The Capture, the Prison Pen, and the Escape: Giving a Complete History of Prison Life in the South ...

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H.E. Goodwin, 1868 - 400 من الصفحات
Glazier's account of life in Confederate prisons sheds light on the horrible circumstances that many soldiers encountered. Prisons on both sides of the conflict were crowded, dirty, diseased places. They were also important for those involved in espionage. Elizabeth Van Lew, for example, visited Union prisoners in Richmond, Virginia and was able to smuggle letters for them and even help several escape.

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الصفحة 84 - O, it is excellent To have a giant's strength ; but it is tyrannous To use it like a giant.
الصفحة 144 - The sea of Fortune doth not ever flow, She draws her favours to the lowest ebb; Her tides have equal times to come and go, Her loom doth weave the fine and coarsest web; No joy so great but runneth to an end, No hap so hard but may in fine amend.
الصفحة 144 - With spiders I had friendship made, And watch'd them in their sullen trade, Had seen the mice by moonlight play, And why should I feel less than they? We were all inmates of one place, And I, the monarch of each race, Had power to kill — yet, strange to tell! In quiet we had learn'd to dwell. My very chains and I grew friends, So much a long communion tends To make us what we are; — even I Regain'd my freedom with a sigh.
الصفحة 46 - If cold white mortals censure this great deed, Warn them, they judge not of superior beings, Souls made of fire, and children of the sun, With whom revenge is virtue.
الصفحة 168 - To sooth the soul, to cool the burning brain, O, who so welcome and so prompt as thou ! The battle's hurried scene and angry glow, — The death-encircled pillow of distress, — The lonely moments of secluded wo, — Alike thy care and constancy confess, Alike thy pitying hand, and fearless friendship bless...
الصفحة 325 - I left about six thousand and five hundred remaining in garrison on the day of my escape, and they were then dying at the average rate of twentyeight per day, or thirteen per cent, a month. The simple truth is, that the Rebel authorities are murdering our soldiers at Salisbury by cold and hunger, while they might easily supply them with ample food and fuel.
الصفحة 168 - When sorrow rends the heart, when feverish pain Wrings the hot drops of anguish from the brow; To soothe the soul, to cool the burning brain, O ! who so welcome, and so prompt as thou...
الصفحة 326 - ... and thronged mostly with Northern and Southern citizens, most of whom were in garments long worn out, and as far removed from cleanliness as the wearers from happiness. In that abhorred abode we were compelled to eat and sleep as best we might. There were but two stoves...
الصفحة 292 - You are right ; I am a New Yorker by birth, but have been for a long time in South Carolina." After partaking of the frugal meal set before me, which consisted of corn-bread and sweet potatoes, I thanked the lady for her kindness, and told her that I regretted very deeply that I was not in a situation to remunerate her for so much trouble. Noticing my blue pants as I arose from the table, she...
الصفحة 316 - They had barely clothes to cover their nakedness, and they thought to prolong their existence in this way ; and coupled with this was the idea of escaping and fleeing to the Union lines at the very first opportunity. But the whole thing was considered a mean, disgraceful act by every true patriot I would have died a dozen deaths rather than to have been guilty of such a ^* thing, and there were thousands of others of the same mind.

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