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Defeat and Death of Sisera.


Song of Deborah and Barat Sisera lighted down off his chariot, and B. C. 1296. there shall they rehearse a the righteous fied away on his feet.

acts b of the LORD, even the righteous 16 But Barak pursued after the chariots, a Ps.145.7. acts toward the inauitants of his vil and after the host, unto Harosheth of the 1 righteous. lages in Israel : then shall the people of Gentiles : and all the host of Sisera fellnesses. the LORD go down to the gates. upon the edge of the sword; and d there b 1 Sa. 12.7. | 12 Awake, cawake, Deborah; awake, was not ? 3 man lest.

Ic Ps.57.8. awake, utter a song : arise, Barak, and 17 Howbeit, Sisera fled away on his d Is 43.17. lead e thy captivity captive, thou son of feet to the tent of Jael the wife of Heber 2 unto one. Abinoam. the Kepite : for there was peace between e Ps.65.18. | 13 Then he made him that remaineth Jabin the king of Hazor and the house of f Ps.75.7. have dominion over the nobles among Heber the Ktnite.

IS 2Ki.6.19. the people : the LORD f made me havo 18 And g Jael went out to meet Sisera, 3 or, rug, or, dominion over the mighty. and said unto him, Turn in, my lord, turn blanket. 14 Out of Ephraim was there a root of ia to me; fear not: and when he had 4 draw with them against Amaiek; alter thee, Benjaturned in unto her into the tent, she co-n c.5.25,26. min, among thy people: out of Machir vered him with a 3 mantle.

his fect. came down governors, and out of Zebulun 19 And he said unto her, Give me, 16 or, In. they that I handie the pen of the writer. pray thee, a little water to drink; for I am 7 impressions! 15 And the princes of issachar were with thirsty: and she opened a bottle cf milk,h i Ps.4.4. Deborah; even Issachar, and also Barak: and gave him drink, and covered him. 77.6. he was sent on 5 root into the valley.

20 Agaia he said unto her, Stand in the La.3.40.41. For 6 the divisions of Reuben there were dour of the tent; and it shall be, when any put.

great 7 thoughts of heart. man doth come and inquire of thee, and Ps.3.7. 16 Why abodest thou among the sheepsay, Is there any man here ? that thou 9 or, port.

folds, to hear the bleatings of the locks? shalt say, No.

1 or, creeks. For the divisions of Reuben there were 21 Then Jael, Heber's wife, took a nail 2 exposed to great searchings i of heart. of the tent, and took an hammer in her reproach. 17 Gilead abode beyond Jordan and hund, and went softly unto him, and I Re. 12.11. why did Dan remain in ships? Asher smote the nail into his temples, k and fast-m Ge. 14.22. continued on the 9 sea-shore, and abode ened it into the ground; (for he was fast n Ps.18.47. in his 1 breaches. asleep, and weary :) so he died.

OC. 4.15. | 18 Zebulun and Naphtali were a people 22 And, behold, as Barak pursued Sisera, 3 paths. that 2 jeoparded their lives unto I the Jael came out to meet him, and said untolp c.4.7. death in the high places of the field. him, Come, and I will shew thee the man Ki 18.40. 19 The kings came and fought ; thep whom thou seekest. And when he camel Ps. 83.9, 10. fought the kings of Canaan in Tanace into her tent, behold, Sisera lay dead, and going went, by the waters of Megiddo : they m took the nail was in his temples.

and was no gain of money. 23 So n God subdued on that day Jabin hard. | 20 They fought from heaven: o the starr the king of Canaan before the children. Ps.44.5. in their 3 courses fought against wera. of Israel.

Stramplings, | 21 The river of hishon p swept ihen 24 And the hand of the children of Is- plungings.' Jawy, that ancicot river, the river hiael 4 prospered, and prevailed against r Ex.15.1. shon, O my soul, thou hast q troddun Jabin the king of Canaan, until they had Ps.18. title. down strength. destroyed Jabin king of Canaan. 1s De.32.43. | 22 Then were the horse-hoofs broken CHAP. V.

Ps.18.47. by the means of the 3 prancings, the TVIEN r sang Deborah, and Barak thet 2Ch.17.16. Iprancings of their mighty ones.

son of Abinoam, on that day, saying, u Ne.3.5. 23 Curse ye Meroz, said the angel of 2 Praise ye the LORD for the savenging v 1Sa. 18.17. the LORD ; curse ye bitterly the inhabit. of Israel, when the people willingly w Ps.2.10. ants thereof; because u they came not to t offered themselves.

