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The Gibeonites' craft.


The Sun and Moon stand atsa. because of the pame of the LORD thy God: B. C. 145i, the congregation and for the altar of the for we have heard a the fame of him,

LORD, even unto this day, in the b placo and all that he did in Egypt,

a Ex. 15. 14. which he should choose. 10 And all that he did to the two kings c.2.10.

CHAP. X. of the Amorites that were beyond Jordan, Nu.21.35. INTOW it came to pass, when Adoni-zbe to Sihon king of Heshbon, and to Og king 3 De. 12.5. N decking of Jerusalem had heard how of Bashan, which was at Ashtaroth. Ps. 132, 13, 14. Joshua had taken Aiand chad utterly dee

11 Wherefore d our elders and all the c c.8.22-28. stroyed it; as he had done to Jericho and inhabitants of our country spake to us, Id Est.8.17. her king, so he had done to Ai e aud her saying, Take victuals 1 with you for the e c.6.21. king; and how the inhabitants of Gibeon, journey, and go to meet them, and say 1 in your had made peace with Israel, and were unto them, We are your servants; there hand. among them; fore now make ye a league with us. If c.9.15. 2 That they feared f greatly, because

12 This our bread we took hot for our Ex.16.14-16. Gibeon was a great city, as one of the provision out of our houses on the day we De. 11.25. royal 2 cities, & because itwasgreater than came forth to go unto you; but now, be-2 cities of the Ai, and all the men thereof were nighty. hold, it is dry, and it is mouldy:

kingdom. 3 Wherefore Adoni-zedec king of Jeru. 13 And these bottles of wine, which 3 or, they re- salem sent unto Hobam king of liebron, we filled, were new ; and, behold, they ceived the land unto Piram king of Jarmuth, and unbe rent; and these our garinents and our men by to Japhia king of Lachish, and unto shoes are become old by reason of the reason of Debir king of Eglon, saying, very long journey.

their vict. | 4 Come up unto me, & help me, that we 14 And 3 the men took of their victuals, vals. nay smite Gibeon: for it hath made peace and asked not g counsel at h the mouth & Nu.27.21. with Joshua & with the children of Israel. of the LORD.

Ch.10.13.141 5 Therefore the five kings of the Amo. 15 And Josliua made peace i with them, Is. 30.1,2. rites, the king of Jerusalen, the king of and made a league with them, to let them h Ju.1.1. Hebron, the king of Jarmuth, the king of live : and the princes of the congregation 2 0.18.28. Lachish, the king of Eglon, l gathered sware k unto them.

1 Sa. 23.1011.themselves together, and went up, they 16 And it came to pass at the end of three 30.8. and all their hosts, and encamped before days after they had made a league with 2Sa.2.1. Gibeon, and made war against it. them, that they heard that they were their 5.19. 6 And the men of Gibeon sent unto neighbours,& that they dwelt amongthem.li c.11.19 Joshua to the camp m at Gilgal, saying,

17 And the children of Israel journeyed, h 2Sa 21.2. Slack not thy hand from thy servants; and came unto their cities on the third day.Il c.9.2 come up to us quickly, and save us, and Now their cities were Gibeon,n &Chephi- Is. 8.9, 10. help us: for all the kings of the Amorites rah, and Beeroth, and Kirjath-jearim. m c.9.6. that dwell in the mountains are gathered

18 And the children of Israel Sinoten c. 10.2. together against us. thers not, because the princes of the con- 18.25-28. 7 So Joshua ascended from Gilgal, be, gregation had sworn o unto them by the o Ps. 15.4. and all the people of war with him, and LORD God of Israel. And all the congre-l Ec.5.6. all the mighty men of valour gation murmured against the princes. I

8 And the LORD said unto Joshua, 19 But all the princes said unto all the p c. 11.6. Fear p them not; for I have delivered congregation, We have sworn unto them" Ju.4.14,15. Itbem into thine hand : there shall not by the LORD God of Israel: now, there. 2Sa. 21.1.6. a man of them stand before thee. fore, we may not touch them.

Eze. 17.12.211 9 Joshua therefore came unto them sud. 20 This we will do to them ; we will Zec.5.3,4. denly, and went up from Gilgal all night. even let them live ; lest o wrath be upon Mal.3.5. | 10 And the LORD discomfited them us, because of the oath which we swarer Ju.4.15. (before Israel, and slew them with a great unto them.

