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and when I give the watch-'ords, do as 1 pid you:: coine, come ; trib, crib.

(Exeunto. Enter Falstaff, with a Buck's bead on. Fal. The Windjor hell hath ftruck twelve, the minute draws on ;

now che h t-blooded Gods affiit me! Remember, Jove, thou wast a bull for thy Europa ; love set on thy horns. Oh powerful love! that, in some refpects, makes a beast a man; in some other, a man a beast: You were also, Jupiter, a swan, for the love of Leda: oh. omnipotent love! how near the God drew to the complexion of a goose ? A fault done first in the form of a beait, -O jove, a beastly fault; and then another fault in the femblance of a fowl :think on't, Jove, a foul fault. When Gods have hot backs, what shall poor men do? for me, I am here a Windfor Atag, and the fatteft, I think, i' th' forest. Send me a cool rut-time, yove, or who can blame me to piss my tallow? who comes here? my doci

Enter Miftrefs Ford and Mistress Page. Mrs. Ford. Sir John? art thou there, my deer? my male-deer?

Fal. My doe with the black fcut? let the sky rain potatoes ;, let it thunder to the tune of Green-Sleeves; hail kisling.comhtö, and snow erin goes ; let there come a rempeft of provocation, I will sheiter me here.

Mrs. Ford. Miitreis Puce is come with me, sweet heart.

Fał. (28) Divide me like a bribe-buck, each a kaunch ; I will keep my sides to myself, my shoulders for the fellow of this walk, and my horns I bequeath your husbands. Am I a woodman, ha? Speak I like Herne the hunter? why, now is. Cüpid a child of conscience, he makes reftitution. As I'am a true spirit, welcome!

[Noise withina (28) Divide me like a brib'd-buck,] Thus all the old copies, mistakingly : It must be, bribe-buck; i: e..a buck sent for a bribe. . I made the correction in my SHAKESPEARE Restor'd; and Mr. Pope has reform'd the passage by it, in his last edition.. 0


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Mrs. Page. A'as! what noise ?
Mrä Ferd. Heav'n forgive our fins !
Fl. Vhar should this be?
Mrs. Ferd. Mrs. Page Away, away.

[The ruomen run eat. Fil. I think, the devil will not have me damo d, left the oil that is in me ihould fet hell, on fre; he never would elle cross me ilus. Enter Sir Hugh like a Sotur; Quickly, and others, drift

like Fairies, evith Tapers.
Cute. Fairies, black, grey, green, and white,
You noon-thine levellers, and shades of night,
You our hen-heirs of fixed destiny (29), Nig
Artend your obice, and your quality.
Crier hobgoblin, make the fiyo yes.

Eva, Ilves, lift your names: blence, you airy toys.
Cicki, to Hind or chimneys malt thou leap :
Where fires thou find'ft unrak’d, and hearths unlu ept,
There pinch the maids as blew as bilberry,
Our radiant Quien bates flats and flyttery:

Fel. They're runes; he that speaks to them, shall die. I’It wink and couch ; no man their works muf eye.

[Lies diuen upon his face.. Eva Where's Pede? go you, and where you find a maid, That, ere the sleep, harb thrice her Prayers

faid, Railc


organs of her fantasy i
Sleep he as found as careless infancy,
But those, that sleep, and think not on their fins,
Pinch them, arnis, legs, backs, shoulders, sides and lhinsa

(29) you orphan-beirs of] Why; opkun-båirs.. Definy to which thty i widtheir original, and to whom they were licijs, wagi setin being fuse : ibcietore they could not be callid orphans. Doubtless, the Poet wrote;

You ouphen-beirs of fixed depliny. i. e. You elves, that fucceed to, and minifter in, some of the works of desiny. They are call'd both bofore and atter, in this play, : oufhs; here, cuphin; for en is either the Saron termination of paral Skules; (the word itself being from the Sexott Alfenne, larice, do moneet the termination of an adjective, form'd froni a noun ;* as wioder; woollent; &lder, brazem, &c.