Ps.68.7.8. the v help of the LORD, to the help of the 3 Hear, w ye kings; give ear, Oye y c.4.19.&c. Lord against the mighty. prinses : I, even I, will sing unto the 252.22.. 24 Blessed above women shall Jael fnu LORD; I will sing piaise to the LORD God Is.64.3. wife of Heber the Kenite be; blessed of Israel.

Hab.3 3,10. shall she be above women in the tent. 4 LORD, when I thou wentest out of Seir, 6 flowed. | 25 Hey asked water. & she gavchim milk; when thou marchedst out of the field of a Ps.97.5. she brought forth butler in a lordly dish. Edom, the z earth trembled, & the heavens 7 she ham- 26 She put her hand to the nail, and her dropped, the clouds also dropped water. mered. right hand to the workman's hammer and

5 The mountains 6 melted a from before b Ex.19.18. with 7 the hammer she sinote Sisera ; she the LORD, even that Sinai b from before c c.3.31. smote off his head, when she had pierced 'he LORD God of Israel.

& Between. and stricken through

and stricken through his temples. 6 In the days of Shamzar c the son of d c.4.17. | 27 Ather feet he bowed, he fell, he lay Anath, in the days of Jael, d the e high-e Le.26.22. down: at her feet he bowed, he fell; where ways were unoccupied, and the 9 travel. 9 walhers of hc bowed, there he fell down 1 dead. lers walked through 2 by ways.

paths. 2S The mother of Sisera looked out at 7 The inhabitants of the villages ceased, 1 destroyed. a window, and cried through the f lattice, they ceased in Israel, until that I Deborah 2crookedways Why is his chariot so long in coming ? arose, that I arose a mother in Israel. f Ca.2.9. why tarry the wheels of his chariots ?

8 They chose new g gods; then was war g De.32.17. 29 Her wise ladies answered her, yea, in the gates: was h there a shield or spearsh 1 Sa.13.19.22 she returned 3 answer to herself, seen among forty thousand in Israel? 3 her words. 30 Have they not sped ? have i they not

9 My heart is toward the governors of i Ex.15.9,10. divided the prey; to every man a damse Israel, that offered k themselves willingly 4 to the head or two? to Sis ra a prey of divers colours, among the people. Bless ye the LORD. of a man, la prey of divers colours of needle-work, 10 Speak, 5 ye lihat ride on white asses, yek ver.2. Tot divers colours of needle-work on both that sit in judgment, and walk bythe way. 5 or, meditate sides, mech for the necks of them thal 11 They that are delivered from the noise 1 c. 10.4. take the sport? farebe is in the places of drawing water, m Ps.92.9. 31 So let all thine enemies perish, m

The Call of Gideon.


Gideon's Deliverance. LORD: but let them that love him be as the B. C. 1256. present, 1 and set it before thee. And he eun a when he goeth forth in his b might.

said, I will tarry until thou coine again. And the land had rest forty years. 1 or, meat. 19 And Gideon went in, and made ready CHAP. VI.

offering a kid, 2 and unleavened cakes of an ephah AND c the children of Israel did evil in a 25a.23.4. of flour: the flesh he put in a basket, and El the sight of the LORD ; and the LORD Ps.37.6. he put the broth in a pot, and brought it delivered them into the hand of Midian Pr.4.18. out unto him under the oak, and presentseven d years.

Ps.19.5. ed it. 2 And the hand of Midian 3 prevailed 2 a kid of the 20 And the angel of God said unto him, against Israel : and because of the Midi. goats. Take the flesh and the unleavened! cakes, anites the children of Israel made them cc.2.19. and lay them upon this rock, and pour the dens e which are in the mountains, la Hab.3.7. Tout the broth. And he did so... and caves, and strong bolds.

3 was strong 21 Then the angel of the LORD : ut forth 3 And so it was, when Israel had sown, le 1Sa.13.6. the end of the stat that was in his hand, that the Midianites came up, and the

and touched the fiesh and the leavened Amalekites, and the children of the east, f Le.9.24. cakes ; and f there rose up fire out of the even they came up against them; TiKi.18.38. rock, and consumed the flesh and the vn.