13 Is.28.21. slaughter at Gibeon, s and chased them 21 And the princes said unto them, Lett De.29.11. along the way that goeth up to Beththem live; but let them be hewers 1 of 2Ch.2.17,18. horon, and smote them to Azekah, and wood and drawers of water unto all thelu ver 15. Junto Makedah. congregation; as the princes had prom. v Ex 9.22-26. 11 And it came to pass, as they fled ised u them.

Ps.18.13,14. (from before Israel, and were in the going 22 And Joshua called for them, and hel Is.30.30. down to Beth-horon, that the LORD cast spake unto them, saying, Wherefore have Re.16 21. down great stones u froin heaven upon ye beguiled us, saying, We are very farw Le.27.28,29 them unto Azekah, and they died : they from you; when ye dwell among us? 4 not be cut were more which died with hailstones

23 Now therefore ye are cursed; wand off from you. than they whom the children of Israel there shall 4 none of you be freed from!r ver.21,27. slew with the sword. being bondmen,and heivers x of wood and be silent. 12 Then spake Joshua to the LORD in drawers of water for the house of my God. y Job 9.7. the day when the Lord delivered up the

24 And they answered Joshua and said, I Hab 3.11. Amorites before the children of Israel, Because it was certainly told thy servants, 2 Ex.23.32. and he said in the sight of Israel, 5 Sun, how that the LORD thy God command. De. 7.1.2. stand thou still y upon Gibeon, and thou, ed z his servant Moses to give you all a Ju.12.12. Moon, in the valley of Ajalon. a the land, and to destroy all the inbab-b Ex.15.14-161 13 And the sun good still, and the moon itants of the land from before you, there. 6 or, the stayed, until tbe people had arenged fore we were sore afraid b of our lives upright. themselves upon their enemies. Is not this because of you, and have done this thing, c 2Sa. 1.18. written in the book of 6 Jasher ?c So the

25 And now, behold, we are in d thine d 25a.24.14. sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hand : as it seemeth good and right unto Is.47.6. hasted not to e go down about a whole day. thee to do unto us, do.

17 gave, or, | 14 And there was no day like that be26 And so did he unto them, and deliv. delivered fore it or after it, that the LORD hearkered them out of the hand of the chill to be. ened unto the voice of a man : for the dren of Israel, that they slew them not. Ezr.8.10. Lord fought f for Israel.

27 And Joshua 1 made thein that day': 15.38.& 15 And Joshua returned, and all Israel bewers of wood and drawers of water, fori/De.1.30. with him, unto the canap to Gilgal.

The five Kings slain.


Opposition of Jabın. 16 But these five kings fled, and hid, B. C. 1451. | 33 Then Horam king of Gezer came themselves in a cave a at Makkedah.

up to help Lachish; and Joshua smole 17 And it was told Joshua, saying, Thola Ju.6.2. him and his people, until he had left him five kings are found hid in a cava at iSa. 13.6. none remaining. Makkedah.

24.3,8. 34 And from Lachish Joshua passed upte 18 And Joshan said, Roll great b stones b Mat.27.60. Eglon,c and all Israel with him; and they apon the mouth of the cave, and set men c ver.3. encamped against and fought against it: by it for to keep them:

35 And they took it on that day, and 19 And stay ye not, but pursued after d Jer.48.10. Sinote it with the edge of the sword; and vour enemies, and 1 smite the hindninst 1 cut off the all the souls that were therein he utterly of them ; suffer them not to enter into tail. destroyed that day, according to all e that their cities : for the LORD your God hath e ver.32. she had done to Lachish. delivered them into your hand.

f c. 14.13. 36 And Joshua went up from Eglon, 20 And it came to pass, when Joshua 15.13. and all Israel with him, unto Hebron if and the children of Israel had made an Ju.1.10. and they fought against it: end of slaying them with 2 very great 2Sa.5.1-5. 37 And they took it, and smote it with slaughter, till they were consumed, that 15.9, 10. the edge of the sword, and the king there. the west wincl. renained of the entered iCh.12.23.33 of, and all the cities thereof, and all the into fenced g cities.

s 25a.20.6. souls that were therein; he left none re21 And all the people returned to the Je. 8.14. maining, according to all that he had camp to Joshua at Makkedah in peace : h ver.35. done to Eglon; but destroyed it utterly, none moved his tongue i against any of i Ex. 11.7. and all the souls that were therein. the children of Israel.

k c. 15.15. 38 And Joshua returned, and all Israel 22 Then said Joshua, Open the mouth Ju.1.11. with him, to Debir, k & fought against it: of the cave and bring out those five 2 ISa. 15.32. 39 And he took it, and the king thereof, kings unto ine out of the cave.

m ver.37. and all the cities thereof; and they smote 23 And they did so, and brought forth n Is.26.5,6. them with the edge of the sword, and those five kings unto him out of the cave, l Mal.4.3. utterly destroyed all the souls that were the king of Jerusalemn, the king of He-lo Ps.18.40. therein; he left none remaining: as m he bron, the king of Jarmuth, the king of p Ps. 107.40. had done to Hebron, so he did to Debir, Lachish, and the king of Eglon.

