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Are of imagibation all compa&t : 15 9 Pro
One fees more devils than valt hell can hold, vi 101151.
The madman. While the lover, all as frantic, I'm
Sees Helen's beauty in a brow of Egypt.' 2.1:9,1 fois
The poet's eyelsin á fide frenzy roiling, sjon.134
Dothglande toom heaven to earth from earth to'heaving
And as imagination, bredies forth 03 ani bun
The formsvob things unknown, the poet's pena
Turns them to fhelped and gives to aiery nothing 150
Al locale babitadan aid a'nadie. ai : 6511311 di yule
Such-tricks baltid ftrong imagination, 1911 191
That if he would but apprehend fame joyati 101, list
It comprehends, some bringer of that joyfus 1696 ftom
On anothel nighuimagiðing fome fead, 199 wł 15:10 $16
Howo eafy is a buth supposd a beat?. ¿i si, miorit

Hipe. But all the story of the night sold overy · Yews
And all their minds transfigur'd fo together,
Mõre Witnesseth than fancy's images,
And grows to something of great constancy;
But, howsoever, Itrange and admirable.

Enter Lysander, Demetrius, Hermia, and Helena.

Thef. Here comes the lovers, full of joy and mith Joy, gentle friends; joy and fresh days of love Accompany your

hearts. She Lyh More than to use their heart

FOTEL & Wait on your royal walks, your board, your bed.

The). Come now,what masks,whatdances fall we havez To wear

or away this long age of three hours, bao 279101 Between our after-fupper and bed-time i gaiged roue Where is our usual manager of mirch is load asd: 910M What revels are in hand ? is there no play isant 9d? To ease the anguilh of a torturing hour Call Philof rate, tulos vcdT {*5'1131919.4i cala 110 (15) Gibs auto sa uz son 2 Enter Philoftrate.ioi; etadio casino Philoft. Here, mighty Thefeuf. WIS UW !! 3.3 Porrad

Thej. Say, whalabridgement have you for this evening What

malque? what.mplicts how hall we beguile The lazy time, if not with some delighted


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Philoft. There is a brief, how many sports are ripe: (32)
Make choice of which your Highnessi will lee firkt

iful noii sud ; 19362 [Givingi za papere
Thef. reads. ] Tibe battel with the Centaurs, to be fung (33)
By an Athenian eunuch to the barpo iso 916 jen W Todo
We'll none of that. v That I have told my lovelines
In glory of my kinfman Herculesi b'wedel 19791 doid it
The riot of the riply. Bacchanalsy'ari klios sveil von brit
Tearing the Thracian finger in their ragele omst zidu diti
That is an old device; and it was plaid, buih P
When I from Thebes came laft a'conqueror. fcy
The thrice three mufes mourning for: the death" to sea ei il
Of learning, laterdeceas'd. in begganggordion zi si Era
That is some fatire, ikeen and critical; no voy als!au
Not sorting with a nuptial ceremony':10:flylomix
A tedious brief scene of young Pyramus, int nov ob OT
And bis love Thisby; very tragiral mirth. I
Merry and tragical ? tedious and brief vos 19von sol
That is hot ice, and wond'rous strange snow. 119. W
How fall we find the concord of this discord Panico)

Philof. A play there is, my Lord, fome ten words long;
Which is as brief, as I have known a play 311 yub OrĄ
But by ten words, my Lord, it is too long to Wild I
Which makes it tedious: for in all the playi 3H 4H

There is not one word apt, one player fitted. T 100 P
And tragical, my noble Lord, it is o 941 11091710

1700 erw.b9A (32) bow many sports are rife:) I have

chosen to from one of the old quarto's printed in 160o, ripe, as the most word here : ripe, fignifying any thing ready for use; rife, on great increase of any thing.

sivism 19917 01 (33) Lyf. Ibe battel wirb the Centaurso] Here the fixtečnglines, that follow, from the time of the first folie edition, put out by the , less that betwixt Theseus and Lysander. But what has Lyfander to affair? He is no courtier of Theseus's, but only an occafienal guel A and just come out of the woods, so not likely to know what sports were in preparation. I have taken the old quarto's for my guides, in regulating this passage. Thefens alks after entertainment, I Pbia loftrate, who is his matter of the revels, gives him in a list of jwhaling Sports are ready upon which, Tibefeus reads the titles, of them puszy) of the lift, and then alternately makes his remarks upon them. And this, I dare say, was the Post's own design and distribution, W9:19V



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For Pyramus therein doth kills himself. i 919, T .9::
Which, when I saw gehears’d; I must confessa do szler
Made mine eyes water ; but more merry tears
'The passionsof loud laughter sever Shed.[.zbost. 15'D

Thes. What are they, that do play it asing di A say8

PhilofvHard-Haoded meh, that work in Abbons hiére, Which never fabour'd in their mindstillinowvc3 yiola ni And now have toil'd their unbreath'd mémories toit ad P With this same play against your nuptials.IT 944 gnitas P

Thes. And we will hear it.bois :91095 bio na 2i 360 T

Philoft. Noso mypnoble Lord,15 zad I mor} I 1198 W It is not for yogash Ithave heard it overs 94 szirty gf I And it is nothing, nothing in the world.;' nirvasi 79 Unless you can find Sport in their in tenissit o zi jest Extremely stretch'd and conn'd with ardel painj 10l son To do you service, 23 TIFTU! VIENOG no gasil eind zog'asih Thes. I will hear that play:

yolin Igual zid bomba For never any thing can be amiss, isoigsu bae y119M When simpleness and duty tender its goi sod 2i 19dT Go, bring themin,and take your places Ladies, [ExitPhili