4 And they encamped against them, and 2Ch.7.1. leavened cakes. Then the angel of the destroyed the increase of the earth, tillg Le.26.1 6. LORD departed out of his sight. thou come unto Gaza ; and left no suste- De.28.30. 22 And when Gideon perceived that he nance for Israel, neither sheep, nor ox, 4 or, goat. was an angel of the LORD, Gideon said, nor ass.

hc.13,22,23. Alas, O Lord GOD! for because h l lave 5 For they came up with their cattle, Is.6.5 8. seen an angel of the LORD face to face. and their tents, and they came as grass-i c.7.12. 23 And the Lord said unto him, Peace he hoppers i for multitude: for both they and Je.46.23. unto thee ; fear not: thou k shall not die. their camels were without number and k Ge.32.30. 24 Then Gideon built an altar there they entered into the land to destroy it. 5 i. e. The unto the LORD, and called it 5 Jehovah

6 And Israel was greatly impoverished! LORD send shalom: unto this day it is yet is Ophrah because of the Midianites; and the chil. peacc. of the Abi-ezrites. dren of Israel cried I unto the LORD. Ge. 22.14. | 25 And it came to pass the same night,

7 And it came to pass, when the chil. Ex. 17.15. that the LORD said unto him. Take the dren of Israel cried unto the Lord because Je.33.16. father's young bullock, 6 even the second of the Milianites,

Eze.48.33. bullock of seven years old, &throw down & That the LORD sent "a prophet antothe 6 or, and the altar of Baal that thy father hath, children of Israel, which said unto them, i Hos.5.15. and cut down m the grove that is by it: Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, 17 mana 26 And build an aliar unto the LORD thy brought vou up from Egypt, and brought prophet. God upon the top of this 8 rock, in 9 the you forth out of the house of bondage ; m De.7.5. ordered place, and take the second bullocs

9 And I delivered you out of the hand of 8 strong place and offer a burnt-sacrifice will the wond the Egyptians, and out of the hand of all sor, an order of the grove which thou shalt cut down that oppressed you, ard drave n them out ly manner. 27 Then Gideon took ten men & his from before you, and gave you their land:n Ps.44.2,3. servants, and did as the Lord had said

10 And I said unto you, I am the LORD 2Ki. 17.35-39 unto him: and so it was, because he fear Four God; fear o not the gods of the p He.11.32. ed his father's household, and the men Amorites, in whose land ye dwell : but Gedeon. of the city, that he could not do it by ye have not obeyed my voice.

1 cause it to day, that he did it by night. 11 And there came an angel of the LORD, flee. | 28 And when the men of the city arose and sat under an cak which was in Oph-gc.13.3. early in the morging, behold, the altar of rah, that pertained unto Joash the Abi- r Ge. 25.22. Baal was cast down, and the grove sas ezrite : and his son Gideon p threshed s Ps. 77.7-3. cut down that was by it, and the second wheat by the wine-press, to hide lit from 89.49. bullock was offered upon the altar inat the Millianiles.

: He. ll. 32. was built. 12 And the angel of the Lord appeared in my trou. 29 And they said one to another, Who unto him, and said unto him, The LORD is sand is the hath done this thing? And when they with thee, thou mighty nan of valour. I meancst. inquired and asked, they said. Gideon

13 And Gideon said unto him, Oh, my Mi.5.2. the son of Joash hath done this thing Lord, if r the LORD be with us, why then 3 i.e. Let Baal 30 Then the men of the city said unto is all this befallen us? and where sbc all plead. Joash, Bring out thy son, that he may his miracles which our fathers told us of, ISa. 12.11. die : because he hath cast down the altar saying. Did not the LORD bring us up! 2Sa.11.21. of Baal, and because he hath cut down from Egypt? but now the Lord hath Jerubbe- the grove that was by it. forsaken us, and delivered us into the sheth ; 31 And Joash said unto all that stood hands of the Midianites.

i.e. Let the against him, Will ye plead for Bual? will 14 And the LORD looked upon him, and shameful ye save him? he that will plead for him, said, Go in this thy might, t and thou shalt thing plead. let him be put to death whilst it is vet savo Israel from the hand of the Midian. Hos.9.10. morning: if he be a god, let him plearl iter : have not I sent theo ?

v Sa.9.21. for himself, because one hath cast down 15 And he said unto hi, Oh, my LORD, w Ex.3.12. This altar. where with shall I save Israel ? behold, Is.41.15,16. 32 Therefore on that day he called him

my fainily is poor in Manasseh, and I y ver.3. 3 Jerubbaal, 11 saying, Let Baal plead am the least v of my father's house. Z 2Ki.20.8. against him, because he bath thrown

16 And the LORD said unto him, w Sure-l ver.36-40. down his altar. ly I will be with thee, and thou shalt Ps. 86.17. 33 Then all y the Midianites and the smite the Midianites as one man.