149.8,9. and to the king thereof; as he had done 24 And it came to pass, when they lq De. 20.16, 17. also to Libnall, and to her king. brought out those kings unto Joshua, that r De.31.6,3. 40 So Joshua smote all the country of Joshua callel for all the men of Israel, c.1.9. the hills, and of the south, and of the vale, and said unto tbe captains of the men of s De. 9 23. and of the springs, and all their kings: war which went with him, Come near, t Ge. 10.19.

The left none remaining, but utterly de. put your feet n upon the necks o of these 1Sa.6.17. stroyed all that breathed, as the LORD kings. And p they came near, and put Ep 6.10. God of Israel commanded. q their feet upon the necks of them. vc.11.16. | 41 And Joshua smote them from Kadesh

25 And Joshua said unto them, Fear not, w ver.2,12. barnea s even unto Gaza, t and all th oor be dismayed, be strong u and of good iKi.3.5.

country of Goshen v even unto Gibeon. courage: for thus I shall the LORD do to . De.3.21. | 42 And all these kings and their land did all your enemies against whom ye Ezht. 7.19. Joshua take at one time, because y tho

26 And afterward Joshua smote them, Ro.8.37. LORD God of Israel fought for Israel. and slew them,and hanged z them on five y ver. 14. 43 And Joshua returned, and all Israel trees : and they were hanging upon the żc 8.29. with him, unto the camp to Gilgal. frees until the evening. a

la De 21.23.

- CHAP. XI. 77 And it came to pass at the time of b c.10.3. LAND it came to pass, when Jabin king the going dows of the sun, that Joshuac c. 19.15. Alof Hazor had heard those things that commanded, and they took them downld Nu. 34.11. he sent b to Jobab king of Madon, and to off the trees, and cast them into the cavele c. 17.11. the king of Shimron, C and to the king of wherein they had been hid, and laid Ju. 1.27. Achshaph, greal stones in the cave's mouth, which Ki.4.11. 2 And to the kings that were on the north remain unt 1 this very day.

If De.7.2, 16. Jof the mountains, and of the plains south 28 And that day Joshua took Makkedah, la Ju.3.3. lof Chinneroth, d and in the valley, and in and smole it with the edge of the sword, h c.6.21. the borders of Dor, e on the west, and the king thereof he utterly destroy. li c.13.11. 1 3 And to the Canaanite on the east and ed. them, and all the souls that werek Ge.31.49. on the west, and to the Amorite, and the therein; he let none remain: and he did I c. 15.42. Hittite,and the Perizzite, and the Jebusite to the king of Makkedab as he did h upto 21.13.

in the mountains, and to the Hivite g unthe king of Jericho.

2Ki.8.22. der Hermon, i in the land of Mizpeh. k 29 Then Joshua passed from Mak kedah, 19.8. | 4 And they went out, they and all their and all Israel with him, unto 1 Libnah, Im Ju.7.12. hosts with them,much people,even as the and fought against Libnah:

Sa. 13.5. sand m that is upon the sea shore in 'multi30 And the LORD delivered it also, & the 2 assembled stude, with horses and chariots very many. king thereof, into the band of Israel, and by aproin. | 5 And when all these kings were met be smote it with the edge of the sword, & ment. together, they came and pitched togethe all the souls that were therein; he let nonen ver.28. lat the waters of Merom, to fight against remain in it; but did unto the king whereolo c. 10.8. Israel. as n he did unto the king of Jericho p ver.3,5. 6 And the LORD said unto Joshua, Be o not

31 And Joshua passed from Libnah, and 9 28a.8.4. lafraid because of them: for to-morrow all Israel with him, unto Lachish, p and lr Ps.20.7. about this time will I deliver them up all encamped against it, and fought against it: Is.31.1. slain before Israel:thou shalt houghotheir

