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Speed. But tell


Warty thuswhen it hands well with him, Laun. it stands well with her.

Speed. What an als art thou? I understand thee not.

Laun. What a block art thou, that thou canit not? My staff understands me..

019211'LI CHCÚ beson

15211.W sri boA Speed. What thou sayf ?

Laun. Ay, and what I do too? look thee, Pll but lean, and

taff understands me.

i 15.3V "Tivt er
Speed. It stands under thee, indeed. 1939

"91007 Laun. Why, ftand-under, and understand, is 'all one.

tell me true, will't be a match ? Laun. Al my dog; if he say, ay, it will; if he say, it will ; if he shake his tail, and say nothing, it will. Speed. The conclusion is then, that it will. 11

Laun. Thou shalt never get fuch a fecret from me, but by a parable.

10'1 Speed. 'Tis well, that I get it fo; but, Launce, How say'ft thou, that my master is become a notable lover?

Laun. I never knew him otherwise. V SUEDA
Speed. Than how swim swisie
Laun. A notable lubber, as thou' reporteft him to be
Speed. Why, thou whoreson afs, thou miltakon me.
Laun. Why, fool, I meant not thee; I meant thy master.
Speed. I tell thee, my master is become a hoć lover,

Laur. Why, I tell thee, I care not 'tho'he burn himself in love : If thou wilt go with me to the alehouse, fo ; if not, thou art an Hebrew, a Jew, and not

POR CAT worth the name of a Christian.

it's cd 12000 a. Vi Speed. Why?

Laun. Because thou haft not so much charity in thee, as to go to the ale-house with a Chriftian: wilt thou go? Speedo At shy service, liest ab.1970; int viver

lo roviz

Enter Protheus-Solusot your: V 108
Pro. To leave my Julia, Shall I be forsworn of ve

A his! Vol
To love fair, Silvia, ihall I be forfworn !
To wrong my friend, 'I fhall be much forlworn!! A
FAndjevnēthat pow's, which gave me first my oath,
Provokes me to this threefold perjury.
Love bade me fwear, and love bids me forfwear :


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to excufe ." sinone The Two Gentlemen of VEROTA.79 sweet-fuggesting love! if thou haft finn'd Teach me, thy tempted subjeä, it.)

Tebus :
At firk I did adore a twinkling kar,
But now I worship a celestial lanser?!
Unheedful vows may heedfully be broken ?
And he wants wit that wants resolved

iu tvM
To learn his wit d'exchange the bad for better?
Fy, fy, unreverend tongue! to call her bad,
Whole fov'reignty so oft thou haft preferriques et so!
With twenty thousand soul-confirming oaths. b?
I cannot leave to love, and yet I do?

A Nuos But there I leave to love, where I should love! Fulig I lose, and Valentine I lose: Stand If I keep them, I needs must lose myself: 11 :iwi ILI lose them, this find I by their lofs, 1916 For Valentine, myself; for Julia, Silvia : I to myself dearer chan a friend;

.816 svi sud

' And Silvia, (witness heav'n, that made her fait!) Shews Julia but a swarthy Ethiope.

Must as I 1997 I will forget that Julia is alive,

A onaj Remembring that my love to her is dead. A i And Valentine I'll hold an enemy,

UPER bata
Aiming at Silvia as a sweeter friend.out, W.

I cannot now prove constant to myfelf,
Without some treachery,us'& to Valentine'! 2
This night, he meaneth with a corded ladder '

To climb celestial Silvia's chamber-window; 5110?
Myself in counsel his competitor, Donien Sri vi? 10 ur
Now presently l'll give her father noticed W. 19347
of their disguising, and pretended fight; 1.nai
Who, jall enrag'd, will banish Valentine. Jos oy 2.0
For Thurio, he intends, fhall wed his daughter."
But, Valentine being gone!?quickly cross,
By fome dy trick, blunt Thurie's dall proceeding.
Love, lend me wings to make my purpose fwift,
As thou haft lens me wit to plor this drift! 9 Ext.

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Younsel, Lucetta; gentle girl, an conjure shee, With willing sport, 180 The Two Gentlemen of VERONANT SCENE changes to Julia's House 'ia Verona."

i Enter Julia and Lucettai ruoli 1687

affift me; i siingo) And, Who ardcheptable wherein all my Are visibly character'd and engrávid,

1113201 olur : To lesson me; cand tell- wie fome good mean,

Vinsvit daw How with my honour I may undertake. 1931.7ał sd oT A journey to my loving Protbeus.

ordismis 1916918 10 Luto Alas ! the way is wearifome and long. will

JalA true-devoted pilgrim is notweary To measure kingdoms with his feeble steps ;o) in W Much less shall ihe, that hath love's wings to fly; Ya W And when the fight is made to one so dear, Of such divine perfection as Şir Protheus. nebsM Lue. Berter forbear, till Protheus make returns

Juk Oh;kdown thou not, his looks are my faul's food
Pity the dearth, that I have pified in, toy el
By longing for that food so long a time. 1994] Husto
Didit thou but know the inly touch of love, 44001 tbs W
Thowwould'A as foon go kindle fire with fñow, 19 jud
As seek to quench the fire of love with words: baw 103

Luc. I do not seek to quench your love's hot fire,
Bot qualify the he's extreme rage,
Left it should burn above the bounds of reáfon.