That it may stand 'till the

Quic. About, about 1.1

11 Search Windsor castle, elves, within and out. Strew good luck, ouphes, on every facred room, In state' as wholesome, as in state 'tis tit; Worthy the owner,

as the owner it (30)
The several chairs of order look you Icour,
With juice of balm and ev'ry precious flow?r;
Each fair instalment-coat and sev'ral crest,
With loyal blazon evermore be blegt!
And nightly.meadow-fairies, look, you fing,
Like to the Garter-compass, in a ring :
*Th’expressure that it bears, green let it be ;
More fertile-fresh than all the field to see;
And, Hony foit qui mal y pense write,
In enrold-tuffs, flow'rs purple, blue and white,
Like saphire, pearl, and rich embroidery,
Buckled below fair Knight-bood's bending knee;
Fairies use flow'rs for their charactery.
Away, dilperfe; but, 'till 'tis one o'clock;
Our dance of custom round about the oak
Of Herne, the hunter, let us not forget.
Eva. Pray you, 'lock hand in hand, yourselves in

order fet :
And twenty glow-worms shall our lanthorns be,
To guide our measure round about the tree.
But stay, I smell a man of middle earth.

Fal. Heav'ns defend me from that Welch fairy., lest be transform me to a piece of cheese!

Eva.Vild worm, thou waft o'er-look dev'nin fhybirth.. Quic. With trial-fire touch me his finger-end ;fps) If he be chafte, the fame will back descend, And turn him to: no pain, but if he start, It is the flesh of a.corrupted heart.. (30)

him and the owner it.] And cannot be the true reading, both because the grammar of the sentence will not allow it, and inti, court to Queen Elizabeth directs to another reading;

as the owner it. for, fure, he would not with a thing, which his complaisance anár address must suppose actually, was; vix, the worth of the owner.

Mi Warburtuna 5



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Eva, Arrial, come

(7 bey burn bim with their tapers, and pinch binte Come, will this wood cake fire ?

Fal. Oh, oh, oh!

Quici Carrapi, corrupt, and tainted in defue; si About him, fairies, fog a fcorbful rhyme o.1 syo 13 And as you trip, fill pinch him to your time. 1.200 * Eva. (3). It is right, indeed, he is full of lecheries and iniquity.

1:19The, SONG, Ini: ... Fy on finful phantaly:. Fy on fuit and luxury.

s, it's live in 11 11: Loft is but a bloody fire, ...sobidai

int, Kindled with unchafte defire, 01.htm 1994 ) Þed in heart whofe Aardes afpire, A... i 290 LAs thoughts do blow them bigher and higher.ru -xi? tu Pinch him, fairies, mutually; to 21901 ting gas !, 1867Pinch kim for his villainy: 13.76 $10 fuif. Pinch' him, and bare him, and turn him about; "" 3'3 * : ?Tillcandles, and ar-light, and moon-hiné be out!

38 ? kasi firmos cild: 91-:-. E gbare (32) During this fong, they pinch bim. Doktor. Caius,

comes one way, and feals araya bey in

another way, and he takes awayIn iboylin szphite; w and Fedtem gmes, and steals away Mrsen Ann Page. and noile rof bunting is made withinır All ibel Fairies

run away. Falftaff pulls off bis Bwek's head, and i tijes.b 12.10 Jati j!6rv.9. bis 197£li isi

liste FOR? 31,9116, 21116 30 sont Enter Page, Ford, &c. They lex kold og him. saints 1. Page Nay, do not fly, I think, we've watcht younone; Will none buç Herne che hunterferve your turnd 52910

Mrs.Page. I pray you come; hold up the jest no higher. Now, good Sir John, how like you Windfor wives?

(31) Eva. It is right, indeed :) This short speech, which is very, much in sharacter for Sir Hugb. I have inserted from the old Quarte. 1832) During this forg, I This direction, I thought proper to iglest from the old Quarto's, man is necesaw to explain what is in action.opa, she Scene and on which a part of ihesusastropubeoffliefable depenga

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