32. And the LORD delivered Lachish Hos.14 3. horses, r & burn their chariots s with fire. into the hand of Israel, which took it onPs.46.9. 750 Joshua came, & all the people of war the second day, and smote it with the t c. 10.9. with him, against them by the waters of edge of the sword, and all the souls that iTh.5.3. Merom suddenly; t& they fell upon them, were therein, according to all that he had u c.21.44. | 8 And the LORD u delivered them into done o to Libnah.

lu ver.30. Ithe hand of Israel, who smote them, and

Hazor taken and therned


Joshua's Victoria chased them unto great 1 Zidon, and unto B. C. 1450., 2 Sihon a king of the Amorites, who Misrephoth-maim, and unto the valley of

dwelt in Heshbon, and ruled from Aroer, Mizpeh eastward; and they smote them, 1 or, Zidon- which is upon the bank of the river Ar until they left them Duce emaining rabban. non, and from the iniddle of the river, 9 Aud Joshua did unto them as the a De.2.33,36. land from half Gilead, even unto the ring

LORD bade lim : he houghed their 3.6,16,17. Jabbok, which is the border of the chi horses, & burnt their chariots with fire. burn ngs, dren of Ammon;

10 And Joshua at that time turned back, or, saltpils. | 3 And from the plain to the sea of and took Hazor, and sm. te the king there. ver.6. Chinueroth on the east, and unto the sea of with the sword: for Hazır before-lc Eze.39.9,10 of the plain, even the salt sea on the east time was the head of all those kingdoms. | 3 or, Teman. the way to Beth-jeshimoth; and 3 froze

11 And they sinote all the souls that " or, the the south, under 4 Ashiloth-pisgah: * were therein with the edge of the sword, springs of 4 And the coast of Og d king of Bashan, utter's destroying them : there was 5, ot Pisgah, or, wohuch was of the e remnant of the giants any left to breathe : and he burnt Hazor the hill. that dwelt f at Ashtaroth and at Edrei, with fire.

De.4.49. | 5 And reigned in mount & Hermon, and 12 And all the cities of those kings, and a Nu.21.33 35 in Salcah, and in all Bashan, unto the all the kings of them, did Joshua take, any breath. border of the Geshurites, and the Maaand smote them with the edge of the c.10.40. chathites, and half Gilead, the border a sword and he utterly destroyed ihem,h ase De.3.11. Sihon king of Heshbon. Moses the servant of the LORDcommanded. De. 1.4. 16 Tbem did Moses the servant of the

13 But as for the citios that stood still 6 in g De.3.8-14. LORD and the children of Israel smite: 1 their strength, Israel burned none of them. In Nu.33.52. Moses the servant of the LORD gave it i for save Hazor only; that did Joshua burn. De.7.2 la possession unto the Reubeniles, and the

14 Aud all the suoil of these cities, and 20.16,17. Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh. the cattle, the children of Israel took for 6 on their 17 And these are the kings of the country a prey unto themselves; but every man heap. which Joshua and the children of Israel they smote with the edge of the sword. Je.30. 18.

smole on this side Jor'an on the west, until they had destroyed them, neither Nu.32.29,33. (from Baal-gad in the valley of Lebanon left they any to breathe.

even unto the mount Halak, that goeth 15 As the LORD commanded Moses his

up to Seir; which Joshua gave unto the servant, so did Moses command Joshua,

tribes of Israel for a possession, according and so did Joshua; he Tleft nothing undone 7 removed. to their divisions : of all that the LORD commanded Moses. k c. 12.8. 8 In the mountains, and in the valleys,

16 So Joshua took all that land, the 1 c. 10.41. and in the plains, and in the springs, and hills, k and all the south country, and all m Ex.23.23. in the wilderness, and in the south counthe Land of Goshen, I and the valley, and 8 or, the try; them Hittites, the Amcrites, and the the plain, and the mountain of Israel, smooth Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites and the valley of the same;

mountain. and the Jebusites: 17 Even from the mount Halak, n that n c.12 7. | 9 The king of Jericho, o one; the king goeth up to Seir, even unto Baal-gad, in o c.6.2. of Ai, p which is beside Beth-el, one; the valley of Lebanon, under mount p c.8.17,29. 10 The king of Jerusalem, a one; the Hermon : and all their kings r he took,9 c.10.23-33. king of Hebron, one; and smote them, and slew them.

| De.7.24. | 11 The king of Jarmuth, one; the king 18 Joshua made war a long time 9 with c. 12.9-24. Jaf Lachish, one; all those kings.