Is. 7.11. Amalekites and the children of the cast 17 And he said unto him, If now I have a c.3.10. were gathered together, and went over, found grace in thy sight, then shew z me 4 clothed. and pitched in the valley of Jezreel. a sign that thou talkost with me.

Ge. 18.3.5. | 34 But a the Spirit of the LORD I came 19 Depart b no: hence, I pray thee, until c Nu.10.3. upon Gideon, and he blew ca trumpet, I come unto thee, and bring forth my called. land Abi-ezer was 5 gathered after hiin.

The Call of Gideon.


Gideon's Victory. So And he sent messengers throughout B. C. 1249. delivered it into thine hand. all Manasseh ; who also was gathered af.

| 10 But if thou fear to go down, go thou er him: and he sent messengers tinto

with Phurah thy servant down to the Asher, and unto Zelulun, and unto Naph.

host: tali; and they caine up to meet them. la Ge.24.14. 1 11 And a thou shalt hear b what they

36 And Gideon said unto God, if thou Sa.14.9, 10. say; and afterward stall thine hands be frilt sare Israel by mine hand, as thou b ver. 13-15. strengthened to go down unto the host. bast said,

Then went he down with Phurah his 37 Behold, I c will put a fieece of wool in.c Ex.4.1,&c. servant unto the outside of the 1 armed the floor; and if the dew be on the fleece 1 or, ranks men that were in the host. only, & it be dry upon all the earth beside by sive. 12 And the Midianites, and the Amale. then shail I know that thou wilt save Is Ex.13.18. kites, and all the children of the east, lay rael by mine hand, as thou hast said. d c.6.5,33. lalong in the valley like grasshoppers d

3. And it was so : for he rose up early 8.10. for multitude; and their canels were on the morrow, and, thrust the ficece to- Ps.118.10-12 without number, as the sand by the sea. gether, and wringed the dew out of the

side for multitude. fleece, a bowi-fui) of water. E

c Is.33.7. 13 And when Gideon was come, behold, 39 Aid Gideon said unto God, Let f not s Ge. 16.32. there was a man that told a dream unto thine anger be not against me, and I will

his fellow, and said, Behold, I dreamed a speak but this once: Let me prove, I prayig 1Co.1.27. dream, and, lo, a cake g of barley-bread thee, but this ouce with the ticece; let it

tumbled into the host of Vidian, and came now be dry only upon the flcece; and up

unto a tent, and smote it that it fell, and on all the ground let there be dew.

overturned it, that the tent lay along 40 And Goth did so that night : for it hrs. 107.33,351 14 And his fellow answered and said, was dry upon the fleece only, and there Is.50.2. This is nothing else save the sword of was dew on all the ground,

Gideon the son of Joash, a man of Israel: CHAP. Vil.

for into his hand hath God delivered FTWHEN Jerubbaal, i (1:ho is Gideon.) i c.6.32. Midian, and all the host. I and all the peoule that were with him,

15 And it was so, when Gideon heard rose up early, and pitched beside the well 2 breaking. the telling of the dream, and the 2 interof Harod : so that the host of the Midian

pretation thereof, that he worshipped, ites were on the north side of them, by

and returned into the host of Israel, and the hill of Moreh, in the valley.

said, Arise ; for the Lord hath delivered 2 And the LORD said unto Gideon, The

into your hand ihe host of Midian. people that are with thee are too many

16 And he divided the three hundred for me to give the Midianites into their 3 trumpets in men into three companies, and he put 33 hands, lest israel vaut k themselves the hand of trumpet in every man's band, with empty

ainst me, sayins, Mine own hand hath all of them. pitcbers, and 4 lamps within the pitchers. set pe.

