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sonal love and loyalty to Him is the compulsion that will make any company of men tell in the life of America and of the world. With His program and the power of His personality any ten men from anywhere could go forth and save our worst Sodom from Destruction. His name is above all the names with which we try to rally the forces of progress and reform. Make it the rallying cry in our homes, in all our churches, in the halls of legislation, in the unions of labor, in the board-rooms of finance, in the dull and waste places of our life. His program! His power! His name!

"I know of a land that is sunk in shame,

Of hearts that faint and tire;
And I know of a name, a name, a name,

Can set that land on fire.
Its sound is a brand, its letters flame,
But I know of a name, a name, a name,

Will set this land on fire."


HONORABLE WILLIAM J. BRYAN Religion, while not connected with government, exercises a powerful influence on the government. A government is what the people make it, and therefore anything that improves the people improves the government. This is especially true of a government like ours, which rests for its authority upon the consent of the governed. Popular government is like a composite photograph—it doesn't look like any citizen who lives under it, but it combines the essential features of the national countenance, which is in proportion as people can be lifted up in intelligence, in virtue, and in morality; every government reflecting this improvement approaches more and more unto perfection. One has only to travel in the lands where Christianity does not prevail to form an estimate of what religion can do for the people and through the people for the government. Christ told us that a tree could be known by its fruits. He thus supplied not only the simplest but the truest test. A tree that does not bring forth good fruit cannot be a good tree, and a tree that brings forth good fruit cannot be a bad tree. We have had time to test Christianity by the fruit that it has borne and if you will take a map of the world you can distinguish the Christian nations by the light that

streams out from them to make brighter the lives of those outside as well as those within the Christian lands. At the Edinburgh Conference a year ago last summer we learned that twentyfive millions of dollars were contributed annually by the Christian nations to carry the gospel to those who sit in darkness, and if you will travel around the world you will find that these Christians in their homes, laboring, producing or taking from their incomes, by sacrificing to the extent of their giving, are reaching out a helpful hand to the people everywhere. If you will go into the nations where other religions and philosophies prevail, you will find that where they have made progress in 1500 or 2000 years it is where they have borrowed from Christian nations. The leaven of Christianity is making good the world.

I was speaking one Sunday at Allahabad, India, presenting a definition of the Christian religion, and when I was through, an Indian, typical in appearance, arose in the rear of the hall and volunteered this statement. He said, “Mr. Bryan, when you go back to the United States tell your people that Christianity has made a far deeper impression upon India than the church membership would indicate. Tell them that the ideals of the Christian religion have been accepted by a much larger number than have joined the church." I shall not forget the suggestion nor the impression that it made. Go where you will throughout the world and you

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will find that the ideals of the Christian religion
are a revolutionizing force in every country. It
has been the history of man that he has sought
to put the burdens of life upon others while he
endeavored to absorb to himself the blessings of
life, and the philosophies of other teachers have
not struck at the root of the disease.
Christ who came and gave us the ideal with
more dynamic force than any other social ideal
has ever had. In answering the question, a
question that makes us censure those who ask
it, which makes us wonder how there could be
petty striving among them in the presence of
the Master,—we are yet glad that the question
was brought forth, for His answer to it gives
us the measure of human greatness. When the
disciples quarreled among themselves as to
which should be greatest in the Kingdom of
Heaven, Christ rebuked them and said: “Let
him who would be chiefest among you be the
servant of all.” That is the measure of great-
ness. It always has been true; it is true today;
it always will be true that he is greatest who
does the most good, and how this old earth will
be transformed when this measure of greatness
is the measure of every life! We have had our
conflicts and our combats because we have been
trying to see what we could get out of the world.
There will be peace and brotherhood and prog-
ress when we are trying to see what we can
put into the world.

Compare Christianity with the Mohammedan

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religion, and you will understand why it is that our religion affects our government for good to a far greater extent than the Mohammedan religion does. Our religion, for instance, teaches that woman's place is by the side of man, that woman is the co-tenant of the home, earth's only Paradise, and because of that the governments in Christian lands are the governments that give to woman her highest place, and give her the opportunity to exercise the largest influence.

Go into the land where Confucianism has control, and measure the influence of that philosophy upon government, and then examine the influence of our philosophy, our Christian influence, upon our government. It illustrates the living power of our mighty faith, that when only a handful of Christians have found a place among the Chinese their influence has been so great that four hundred millions of Orientals have shaken off the despotism of the throne and rising up, have made a government of their own, and they call their president, President of the United States of China.

With Christianity go the things that make for the development of mankind; and with the development of mankind comes better government.

I wish to speak of the many ways in which religion must affect the government for good. In the first place, religion is the most economical police service that is rendered in the state. It costs less to keep men from going astray than it does to bring them back

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