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Fal. Have you receiv'd no promise of satisfaction at? her hands

shuv nogi tini yorit 10% Ford. Never. kopterisib'o isiva i el Viola i À Fal. Have you importun'd her to fuchsia

purpofe : Ford. Never., og jeg god Tiwd !!! ti

. 9 It 2014 Fal. Of what quality was your love then do, ili da

Bordad Like a fair house, built on another man's; ground ; so that I have lost my edifice, by miftaking the place where I erected it.«

Fal. To what purpose have you unfolded this to med

Ford When I have told you that, I have told you
all. Some say, that tho? the appear honeftto me, yet:
in other places the enlargeth her mirth fa far, that there
is shrewd construction made of her. Now, Sir Johnga
here is the heart of my purpose : You are a gentleman.
of excellent breeding, admirable discourse, of great
admittance, authentick in your place and person,
generally allow'd for your many war-like, court-like,
and learned preparations..
"YsFal. O Sir!

Ferd. Believe it, for you know it, there is money spend it, spend it; spend more, spend all I have, only give me so much of your time in exchange of it, as to Jaylaniamiable fiege to the honesty of this Ford's wife ; ale your art of wooing, win her to consent to you, if any man may, you may as soon as anys

Fal. Would it apply well co the vehemence of youraffection, that I should win what you would enjoy methinks, you prescribe to yourself very prepofterouly,

Bord. O, understand my drift; fhe dwells fo securely on the excellency of her honour, that the folly of my foul danes not present itself; she is too bright to be look'd against. Now, could I come to her with any detection in my hand, my desires had instance and argument to commend themselves ; :I could drive her then from the ward of her purity, her reputation, her: marriage-vow, and a thousand other her defences, which now, are too too strongly embar teld against me.. What say you to',. Sir Tobrukud ja pof1463 . "... 990199119

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,als ر ا ر د ع ( ۱۲۶'

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Fal. Mafter Brook, I will forft make bold with your money' ; next give me your hand; and last, as Iam a gentleman, you thall, if you will, enjoy Ford's wife. ,

Ford, O good Sir ! 1

Fal. Master Brook, I say, ,you thall.
Ford. Want no money, Sir John, you shall want none.
Fal. Want. no mistress Ford, mafter Brook, you

shall want none; I fhall be with herged may tell you, by her own appointment. · Even as you came in to me, hes aflftant, or go-between, parted from me; I say, I hall be with her between ten and eleven ; for as that time the jealous rascally knave, her husband, will be forth; come you to me at night, you shall know how I speed.

Furd. I am bleit in your acquaintance , do you koow Ford, Sir?

1:. :) Fal. Hang bim, poor cackoldly knave, I know him not: yet I wrong him, to call him poor ; they fay, the jealous witrolly kņave hath masses of nioney, fer the which his wile seems to me well-favour'da, I will afe her as the key of the cuckoldly-rogue's coffer ; and there's my harvest-home,

Ford. I'would you knew Ford, Sir, that you might avoid him, if you faw him.

Fal. Hang him, mechanical-falt-butter rogue ; I will stare him out of his wits ; I will, ave him with my cudgel; it fhall hang like a meteoro'er the cuckold's horns. Master Brook. thou fhalt know, I will predoininatc over the peasant; and thou shalt lie with his wife: Come to me foon at night; Ford's a knave, and I will aggravate his stile: thou, mafler Brdok, fhalt know him for knave and cuckold : come to me foon at night.

nii [Exit. Ford. What a damn’d Epicurean rascal is this! Inny heart is ready to crack with impatience. Who says, this is improvident jealousy? my wife hath sent to him, the hour is fixt, the match is made; would any man have thought this ! fee the hell of having a falle woman! my bed shall be abus’d, my coffers ransack'd, my reputation gnawn at, and I shall not only receive

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this villainous wrong, but stand under the adoption of Labominable terms, and by him that does me'the wrong. Terms, names; Amalmon founds well, Lucifer, well; Barbason, well; yet they are devils additions, the names of fiends : but cuckold, witrol, cuckold! the devil. him felf hath not fuch a naine. Page is an ass, a secure ass, he will truft his wife;' he will not be jealous : I will rather trust a Fleming withi' my butter, parlon Hugh the Welchman with my cheese, an Irish-man with my aquavita bottle, or a thief to walk my ambling geld . ing, 'than my wife with herself: then she plots, "then Me ruminates, then the devises and what they think in their hearts they may effect, they will break their hearts but they will effect. Heav'n be prais'd for

Iry jealousy! Eleven o'clock the hour; I will prevent this, dete&r my wife, be reveng'd on Fallaf; and laugh at Page: I will about it: 'betier three hours too foon, than a minute too late. Fy, fy, fy ; cuckold, cuckold, cuckold!