Jul. The more thou damm't it up, the more it burns:
The current; that with gentle murmur glides,
'Thou knowoft, being Hopp'd, impatiently doth Page:
But when his fair coarse is not hindered,
He makes fweer mufick with thenameľa ftones;
Giving a gentle kiss-to

every ledge

so bastroni A And fo by many winding nooks he ftrays, IAM He overtaketh in his pilgrimage 25 23305fini bnA

90 196710 VI Then let me go, and hinder not tny courfet I'll be as patient as a gentle tream : 2161119 11 swi And make a paftime of each weary Aep, is ebovcil Till the lat tepshave brought me to my love, zihi And there Ph reftio as) (after much turmoil, ai!! A blessed foul doch in Elyfum.



soi The-Two Gentlemen of VENON AD 11894 Luc. But in what habit will you go along 12

The loose encounters of lascivious meni
Gentle Lucetta fit me with such weeds 9.000
As may beseem, some well-reputed page, babe

Luc. Why then your Ladythip must cut your hair.'' Jul. No, girl, I'H knis it up in filken trings,liv 9. A With twenty, add-conceited true-love-knots ar noteioT To be fantastic, may become a youth id pa drive woH Of greater time than I shall thew to bez

Pozart) ST.JS' A Luc. What fashion, Madam, shall I make your breeches?:

Jul. That fits as well, asmet tell me, good my Lord, « What compass will you wear your farthingale din Why, even what falhion thou beft like 'f, Lucetta. Ibuv Luci You must needs have them with a cod-piece,

Madam. vedo 4 12, a ausbolieg en vibrido! 10 Jul. Qut, put, Lucetta ! that will be ill-favour'd. I

Lup A round hose, Madam, now's not wdrth a pin, Unless you have a cod-piece to stick pins one od 14

Jul. 'Lucetta, as thou lov'ft me, let me haye zaolva What thou think’t meet, and is mof mannerly. Abi But tell me, wepch, how will she world repute mao:T For undertaking fo unsaid a journey anup od 1991 2 A I fear me, it will make me fcandaliz’deca ob 5.....

Luc. If you think so, then Itay at home, and go not Jul. Nay, that I will not. vosis and bloodliti it! Luc. Then never dream on infamy, but gol ! If Prothers like your journey, when you come, (T No matter who's displeas'd, when you are gone;oAT I fear me, he will scarce be pleas'd withali od 10

Jul. That is the leaft, Lucetta, of my fearsti! A thoufand oaths,

of his teamsingg gaivid And instances as infinite of love, ud ai 1935:1900 B Warrant me welcome to my


Visit ud o brå Luc, All these are servants to deceitful menu diit,

Jul. Base men, that use them to fo base effed T But truer stars did govern, Protheus' birth;

1364 a6 9d IT His words are bonds his oaths are oracles ombud His love, Ginçetes his thought immaculada !IT", His tears, pare messengers fent from his heart sx bar

13. a dos luz L:Hia

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I know, you have determine the plot. 182 The Two Gentlemen of VIRONA. His heart as far from fraud, as heav'n from earth IT

Luc. Pray heay’n he prove fo, when you come to him!

Jul. Now, as thou lon'a me, do him not that wrong,
To bear a hard opinion of his truth Piscina
Only deserve my love, by loving him; upst o stanys
And presently go with me to my chamber svol zidT
To take a note, of what I stand in need of vlasti
To furnish me upon my longing joumeyi ursio brita
All that is mine I leave at thy difpofe, br. 12
My goods, my lands, my reputation 31 2018
Only, in lieu thereof, dispatch me hence ruoho
Come, answer not; but Ag is presently impro
I am impatient of my tariance, -9. 91899 and


bis ACT III. d; yaimond

Elbasovgin I
SCENE, the Duke's Palace, in Milano

Voit tro độ 3, 4)Ji: FG 5. 5. Enter Duke, Thurio, and Protheus.

1396 ili K.-17:+)70 od wc IR Thurio, give us Teave, I pray, a while; 51

We have some secrets to cunfer about. (Ex Thul.
Now tell me, Prosbeus, what's your will with me?

Pro. My gracious Lord, that which I would discover,
The law of friendship bids me to conceal;
But when I call to mind your gracious favours st!!
Donę to me, undeserving as I am,

w"? 10 9o 2011 My duty pricks me on

me on to utter that, 4 : 10 D. did
Which, elfe, no worldly good Thould draw from me.
Know, worthy Prince, Sir Valentine my friend it
This night intends to steal away your daughter : 11

to bestow her
On Tburió, whom your gentle daughter hates :
And should the thus be toll'n away from you,
It would be much vexation, to your age.
Thus, for my duty's sake, I rather chose

! I ball To cross my friend in his intended drift ;

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Than, .

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