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main in those that are regeneratedl: and although it be thro' Christ pardoned and mortified, yet both itself, and all the motions thereof, are truly and properly fin m.

VI. Every sin, both original and actual, being a transgref fion of the righteous law of God, and contrary thereuntons doth, in its own nature, bring guilt upon the finner o, whereby he is bound over to the wrath of God p, and curse of the


thefts, false witness, blasphemies. v. 8. But sin taking occasion by the

V. 1 1 John i. 8. If we say that commandment, wrought in me all we have no fin, we deceive ourselves, manner of concupiscence. For withand the truth is not in us. v. 10. If out the law fin was dead. v. 25. I we say that we have not sinned, we thank God, through Jesus Christ make him a liar, and his word is not our Lord. So then with the mind in us. Rom. vii: 14. For we know I myself serve the law of God; but that the law is spiritual: but I am with the fleth the law of fin. Gal. carnal, fold under sin. v. 17. Now v. 17. For the flesh lulteth against then, it is no more I that do it, but the Spirit, and the Spirit against fin that dwelleth in me. v. 18. For the flesh: and these are contrary the I know that in me (that is, in my one to the other, so that ye cannot flesh) dwelleth no good thing: for do the things that ye wouid. to will is present with me, but how VI. » 1 Jolin iii. 4. Whosoever to perform that which is good, I committeth iin, tranfgreifeth also find not. v. 23. But I fee another the law, for fin is tlie transgression law in my members, warring against of the law. the law of my mind, and bringing o Rom. ii. 15. Which shew the me into captivity to the law of fin, work of the law written in their which is in my members. James iii. hearts, their conscience also bear2. For in many things we offend all. ing witness, and their thoughts the If any man offend not in word, the mean while accusing, or else excusfame is a perfect man, and able also ing one another. Rom. iii. 9. What to bridle the whole body. Prov. then ? are we better than they? No, 9. Who can say, I have made my in no wise: for we have before provheart clean, I am pure from my sin?ed both Jews and Gentiles, that they Eccl. vii. 20. For there is not a just are all under fin. v. 19. Now we man upon the earth that doth good know, that what things foever the and sinneth not.

law faith, it faith to them who are Rom. vii. 5. For when we were under the law: that every mouth in the flesh, the motions of fins which may be stopped, and all the world there by the law, did work in our may become guilty before God. members, to bring forth fruit unto p Eph. ii. 3. Among whom allo death. v.7. What shall we say then? we all had our conversation in times Is the law fin? God forbid. Nay, I past, in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilhad not known sin, but by the law: ling the desires of the flesh and of the for I had not known lust, except the mind; and were by nature the chilkaw had faid, Thou shalt not covet. dren of wrath, even as others.




lawq, and so made subject to deathr, with all miseries spirituals, temporalt, and eternal v.


CHAP. VII. Of God's Covenant with Man. THE distance between God and the creature is so great,

that although reasonable creatures do owe obedience unto him as their Creator, yet they could never have any fruition of him as their blessedness and reward, but by some voluntary condescension on God's part, which he hath been pleased to express by way of covenant a.

II. The

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9 Gal. iii. 1o. For as many as are his counseller hath taught him? v. of the works of the law, are under 14. With whom took he counsel, the curse: for it is written, Cursed and who instructed him, and taught is every one that continueth not in him in the path of judgment, and all things which are written in the taught him knowledge, and shewed book of the law to do them. to him the way of understanding?

Rom. vi. 23. For the wages of v. 15. Behold, the nations are as a fin is death: but the gift of God is drop of a bucket, and are counted eternal life, through Jesus Christ as the finall dust of the balance: Beour Lord.

hold, he taketh up the isles as a ves Eph. iv. 18. Having the under- ry little thing. v. 16. And Lebanon standing darkned, being alienated is not sufficient to burn, nor the from the life of God, through the beasts thereof fufficient for a burnt ignorance that is in them, because offering. V. 17. All nations before of the blindness of their heart. him are as nothing, and they are

* Rom. viii. 20. For the creature counted to him less than nothing, was made subject to vanity, not wil- and vanity. Job. ix. 32. For he is lingly, but by reason of him who not a man, as I am, that I should hath subjected the same in hope. answer him, and we should come Lam.iii. 39. Wherefore doth a liv- together in judgincnt. v 33. Neiing man complain, a man for the ther, is there any days-man betwixt punishment of his fins ?