[Ex.t. SCENE changes to Windfor-Park. 25

figi (???), JEL

Enter Caius and Rugby,
Cajus. TACK Rugby!:521
ant ! Rug. Sir.

Caius. Vat is de clock, Jack?

Rug. 'T'is past the bour, Sir, that Sir Hugh promised $ Caius. By gar, he bas save his foul, dat he is no come ; he has pray his pible well, dat he is no come: by gar, Jack Rugby, he is dead already, if he be come

Rug. He is wife, Sir; he knew, your worship would kill him, if he came.

Caius. By gar, de herring is not so dead as'me vil make him. Take your rapier, Fack; I vill tell you how I vill kill him.

Rug. Alas, Sir, I cannot fence.
.. Caius. Villainy, take your rapien.
· Rug. Forbcar; here's companya



to meet.

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Ot true, master Page}.1; bir 900

Enter Hoft, Shallow, Slender and Page. Hoft. 'Bless thee, bully-doctor. Shal. 'Save you, Mr. Doctor Caius. "Y Page Now, mood Mr. Doctor. Slen. Give you good morrow, Sir. Caius. Vat be all you, one, two, tree, four, come for

Hoft. To see thee fight, to see thee foigne, to see thee traverse, to see thee here, to fee thee there, to fee thee pafs thy puncto, thy stock, thyrreverse, thy distance, thy montant. Is he dead, my Erbiopean? Is he dead, my Francisco? ha, bully what says my Æfculapius? my Galen? my heart of elden ?ha? is he dead bally-ftal ? is he dead?

Caius: By gar, he is de coward Jack-priest of de vorld; he is not show his face.

Hol. Thou art a Gastalinn-king-Urinal: 1 Hefter of Greece, my boy.

Caius. I pray you bear witness, that me have stay fix. or seven, two tree hours for him, and he is no comez:

Shal. He is the wiser man,, Mr. Doctor he is a cu'er of souls, and you à curer of bodies: if you should big ho, you go against the hair of your professions : Is ic

Page. Mafter Sballow, you have your fell been a greaca fighter, cho' now a man of peace

Sbal. Body-kins, Mr. Rage, tho' I now bet old, and of peace, if l-lee a sword out, my finger itches to make. one; tho? we are justices, and doctors and church. men, Mr. Page, we haye some falt of our youth in usa we are the fons of women, Mr. Page: 153 v asin Page.. 'Tis crue, Mabiballoze,

KI BI PE ibu. Sbal. It will be found fo, Mr. Pages Me. Doctor Caius, l.am come to fetch you, home; I am sworn of the peace you have thew'd yourself a wife physician, and Sir Hugh hath fhewn himself a wife and patient church-man: you must go with me, Mr. Doctor.

Hol. Pardon, guest-justice, a word, monsieur mockWaterwald Toisivad klo as est ouvezzi) con box dijous videan

Bigt opgeweierist Caiuse,

can be try a game, as


Cnius. Mock-water? vat is dat?

Hoft. Mock-water, in our English tongue, is valour, hully.

Caius. By gar, then I have as much mock-vater as de Englishman, scurvy-jack-dog-prieft; by gar, me vilt eut his ears.

Hoft. He will clapper-claw thee tightly, bully."
Caius. Olapper-de-claw: wat is dat?
Hoft. That is, the witl make thee amends.

Caius. By gar, me do look, he shall clapper-de-claw me;

for by gar, me vill have it. Hoft. And I will provoke him to't, or let him wag. Caiys. Me tank you for dato

Hoft. And moreover, bully: but first, Mr. Guest, and Mr. Page, and eek Cavaliero Slender, go you through the town to Frogmare.

961- ! U Page. Sir Hugh is there, is he? E 1:5*

Hojt. He is there; see, what humour he is in ; and 1 will bring the Doctor about the fields : will it do well.

Sbal. We will do it.
dll. Adicu, good Mro Dostor.co bars

200fsiori iwer 0 [Exe Page, Shal, and Sleni Cuius. By gar, me vill kill de prieft; for he speak

Ann . Host. Let him die; but, first, fheath, thy impatience; tmw.cold water on 'chy choler ; go about the fields with one through Frogmore, I will bring thee where Miftiefs Ann Page is, aba farm-house a feafting and thou fhalt soorher..(17) Try'd game, said I'well ? 1900

Caius. By gar, me tank you'vor dato by gar, I love you; and I shall procure'a yolu de good guest; de Earl, de Knighe, He Lorde, de Gentlemen, my paciends. 3

(11; (17) And about halt woober. Cride-Game ] Thus the old folio's. The quanto's with, a little difference. And thou shule wear ber cry'da game. Said I well? Neither of the readings, furnish any idea ; por ਨੇ ਤੋਂ

might he realonably apply'd to Caius, who was an old bachelor, and had daber Prickly for his bousekeeper


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