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الصفحة 213 - A corporation is an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of law. Being the mere creature of law. it possesses only those properties which the charter of its creation confers upon it, either expressly, or as incidental to its very existence.
الصفحة 177 - To divide, withdraw, or in any manner pay to the stockholders, or any of them, any part of the capital stock of the corporation ; or to reduce such capital stock without the consent of the legislature ; or 3.
الصفحة 99 - These are such as are supposed best calculated to effect the object for which it was created. Among the most important are immortality, and, if the expression may be allowed, individuality — properties by which a perpetual succession of many persons are considered as the same, and may act as a single individual. They enable a corporation to manage its own affairs and to hold property without the perplexing intricacies, the hazardous and endless necessity, of perpetual conveyances for the purpose...
الصفحة 174 - The act of a majority of the Directors present at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the act of the Board of Directors unless the act of a greater number is required by law or by these By-Laws.
الصفحة 172 - ... of such filing and record, or a duplicate original of such certificate or amended or supplemental certificate shall be filed and similarly recorded and indexed in the office of the clerk of the county in which the office of the corporation is to be located...
الصفحة 113 - The opinion of the court, after mature deliberation, is that this is a contract, the obligation of which cannot be impaired without violating the constitution of the United States. This opinion appears to us to be equally supported by reason and by the former decisions of this court.
الصفحة 106 - Although, among the enumerated powers of government, we do not find the word " bank," or " incorporation," we find the great powers to lay and collect taxes ; to borrow money ; to regulate commerce ; to declare and conduct a war ; and to raise and support armies and navies. The sword and the purse, all the external relations, and no inconsiderable portion of the industry of the nation, are intrusted to its government.
الصفحة 194 - The application shall be subscribed and sworn to by each of the said supervisors before an officer authorized by the laws of this state to take...
الصفحة 197 - ... stock owned by him for as many persons as there are directors or managers to be elected, or to cumulate said shares and give one candidate as many votes as the number of directors multiplied by the number of his shares of stock shall equal, or to distribute them, on the same principle, among as many candidates as he shall think fit; and such directors or managers shall not be elected in any other manner...
الصفحة 181 - The stockholders of every stock corporation shall, jointly and severally be personally liable for all debts due and owing to any of its laborers, servants or employes other than contractors, for services performed by them for such corporation.

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