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land, 225

of, 193•

Kenet, Dr. his curious agree. MADRID, city and court of, de-

ment for the cure of a patient, fcribed, 30.

MAGNETISM, cures of diseases pero

formed by, 513.

MARINE des anciens peuples, expli-
KERROUX, M. his history of Hol- quée et confiderée, &c. 227.


MASERES, Mr. his method of find-
Lama, Grand, of Tartary, cu- ing the value of an infinite series
rious account of, 460.

of decreasing quantities of a cer-
LAMBERT, M. his observations

tain form, &c. 7.
on flutes, 516. On mills, ib. MASKELYNE, Neville, his account
LANCASTER, Dr. some account of the prismatic micrometer,

LANDEN, Mr. proposes a new Mason, Mr. stricture on the style
theory of the rotatory motion of

of his poetry, 140
bodies affected by forces disturb- Matter, enquiry into the nature
ing such motion, 7.

and essential properties of, 347.
LANGUEDOC, natural history of MEMOIRE. See THOURRY.
the province of, 227

Memoirs, useful and inft: učtive,
LAND-tax, just remark on the in- relative to agriculture, commerce,
equality of, 172.

chemistry, natural history, &c.

ten Ritters Sebastian Schoerilin Memorias instructivas, &c. 385.
von Burtenback, 302.

Merian, M. his eitay on curiosi-
Le Roy, M. his account of the

ty, 515. On the problem of
marine of the ancients, 227.

Molyneux, 530.
Lettres pbyfiques et murales fur Michaelis, Dr. his controversy

les montagnes, et sur l' bistoire de with Dr. Kennicotr, 80.
la terre, &c. 380.

Milo, or Melos, jubterraneous gal-
Lex hominum communis fecundum

leries there, 491.
mentem Hugonis Groru pro- MIND, human, philosophical dis-
pofita et dijudicata, 488.

sertations on, 299:
LEXICON et commentarius fermoni- Mudge, Mr. his ciscovery of an

bus Hebraici et Chaldaici, &c. excellent composition for the me.

tals of reflecting telescopes, &c.
Lipe of the Emperor Charles VI. 8.

MURDER, Voltaire's censure of the
of Diogenes the Cynic, 385. laws against, 547
Lighthouses, remarks on the Music, Grecian, state of, about
contraction of, 431.

the middle of the fourth century
LISBON described, 36,

before the Christian æra, 384.
Lysias, his oration in praise of the

Athenians who fell in aliiting Nairne, Mr. his experiments on
the Corinthians, 274.

air-pumps, 450.

Navarre, Queen of, her story of
MACKENZIE, Dr. bis account of the two Cordeliers, 466.

a woman who lived four years Necessity, philosophical, dir.
without swallowing any food, 7.
MACPHERSON, Mr. his Ollian Negro (of the Plantations) less a
censured, 140,

Nave, with respect to work, than

a Lon-

cufied, 354

Price, 94

xheir labour with that of borfes, Q by a country vicar, 175

a London labourer, 143. Has POLAND, semarks on the caufes of his hours of rest and amusement, the various revolutions in the go. and is happy, 144.

vernment of that country, 344. NEWTON, Sir 1. bis observations POLITICAL history of the animofion the difficulty of computing ties between Charles V. and the value of an infinite series of

Francis l. 383. decreasing quantities, &c. by POPULATION, juft observations on, the common way, &c. 7.

173. NITRE. See Arr.

POR I MS, of Euclid, some accoon NOUVEAUX 'voyages dans l'Arxe

of, 389. rique Septentrionale, &c. 382. PRIESTLEY, Dr. his epiftle dediOLDENDORP gejchichte der misfox, catory (of his Harmony) to Ds.

.&c. 386. Oxen, comparison of the value of


UNKERS, primitive, account of, 96. P.