9 till 1445. 12 The king of Eglon, one; the king of 19 There was not a city that made s c.9.3,7. Gezer, one; peace with the children of Israel, sa velt Ju.14.4. 13 'The king of Debir, one; the king the Hivites, the inhabitants of Gibeon: 1Sa.2.25. of Geder, one; all other they took in battle.

IK1.12.15. 14 The king of Hormah, one : the king 20 kor it was of the LORD to u harden u De.2.30. Jof Arad, one; their hearts that they should come agains: / 15.6 10. | 15 The king of Libnah, one; the king Israel in battle, that he might destroy Ro 9.18. of Adullam, one; them utterly, and that they might have v Ju. 1.22. | 16 The king of Makkedah, one; the no favour.but that he might destroy them, wDe.20.16,17 king of Berh-el, v one: as the LORD w commanded Moses. ] 3 IKI.4.10. | 17 The king of Tappuah, one; the king

21 And at that time came Joshua, and y Nu.13.22,33 lof Hepher. r one: cut off the yAnakims from the mountains, De.9.2. | 18 The king of Aphek, one; the king from Hebron, from Debir, from Anab,andl c. 15.13 14. lof Lasbaron. 10 one: from all the mountains of Judah, and from oor, Sharon. 19 The king of Madon, one; the king all the mountains of Israel: Joshua de Is.33.9. of Hazor, z one; stroyed them utterly with their cities. z c.11.10. | 20 The king of Shimron-meron, a one;

22 There was none of the Anakims left a c.11.1. the king of Achshaph, one; in the land of the children of Israel: only b 1Sa 17.4. | 21 The king of Taanach, one; the king in Gaza, in Gath, band in Ashdod, c there 25a.21 22. of Megiddo, one; remained.

iCh.18.1. 22 The king of Kedesh, one; the king 23 So joshua took the whole land, ac-c c. 15.46. lof Jokneam of Carmel, one; cording to all that the LORD said d unto! 2Ch.26.6. 23 The king of Dor in the coast of Dor, Moses and Joshua nave it for an iphe- Ne.13.23,24. Jone; the king of the nations of Gilcal ritarce unto Israel, according to their' Nu.34. Tone : divisions e by their tribes. And the land e Nu.26.52-55.24 The king of Tirzah, one: all the rested f from war.

c.14,15,& kings thirty and one. CHAP. XL.


1 CHAP XIII, Now these are the kings of the land, c.21.44,45. NOW Joshua was old and stricken ia IV which the children of Israel smote, 11 topossess it. years; and the LORD said unto him, and possessed their land on the other side De.31.3. Thou art old and stricken in year, and Jordan, toward the rising of the sun ; & Nu 21.24. there remaineth yet very much land 11 to from the river Arnong unto mount Her De.3.8,9. be possessed. non, and all the plain on the east : In Ju.3.1.

15 This is the land that yet a remaineth

Listrinition of Canaan


anong the Triiks of Israel. all the borders of the Philistines, and all B.C. 1445. slay with the sword among thenu that Geshuri, a

were slain by them. 3 Froni Sihor, which is before Egypt, a 2Sa.3.3. 23 And je border of the children of even unto the borders of Ekron norih 13.37.38. Reuben was Jordan, and the border therewand, which is counted to the Canaanite: b Je.2. 18. of. This was the inheritance of the o five loads of the Philistines; the Gazac Ju.3.3. children of Reuben after their families, thites, and the Ashdothites, the Eshkalou-l iSa.6.4,16. the cities and the villages the seof. ites, the Gitrites, and the Ekronites; also Zep.2.4.5. 24 And Moses gave inheritance unto clied Arites:

the tribe of Gad, even unto the children + From the south, all the land of the

of Gad, acording to their famil es: Canaanites, and 1 Mearah that is beside' or, the cave. 25 And their coast was Jazer, f and all be Sidonians, upto Aphek, e to the bor-le 1Sa.4.1. the cities of Gilead, and half the land of ders of the Amorites:

I Nu.32.35. the children of Ammon, unto Aroer that And the land of the Giblites, i and all g Ju 1.36. is before Rabbah : i Lebanon, toward the sun-rising, from IK1.5.18. 26 And from Heshbon unto RamathBaal-gad k under mount Hermon unto Ps 83.7. mizpeh, and Betonim, and from Maha the entering into Hamath:

i 2Sa. 11.1. Daim unto the border of Debir; 6 All the inhabitants of the hill country, k c. 12.7. 27 And in the valley. Beih-aram, mand from Lebanon unto Misrephoth-main, 1 & 1 c. 11.8. Beth-nimrah, and Succoth, o and Zaphon, al thy Sidonians, them will I driven outim Nu.32.36. the rest of the kingdom of Sihon king of Irombefore the children of Israel:onlypdin Ex.23.30,31 Heshbon, Jordan and his bord r, even vide thou it by lot unto the Israelites for o Ge.33.17. unto the edge of the sea of a Chinnereth, 22 inheritance, as I have commanded thee. Iki.7.46. on the other side Jordan eastward.

