Elizabethan Drama ...: The shoemaker's holiday

الغلاف الأمامي
P.F. Collier, 1910

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الصفحة 708 - Of having you ; and understanding well, That when I made discovery of my sex, I could not stay with you, I made a vow, By all the most religious things a maid Could call together, never to be known, Whilst there was hope to hide me from men's eyes, For other than I seem'd, that I might ever Abide with you. Then sat I by the fount, Where first you took me up.
الصفحة 531 - I'll change All that is metal, in my house, to gold: And, early in the morning, will I send To all the plumbers and the pewterers, And buy their tin and lead up; and to Lothbury For all the copper.
الصفحة 536 - My meat shall all come in, in Indian shells, Dishes of agate set in gold, and studded With emeralds, sapphires, hyacinths, and rubies. The tongues of carps, dormice, and camels...
الصفحة 646 - In that small time that I have seen the world, I never knew a man hasty to part With a servant he thought trusty : I remember, My father would prefer the boys he kept To greater men than he ; but did it not Till they were grown too saucy for himself.
الصفحة 744 - I would have their bodies Burnt in a coal-pit with the ventage stopp'd, That their curs'd smoke might not ascend to heaven...
الصفحة 777 - Twas to bring you By degrees to mortification. Listen. Hark, now every thing is still The screech-owl and the whistler shrill Call upon our dame aloud, And bid her quickly don her shroud...
الصفحة 768 - He doth present you this sad spectacle, That, now you know directly they are dead, Hereafter you may wisely cease to grieve For that which cannot be recovered.
الصفحة 703 - I know your meaning. I am not the first That nature taught to seek a fellow forth ; Can shame remain perpetually in me, And not in others ? or have princes salves To cure ill names, that meaner people want ? Phi. What mean you ? Meg. You must get another ship, To bear the princess and her boy together.
الصفحة 715 - All the chirurgeons o'th' city, for although Gallants should quarrel, and had drawn their weapons, And were ready to go to it, yet her persuasions would Make them put up. Cast. That she would, my lord. How do you like my Spanish gennet ? Rod.
الصفحة 776 - Thou sleepest worse than if a mouse should be forced to take up her lodging in a cat's ear: a little infant that breeds its teeth, should it lie with thee, would cry out, as if thou wert the more unquiet bedfellow. Duch. I am Duchess of Malfi still. Bos. That makes thy sleeps so broken: Glories, like glow-worms, afar off shine bright, But, look'd to near, have neither heat nor light.

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