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Verse 11. Serve Jehovah with fear. As it is the dominion of the Divine Son which is sought, ought we not to understand the term Jehovah as referring specially to him?

Rejoice with trembling. Gesenius renders "fear with trembling," and refers to Hosea x, 5, as supporting this meaning of 33. But inasmuch as the Psalmist supposes the rebels to have submitted themselves to the conquering Son of God, it is better to render 5 by its common signification of rejoice.

Verse 12. Kiss the Son, &c. The kiss was from the earliest times the mark of respect and subjection in the East. Such a kiss was given for the most part not upon the mouth, but upon the garment, or upon the hand of the person kissed. That this custom prevailed among the Hebrews, appears from 1 Samuel x, 1, where Samuel, after he had anointed the king, as a mark of respect gave him a kiss. The presenting a kiss was also a religious usage, as appears from 1 Kings xix, 18; Hosea xiii, 2; Job xxxi, 27. (See Hengstenberg.) Hence we may render adore, worship the. Son. We have na instead of 13, a son, probably for the purpose of avoiding the cacophony which must have arisen from the juxtaposition of

and . 777 177867 And ye perish [as to] your way, or [in] your way of wickedness. 777 is an accusative of limitation, an idiom of common occurrence in the Hebrew, as well as in the classic languages. oyna as a little, shortly, soon. Soon will his wrath be kindled. The time up to the beginning of the punishment, when repentance is too late, is like a short period.

Blessed are all they who trust in him. Thus the first of the Messianic psalms closes up with words of mercy to sinners, reminding them, after all their wickedness, they may trust in Messiah and find mercy. Here observe the divinity of Messiah. He, as God, is able to bless those trusting in him. But this surely could not be said of any merely human being. In this respect the forty-fifth and one hundreth and tenth psalms are still more full and explicit. Not only are divine acts attributed to him, but also divine names are given him, as “Lordand “God." Psalm xlv, 6; cx, 1.



ciety has collected £13,000 as a special

fund for sending twenty more missionaProtestantism. — THE CONFLICT OF ries to India. The Wesleyans have sent PARTIES IN THE ESTABLISHED CHURCH three missionaries to British Columbia, during the last three months has been un- and several more to India, in which latter commonly violent. In England it has been country their schools have largely inprincipally the Confessional question, in creased the number of pupils. The Scotland that of the Real Presence, which members and friends of TAE EVANGELICAL have agitated the minds. Another clergy- ALLIANCE held a well-attended meeting on man of the Establishment, Rev. Mr. West, October 26th and the following days, in has been accused of forcing the use of pri- Liverpool, in which city it was commenced vate confession, in a highly indelicate man- thirteen years ago. The catalogue of ner, upon a sick woman; but a committee topics and the names of the promoters, appointed by Bishop Wilberforce, of Oxford, among whom are several bishops of the to investigate the charge, has acquitted Established Church, assign to this conhim. The Bishop of Rochester regrets ference an importance not enjoyed by any not to be able to interfere with the prac- previous purely British assembly convened tice of private confession and other High- by the Evangelical Alliance. THE WESChurch practices at Harlow, on account LEYAN CONFERENCE, which met in Hull, of legal difficulties. The Bishop of Win- had a long discussion on the practice of chester has refused to institute the Rev. reading sermons. Rev. W. Arthur exMr. Southey to a rectorship in his diocese pressed himself strongly against it, and for having preached the High-Church the Conference, though not passing any doctrine on the Eucharist, and has strict resolution on the subject, seemed generly forbidden the exhibition of any floral ally to share the opinion, that the pracdecoration in the churches during divine tice of reading must never become the service. Several other bishops have made practice of Methodism. The increase of strong declarations against the introduc- Church members during the year in tion of the confessional. But the Bishop Great Britain was announced as 6,996, of Exeter offers an asylum to those who and 22,611 on trial; and it was resolved have to suffer for their High - Church to address memorials to the government opinions elsewhere, and refuses, also, on against the desecration of the Lord's doctrinal grounds, the institution of day by measures of the government, and members of the evangelical party to bene. against the policy of the government fices in his diocese. The Bishop of with regard to India. The autumnal sesAberdeen, in Scotland, has suspended sion of THE CONGREGATIONAL UNION OF ExRev. Mr. Cheyne for extreme views on GLAND AND WALES was held toward the the Real Presence, and the Episcopal close of October, at Halifax, Yorkshire, Synod, appealed to by the defendant, has and was characterized by an entire affirmed this sentence. The evangelical absence of controversy. The revivals in portion of the Scottish clergy wishes the United States furnished the chief the abrogation of the Scottish service, as topic, and gave a tone to the meeting, " leading to Romish views of the Lord's Supper," and the adoption of the English The Roman Catholic Church. instead of it, but has, in this point, not THE JOURNEY OF CARDINAL WISEMAN IN been supported by the bishops. The IRELAND has blessed that country, for the MISSIONARY ZEAL has received a new im- first time for three centuries, with the pulse by the new openings for the prop- presence of a prince of the Church; and agation of Christianity in Asia. The Es- all Ireland, to use O'Connell's expression, tablished Church has erected new bishop- "from Connemara to the Hill of Howth,” rics at Nelson and Wellington, in New has welcomed his presence by those Zealand, and in British Columbia, and demonstrations of enthusiasm which only several other bishoprics are to be formed Celts and Yankees can display. The without delay. After the completion of allegiance of the people to him, and to these arrangements, the Church will have the cause of which he stood forth the connected with her forty-four colonial living embodiment, was indeed roused to bishoprics. The Jondon Missionary So- an unwonted pitch. In the matter of the

