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their adoption tried, grapple We did think it writ down them to thy soul with hooks in our duty to let you

know of steel.. Pol. a. 1 s. 3 of it.. Ham. a. 1 s. 2 Take each man's censure

What art thou ? that usurbut reserve thy judgment.. p’st this time of night. . Hor. Pol. a. 1 s. 3

a. 1 s. 1 The time is out of joint. .

We do it wrong being so Ham. a. 1 s. 5

majestical, to offer it, the The age is grown so picked, show of violence. . Mar. a. 1 that the toe of the peasant comes so near the heel of the With one auspicious and courtier, he galls his kibe.. one dropping eye, with mirth Ham. a. 5 s. 1

and funeral, and with dirge Though I am not splene- in marriage, in equal scale, tive and rash, yet have I in

weighing delight and dole.. me, something dangerous, King a. 1 8. 2 which let thy wisdom fear..

Whilst like a puff’d and Ham. a. 5 s. 1

reckless libertine, himself the There is a divinity that primrose path of dalliance

treads, and recks not his own shapes our ends, rough, hew them how we will.. Ham. a.

read. . Oph. a. 1

3 5 s. 2

When the blood burns, To divide him, inventorial

how prodigal the soul lends ly, would dizzy the arithmet- the tongue vows.. Pol. a. 1

8. 3 ic of memory.. Ham. a. 5 s. 2

What a falling off was

there.. Ghost a. 1 s. 4 Use every man after his What a piece of work is desert, and who shall escape man, how noble in reason, whipping ? .. Ham. a. 2 8. 2 how infinite in faculties, in

form and moving how exVirtue as it never will be press and admirable, &c. . moved, tho' lewdness court Ham. a. 2 s. 2 it in a shape of Heaven, so What's Hecuba to him, or lust, tho’ to a radiant angel him to Hecuba. . Ham. a. 2 link’d, will sate itself, &c. . s. 2 Ghost a. 1 5

Where love is great, the

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littlest doubts are fear; We should profane the where little fear grows great, service of the dead, to sing a great love grows there. . P. requiem and such rest to her, Queen a. 3 s. 2

as to peace-parted souls.. 1st Why let the strucken deer Priest a. 5 s. 1 go weep, the hart ungalled What is he, whose grief play, for some must watch bears such an emphasis, whilst some must sleep, thus whose phrase of sorrow, conruns the world away. . Ham. jures the wand'ring stars and a. 3 s. 2

makes them stand like wonWhereto


der-wounded hearers. . Ham. but to confront the visage of a. 5 s. 1 offence. . King a. 3 s. 3

What is a man, if his chief Your bait of falsehood takes good, and market of his time this


of truth. . Pol. a. 2 be but to sleep and feed ? 8. 1 A beast ! No more. . Ham. Yet I do believe the origin a. 4 s. 4

and commencement of his When sorrows come, they grief sprung from neglected come not single spies, but in

3 s.1 battalions.. King a. 4 8.5

You would seem to know Where the offence is let

my stops, you would pluck the great ase fall. . King a. out the heart of my mystery, 4 s. 5

you would sound me from the Whose worth if praises

lowest note to the top of my may go back again, stood compass.. Ham. a. 3 s. 2 challenger on mount of all

You do bend your eye on the age for her perfections.. vacancy and with the incorLaer. a. 4 s. 7

poral air do hold discourse Weigh what convenience Queen a. 3 s. 4 both of time and means, may

Your worm is your only tit us to our shape. . King a. Emperor for diet. . Ilam. a. 4 4 s.7 We must speak by the

You must not think that card, or equivocation will un- we are made of stuff so fat lo us.. Ham. a. 5 s. 1 and dull, that we can let onr

love. .

Pol. a.

8. 3

beard be shook with danger, and think it pastime. . King a. 4 s. 7

Your sum of parts did not

together pluck such envy from him as did that one.. King a. 4 s. 7


A murd'rous guilt shows transgresses is but patched not itself more soon, than

with sin, and sin that amends, love that would seem hid..

is but patched with virtue.. Olivia a. 5 s. 1

Clown a. 1 s. 5
A blank

Lord ! she neAn apple cleft in twain, is


ver told her love, but let connot more twin, than these

cealment like a worm i' the two creatures. . Antonio a. 5

bud, feed on her damask s. 1

cheek,—she pin'd in thought, And all those sayings will

and with a green and yellow I over-swear, and all those swearings keep as true in soul melancholy, sat like patience as doth that orbed continent,

on a monument, smiling at

grief.. Viola a. 2 s. 4 the fire, that severs day from


benight. . Viola a.5 8. 1

hind you you might see more Assure thyself, there is no distractions at your heels, love-broker in the world, can than fortunes before you.. more prevail in man's com