k De. S. 17. 17 And he said unto them, Look on me, S ow, therefore, go to, proclaim in the Is.10.13. and do likewise : and, beho's whes i ears of the pole, saying, Whosoeverlis Ro.l1.is. come to the outside of the can. it shall Scarful and al aid, let him return, and del Co.1.29. be, that as I do, so shall ye do. part early from mount Gilead; and 2C0.4.7. 18 When I blow with a trumpet, I and there returned of the people twenty and or, tra all that are with me, then blow ye the two thousand, and there remained ten brands, or, trumpets also on every side of all the thousand.

torches. camp, aud say, The sword of the LORD, 4 And the LORD said unto Gideon, The 2 De.20.8. land of Gideon. people (72 vet 100 many; m brinx them m 1's.33.16. i9 So Gideon, and the hundred men down unto the water, and I will try them

that were with him, came unto the outfor thee there : and it shall be, that of

side of the camp, in the bezinning of the whom I sav u to thee, This shall go with

middle Watci; and they had but newly Use, the same shall go with thee; and of na 1 Th.5.3. set 11 the watch: and they blew the whomsoever I say unto thee, This shall over S. trumpets, o and brake the pilchers p that Dot go with thee, the game shall not go. p ver. 16. were in their hands. 5 So he brought down the people unto

20 And the three companies blew the the water: and the LORD said unto

trumpets, and brake the pitchers, and Gideon, Every one that lappeth of the

held the lamps in their left hands, and water with his tongue, as a dos lappeth,

the trumpets in their right hands to blow bim sbalt thou set by hirestil; I kewise

withal: and they cried, The sword of every one that boweth down upon his

the LORD, and of Gdron. knees to drink.

q Ex.14.13,14 21 And they stood q every man in his 6 And the number of them that lapped, 2Ch.20.17. place round about the car.p: and r all putting their hand to their mouth, were + 2Ki.7.6.7. the host rail, and cried, and fled. three bundred men : but all the rest of Jos. 6.16,20. 22. And the three hundred blew s the the people bowed down upon their knees t Ps.83.9. trumpes, and the LORD t set every man's to drink water.

Is.9.4. sword avainst his u fellow even through7 And the LORD said unto Gideon, v By Sa. 14.20. out all the host; and the host fled to the three hun red men that happed will I 2Ch.20.23. Beth-shittah in 5 Zererath, and to the save you, and deliver the Midianites into t 192.14.6. border of Abel-mehola, unto Tabbath. thine hand : and let all the other people 5 or, toward. 23 And the inen of Israel gathered go every man unto his place.

6 lip.

themselves together out of Naphtali, and 8 So the people took victuals in their

out of Asher and out of all Manasseh, hand, and their trumpets: and he sent

and purs!! er the Midianites. all the rest of Israel, erart man into his

24 An Gideon sent messengers throughtent. and retained those inte huaired wc.3.27.28. out all mount Ephraim, w saying, Come men. And the hos: of Milan was be

down a uns! the Midianitis, and take bedeath him in the valley.

fore then the waters unto Beth-barah,and 9 And it came to pass the same night, Ge.46.2.3. Jordan. Then ail the men of Ephraim that the LORD said unto him, Arise, get y Jos.1.5,9. gathered theineelves together, and took thee down unto the host ; for y I hayalino. 1.28. the waters unto Beth-barah z and Jordan

Succoth and Penuel pumshot


Gideon's Epluch 25 And they took a two princes of the B. C. 1249. imutna, Wha: manier ui met ware that Midianitas, Oreb and Zeeb; and they slew

whom ye slew at Tabor ? b And they alOreb upon the rock Oreb, and Zeeb they a c.8 3. swered, As thou art, so were they ; each alew at the wine-press of Zeeb, and pur-| Ps.83.11, 12. Jone 1 resembled the children of a king. sued Midian, and brought the heads of b c.4.6. 19 And he said, They were my brethren, Oreb and Zeeb to Gideon on the other Ps.89.12. even the sons of my mother: as the Lord side Jordan.

