The Two Hemispheres: A Popular Account of the Countries and Peoples of the World

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Blackie & Son, 1882 - 992 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 462 - France by a mixture of apples and flour, in the proportion of one of the former to two of the latter. The...
الصفحة 226 - Delegations is to sit and vote in two chambers, the 60 deputies of Austria Proper forming the one, and the 60 of Hungary the other. But it is provided that if no agreement can be arrived at in this manner, the two bodies must meet together, and, without further debate, give their final vote, which is binding for the whole Empire..
الصفحة 10 - are not connected with thunder-storms, or any other known disturbance of the atmosphere ; but they are invariably connected with exhibitions of aurora borealis, and with spontaneous galvanic currents in the ordinary telegraph wires ; and this connection is found to be so certain, that, upon remarking the display of one of the three classes of phenomena, we can at once assert that the other two are observable (the aurora borealis sometimes not visible here, but certainly visible in a more northern...
الصفحة 874 - ... and Commerce, and of War and the Navy. By the terms of the constitution of 1867, there exists absolute political, but not religious freedom, the charter prohibiting the public exercise of any other religion than the Roman Catholic, which is declared the religion of the state. Revenue, Army, and Navy. The public revenue is mainly derived from the sale of guano, and to a small extent from customs.
الصفحة 226 - On subjects affecting the common affairs the Delegations have a decisive vote, and their resolutions require neither the confirmation nor approbation of the representative assemblies in which they have their source. The ordinary mode of procedure for the Delegations is to sit and vote in two chambers, the 60 deputies of Austria Proper forming the one, and the 60 of Hungary the other.
الصفحة 465 - Bengal are not like the robbers in England — individuals driven to such desperate courses by sudden want; they are robbers by profession, and even by birth ; they are formed into regular communities, and their families subsist by the spoils which they bring home to them...
الصفحة 458 - Governor-General in Council has power to make laws for all persons, whether British or native, foreigners or others, within the Indian territories under the dominion of Her Majesty, and for all subjects of the Crown within the dominions of Indian princes and states in alliance with Her Majesty. Governor-General of India.
الصفحة 836 - Travelers who crowd into one description all the wonders and novelties which it took them weeks and months to observe, must produce an erroneous impression on the reader, and cause him when he visits the spot to experience much disappointment.
الصفحة 365 - Achelous (now Aspropotamo). The chief feature in the mountain system of the Peloponnesus is a range or series of ranges forming a circle round the valley of Arcadia in the interior, having a number of branches proceeding outward from it in different directions, dividing the rest of the Peloponnesus into several other valleys. The loftiest part of the mountainous circle round Arcadia is that lying to the north, with the peak of Cyllene (Ziria), 7,789 feet high, at its eastern extremity, and Erymanthus...
الصفحة 856 - Since the year 1847, the republic has suffered greatly from intestine dissensions, leading to an almost continuous civil war, through the struggles of the rival parties of the Federalists and Confederalists, the former desiring a strong central government, and the latter the greatest possible independence of the separate States.

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