Now therefore divide this land for au pc.14.1,2 | 26 This is the inheritance of the chilinheritance wito the nine tribes and the 9 Nu.34.11. dren of Gad after their familjes, their lialt tribe of Manasseh,

cities, and their villages. 8 With whom the Reubenites and the

29 And Moses gave inheritance unto Gadies have received their inheritance,

the half tribe of Malasseh : and this was which Moses r gave thepi, beyond Jorr Nu.32.33. the possession of the half tribe of the dan eastward, even as Moses the servanti

children of Manasseh by their families. of ihe LORD gave them;

s Nu.32.39.41. 30 And s their coast was from Mahanaim, 9 From Aroer, that is upon the bank of

all Bashan, all the kingdom of Og king the river Arnon, and the city that is in t 1Ch.2.23.

of Bashan, and all the towns t of Jair, the inidst of the river, and all the plain

which are in Bashari, threescore cities; of Medeha u un'o Dibon ;

u Nu.21.30.

31 And half Gilead, and v Ashtaroth, 10 And all the cities of Silon king of ver.16. and Edrei, cities of the kingdom of Og the Amorites, which reigned in Heshbon,vc.12.4.

in Bashan, were pertaining unto the uolo the border of the children of Ammon;

children of Machir the son of Manasseh, 11 And Gilead, w & the border of the Ge-wc. 12.5. even to the one half of the children of shurites and Maachathites, and all mount Nu.21.34,35 Machir by their families. Hermon, and all Bashan unto Salcah; y ver. 14. 32 These are the countries which Mo.

12 All the kingdom of Og in Bashan, Iz Nu.33.55. ses did distribute for inneritance in the which reigoed in Ashta roth and in Edrei, c.23.12,13. Iplains of Moab, on the other side Jordan. who remained of the remnant of the gi-l Ju.2.1.3. lby Jericho, eastward. ants : for these x did Moses-sinite, and a De. 18.1. | 33 But y unto ihe tribe of Levi, Moses cast them out.

b c.14.3,4 gave pot any inheritance: the LORD God 13 Nesertheless the children of Israel Nu.18.20-24. lof Israel was iheir inheritance, as he expelled uot z the Geshurites, nor theld Nu. 34.17,18 said a unto them. Maachathites; but the Geshurites and thee Nu 26.55.

CHAP. xiv. Maachathites dwell among the Israelites 33.54. TAND these are the countries which the until this day.

34.13. TA children of Israel inherited in the 14 Only unto the tribe of Levi he gave Ps.16.5,6.

land of Canaan, which Eleazar d the none l inheritance ; the sacrifices c of thel fc 12.2

Ipriest, and Joshua the son of Nun, and LORD God of Israel made by fire are their g Nu.21.28,30ihe heads of the fathers of the tribes of inheritance, as he said unto them. 2 the high the children of israel, distributed for in

15 And Moses gave unto the tribe of the places of heritance to them. children of Reuben inheritance accord. Baal, and 2 By lot e was their inheritance, as the ing to their families

house of LORD commanded by the hand of Mnses, 16 And their coast was from f Aroer, Baalmcon. for the nine tribes, and for the half tribe. that is on the bank of the river Arnon Nu.32.38. 3 For M ses had given the inheritance and the city that is in the midst of the h Ge.48.5. Jof two tribes and a half tribe on the river, and all the plain by Medeba; 1Ch.5 1,2.

other side Jordan : but unto the Levites

other side Jonlan bu 17 Heshbon, and all her cities that areli Nu.21.23. The gave none ipheritance among them. in the plain : Dibon, and 2 Bamoth-baal, ik iCh.6.54.81, 4 For the children of Joseph were h two and Bo!h-baal-meon,

i Nu.35.3.

