Memoirs of Marshal Ney, المجلد 2

الغلاف الأمامي
Bull and Churton, 1833
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الصفحة 87 - Providence which, in the midst of so many shocks, has always watched over the existence and independence of your nation, and that this mediation is the only means of saving both. For indeed it is time you should see, that if the patriotism and union of your ancestors founded your republic, the bad spirit of your factions, if it continue, will infallibly destroy it ; painful would it be to think, that at a period when several new republics have arisen, destiny had marked out die termination and fall...
الصفحة 14 - French republic has personally given so many proofs of his eagerness to put an end to the calamities of war, and of his disposition to maintain the rigid observance of all treaties concluded.
الصفحة 372 - ... must be exercised in the choice of positions and encampments, whether for offensive or defensive operations." It is in this view that it is asked, how camps of exercise should be constituted, so as to form an army, not only for field movement, to captivate the eye, but for absolute practical, habitual, work of war? The system might commence at the Royal Military Colleges, where, in addition to the usual instruction...
الصفحة 424 - Venetian territory, not occupied by the troops of his Majesty the .Emperor of the French and King of Italy.
الصفحة 212 - ... receive yours from those of gratitude. Let it be transmitted to your descendants, and may your virtues be perpetuated upon earth with your name ! As for us, General Consul, full of love of our country and of attachment to your person, we devote our existence to the defence of both.7 But the forms of republicanism had to be preserved.
الصفحة 211 - ... evils which could desolate a nation. You have appeared, Citizen General, radiant with glory and surpassing genius, and suddenly the storms have blown away. Victory has placed you at the helm of government; justice and peace are seated by your side. The recollection of...
الصفحة 69 - Louisa Augine, a lovely and amiable girl, the intimate friend of Madame Louis Bonaparte, 17* and the daughter of a former receiver-general, whose fortune had been greatly reduced by the Revolution, and who now resided at the chateau of Grignon. In the same village dwelt an old couple who had been married half a century. Ney presented them with clothes, and made them receive the usual renewal of their nuptial benediction at the same time that his own marriage was celebrated.
الصفحة 211 - The recollection of our misfortunes was already beginning to be effaced, and all the feelings of the French people were about to merge into that of gratitude alone, when a dreadful event has shown them the new dangers which they are about to encounter.
الصفحة 221 - ... rendered sacred ; to combat by every means which reason, justice, and law, allow, all attempts to re-establish the feudal regime ; in short, you swear to co-operate with all your might in the maintenance of liberty and equality : do you swear it?" This oath was taken with enthusiasm ; and the emperor continued : " You, soldiers, severally swear to defend at the peril of your lives the honor of the French name, your country, and the institutions and laws by which it is governed?

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