1 according to liveth, if ye had saved them alive, I CHAP. VIIT.

the form. would not slay you. AND the men c of Ephraim said unto c c. 12.1. 20 Ard he said unto Jether his firstA him. Why hast thou served us thus, 2Sa.19.41. born, Up, and slay them: but the youth that thou calledst us not when thou 2 what thing drew not his sword: for he feared, be. wentest to fight with the Midianites? is this thou cause he was yet a youth. and they did chide with him 3 sharply. I hast done | 21 Then Zesah and Zalmunna said,

2 And he said unto them, What have I unto us. Rise thou, and fall upon us : for as the done now in comparison of you? Is not a strongly. man is, so is his strength. And Gideon the gleaning of the grapes of Ephraim

arose, and slew Zebab and Zalmunna, better than the vintage of Abi-ezer? 4 or. like the and took away the ornaments 4 that were 3 God hath delivered into your hands moon.

on their camels' necks. the princes of Midian, Oreb and Zeeb :Is.3.18. 22 Then the men of Israel said unto and what was I able to do in comparison

Gideon, Rule thou over us, both thou of you? Then their 5 anger was abated 5 spirit. and thy son, and thy son's son also ; for toward d him, when he had said that. ld Pr.15.1. thou hast delivered us from the hand of

4 And Gideon came to Jordan, and 25.15. Midian. passed over, he, and the three hundred

23 And Gideon said unto them, I will not men that were with him, faint, yet pur

rule over you, neither shall my son rule suing them.

le 1Sa. 8.7. over you: the LORD e shall rule over you. 5 And he said unto the men of f Succoth, 10.19.

24 And Gideon said unto thein, I would Give, I pray you, loaves of bread unto the 12.12. desire a request of you, that ye would people that follow me; for they be faint,l Is.33.22. give me every man the ear-rings of his and I am pursuing after Zebah and Zall 63.19 prey : (for they had golden ear-rings, bo munna, kings of Midian.

If Ge. 33.17. cause they were ishinaclites.) 6 And the princes of Succoth said, h Are Ps.60.6. 1.25 And they answered, We will wil. the hands of Zebah and Zalmunna now lg 1 Sa. 25.11. lingly give them. And they spread a gar. in thine hand, that we should give bread Ki.20.11. ment, and did casi therein every man the unto thine army?

h Ge.25.13. ear-rings of his prey. And Gideon said. Therefore, when thel 37.239.28. 26 And the weight of the golden ear LORD hath delivered Zebah and Zall

rings that he requested was a thousand munna into my hand, then i l will 6 tearli ver. 16. and seven hundred shekels of gold, besido your flesh with the thorns of the wilder-16 thresh. ornaments, and collars, and purple raiDess and with briers.

Tor, sweet

ment that was on the kings of Midian 8 And he went up thence to Penuel, kl jewels. land beside the chains that were about apd spake unto them likewise : and the k Ge.32.30. their camels' necks. men of Penuel answered him as the men Ki. 12.25.

27 And Gideon madel ac ephod thereof, of Succoth had answered him.

I c. 17.5.

and put it in his city, even in Ophrah: m 9 And he spake also unto the men of m c.6.24.

and all Israel went thither a o whorin Penuel, saying, When I come n again in n I Ki.22.27.

after it: which thing became a spare pence, I p will break down this tower. lo Ps. 106.39. unto Gideon, and to his house. 10 Now Zebah and Zalmunna were in p ver. 17.

28 Thus was Midian subdued before the Karkor, and their hosts with them, about De. 7.16. children of Israel, so that they lifted up fifteen thousand men, all that were left of

their heads no more: and the country all the hosts of the children of the east :

was in quietness forty years in the days of for there fell 8 an hundred and twenty 8 or. 120.000./ Gideon. thousand mon that drew sword.

every one 123

| 29 And Jerubbaal, the son of Joash, went 11 And Gideon went up by the way of drawing a and dwelt in his own house. them that dwelt in tents, on the east of sword.

30 And Gideon had s threescore and Nobah r and Jogbehah, and smote the r Nu.32.35.42 ten sons of his body begotten: for he host: for the host was secure. t

3 c.9.2,5.

had many wives. 12 And when Zebah and Zalmunna fled, lı c.18.27. | 31 And his concubine, that was in Shehe pursued after them, and took u thel Th.5.3. chem, she also bare him a son, whose two kings of Midian, Zebah and Zal. 9 going out name he called Abimelech. V munna, and 1 discomfited all the host of his thigh.l. 32 And Gideon, the son of Joash, died 13 And Gideon, the son of Joash, return- u Ps. 3.11.

in a good w old age, and was buried ia ed from battle before the sun was up, i terrified. The sepulchre of Joash his father, 18 14 And caught a young man of the men 2 set.