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IRISH COLLEGE IN PARIS, the Roman Prop- doctrine from those of other Churches by aganda has come to the conclusion that a broad boundary line, but also against the rectorship shall be given to one of the various dissensions in its own midst. Irish Vincentians, who, though living in The Reformed Church is more successful community, are secular priests. The than the Lutheran in its effort to bring archbishops are to draw up a new body about a confederacy of the several Reof rules for the government of the college, formed State Churches, and the last anand one of the Irish bishops will in future nual REFORMED CONFERENCE, held at visit it as delegate from the whole of the Elberfeld on June 3 and 4, witnessed prelates,

a real progress in the consolidation of the

Church, which now only begins to awake GERMANY.

to a consciousness how large a portion

of her territory, from want of organization, Protestantism. The sixteenth has been occupied since the beginning of GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE GUSTAVUS this century by Lutheranism. THE ADOLPHUS SOCIETY, at Leipsic, was

SOCIETY FOR COLLECTING THE PEOPLE OF proof that this society is still rapidly pro- GOD IN PALESTINE, a mystic sect, which gressing. In several parts of Germany, has some offshoots also in this country, as in the kingdom of Saxony and the had a gathering at Cranstadt, in WirtemHungarian states, there is hardly a single berg, and heard a report of the three congregation which does not contribute to deputies who had been sent on a tour of it. A new source of income has been exploration to the Promised Land, whose opened to the society by a decree of the condition they had found, however, as unPrussian government, which orders the satisfactory for their purpose as the taking up of a collection for the benefit of state of the finances of the society is. the society in all the churches of the Many of the leaders of the Free CongregaEvangelical State Church. In


tions and German Catholics, as Uhlich, quence of this, and the growing participa- Rupp, Wislicenus, Czersky, and Baltzer, tion of the people generally, the income met at Gotha, on September 8 and 9, has risen to more than 107,000 thalers, in a FREE CONGREGATIONAL COUNCIL. As by which three hundred and eighty poor in nearly every German state these congregations, of which two hundred and congregations are struggling for a mere twenty-five are in Germany, have been toleration, it is impossible to ascertain assisted in building church or school. The their present strength. They have no CHURCH DIET, which met this year in established creed, but are floating between Hamburg, in order to be present at the Deism, Atheism, and Pantheism. twenty-fifth anniversary of the Rugged House of Dr. Wichern, was largely at- The Roman Catholic Church.tended from all parts of Germany. Among THE CATHOLIC Associations held, this the topics which were discussed in the year, their General Assembly at Cologne, usual thorough manner of the German