us, that might lay his hand upon v Matth. xxv. 41. Then shall he us both. i Sam ii. 25. If one fay also unto them on the left hand, fin against another, the judge shall Depart from me, ye curled, into e- judge him: but if a man fin against verlasting fire, prepared for the de- the Lord, who shall intreat for him? vil and his angels. 2 Thess. i. 9. Psal. cxiii. 5. Who is like unto the Who shall be punished with ever- Lord our God, who dwelleth on lasting dettruction from the presence high? v.6. Who humbleth himself of the Lord, and from the glory of to behold the things that are in hea

ven, and in the earth. Pfal. c. 2. I. a Ifa. xl. 13. Who hath direc- Serve the Lord with gladness: come ted the spirit of the Lord? or being before his prefence with singing. v.


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his power.

3. Know

II. The first covenant made with man was a covenant of worksb, wherein life was promised to Adam, and in him to his posterity c, upon condition of perfect and personal obedience d.

III. Man by his fall having made himself uncapable of life by that covenant, the Lord was pleased to make a seconde,


3. Know ye that the Lord he is God, the knowledge of good and evil, it is he that hath made us, and not thou shalt not eat of it: for in the we our felves: we are his people, day that thou eatest thereof, thou and the sheep of his pasture. Job shalt surely die. Gal. iii. 10. For as xi.2. Can a man be profitable un- many as are of the works of the law, to God, as he that is wise may

be are under the curse: for it is writprofitable unto himself? v.

· 3 Is it ten, Cursed is every one that contiany pleasure to the Almighty that nueth not in all things which are thou art righteous? or is it gain to written in the book of the law, to him, that thou makest thy ways per- do them. feet? Job xxxvï. 7. If thou be righ- III. e Gal. iii. 21. Is the law then teous, what givest thou him or against the promises of God? God what receiveth he of thine hand? forbid; for if there had been a law v. 8. Thy wickedness may hurt a given, which could have given life, man as thou art, and thy righte- verily righteousness thould have ousness may profit the son of man. been by the law. Rom. viii. 3. For Luke xvii. 10. So likewise ye, when what the law could not do, in that Fe shall have done all those things it was weak through the flesh, God which are commanded you, say, We sending his own Son in the likeness are unprofitable servants : we have of sinful Alesh, and for fin condemdone that which was our duty to do. ned fin in the flesh. Rom, iii. 20. Arts xvii. 24. God that made the Therefore by the deeds of the law world, and all things therein, seeing there shall no Aesh be justified in his that he is Lord of heaven and earth, fight: for by the law is the knowdwelleth not in temples made with ledge of sin. v. 21. But now the hands: v.25. neither is worthipped righteoufness of God without the with mens hands, as tho' he needed law is manifelted, being witnessed any thing, seeing he giveth to all by the law and the prophets. Gen. life, and breath, and all things. ii. 15. And I will put enmity be

II. 5 Gal. iii. 12. And the law is tween thee and the woman, and not of faith; but, The man that between thy feed and her feed: it doth them shall live in them. shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt

c Rom. x. 5. For Mofes defcrib- bruise his heel. Ifa.iv.6. I the Lord eth the righteousness which is of the have called thee in righteousness, law, that the man which doth these and will hold thine hand, and will things shall live by them. Rom. v. keep thee, and give thee for a cove12. to 20. (See chapter vi. Sect. 3. nant of the people, for a light of the ketter f.)

Gen. ii. 17. But of the tree of

f Mark

commonly called the Covenant of Grace: wherein he freely offereth unto finners life and salvation by Jesus Christ, requiring of them faith in him, that they may be saved f; and promising to give unto all those that are ordained unto life, his holy spirit, to make them willing and able to believeg.

