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Enter Robin.?! 11 337

Fel. Reason, you jogue, reafon : think'it thou, I'II endanger my soul gratis? At a word, hang no more about me,

nam no gibbet for you.: (16) go, a short knive, arrd a throng, to your manor of Pickt kaiki go, youlllshot bear a letter for me, you rogue! you. ftand upon your honoor! why, thou unconfinable baseness, it is as muca as I can do ta keep the term of my bancur precjíęs: , 1, I mysel fometimes, leaving the fear of heaven on the left hand, and 'hiding, mine honour in my neceffity, am fain to shume, to brdgę and to lurch, and yet you rogue will ensconce your rags, your car a mountain looks, your red-leitice phrales, and your bold-bearing oaibs, under the hel. ter of your honour ! you will not do it, you li quis

PijtI do relent si ivbat would thou more of many shto! oisin


3979, 190 bae Rob. Sir, here's a woman would speak with you, yang Fal. Let her approach. lui

G81 1982 Enter Mif?refs Quickly,

I LTE 2 491 Quic. Give your worship good morrow. w sui HS181 Fal: Good morrow, good wife.

POV 116116W 1 Quic. Not lo, An't please your worship. sá 1 Fal. Good maid, then,

5 liud Quic. I'll be sworn, as my mother was, the first hour I was born. Fali I do believe the swearer : what with rge?

Quic. Shall I vouchsafe your worship a word or two Fal Two thousand, fair woman, and I'll youchale them the heariogo jim

Quic. There is one mitress Ford, Sir: I pray, come a little nearer this ways : Į myself dwell with Mra Doctor Caius.

on noidw Fial. Well, ont miftress Ford, you, say,

!! 01 VOY (16) Go, a jhort knife, and a thong,] All the old copies have ie, ibrong : as I believe, tie duihur design'd; i. 6. a hertknive and a croud, tihe two Tequitites dor a pickpocket, Fickt-bateb, as we marini bayi raany places in, ben Nebr 04, was a coţed harbour for ibienes que, fino a PSA incs mit ! !," srdca

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all one with , ; ,

Quic.' Your worship fays very trueDoprağ your : worthip,' come a little nearer this ways. in 1991n3.19

Fal. I Warrant thee, no body hears's mine own people, mine own people.

1:11:6 Quic. 'Are they for heav'n blefs them, and make them his fervants.

010 bash Fal. Well! mistress Ford, 'what of her 1918d Quic. Why, Sir, the's a good creature. Lord, Lord, your worship's a wanton; well, heav'n forgive yous. and all of us, I pray-

Fal. Mistress Fora, comë, mistress Ford 1 dia Quic. Marry, this is the hort and the long of it ; you have brought her into such a canaries, as is won=1 derful : the best courrier of them all, when the couro: lay at Windsor, could never have brought her to fuch a canary. Yet there has been Knights, and Lords, - and Gentlemen, with their coaches ; I warrant you,

coach after coach; letter after letter, gift after gift, smelling so sweetly; all musk; and fo russling, i warrant you, in filk and gold, and in such alligant terms, and in such wine and sugar of the best, and the fairest, that would have won any woman's heart; and, I warrant you, they could never get an eye-wink of her. I had myself twenty angels given me this morning: but I defy all angels, in any fach fort as they fay, but in the way of honesty ; and I warrant you, they could never get her fo much as fip on a cup with: the proadeft of them all: and yet there has been Earts, nay, which is more, Pensioners; but, I warrant you,


the ? ,

Fal. But what lays be to me be brief; my goodi She Mercury

Quic. Marry, the hath receive your letter, for the which she thanks you a thousand times; and he gives. you to notify, that per husband will be abfencé fron his house between ten and eleven... -Fal. Ten and eleven. His

Quic. Ay, forsooth; and then you may come and Tec:: the picture,

ure, flie fays, that you wot of: 'master Förleri ker husband, will be from home. Alas ? the fweet:

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woman leads an ill life with him, he's a very jealousyman; the leads a very frampold life with bim, good heart.

Fal. Ten and eleven : woman, commend me to bery I will not fail her.

T 1 Quic. Why, you say well: But I have another mer senger to your worship; mitres Page has her hearty commendat ons to you 100; and let me teil you in your ear,' she's as farcuous a civil modest wise, and one (I'tell you, that will not miss you morning nor events ing prayer, as any is in Wind/or, whoe'er be the other; and the bade me tell your worthip, that her husband is feldom from home, but; the hopes, there wil come a time. I never knew a woman to doar upon a man, furely, I think you have charms, la ; yes, in truth.

Fal. Noc l, I assure thee; setting the aitraction of iny good paris afide, I have no other charms.