--, remarks on, 326. PERJURY, punishment provided Querci, Abbé, his appendix to

for, in the Border-laws, 170. the body of Byzantine hiitory, PERNETY, Abbé, his memoir on 385. making boats fail against the cur

R. renis of rivers, 513.

REcueil historique et chronoloPerron, M, Du, his memoir, gique des faits memorables, poúr

proving that the ancient bouks Jervir à l'histoire generale de la called Zeuda, are the works of marine, 383. Zoroaster, 535.

REPERTORIUM fur Biblische und PERSFIELD described, 194.

Morgenlandische litteratur, &c. PHENICIANS, memoirs concern- 302.

ing, in the last volume of the RevoLUTION, one of the grand Royal Acad. of Inscriptions, 5 34. æras in our history, 114. Gave

-, Tbeopbanies of, 541. a new spirit to the constitution, PHYSIC #. quæftiones præcipuè no vis 115. The advantages prefent

experimentis et observationibus ed by it, for the extenkon and refolutæ, &c. 301.

fecuricy of liberty, neglected by -PHYSICIAN. See Konet.

the people, 116. PHYSIOGNOMY. See FOR MEY. Rezzonico, Count, his Italian PLEASURE philofophically investi. tranlation of Pliny commead. gated, 406.

ed, 388. PLINY. See FRANZIUS,

Rocchi, Antonio, his theoretico. . See REZZONICO.

practical infticutes of music, 299. PLOUGHING, in ridges, observa. Roy, Colonel, his experiments in

tions relative to the best manner order to obtain a rule for meaof performing. 97.

furing heights by the barometer, PIGOT, Lord, his conduct with re

-457. gard to the Nabob of Arco', &c. Russia, corious account of the defended, 12--22.

cold there, 378. Of the diverPINE- Apples raised in water, 463. fion of the flying moud ratas, POETICA di 2 Orazio Flacco re- 379. fiituita, &c. 300.

S. Poisons, of arsenic, corrosive SACRILEGE, Voltaire's sentimears

sublimaie, verdegris, &c. reme- relating to, 548. dies againit, 504.


Sacy, M. his history of Hunga: STRICKLAND, Sir Waler, his co. гу, 384.

rious agreement with a phyfician, SALLING, and failors, observations

174 on, 428• Sailing againīt the Struensee; Count; his unhappy currents of rivers, 513.

story; 249 SALAMANCA, city and univerfity STYLE, conciseness of; critical obof, described, 33.

{ervations on, 137• SCHILLINGII de lepra commenta. Sulzer, M. his memoir on the tiones, 488.

immortality of the soul, 521. SCHIRACH's life of the Emperor SWINDEN, M. his comparativeacCharles VI. 301.

count of different thermometers, SCHULZ, M. his new edition of 225. His obfervations on the

Coccejus's Hebrew and Chal- fevere cold in January 1776, daic dictionary, 386.

226. SCHUYLER, the American gene

T. ra!, his generofily to Mr. Bur. T Albot, Mili, some account of, goyne, 476.

191, 192. SCOTLAND, Itriking prospects in, TeALDO, Abbé, his account of

194. Emigrations from account- the tides in the Adriatic, 6. ed for, 254. Fiseries of, pro- Teeth, diseases of, and remedies

posals for improving, 369. for, 439. Transplantation of, Sea Anemonies, their singular man- curious experiment on, 440. ner of multiplying, 3.

TeLESCOPES. See MUDGE. SEA, luminous appearance of, con- THEFT, Voltaire's cenfure of the jectures concerning, 508.

laws against, 546. SEEDS, of trees, best methods of Thibet, kingdom of, new ac

managing, for propagation, 48. count cf, 460. SHENSTONE, Mr. his opinion of THOURRY, M. de, his prize difparries of pleasure, 197.

fertation on the influence of elecSHUCKBURG, Sir George, his exa- tricity on the human body, 2 28.

mination of De Luc's rules for Todes, in the Adriatic, obf. on, measuring the heights of moun- tending to confirm the Newto

tains by the barometer, 456. nian theory on that subject, 6. Somerset, Duchess of, her let. TIMBER, remarks on the prepa

ters to Lady Luxborough, 191 ration and preservation of, for -193

building, 433 SPA, in Germany, qualities of its TORIES, of King William's reign, medicinal waters, 467.