Ophrah of the Abi-ezrites. of Succoth, and enquired of him and he v c.9.18.

33 And it came to pass, as 300n I as Gi. described 3 unto him the princes of Suc-w Ge. 25.8.

|deon was dead, that the children of Is coth, and the elders thereof, even three. Job 5.26.

rael turned again, and went a whoring score and seventeen men.

3 writ.

after Baalim, and made Baal-berith y 15 And he came unto the men of Suc- c.2.17,19. their god. coth, and said, Behold Zebah and Zal.ly c.9.4.

34 And the children of Israel rememmunna, with whom z ye did upbraid me, z ver.6,7. bered not a the LORD their God, who had

ving. Are the hands of Zebah and Zal. a Ps.78.11.42. Idelivered them out of the hands of all munda now in thine hand, that we should 106.13.21. their enemies on every side : give bread unto thy men that are weary? b c.9.16-19. 35 Neither b showed they kindness to 16 And he took the elders of the city, and

the house of Jerubhaal, namely Gideon, thorns of the wilderness and briers, an!

according to all the goodness which he with them he taught the men of Succoth. It made to had shewed unto Israel. 17 And he beat down the c tower of Pe-l know.

CHAP. IX. nuel, and slew the men of the city. c ver.9.

ND Abimelech the son of Jerubban 18 Then said te unto Zebah and Zal-!d c.8.31.

I went to Shechem d unto his mother's

The Cruelty of Abimelech.


Gaul's inscrrcction. brethren, and communed with them, and B. C. 1209. 20 But if not, let a lire come out from with all the family of the house of his

Abimelech, and devour the men of She. mother's father, saying,

a ver.15,56,57 chem, and the house of Milo; and let 2 Speak, I pray you in the ears of all

fire come out from the men of Shechem, the men of Shechein, 1 Whether is better 1 what is and from the house of Millo, and devour for you cither that all the sons of Jerub- good? wohe Abimelech. bal, which are b threescore and ter per- ther, &c. 21 And Jotham ran away, and find, and sons, reigo over you, or that one reiga b c.8.30. went to Beer, cand dwelt there, for fear Over you? remember also that I am your c2a.20.14. lof Abimelech his brother. boned and your flesh.

d Ge. 29.14. 22 When Abimelech had reigned three - 3 And his rather's brethren spake of . 1Sa.16.14. years over Israel, sim in the ears of all the mea of Shechem Ki.12.15. 23 Then God sent e an evil spirit be. all these words: and their heurts inclined 22.22.22. tween Abimelech and the men of She. % to follow Abimelecs; or they said, He Is 19.14. chein; and the men of Shechem dealt 18 our mother.

2Th.2.11,12 treacherously with Alinielech : 4 And they gave him tureescore and ten. 2 after. | 24 That the cruelty done to the threepieces of silver out of the house of Baal be- f Is.33.1. score and ten sous of Jerubbaal mizht sit, wherewith Abimelech hired i vain giK.2.32. conie, and their blood be laid upon All aud iga persons, which followed him. Est.9.25. melech their brother, which saw them; 5 ArI he went unto his father's house at Ps. 7.16. and upon the men of Shechem, which Ophrah, and slew k his brethren, the sons hc 8.33. aided 3 him in the killing of his brethren. of Jerubbaal, being threescore and ten ic. 11.3. 25 And the men of Shecnem set liers in persons, upon one store: notwithstand 2Ch.13.7. wait for him in the top of the mountains, ide. Vet Jo ham, the youngest son of Je. Pr. 12.11. and they robbed all that came along that rubbaal, was left : for be hid himself. Ac.17.5. way by them: and it was told Abimelech.

6 Ao all the men of Shechem gathered k 2Ki.11.1.2. | 26 And Gaal, the son of Ebed, came together, and all the house of Millo, and 3strengthened with his brethren, and went over to Shewent and bade Abimelech king, by the his hands tochemand the men of Shechen put lain i ot the pillar that was in Shechem. kill.

their confidence in bin. 7. And when they teid it to Jotham, 4 or, oak. 1 27 And they went out into the fields. he went and stood in the top of mount! Jos 24.26. and gathered their vineyards, and trode Gerizim, I and lifted up his voice, and 1 Jos.8.33. the grapes, and made ó merry, and weat cried, and said unto them, Hearken unto Jno.4.20. into the house m of their god, and did eat me, ye men of Shechem, that God maylor, songs and drink, and cursed Abimelech. liearken u30 you.

