The geography of river systems

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الصفحة 104 - Philips' School Atlas of Physical Geography , Comprising a Series of Maps and Diagrams illustrating the Natural Features, Climates, Various Productions, and Chief Natural Phenomena of the Globe. Edited by W. Hughes, FRGS Imperial 8vo., strongly bound in cloth, IDS. 6d. *»* This Atlas is intended as a companion volume to Hughes's "Class-Book of Physical Geography.
الصفحة 118 - Hughes s Training School Atlas. A Series of Maps illustrating the Physical Geography of the Great Divisions of the Globe. The Maps carefully printed in colors. New and enlarged edition. By William Hughes, FRGS, author of a " Class-Book of Physical Geography,
الصفحة 104 - Philips' Select School Atlas, Comprising Twenty-four authentic Maps of the Principal Countries of the World. The Maps carefully printed in colors. Edited by William Hughes, FRGS With a copious Consulting Index. Imperial 8vo., new and cheaper edition, strongly bound in cloth, 5s. Philips...
الصفحة 110 - Maps (sixteen in number) designed to illustrate, on a scale of large size, and in a strictly clear and methodical manner, the leading features in the Physical Geography — 1st, of the World at large ; 2ndly, of the Great Divisions of the Globe (Europe, &c.) ; Srdly, of the British Islands; and lastly, of the Holy Land.
الصفحة 120 - Ac. — the subject is too often (and not unnaturally) regarded as a dry study — unattractive to teacher and learner alike. This frequentlyexpressed reproach is, in the belief of the present writer, altogether unwarranted by the real conditions of the case, and he has sought in the " Class-book of Modern Geography...
الصفحة 111 - Zones. 15 Zoological Map, showing the Geographical Divisions and Distributions of Animals over the Earth. 16 Diagrams illustrating the Distribution of Animals in the Torrid, Temperate, and Frigid Zones. 17 Zoological Map, showing the Distribution of the Principal Birds and Reptiles over the Earth. 18 Map showing the Distribution of Man over the Globe, according to Differences of Race. 19 Map showing the Industrial Productions of various Countries ; with the principal Trade Routes. 20 Physical Map...
الصفحة 118 - Physical Map of Europe, colored according to the Drainage of its different Seas, with Isotherms of Mean Summer and Winter Temperature, &c.
الصفحة 104 - Modern and Seven Ancient Maps, constructed from the latest and best authorities. The Maps carefully printed in colors. Edited by W. Hughes, FRGS Accompanied by a Consulting Index, carefully compiled. New and improved edition. Imperial 8vo. , strongly half-bound, IDS. 6d. Philips' Select School Atlas, Comprising Twenty-four authentic Maps of the Principal Countries of the World.
الصفحة 90 - Benares is, in fact, a very industrious and wealthy as well as a very holy city. It is the great mart where the shawls of the north, the diamonds of the south, and the muslins of Dacca and the eastern provinces centre, and it has very considerable silk, cotton, and fine woollen...
الصفحة 109 - Initiatory Atlas for Young Learners, Containing Twelve Maps, constructed from the best authorities. Imperial i6mo., neat cover, 3d. ; with the Maps colored, 6d. ; cloth limp, 8d.; strongly bound in cloth, is. Philips' Atlas of Wales, Comprising Twelve Maps of the separate Counties. Drawn and engraved by John Bartholomew, FRGS Beautifully printed in colors. Crown 410. , neat cover, 6d. Philips...

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