Biennial report of the State Board of Health of Kentucky. 1902/03

الغلاف الأمامي
State Board of Health, 1904

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الصفحة 274 - ... of vegetable and mineral substances, but of the human body in all its complicated parts, and their relation to each other, as well as their influence upon the mind.
الصفحة 276 - State any office of honor, trust, or profit under its authority ; or of being an officer, councilman, director, trustee, or other manager of any corporation, public or private, now existing or hereafter established by its authority; or of acting as a professor or teacher in any educational institution, or in any common or other school ; or of holding any real estate or other property in trust for the use of any church, religious society or congregation.
الصفحة 255 - Any person living in this State, or any person cornAct of ing into this State, who shall practice medicine, or attempt 1898. to practice medicine in any of its branches, or who shall treat or attempt to treat any sick or afflicted person by any system or method whatsoever, for reward or compensation, without first complying with the provisions of this law...
الصفحة 219 - No parent, guardian or other person having charge or control of any child or children shall allow or permit any such child or children to go from any house or building infected with...
الصفحة 277 - ... and to be committed to jail until the same was paid. On appeal to the Supreme Court of the State, the judgment was affirmed.
الصفحة 225 - Every dead body must be accompanied by a person in charge, who must be provided with a passage ticket, and also present a full first-class ticket marked "corpse...
الصفحة 226 - ... not be accepted for transportation unless said removal has been approved by the State Board of Health, and the consent of the health...
الصفحة 257 - The power of the state to provide for the general welfare of its people authorizes it to prescribe all such regulations as in its judgment will secure or tend to secure them against the consequences of ignorance or incapacity as well as of deception and fraud.
الصفحة 265 - ... due process of law. Whatever difficulty may be experienced in giving to those terms a definition which will embrace every permissible exertion of power affecting private rights and exclude such as is forbidden, there can be no doubt of their meaning when applied to judicial proceedings. They then mean a course of legal proceedings according to those rules and principles which have been established in our systems of jurisprudence for the protection and enforcement of private rights.
الصفحة 273 - ... due process of law, if it be general in its operation upon the subjects to which it relates, and is enforceable in the usual modes established in the administration of government with respect to kindred matters; that is, by process or proceedings adapted to the nature of the case.

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