on September 6th and the following day Church Diets, we mention The Union of In many respects this may be regarded as Civil and Ecclesiastical Offices, The Duties the most important General Assembly of Larger Cities with regard to the Poor, which the Catholic Associations have The Rests of Paganism in the Life and held as yet. The attendance, both of Views of the German People, and the deputies from abroad and of the people Duty of the Church with regard to them. of Cologne and the neighboring country, For the first time in its history, the was unusually large. It was presided over Church Diet met, on the part of the by August Reichensperger, a distinguished city where it assembled, with a very orator of the Second Prussian Chamber, unfriendly reception, and only two and for some time its vice-presidento of the city churches were obtained from Among the speeches those of Peter Reichtheir trustees, with difficulty, for the ensperger, who is, like his brother, a holding of evening services. An Assem- prominent member of the Prussiau ParBLY OF PROMINENT LUTHERANS was held liament, and has been recently promoted on August 18th and 19th, at Rothenmoor, to a seat in the highest judicial court of in Mecklenburg, under the presidency of Prussia, and of Professor Walter, of Bonn, Professor Huschke. The party finds are mentioned by the German press as beitself in a very unfavorable position, since ing the most remarkable. The members of it has not only to contend against all the General Assembly participated, as a the other religious denominations of Ger- body, in the festivities accompanying the many, for bounding off its territory and consecration of a statue in honor of the

immaculate conception of the Virgin speakers advocated the organization of a Mary. The procession held on this occa- Helvetic Synod as the Supreme Legislam sion, and in which also the mayor of the tive Board for the Reformed Churches, city, the city councils, the trades, and an but this seemed to the majority, at least, immense crowd of people took part, is premature, and it was thought best to said to have been the greatest that Co- aim for the present only at obtaining for logne, the German Rome, has seen for the State Church, of every canton, a many years. The next General Assem

Presbyterial constitution, The entire bly will be held either at Freiburg, in Ba- separation of Church and State had few, den, or at Prague, in Austria. Several if any, friends among the clergy; but, on Bavarian cities desired to invite the Gen- the other haud, no one contested the eral Assembly, but the design was aban- opinion of Professor Hagenbach, that doned, because it was cousidered as certain every Protestant Church ought to have a that the king, who is not a friend of the constitution of her own, and not be enCatholic associations, would refuse the per tirely governed by the State, as is, for ex. mission. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OF ample, still the case in the canton of AUSTRIA has declared her intention to Basel. A proposition to change, by invitrevive the regular celebration of the ing the laity generally, the Preachers' AsProvincial Synods, which, though or- sociation into a Church Diet, after the dered by the General Council of Trent, model of that of Germany, was rejected as had fallen into disuse in Austria for too radical. The Young Men's CHRISTIAN nearly two hundred years. There is ASSOCIATIONS of the whole world, held a no doubt that the observance of this law General Assembly at Geneva, where imwill tie the connection of Austria with portant questions, with regard to the conRome closer. THE JESUITS have again dition of the youth, and the means of attracted the attention of Germany to bringing the rising generation more a high degree. While there is a want of effectually under the influence of Christipriests in most Austrian dioceses, and anity, were discussed. The great relig. also in many of the religious orders, ious ANNIVERSARIES AT BASEL had the they have a large overplus of novices. same grand and impressive character as Their colleges are thronged with the chil. former years, and the missionary dren of the nobility of Austria, Bavaria, society of that city has recently received and other parts of Germany. They have a rich legacy of four hundred thousand also continued to hold missions in the francs. The question of an entire Sep larger Protestant cities, and in many ARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE has been a place have had a hard struggle against recently agitated in the cantons of Vaud the Rationalistic views which st I prevail and Neufchatel, and in both cases two in the population of most German towns. parties, very much opposed to each other

in other points, the conservative friends SWITZERLAND.