Itribes, Manasseh and Ephraim: there 18 And Jahaza, i and Kedemoth, and 3 springs of fore they gave no part unto the Levites Mephaath,

Pisgah, in the land, save citiesk to dwell in, with 19 And Kirjathaim, and Sibmah, and or, the hill. Itheir suburbs 1 for their cattle and for Zareth-shahar in the mouth of the valley, c. 12.3. their substance. 20 And Beth-peor, and 3 Ashdoth-pisgah, Nu.35.2. 5 As m the LORD commanded Moses, so and Beth-jeshimoth,

the children of Israel did, aud they di 21 And all n the cities of the plain, and o Nu.32.12. vided the land. all the kingdom of Sihon king of the p Nu.31.1. 6 Then the children of Judah came Amorites, which reigned in Heshbon, 9 Nu.14.30. Junto Joshua in Gilgal : and Caleb o the son whom Moses smote with the princes of De 1.36,38. lof Jephunneh the Kenezite said unto him, Midian. p Evi, and Rekem, and Zur, and r Nu.2.7,8. Thou knowest the thing that he LORD Kur. and Reba, which were dukes of Si. s Nu.22.5. said a unto Moses the man of Gnd con hon, dwelling in the country.

in De.3.10.

31.8. cerping me and thee in Kadesh-barnea. 22 Balaam s also the son of Beor, the4 or diviner. | 7 Foriv vears old was I when Moses the goothsa ver, 4 did the children of Israellt Nu. 13.6,26. servant of the LORD sent t me from Kadesno

Calel's Inheritanos

JOSHUA, XY. Othniel's Valour and Raoard barnea to espy out the land: and I brought! b. C. 1444. Irinnom westward, which is at the end of him word again as ii was a in nine heart.

the valley of the giants h northward : 8 Neverticless ni v brethrenth utwenteup a Nu. 13.30. 19 Aud the border was drawn from the top with marinade the heart of thepeopiemelt: 14.0.8. of the bill unto the fountain dol the water but I wholy e foilowed the LORD God. of Nephtoah, and went out to the cities of

9 And Moses *ware on that day, saying, CNU.13 31 32. mount Ephron; and the border was drawn Surely tie land whereon I thy feet hale D.1.28.36. to Baalal, which is Kirjath-jearim: trodden shall be thine inheritance, and d c. 18.15. 10 And the border con passed irora Baa. thy children's for ever, because thou hast No.14.24. llah westward unto mount Seir, and pass. wholly followid the LORD my God. V c. 1.3. ed along unto the side of mount Jearim,

10 And now, behold, the LORD haths 25a.6.2. which is Chesalon, on the north side, and kept ine alive, as le suid, i these forty and Ch.13.6. went down to Beth-shemesh, and passed five years, even since the LORD spake h Ju. 18.12. on to Timgah: k this word unto Moses, while the children i Nu.14.30. 11 And the border went out unto the side of Israel 1 wandered in the wilderness :lk Ge 38.13. lof Ekron / northward: and the border was and now, lo, I am this day fourscore and Ju.14.1. drawn to Shicron,& passed along to mount five years old.

I walked. Baalah, and went out unto Jabneel; and 11 As ye: I am as strong this day as I i IS2.5.10. the goings out of the border were ai thesea was in the day that Moses sent me: masi 7.14. | 12Audinewest border was to ihe n great

I my strength was then, even so is tuy/2K1.1.2,3,6,16 sea, and the coast thereof. This is the strength row, for war, both too go out m De.34.7. coast of the children of Judah round and to come in.

Ps. 103.5. about, according to their families. 12 Now therefore give me this moun- n Nu.34.6,7. 13 And unto Caleb the son of Jephunpeh tain, whereof the LORD spake in that day; o De.31.2. he gave a part among the ci ildren of Jufor thou heardest in that day how othep Nu.13.28.33 dah,according to the commandment of the Avakims were there, and that the cities? Kirjath. LORD 10 Joshua, even 2 the city of Arba wcre great and fenced :if q so be the ariu, the father of Anak, which city is Hebron. LORD will be with me, then I shall belg Sa. 14.6. 14 And Caleb drove thence the r three able to drive them out, as the LORD said. 2Ch.14.11. Sons of Anar, Sliesbai, and Ahiman, and

13 And Joshua blessed s bim, and I gave Ps.18.32-34. Talmai, the children of Anak. unto Caleb the son of Jephunneb, Hebron! 27.1-3.44.3.! 15 And he went up thence to the inhafor an inheritance,

60.12. bitants of Debir: u and the name of De14 Hebron therefore became the inheri. 118.10-12. bir before was Kirjath-sepher. tance of Caleb the son of Jephumeh the Ro.8.31. 16 And Caleb said, He v that smiteth Keneziie unto this day, because that hel Ph.4.13. Kirjaih-sepher, and taketh it, to him wil! wholly followed the LORD God of Israel. He. 11.33. ll give Achsah my daughter to wife.

