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الصفحة 447 - And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them, in like manner giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.
الصفحة 192 - I find myself more calmly pleased in my present way of living, and more contented, than I ever was in the bloom and pomp of my youth. I am no longer dubious what point to pursue. There is but one proper for the decline of life ; and indeed the only one worth the anxiety of a rational creature at any age : but how do the fire of youth, and...
الصفحة 358 - I wiih to diiruade him from; and therefore I bring him under the courfe of difcipline above defcribed with the greateft hope of fuccefs. Other influences, indeed, to which he may be expofed, and that I am not aware of, may counteract my views, and thereby my object may be fruftrated ; but...
الصفحة 461 - Father of Heaven. They believe him to be immortal, and endowed with all knowledge and virtue. Every year they come up from different parts to worship, and make rich offerings at his shrine. Even the emperor of China, who is a...
الصفحة 331 - That all the powder of the charge is fired, and converted into an elastic fluid, before the bullet is sensibly moved from its place.
الصفحة 280 - ... were adapted to that lowly rank beyond which they could never afterwards afpire. Nothing was allowed to divert their minds from thofe fervile occupations in which it was intended that their whole lives...
الصفحة 505 - Dagtht^ failing into the bay of Antongil, in the ifland of Madagafcar, obferved a prodigious quantity of fry, which covered the furface of the fea above a mile in length, and which he, at firft, took for banks of fand on account of their colour ; they exhaled a difagreeable odour, and the fea had appeared with uncommon fplendor fome days before. The fame accurate obferver, perceiving the fea remarkably luminous in the road of the Cape of Good Hope, during a...
الصفحة 295 - The miniftry, though with great precipitation, and in the way of furprife, carried their favourite meafure; and completed an union which, as Mrs. Macaulay remarks, ' had, on very •found principles of policy, been feveral times rejected by both nations ; and which was, at this time, with great difficulty, coerced on the Scots : though, as Burnet obferves, the advantages which were offered to Scotland, in the whole frame of it, were great and vifible. The Scots were to bear lefs than the fortieth...
الصفحة 448 - Cush would not obey. They went off under the conduct of the arch-rebel Nimrod, and seem to have been for a long time in a roving state ; but at last they arrived at the plains of Shinar. These they found occupied by Ashur (ch.
الصفحة 206 - When it fell as a military eftablimment, its generous manners were not to remain in vigour. The women were to lofe their value and their pride. The propenfity to vice, foftered by political diforder, and the paffion for gallantry, driven to extremity by the romantic admiration which had been paid to the fex, were to engender a voluptuoufnefs, and a luxury which, in the circle of human affairs, are ufually to diftinguifh and to haften the decline and the fall of nations.

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