of the free Evangelical Churches, and the

ultra radical patrons of Atheism, have Protestantism. — THE NINETEENTH united in demanding it. In neither case ASSEMBLY OF THE HELVETIC PREACHERS' have they been successful, but in both Association, which was held at Aarau, they have succeeded in wrenching some on August 17 and 18, occupied itself concessions from the friends of a rigid principally with the question, How far a State Churchism. The attitude of the greater union between the various State cantonal governments with regard to the Churches is desirable, and by what means INDEPENDENT RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS it can be brought about? It was gener- is still wavering between toleration and ally conceded that “the advancement of intolerance, but the old laws of Switzerland infidelity, the extension of the sects, and are generally maintained in their full the encroachments of Rome," made a rigor against he Mormons, who have sucgreater union than exists at present de ceeded in -veral places, as Berne and sirable. Regular conferences of the Zurich, t ollect congregations. State Churches, as they were held for the first time in Zurich on April 27 and The Roman Catholic Church. 28 of the present year, were unani- The PIUS OR CATOHLIC ASSOCIATIONS, mously recommended as the best means which effected last year, after the example for arriving at the union. But various of Germany, a national organization, held opinions existed as to the question how their first General Assembly in August, at far it would be desirable, for the present, Stanz, in the canton of Unterwalden. to carry the idea of centralization. Some The number of branch associations was reported as amounting to fifty-four. bishops of the Established Church, by The Catholic associations declared as their peers, members of Parliament, and other primary objects for the present, to raise distinguished persons. The efforts of the funds for establishing Catholic Churches friends of religious liberty, and in particin Protestant countries, and for providing ular the Protestant press, have not poor candidates of the priesthood with been fruitless; but there are hopeful the means to secure a theological educa- signs that even the government of Swetion, to assist the bishops in establishing den itself begins to be ashamed of the seminaria puerorum, which are still want- exceptional position which, among Pruting in almost all the Swiss dioceses, to estant nations, it sustains to the question circulate Catholic books, and to establish of religious liberty. in every parish a parochial library. The number of CATHOLIC COLLEGES will soon

FRANCE. be increased, as the institutions at Frei

The Roman Catholic Church. burg and Brieg, which, before 1847, were

THE JOURNEY OF THE EMPEROR through a under the charge of the Jesuits, will soon be reopened. The Catholic college at

part of France, and in particular through

the Bretagne, the most Catholic of all Schwytz, which was founded a few years

French provinces, has given to the clergy ago by Father Theodosius, an enterprising

an opportunity to rally round him in exCapuchin monk, and the most active

traordinary numbers, and to overwhelm priest of Catholic Switzerland, counts at

him with their ovations. However obpresent seventeen professors and two

jectionable some features in the policy of hundred pupils. THE CONFLICTS BETWEEN

Louis Napoleon may appear to them, they THE POPE AND SEVERAL CANTcns continue,

cannot but recognize with gratitude that The Grand Council of Tessin has refused

the greater influence which they now to acknowledge the spiritual authority of

exercise on large classes of the people, the new Bishop of Como, and the Federal

and especially on the schools, is mostly government to sustain the appeal of the

owing to the patronage of the governbishop. The canton of Aargan has

ment. The emperor has raised their hopes wrenched from the Bishop of Solothurn

still higher by making, in a public address, and the Pope a concession in the question

the emphatic remark that France must of mixed marriages, (between Catholics and Protestants,) the priests being now

always preserve its Catholic character.

That is a more serious admission on the directed to publish the bans of all such

part of the State than the government of marriages, even if the education of the

Louis Philippe ever made. THE LAWSUIT children in the Catholic Church has not

AGAINST COUNT MONTALEMBERT, which been promised. The government of Berne has resolved not to permit the

the government has instituted on account Bishop of Freiburg to exercise episcopal Napoleonic regime, will not jeopardize the

of a sharp criticism of the count on the jurisdiction in the city of Berne, but to demand from the Pope the reception of

good harmony between the emperor and the Catholic congregation of the capital Montalembert has long ceased to be look

the majority of the French clergy; for into the diocese of Basel, to which

ed upon as the eloquent champion of the the greater part of the canton of Berne

Church, and is himself so disgusted with belongs.

the political subserviency of the clergy

and the present leaders of the Catholic SCANDINAVIA.

party, that he severs every day more the Protestantism. - The Protestant

ties which formerly connected him with press has a right to point with pride to

that party. THE INTEREST IN Foreign Mis the almost unanimous condemnation of Catholics, is continually increasing.. Of

SIONS, which characterizes the French the INTOLERANT ECCLESIASTICAL LEGISLA

the strength of this interest soine idea TION OF SWEDEN by the other Protestant Churches. After the example of France, July and August, four corporations, the

may be formed from the fact that, during energetic declarations have been made by

Seminaire des Missions Etrangères, the Belgium, England, and America. In

Congregation of Piepus, the Society of Belgium the synod of the Evangelical

Marists, and the Order of Notre Dame de Church has expressed, without a dissent

Zion, sent about seventy of their meming voice, its concurrence with the protests of the French Protestant Churches,

bers as missionaries into foreign countries. and in England an address to the same Protestantism. — THE SECRET effect has been numerously signed by the SPREADING OF Baptist PRINCIPLES among


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