their character and conduci, 117. SPAIN, description of various parts TRAVELS through Greece, repre

of, 27. Formerly happy in a sented in a set of engravings, by numerous and active peasantry, a young nobleman, 490. 180. By what means so much Trees, mc hod of promo,ing their altered for the worse, ib.

annual increase, by washing, -, literary history of, 386. rubbing, &c. SPARRMAN, Dr. his account of a methods of propagating by journey into Africa, from the

feeds, 48. Cape of Good Hope, z. TURNIPS, best seasons for fowing, STAG, story of the peculiar attach- 98. Directions relative to the ment of one to an heifir, 75. consumption of, on the field, ia -, tame, a fable, translated from

winter, 100, Gay into Latin, 110. STORY of the butcher and : two.

V. Cordeliers, 465.

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ed, 119.

of, 510.


West, Mr. his account of a vol-
Versuch einer theorie, &c. 301. canic hill near Inverness, 463.

Villoison, M. de, bis in- WHARTON, Sir Thomas, his ex-
tended new edition and tranda- traordioary victory over the Scots,
tion of Cornutus on the nature

of the gods, 512. Also of Lone

, Philip, Duke of, anec-
gus, 573. His inquiries con-

dotes concerning, 176.
cerning the Nemean games, Whigs, of King William's time,
533. Concerning tbe modern their character and conduct, 117.
Greek, ib.

Their principles totally corrupte
Vira de Diogene Cynico, &c. 385.
Union of England with Scotland, Whittwer, Dr. his collection of

remarks on that measure, 294. medical dissertations, &c. 302.
VOLCANOS, extinct, some account WICKERS, Hen. Lewis, his exa.

mination of Grotius, 488.
VOLTA, Sig. his discoveries rela. William III. his character and

tive to inflammable air, 68. policy scrutinized, 120.
VOLTAIRE, his death lamented as Williams, Dr. some account of

an irreparable loss to the literary bis writings, 250.
journals, 54;Account of his WOLFEM BUTTLE, Princess of, her
latt book, ib. Sketch of his extraordinary story, 382.

WOMAN, cale of one who lived

several years without food, 7.
Wales, Mr. his obf, on Had-

extraordinary case of
ley's sexcants, in a voyage to- one who had swallowed a wooden
ward the Sou:h Pole, 9. On peg, 459. Of another, from
the azimuth compases for ob- whom were extracted a great
serving the variation, 10. His number of needles, 517.
refutation of several particulars

history of one who bore
alerted in Forster's account of a child in the abdomen during
Cook's voyage, 127.

20 years, 519.
WALTER, M. his account of a WOMÉn, the conditioa of, among
woman who carried a child in

the ancient Greeks, 278.
the abdomen, for the space of Woow, curious account of the re-
20 years, 519.

spective value and fineness of
WARGENTEIN, Mr, his obr, tend- that of different countries, and

ing to explain, with precision, the probable causes of the dif-
the difference of longitude of the ference, 256.
royal observatories of Paris and WRIGHT, Dr. his account of the
Greenwich, resulting from the Jesuit's bark-tree of Jamaica,
eclipses of Jupiter's first satellite,

459. Of the cabbage barke
Weeds, best methods of clearing

ground from, 47.

Zenda vesia. Sec Perron.

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tree, ib.

ERRAT A in this VOL U M E.
P. 72, 1. 8, for its forms and comffitution, r. ibe forms and confitutions of cur churcb.

96, par. 4. I. 5, for former, 1. latter

101, 1. 3, from the bottom, for require balf, r, require but balf.
-- $22, par. 2, 1. 8. for de figned, r. jperified.

239, I. penult, for two millions in ibree, r. one million,

261, par. 2, l. 19, for most, r. more.
- 376, par: 3, 1.9, fos obence follows, r, ibence it follows,


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