Fab. a. 2 8. 5 mendation with women, than

A cypress not a bosom report of valour. . Sir Toby a.

hides my poor heart, so let 3 s. 2

me hear you speak. . Olivia And

grew a twenty years- a. 3 s. 1 removed thing while one would wink.. Antonio a. 5 s. But that he hath the gift 1

of a coward, to allay the gust Any thing that's mended he hath in quarrelling, 'tis is but patched, virtue that thought among the prudent,

Ay an'

had an eye



he would quickly have the pregnant enemy does much., gift of the grave. . Marią a. 1 Viola a. 2 s. 2

8. 3

But I am a greater eater Excellently done, if God of beef, and I believe that did all.. Viola a. 1 $. 5 does harm to my wit.. Sir Andrew a. 1 s. 3

Fools are as like husbands, Be clamorous and leap all as pilehards are to herrings, civil bounds, rather than

the husband's the bigger.. make unprofited return..

Clown a. 3 s. 5
Duke a. 1 s. 4
Better a witty fool, than a

God give them wisdom, foolish wit.. Clown a. 1 s. 5 that have it, and those that By innocence I swear,

and are fools, let them use their by my youth, I have one

talents.. Clown a. 1 s. 5 heart, one bosom, and one Good beauties let me sustruth.. Viola a. 3 s. 1

tain no scorn, I am very But hear me this, since you comptible even to the least to non regardance cast my sinister usage.. Viola a. 1 s. faith, and that I partly know

5 the instrument that screws me from my true place in Have you any commission your favour ;


the from your lord to negociate marble breasted tyrant still with my face, you are now .. Duke a, 5 8, 1

out of your text.. Olivia a. 1

S. 5 Be that thou know'st thou art, and then, thou art as How easy is it, for the great as that thou fearest.. proper false in woman's wasOlivia a. 5 s. 1

en hearts, to set their forms,

alas, our frailty is the cause, Contemplation makes not we, for such as we are rare, turkey cock of him, how made of, such we be.. Viola he jets under his plumes..

a. 2 s. 2 Fab, a. 2 s. 5

He does it with a better

grace, but I do it more natuDisguise, I see thou art a ral.. Sir Andrew a. 2 s. 3 wickedness, wherein the He has been yonder in the


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sun, practising behaviour to if

you have reason, be brief his own shadow this half- Viola a. 1 s. 5 hour. . Maria a. 2 s. 5

I bring no overture of war, His thoughts ! would they no taxation of homage. I were blanks, rather than fil- hold the olive in my hand, led with me.. Olivia a. 3 s. 1 my words are as full of peace

Here comes the Countess, as matter.. Viola a. 1 8. 5 now Heaven walks on Earth If I did love you, in my . . Duke a. 5 1

masters flame, with such a He does smile his face into suffering, such a deadly life, more lines, than are in the in your denial, I would find new map, with the augmen

no sense, I would not undertation of the Indies.. Maria

stand it. . Viola a. 1 s. 5 a. 3 s. 2

I do, I know not what, and Heaven so shine, that they fear to find mine

fear to find mine eye too great may fairly note, this act of a flatterer for my mind.. mine.. Olivia a. 4 s. 3

Olivia a. 1 s. 5 Him I love, more than I I am yet so near the manlove these eyes, more than my ners of my mother, that upon life, more by all mores, than

the least occasion more, my e'er I shall love wife.. Viola eyes will tell tales of me.. a. 5 s. 1

Seb. a. 2 s. 1

I have many enemies in If music be the food of Orsino's court, else would I love, play on, give me excess very shortly see thee there, of it.. Duke a. 1 8. 1

but come what may, I do I am sure care is an enemy adore thee so, that danger, to life. . Sir Toby a. 1 s. 3 shall seem sport, and I will I have unclasped to thee,


.. Antonio a. 2 s. 1 the book even of my secret I shall never begin, if I soul. . Duke a. 1 s. 4

hold my peace. . Clown a. 2 I am my best, when least s. 3 in company. . . Duke a. 1 s. 4

It gives a very echo, to the Infirmity that decays the seat where love is thron’d.. wise, doth even make the Viola a. 2 s. 4 better fool.. Mal. a. 1 s.

5 If I love a scruple of this If you be not mad, begone, sport, let me be boiled to

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