15 And the name of Hetron befose was r Nu.13.22. 17 And Othniel the son w of Kenaz, the Kirjath-arba; which Arbay was a great Ju.1.10,20. brother of Caleb, Book'it : and he gare man among the Aoakims. And z the sc.22.6. him Achsah his daughter to wife. land had rest from war.

Ca.6.9 18 Audit came to pass, as she came unt CHAP. XV.

t c. 15.13.

Thir that she inoved him to ask of her fa. is then was the lot a of the tnbe of u c. 10.3. Ther a field : & she blighted off her ass : & I the children of Juaah by their fami.lv Ju.1.6,12,13 Caleb said unto her, What wouldest thou? lies, even c to the border of Edom; the w Nu.32.12. 19 Wbo answered,Give me a d blessing wilderness of Zin southward was the x Ge.23.2. for thou hast given me a south land; give uttermost part of the south coast.

y Ge.35.27. me also springs of water. And he gave her 2 And their south border was from the 2 c. 11.23. the upper springs, and the nether springs. shore of the salt sea. from the bay 3 that a Nu,26.55. I 20 This is the inheritance of the tribe looketh southward:

To Ge.24.64. lof the children of Judah according to 3 And it went out to the south side to Sa.25.23. Ribeir families. Maaleb-acrabbim, 4 and passed along to c Nu.34.3-5. 21 And the uttermost cities of the tribe Zin, and ascended up on the south sided Ge.33.11. of the children of Judah, toward the coast unto Kadesh-barnei; and passed alon: De.33.7. of Edom southward, were Kabzeel, and to Hezron, and went up to Adar, and 3 tongue. Eder, and Jagur, fetched a compass to Karkaa:

4 or, the go- | 22 And Kinab, and Dimonah, & Adadah, 4 From thence it passed toward Azmon,ling up to 23 And Kedesh, and Hazor, and Ithnan. and went out unto the river of Egypt; and! Acrabtim. | 24 Ziph, e and Telem, and Bealoth, the goings out of that coast were at the e Sa.23 14.24 25 And Hazor, Hadattah, and Kerioth, nea: This shall be your south coast.

We. 11.26. and Hezron, which is Hazor, 5 And the east border was the salt sea, & c.18.19. 26 Amam, and Shema, and Moladah, wen unto the end of Jordan. And their h ver.9. | 27 And Hazar.gaddah, and Hesbmon, Border in thenorthquarterwasfromthebay i iCh.4.29. and Beth-palet, f of the sea at the utiermost part of Jordan: Ik c. 18.17. | 28 And Hazar-shual, and Beer-sheba,

6 And the border went up tog Beth-hogla, Isa. 27.6. and Bizjothjah, and passed along by the north of Beth.ara.im c.7.26. 29 Baalah, h and !im, and Azem, i bab; and the border went up to the stone n Nu.34.11. 30 And Eltolad, & Chesil, and Hormas, k of Bohan the son of Reuben :

o c.5.9. 31 Aud Ziklag, I and Madmanpah, and 7 And the border went up toward Debir' p Ju. 13.25. Sansan pah, from the valley of Achor, m and so north-9 2Sa. 17.17. 32 And Lebaoth, and Shilhim, and ward, looking toward Gilgal, o that is be- Ki.1.9. n Ain, and Rimmon: all the cities are fore the going up to Aduminim,which ison T c. 18,16. twenty and nine, witb their villages : che south s de of the river: and the borderi 2Ki.23.10. | 33 And in the valley, Esbtoal, P and passed toward the waters of En shemesh, Je. 19.2,6. Zoreah, and Ashnah, &the goings out thereof were at Eni-rogel: s1 Sa. 22.1. 34 And Zanoah, and En-gannim, Tap

8 And he border went up bythe valley of Mi. 1.15. puah, and Eoam, the son of Hinnomr unto the suth side of t 1Sa 17.1. 35 Jarmuth, and Adullaın, - Socoh, t the Jebusites; the same is u Jerusalem : u c.18.28. and Azekah, and the border went up tc the top of the Ju 19.10. 1 36 And Sharaim, and Adithaim, and mo antain that leth before the valley of 6 or, or, Gederah, and Geborothaim; fourtern

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