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Work ihall,
Tharth whereot's lo larded with my matrer, ja

deliverd me, the knave conftable had set me ich'Atocks,
ii th?common ftocks for a witch.
Quic. Sir, let me speak with you in your chamber ;

hear how ihings go, and, I warrantisto your content. Here is a letter will fay somewhat. Good hearts, what ado is here to bring you together disure, foue of you does not ferve heavin well, that you are lo

301 31200,? quit jou pri babefore Fal. Come up into my chamber hiv [Exeunt. 27006153'>"Enter Fentoni and Hoft.

is tiligo 5161.10 Hof. Master Fenton, talk not to me, my mind is heavy, I will give over all.

Fent. Yet hear me speak; affiit me in my purpose, And, as I am a gentleman, I'll give theez265463897 A hundied poun: in gold more than you filoss.

Hof. I will hear you, master Fenton; and I will, at the least, keep your counsel.

counsel.issurizol base101: Fent. From time to time I have acquainted yodele." ja With the dear love I bear to fair

, Anu Page ; stol' Who, museally, hath answer'd my affection 3in12 (So far forth as herself might be her chulerd. De

wish. I have a letter from ben i 191694 of such contents, as you will wonder atsioo's score The

singly can be manifeited,
Without the few of borb, Fat Sir John Falstaff !
Thich a great scene, the image of the jeft
I'I hevy you here at large, Hark, good mine Hot 3

Tonight at Herne's oak, just 'twixt twelve and one,
Muit my sweet Nan prefeat the fairy Queen ;
The purpose why, is here ; in which disguise
While other jests are something rank on foo:; va
Her father hath commanded her to flip

il med
way with Slender, and with him at Eaton
mniediately to marry; the hath consented. Now, Sir,
Her mother, ever Atrong against that match,
And firm for. Doctor Caius, hath appointed":
That he shall likewise shuffle her away,
While other sports are talking of their minds;

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Ev'n to my whole

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And at the Deanry, where a prieft attends,
Straight marry her; to this her mother's plot,
She, seemingly obedient, likewise hath
Made promise to the Doctor.--Now, thus' it refls;
Her father means the shall be all in white,
And in that dress when Slerder fees his time
To take her by the hand, and bid her go,
She hall go with him. Her mother hath intended,
The better to devote her to the Doctor,
(For they must all be mak'd and vizarded)
That, quaint in green, the fall be loofe enrob’d,
With ribbands pendent, flaring 'bout her head ;
And when the Doctor (pies his vantage ripe,
Toʻpinch her by the hand, and on that token,
The maid hath given consent to go with him.

Holt. Which means the to deceiver father or mother!

Fent. Both, my good Hoft, to go along with me; And here it refts, that you'll procure the Vicar To stay for me at church, 'wixt twelve and one, And in the lawful name of marrying, To give our hearts united ceremony.

Hoft. Well, husband your device; l'll to the Vicar. Bring you the maid, you shall not lack a prieit.

Fint. So fhall I evermore be bound to thee; Belide, I'll make a prelent recompence. , [Exeunt, .

Re-enter Falftaff and Mistress Quickly. Fal. Pr’sthee, no more pratling; go, I'll hold. This is the third time; I hope, good luck lies in odd num.

bers; away, go; they say, there is divinity in odd · numbers, either in nativity, chance or death.;-away. vsi Quic. I'll provide you a chain, and I'll do what I can to get you a pair of horns. [Exit Mrs. Quickly.

Fal. Away, I say, time wears : hold up your head and mince.

Enter Ford. How now, master Brook? master Brook, the matter will . be known to-night,, or never. Bé you in the park

about mid-night, at Herne'spak, and you thall see wonders,

tra I


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The Merry Wives of WINDSOR. 293 Ford. Went you not to her yesterday, Sir, as you told me you had appointed?

Fal. I went to her, master Brook, as you see, like a poor old man; but I came from here inalter Braak, like a poor old woman. That same knave, Ford her

husband, hath the finest mad devil of jealousy in him, e master Prook, that ever governd frenzy. I will tell you; he beat me grievously, in the hape, of a

a woman; for in the thape of a man, master Brook, I fear nos Goliah with a weaver's beam ; because I know also, life is a shuttle; I am in halte, go along with me, I'll tell you all, master Brook. Since I pluckt geefe, play'd truant and whipt top, I knew not what itwas

be things of this knave Ford, on whom to-night I will be reveng'd, and I will deliver his wife into your hand. Follow ; ftrange things in hand, mafter Brook! follow.



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A CTV. JO 2018
SCENE, Windfor-Park.

Enter Page, Shallow, and Slender."

YOME, come: we'll couch i'th' castle-diech, 'tilt

we see the light of oar faires. Remember; fon

Slender, my daughter. "! Slen. Ay, forfooth, I have spoke with her, and we, have a nay-word how to know one another. I come to her in white, and cry, mum; the cries, budget; and by that we know one another. hushalThat's good too; but what needs either your mum, or her budget; the white will decipher her well enough. It hath ftruck ten o'clock.


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Paze. The night is dark, light and spirits will become it well; heav'n profper our sport ! No man means evil but the devil, and we shall know him by his horns. Let's away; follow me.

[Exeunt. Enter Mistress Page, Mistress Ford and Caias. Mis. Pege. Mr. Doctor, my daughter is in green ; when you jee your time, take her by the hand, away with her to the Deanry, and dispatch it quickly; go. before into the Park: we two muit go together.

Caius, I know vat I have to do; adieu. Exit.

Mrs. Page. Fare you well, Sir. My husband will not rejoice so much at the abuse of Falstaff, as he will chafe at the Doctor's marrying my daughter; but 'tis no matter ; better a little chiding, than a great deal of heart-break.

Mrs. Ford. Where is Nan now, and her troop of fairies, (27) and the Welch devil Evans?

Mrs. Page. They are all couch'd in a pit hard by Ilir nt's oak, with obfcur'd lights; which, at the very indtant of Felpaf's and our meeting, they will at once display to the night.

Mrs. Ford. That cannot chufe but amaze him.

Mrs. Pare. If he be not a maz'd, he will be mock'd ; if be be amaz’d, he will every way be mock'd.

Mrs. Ford. We'll betray him finely.

Mrs. Page. Against such lewdfers, and their lechery Those, that betray them, do no treachery.

Mrs. Ford. The hour draws on; to the oak, to the oak.

(Exeunt, Enter Evans and Fairies. Eva. Trib, trib, fairies; come, and remember your parts : be pold, I pray you; follow me into the piti

(27) And the Welcb, devil Herne?) Thus all the impressions have blunder'd after each other, but Falstaff was to represent Herne, and, he was no Welchman. Where was the attention, or sagacity, of our Editors, not to observe that Mrs. Ford is inquiring for Evans by the name of the Welcb devil? The mistake, of the word Herne gecling is to the text, might easily happen by the inauvertence of Transcribers, who ihrew their eyes too hastily on the succeeding line, where the word again occurso Ds. Thirlby likewise discover'd the blunder of this pallage.


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