Quic. B!efling on your heart for't.

Fal. Bat I pray thee, tell me this ; has Ford's wife, and Page's wife, acquainted cach other how they love me?

Puic., That were à jest, indeed; they have not so bě grace, I hope ; that were a trick, indeed ! but niveis page would desire you to fend her your little rage, of all loves : her husband las a marvelous inieciioit to the little page; and, truly, master Pege is an honeft man. Never a wife in Wendfor leads a better life, than he does; do what the will, fay what the will, take all, pay all. go to bed when the lift, rise when the lift, all is as she will'; and, fruly, the deferves it ; for if there be a kind woman in Windfor, truly, the is orie, You must fend her your page; no remedy.

Fal. Why, I will. Quic. Nay, but do so then; and, look you, he may come and go

both, and in any cafe have a nay.word, that you may know one another's mind: and the boy never need to understand any thing for 'tis not good, that children should know any wickedniers : old folks, you know, have discretion, as they

19. II! lay, and know the world.

Paid: nga Fal.

between you

Good Sir John. I

Fal. Fare thee well; commend me to them both; there's my purse, I am yet thy debtor. Boy, go along with this woman.

This news distracts me.

1.535, [Exe. Quick, and Robin.
Pift. This punk is one of Cupid's carriers : :
Clap on more fails; pursue; up with your fights;
Give 'fire ! Me is my prize, or ocean whelm them all!

[Exit Pistol, 2: Fal. Say'st thou fo, old Jack? go thy ways; I'll make more of thy old body, than I have done; will they yet look after thee? Wilt chou, after the expence of lo much money, be now a gainer? good, body, I than 3-thet ; let them say, 'tis grossiy done ; lo be it fairly cone, no matter.

Enter Bardolph.
Bard. Sir John, there's one mafter Brook below
would fain speak with you, and be acquainted with
you, and hash fent your worship a morning's draughe
of fack,

Fa'. Brook, is his name?
Ci Bird, Ay, Siri

Fol Call him in; {Exit Bardolph.] such Brooks are welcome to me, that o'erflow with such liquor. Ah! ah!' mistress Ford and mistress Page, have I encuim país'd you go 10, via!

Re-enter Bardolph, with Ford disguis’d.
Ford. Bless you, Sis.

Fal. And you, Sir; would you speak with me?
of Ford. I nake bold to press with fo litrle preparation
upon you, 100

Fal. You're welcome ; what's your will give us leave, drawer.

[Exit Bardolph. Ford. Sir, I am a gentleman that have spent much ; my name is Brook. Falo Good matter Break, I desire more acquaintance

. you; for I must let you understand, I think myself in baster plight for a lerider than you are, the which heith


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enher in my mind, or in my means;' meed, Iam fore,

, ;nan a . 250 The Merry Wives of WINDSOR. something embolden'd me to this anfeason'd intrusor; for they jay, it money. go before, all ways do lie open,

Fal. Money is a good foldier, Sir, and will on..

Forde Troub, and I have a bag of money, here,, troubles me: if you will help me to bear it, Sir John, take all, or balf, for eafing me of the carriage

'Fal Sir, I know not how I may de erve to be your porter. mv

Ford. I will tell you, Sir, if you will give me the hearing.!!! Fall Speak, good mafter Brook, I shall be glad to be

feryant.is, **Ford. Sir, hear, you are a fcholar ; ( will be brief with you;), and you have been a man long known toi menthold had never so good means, as defire, to make myself acquainted with you I mall discover a thing to you, wherein 1, mutt very much lay open mine own imperfections; bat good Sir: Jobny as you have one eye upon my follies, as you hear thein unfoldede turn another into the register of your oivn, that I may pafsi with a reproof the camer; fich yqu yoprself know, hovoeafy ic is to be such an offender.semitizi Ego?

Fal. Very welllo S n proceoilo? To so! Singvis

Ford. There is a gentlewoman in this town, cher halband's name is Fordla.

Fal. Well, Sirial -Ford. I have long lov'd her ; and, I proteft to you, heltuiwd much on her, follow'd her with a doating obfervance; Ingroisd opportunities to meet there fed every slighe occasion, that could but niggardly give me fight of her's not only bought many prefents to give hitr, bar have given largely to many, to know what the would have given : briefy, I have pursued ter, as love hath purfu'd me, which hath been on the wing of all-occafions. But whatsoever I have meriiod, I have received none; unlefs experience be a jewela that P parclás'd infinite rate, "and that hach taught me to say this; s. Love like a shadow fies, when substance love pursues * Parfuing that that flies, and fying what pursue:,"


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