IV. This covenant of grace is frequently set forth in the scripture by the name of a testament, in reference to the death of Jesus Christ the testator, and to the everlasting inheFitance with all things belonging to it, therein bequeathed h. V. This covenant was differently administred in the time


f Mark xvi. 15. And he said unto me, except the Father which hath them, Goye into all the world, and sent me, draw him: and I will raise preach the gospel to every creature. him up at the last day. v. 45. It is v. 16. He that believeth and is bap- written in the prophets, And they tized, thall be saved; but he that be- shall be all taught of God. Every lieveth not, shall be damned. John man therefore that hath heard, and ji. 16. For God so loved the world, hath learned of the Father, cometh that he gave his only begotten Son, unto me.. that whosoever believeth in him, IV. b Heb. ix. 15. And for this 1hould not perish, but have everlast- cause he is the Mediator of the new ing life.' Rom.x.6. But the righte- testament, that by means of death ouincts which is of faith, speaketh for the redemption of the tranfgrefon this wisc, Say not in thine heart, fions that were under the first testawho thall afccnd into heaven? (that ment, they which are called might is,to bring Chrift down from above.) receive the promise of eternal inhev.9. That if thou shalt confess with ritance, v. 16. For where a testathy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt ment is, there must also of necessity believe in thine heart, that God hath be the death of the testator. v. 13. raised him from the dead, thou shalt For a testament is of force after be saved. Gal. iii. 11. But that no men are dead: otherwise it is of no man is justified by the law in the strength at all whilst the testator fight of God, it is evident: for, The liveth. Heb. vii. 22. By so much was just shall live by faith,

Jesus made a surety of a better ter& Ezek. xxxvi, 26. A new heart táment, Luke xxii. 20. Likewise also will I give you, and a new spi- also the cup after fupper, saying, rit will I put within you, and I will This cup is the new testament in my take

away the stony heart out of blood, which is shed for you. i Cor, your fleth, and I will give you an xi. 25. After the fame manner also heart of flesh; v. 27. And I will put he took the cup, when he had fup, my spirit within you, and cause you ped, saying, This cup is the new to walk in my statutes, and ye shall testament in my blood; this do ye, kcep my judgmento, and do them, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance John vi.

No man can come to

V. iz Cor,

of me.

of the law, and in the time of the gospeli: under the law it was administred by promises, prophecies, sacrifices, circumcilion, the Paschal Lamb, and other types and ordinances delivered to the people of the Jews, all fore-signifying Christ to come k, which were for that time sufficient and efficacious, through the operation of the Spirit, to instruct and build up the elect in faith in the promised Messiahl, by whom they had full remission of lins, and eternal salvation; and is called the Old Testament m.

VI. UnV. ; 2 Cor. iii. 6. Who also hath Cor.v.7. Purge out therefore the made us able ministers of the new old leaven, that ye may be a new teftament; not of the letter, but of lump, as ye are unleavened. For the fpirit: for the letter killeth; but even Christ our passover is facrificed the spirit giveth life, v.7. But if for us. the ministration of death written l i Cor.x. 1. Moreover, brethren, and engraven in stones was glori- I would not that ye should be ignoous, so that the children of Israel rant, how that all our fathers were could not stedfastly behold the face under the cloud, and all passed of Moses, for the glory of his coun- through the sea; v. 2. and were all tenance, which glory was to be done baptized unto Moses in the cloud, away; v. 8. how shall not the mini. and in the sea; v. 3. and did all eat itration of the Spirit be rather glo- the same spiritual meat; v. 4. and rious ? v.9. For if the ministration did all drink the same spiritual of condemnation be glory, much drink: (for they drank of that spimore doth the ministration of righ- ritual rock that followed them: and teousness exceed in glory.

that rock was Christ.) Heb. xi. 13. *(Heb. viii, ix,x.chapters.) Rom. These all died in faith, not having iv. 11. And he received the sign of received the promises, but having circumcifion, a feal of the righte- seen them afar off, and were perousness of the faith, which he had suaded of them,and embraced them, yet being uncircumcised; that he and confessed that they were stranmight be the father of all them that gers and pilgrims on the earth, believe, though they be not circum- John viii. 56. Your father Abraham cised; that righteousness might be rejoiced to see my day: and he saw imputed unto them also. Col. ii. it, and was glad, 11. In whom also ye are circumci- m Gal. iii. 7. Know ye therefore, fed with the circumcision made that they which are of faith, the without hands, in putting off the fame are the children of Abraham, body of the sins of the flesh, by the v. 8. And the scripture foreseeing, circumcõion of Chrift: v.12.Buri- that God would justify the heathen ed with him in baptism, wherein al, through faith, preached before the so ye are risen with him, through gospel unto Abraham, saying, In the faith of the operation of God, thee shall all nations be blessed. v. who hath raised him from the dead. 9. So then, they which bę of faith



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