What Then Did I Achieve?

الغلاف الأمامي
Xulon Press, 2008 - 88 من الصفحات
Brothers and Sisters, This book has been written in full faith and is designed to strengthen, encourage, motivate, and bring together the family of Christ. I believe that it is important to pray before I write anything. So everything that is wrote in this book I have prayed about so that God's will be done. For it is God's wisdom you should here, not mine. The book focuses on living a life that is truly pleasing in the eyes of God. It brings a message that breathes life. It is like a lighthouse stretching its beam of light afar showing the true and good pathway that leads to all good things. Travis Dwyer is a writer and production lead making powerful liquid minerals and vitamins for a great company called the Eniva Corp. Travis believes that Eniva is a great Christian company with a friendly work atmosphere. He also is a member of the Church of St. Paul in Ham Lake where he enjoys spending time. He says that he feels the Spirit flowing strongly there and believes that that is important. Travis also is married to a beautiful woman named Stacy. They have their first baby on the way and are excited to become parents. Travis lives in a quite town outside of the rush of the city. He enjoys the beauty of nature and loves the peacefulness that comes along with it. One thing Travis firmly believes is that if God is number one in your life, everything else will be so much better.

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Looking Deeper
Letting Go of This World
Taking Refuge in the Lord
Fighting Temptation
Coming Together
Rising Up
Take a Look
The Beauty Now and Later
God Exists
Who is Led by Whom?
Life Supporting Verses
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