Is. 16.9.10. 28 And Gul, the son of Ebed, said, Who 8 The trees n went forth on a time to Je.25.30. liso Abimelech, and wto & Shrche in, faoint a king over them: and they said m ver.4. that we should serve him? is not hue the unto the olive-tree, Reign thou over us. n 2Ki. 14.9. son of Jerubbaal? ani Zebul his chicer?

9 But the olive-tree said unto them, o 1 Sa. 25. 10. Serve the men of Hamor, p the father of Should I leave my fatness, g wherewith Ki.12. 6. Shechem; for why should we serve him ty me they honour God and man, and go p Ge.34.2,6. 29 And would r to God this people to be promoted over the trees?

Ps. 104.15. Were under my band ! then would I re. 10 And the trees said to the fig-tree, r 2Sa. 15.4. move Abimelech. And he said to Abime Come thou, and reign over us.

Ps. 10.3. lech, Increase thine army, and c me out. il But the fig tree said unto them, 5 up and | 30 And when Zebul, the ruler of the Should I forsake my sweetness, and my down for city, heard the words of Gaal, the son of Vo fruit, and go to be promoted over other irees. Ebed, his anger was 7 kiudled. the trees?

Tor, hot. | 31 And he sent messengers unto Abine. 12 Then said the trees unto the vine, 8 craftily, lech 8 privily, saying, Behold, Gul, the Come thou, and reign over us.

or, to Tor. son of Ebed, and his brethren, be come 13 And she vine said unto them, Should mah. to Shechem; and, behold, they forufy the I leave my wine, which scheereth God s Pr.31.6. city against thee. and unan, and go to be promoted over Ec.19.19. 32 Now, therefore, up by night, thou the trees?

9 or, thistle, and the people that is with thee, and lie 14 Then said all the trees unto the t Is.30.2. in wait in the field. braxable, Come thou, and reign over us. Da.4.12. | 33 And it shall be, that in the morning, 15 And the bramble said unto the trees, Hos.14.7. as soon as the sun is up, thou shalt rise It in truth ye avoin me king over you, u Ver. 20. early, and set upon the city: and, behold, ther come and put your trust in my sha. Nu.21.28. when he and the people that is with him dow:t and if not.let fire u come out of the Eze.19.14. come out against thee, then mayest thou Oramble,&devour the cedars vof Lebanon. v Is.2.13. do to them as I thou shalt tind occasion.

16 Now therefore, if ye have done truly Eze.31.3. | 34 And Abimelech rose up, and all the and sincerely in that ye have made Abi. i thine hand people that were with him, by night, and melech king, and if ye have dealt well shall find they laid wait against Shecben in four with Jerubbral and his house, and have 1Sa. 10.7. companies. done unto hini according to the deserving 25.8. 35 And Gaal, the son of Ebed, went out, of his hands;

Ec.9.10. and stood in the entering of the gate of the 17 (For my father w fought for you, and w c.7. city: and Abimelech rose up, and the peo

adventured his life far, and delivered a cast. pe that were with him, from lying in wait you out of the hand of Midian ;

< c.8.35. 136 Aud when Gaal saw the people, he 18 And yet are risen up against my fa. ver.5,6, said to Zebul, Behold, there come people ther's house this day, and have siain hislv c.8.31. down from the top of the mountains. sons, threescore and ten persons, upon one3 novel. And Zebul said unto him, Thou seest the

tone,and have made Abimelech,the y sonz Is.8.6. shadow of the mountains as if they were of his mail servant, king over the men Ph.3.3. men. of Shechem, because he is your brother;)! Ja.4.16. 37 And Gaal spake again, and said, See,

19 If ye then have dealt truly and sin-4 or, the re- there come people down by the 3 middle terely with Jerubbaaland with his house garders of Jor the land, and another company come this day, thn rejoice z ye in Abimelech, the times, along by the plain of 4 Meonenim. und let hip also rejoice in you; | De. 18.14. 38 Then said Zebul unto him, Where is

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