Hip. I love not to fee wretchednefs o'ercharg'di. And duty in his service perifhingi as toird es ai doi w

Tbef. Why, gentle sweet, you shall see no fuchs things
Hip. He says they can do nothing in this kind

. The kinder we; togive them thanks fornathing?
Our sport shall be, to take what they mistake; gau bnA
And what poor (willing] duty cannot do, (34)
Noble respect takes it'in might, not merit:
Where I have come great clerks have purposed 379c bu **

To greet me with premeditated welcomes s 10-91891ni ss18 Where I have feen them fhiver and took pale, dvd (FE) Make

periods in the midst of sentences, rhi volia isoto Throttle their practisa accent in their lears i sva 27926.9 And, un conclufionis dumbly have broke of 1 H11

21706) is tw #0.131 09 7.93':'2013 abrow oni to 110 9703 flutno (37) And what poor duty cannot dd, noble respect AOUSTE 9919 ni 970w

11 Takes Tein might, not mérit] What ears have their pobticul si editorsy" to palm this line upon us as a vérfedfris Pardkie ppcarbi? Tisto

! certain man epithet Hådfipe

bat, and I hatessen eurd to restore Tuch a onte las pels sente' has sinch tee with land which

makes the one to verses flowing and pernagioi sano e iso I di Aveys) stabdan


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Not paying me a welcome. Truft me, fweer,ll.
Out of this filence yet I pick'd a welcome : L'zing
And in the modesty of fearful duty
I read as much, as from the rattling tongue" ?Y! 12:2
Of lawcy and audacious eloquence.
Love therefore, and tongue-ty'd fimplicity 190.19
In leaft, speak most, to my capacity: 100 9900011 Bina
Enter Philoftrate 449 21 som int

1.10910ssdrif Phil. So please your Grace, the prolagte is addreif. Thef. Let him approach.

so vs [Flour. Truthi Enter Quince, for the prologuć.

alevyisini biti

Techniti OT Prol. If we offend, it is with our good willos. m in T That

you hould think, we come not to offend, 919 But with good will. To shew our simple kill,!!

That is the true beginning of our end; : 10; ti con Consider then, we come but in despight..

We do not come, as minding to content you, (35). 1 Our true intent is.--all for your delight,

We are not here, that you should here repent you The actors are at hand; and by their show, tín You shall know all, that you are like to know.'a CJA

Thef. This fellow doth not stand upon points in..

Lys. He hath rid his prologue, like a rough colt; he knows not the stop. A good moral, my Lord. It is not enough to speak, but to speak true.

Hip. Indeed he hash play'd on his. prologue, like a child on the recorder ; a found, but not in government.

310.1991:. (35). We do not come as minding to content you,

Our true intent is all for your delight,
We are nnt bere that you should bere repent you,

Tbe Astors are at band; '&c] Thus the late accurate editor, deviating from all the old copies, has, by a certain peculiar fatality, pointed this passage. The whole glee and humour of the prologue is in the actor's making false refts, and so turning every member of the sentences into flagrant nonsense. And Mr. Pope seems very cruel to our Author, (considering how many pañages, which should have been pointed right, he has pointed wrong ;) that here, when he should point wrong, with a trange perverseness, and unusual appetite for sense, he will point rigblo.


Thef. His speech, was like a tangled chain; nothing impair'd, but all disorderd. Who is the next Enter Pyramus, and Thisbe, Wall

, Moonshine, and
Lion, as in dumb bori
Prel. Gen'lesperchafice, you wonder at this mow,

But 'wonder on, till truth make all things plain.
This man is Pyramus, if you would know;

This beauteous Lady, Thisby is, certain.
This ihan with lime and rough-caft, doth present

Wall, the vile wall, which did these lovers sunder:
And through walls chink, poor souls, they are content

To whisper, at the which let no man wonder.
This man, with lapthorn, dog, and bush of thorn,

Presenteth Moon-thine? For, if you will know,
By moon-fhine did these lovers think no scorn

To meet at Ninus' tomb, there, there to woo.
This grisly beaft, which by name Lion hight, (36)
The trustý Thisby: coming firit by night,
Did scare away, or rather did affright:
And as the fled, her mantle the let fall;

Which Lion vile with bloody mouth did ftain.
Anon comes Pyramus, fweet youth and tall,

And finds his trufty Thifoy's mantle slain ;
Whereat, with blade, with bloody blameful blade

He bravely broach'd his boiling bloody breaft.
And Thisby, tarrying in the mulberry fhade,

His dagger drewz and died. '. For all the reft,
Let Elon, tonyhine, Wall, and lovers twain,
At large discourse, while here they do remain.

Exeunt all but Wall.
Thef. I wonder, if the Lion be to speak.

Dem. No wonder, my Lord; one Lion may;? when. many asses do uso

1, 110. ! JI', 10.7 dt. Det 69 99 this picture in alternate thyme exceptimi mut concřude, either a. (36), which Lion bigbt by name. I As all the other

parts of verfa is fpt out, which cannot now be recev do oi, by, a transpoGtion of the words; as I have placed thën,

thêm, the Poet intended a trict,



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