;

16 || And till they || yield thee honour due,

Lord, fill with fhame their face.

17 Asham'd, and troubled, let them be,

Troubled, and fham'd for ever,

Ever confounded, and fo die

With fhame, and scape it never.

They feek thy

Name, Heb.

18 Then shall they know that thou, whose name

Jehovah is alone,

Art the most high, and thou the fame


O'er all the earth art one.


How lovely are thy dwellings fair!

O Lord of Hofts, how dear

The pleasant tabernacles are,
Where thou dost dwell so near!

2 My foul doth long and almoft die
Thy courts, O Lord, to fee,

My heart and flesh aloud do cry,
O living God, for thee.

3 There ev'n the fparrow freed from wrong,
Hath found a house of rest,
The swallow there, to lay her young,
Hath built her brooding neft;
Ev'n by thy altars, Lord of Hofts,
They find their fafe abode,

And home they fly from round the coafts
Towards thee, my King, my God.
4 Happy, who in thy houfe refide,
Where thee they ever praise;

5 Happy, whose strength in thee doth bide,
And in their hearts thy ways.
6 They pass-through Baca's thirsty vale,
That dry and barren ground,

As through a fruitful watry dale

Where fprings and fhow'rs abound.

7 They journey on from ftrength to strength With joy and gladfom chear,

Till all before our God at length

In Sion do appear.

8 Lord God of Hofts, hear now my prayer, O Jacob's God, give ear;

9 Thou God, our fhield, look on the face Of thy anointed dear.

10 For one day in thy courts to be

Is better, and more bleft,

Than in the joys of vanity

A thousand days at beft. I in the temple of my God

Had rather keep a door,

Than dwell in tents, and rich abode,

With fin for evermore.

11 For God the Lord, both fun and fhield,

Gives grace and glory bright,

No good from them fhall be withheld
Whose ways are juft and right.

12 Lord God of Holts, that reign't on high,
That man is truly blest,
Who only on thee doth relie,
And in thee only rest.




WHY land to favour graciously
Thou haft not Lord been flack,

Thou hast from hard captivity
Returned Jacob back.

2 Th' iniquity thou didst forgive
That wrought thy people wae,
And all their fin, that did thee grieve,
Haft hid where none fball know.

3 Thine anger all thou had'st remov❜d,

And calmly didft return

From thy fierce wrath which we had prov'd, AV/

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Far worse than fire to burn.

God of our faving health and peace,


Turn us, and us restore,

Thine indignation caufe to ceafe

Tow'rd us, and chide no more.

5 Wilt thou be angry without end,

For ever angry thus?

rujomis yds 10

Wilt thou thy frowning ire extend ti val engapʻl ot

, From age to age on us?

6 Wilt thou not + turn, and hear our voice,

And us again † revive,

That fo thy people may rejoice

By thee preferv'd alive?

Heb. turn to quicken us.

7 Caufe us to fee thy goodnefs, Lord, ni lend half

To us thy mercy fhew,

Thy faving health to us afford,

And life in us renew.

8 And now what God the Lord will speak,

I will go ftraight and hear;

For to his people he speaks peace,

And to his faints full dear.

To his dear faints he will fpeak peace,

But let them never more
Return to folly, but furceafe
To trefpafs as before.

Surely to fuch as do him fear
Salvation is àt hand,

And glory fhall ere long appear

To dwell within our land.

10 Mercy and truth, that long were mif'd,
Now joyfully are met,

Sweet peace and righteousness have kiss'd,
And hand in hand are set.

II Truth from the earth, like to a flow'r
Shall bud and bloffom then,

And justice from her heav'nly bow'r
Look down on mortal men.

12 The Lord will alfo then bestow
Whatever thing is good,

Our land fhall forth in plenty throw
Her fruits to be our food.

13 Before him righteoufnefs fhall.

His royal harbinger.


Then will he come, and not be slow,

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His footsteps cannot err.

*Heb. He will fet his fteps to the way.


"HY gracious ear, O Lord, incline,


O hear me, I thee pray,

For I am poor, and almost pine
With need, and fad decay.

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