New series of The mathematical repository, المجلد 5

الغلاف الأمامي
W. Glendinning, 1830

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الصفحة 40 - Having given the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle, and the radius of the inscribed circle, to construct the triangle. 33. ABC is a triangle inscribed in a circle, the line joining the middle points of the arcs AB, AC, will cut off equal portions of the two contiguous sides measured from the angle A.
الصفحة 127 - ... in the ratio of the sine of incidence to the sine of refraction (Art. 881.) when the light passes from water into air.
الصفحة 190 - The Principles of Bridges ; containing the Mathematical Demonstrations of the Properties of the Arches, the Thickness of the Piers, the Force of the Water against them, &c. together with practicalObservations and Directions drawn from the Whole.
الصفحة 108 - Nutation of lunar orbit. The action of the bulging matter at the earth's equator on the moon occasions a variation in the inclination of the lunar orbit to the plane of the ecliptic. Suppose the plane N/?
الصفحة 114 - Let any plane DE pass through AB, and let CE be the common section of the planes DE...
الصفحة 97 - At the 50th mile stone from London, A overtook a drove of geese which were proceeding at the rate of three miles in two hours ; and two hours afterwards met a stage vvaggcn, which was moving at the rate of 9 miles in 4 hours.
الصفحة 53 - In every geometrical progression consisting of an odd number of terms ; the sum of the squares of the terms is equal to the sum of all the terms multiplied by the excess of the odd terms above the even.
الصفحة 134 - The sides of a triangle are in arithmetical progression, and its area is to that of an equilateral triangle of the same perimeter as 3 : 5.
الصفحة 192 - Calculations to determine at what Point in the Side of a Hill its Attraction will be the greatest.
الصفحة 123 - In any equation in its simplest form the coefficient of the second term is equal to the sum of the roots with their signs changed ; the coefficient of the third term is...

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