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Christ the


corner stone. 24 For all flesh is as grass, neration, a royal priesthood, and all the glory of man an holy nation, a peculiar as the flower of grass. The people; that ye should shew grass withereth, and the forth the praises of him who Hower thereof falleth away: hath called you out of dark

25 But the word of the Lord ness into his marvellous light. endureth for ever. And this t 10 Which in time past were is the word which by the gos- not a people, but are now the pel is preached unto you. people of God: which had not p CHAP. II.

obtained mercy, but now have WHEREFORE

laying obtained mercy, aside all malice, and all dil Dearly beloved, I beseech guile, and hypocrisies, and you as strangers and pilgrims, envies,and all evil speakings, abstain from fleshly lusts, d 2 As newborn babes, desire which war against the soul; the sincere milk of the word, 12 Having your conversathat ye may grow thereby: tion honest among the Gene 3 If so be ye have tasted tiles: that, whereas they that the Lord is gracious. speak against you as evildo

4 To whom coming,as unto ers, they may by your good a living stone, disallowed in- works, which they shall bedeed of men, but chosen of hold, glorify God in the day God, and precious,

of visitation, i 5 Ye also, as lively stones, d 13 Submit yourselves to are built up a spiritual house, every ordinance of man for an holy priesthood, to offer the Lord's sake: whether it up spiritual sacrifices,accept-be to the king, as supreme; able to God by Jesus Christ. 14 Or unto governors, as a 6 Wherefore also it is con- unto them that are sent by tained in the scripture, Be- him for the punishment of bold, I lay in Sion a chief evildoers, and for the praise corner stone, elect, precious: of them that do well. and he that believeth on him 15 For so is the will of God, shall not be confounded. that with well doing ye may e 7 Unto you therefore which put to silence the ignorance believe he is precious: but of foolish men: unto them which be disobedi 16 As free, and not using ent, the stone which the build- your liberty for a cloak of ers disallowed, the same is maliciousness, but as the sermade the head of the corner, vants of God. C8 And a stone of stumbling, d 17 Honour all men. Love and a rock of offence, even to the brotherhood. Fear God. them which stumble at the Honour the king. word, being disobedient: d 18 Servants, be subject to whereunto also they were your masters with all fear; appointed.

not only to the good and gend 9 But ye are a chosen ge- tle, but also to the frowardo


An exhortation

1 PETER. to cease from sin. are over the righteous, and unto even baptism doth also his ears are open unto their now save us (not the putting prayers: but the face of the away of the filth of the flesh, Lord is against them that do but the answer of a good conevil.

science toward God,) by the 13 And who is he that will resurrection of Jesus Christ: harm you, if ye be followers t 22 Who is gone into heaven, of that which is good? and is on the right hand of

14 But and if ye suffer for God; angels and authorities righteousness' sake, happy and powers being made subare ye: and be not afraid of ject unto him. their terror, neither be trou

CHAP. IV. blesBut sanctify the Lord Fochrist hach' sufered for God in your hearts: and be us in the flesh,arm yourselves ready always to give an an- likewise with the same mind: swer to every man that ask- for he that hath suffered in eth you a reason of the hope the flesh hath ceased from sin; that is in you with meekness p 2 That he no longer should and fear:

live the rest of his time in d 16 Having a good con- the flesh to the lusts of men, science; that, whereas they but to the will of God. speak evil of you, as of evil 3 For the time past of our doers, they may be ashamed life may suffice us to have that falsely accuse your good wrought the will of the Genconversation in Christ. tiles, when we walked in la

17 For it is better, if the sciviousness, lusts, excess of will of God be so, that ye wine, revellings, banquet. suffer for well doing, than ings, and abominable idolafor evil doing.

tries; t 18 For Christ also hath 4 Wherein they think it once suffered for sins, the strange that ye run not with just for the unjust, that he them to the same excess of might bring us to God, be- riot, speaking evil of you: ing put to death in the flesh, t 5 Who shall give account but quickened by the Spirit: to him that is ready to judge D19 By which also he went the quick and the dead. and preached unto the spirits 6 For, for this cause was the

gospel preached also to them 20 Which sometime were that are dead, that they dis obedient, when once the might be judged according longsuffering of God waited to men in the flesh, but live in the days of Noah, while according to God in thespirit. the ark was a preparing, d 7 But the end of all things wherein few, that is, eight is at hand: be ye therefore souls, were saved by water. sober,and watch unto prayer. 21 The like figure where-l d 8 And above all things have

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may devour:

An exhortation

2 PETER, to steadfastness. him; for he careth for you. 11 To him be glory and dod 8 Be sober, be vigilant; be- minion for ever and ever. cause your adversary the Amen. devil, as a roaring lion, walk- € 12 By Silvanus, a faithful eth about, seeking whom he brother unto you, as I sup

pose, I have written briefly, d 9 whom resist steadfast exhorting, and testifying that in the faith, knowing that this is the true grace of God the same afflictions are ac- wherein ye stand. complished in your brethren 13 The church that is at that are in the world. Babylon, elected together 6 10 But the God of all grace, with you, saluteth you; and who hath called us unto his so doth Marcus my son. eternal glory by Christ Jesus, 6 14 Greet ye one another after that ye have suffered a with a kiss of charity. Peace while, make you perfect, sta- be with you all that are in blish, strengthen, settle you. Christ Jesus. Amen.

The Second Epistle General of PETER.
** CHAP. I.

| virtue; and to virtue know

ledenis an apostle of Jesus Christ, 6°And to knowledge temto them that have obtained perance; and to temperance like precious faith with us patience; and to patience through the righteousness of godliness; God and our Saviour Jesus 7 And to godliness brother. Christ:

ly kindness; and to brotherly 2 Grace and peace be mul- kindness charity. tiplied unto you through the e 8 For if these things be in knowledge of God, and of Je- you, and abound, they make sus our Lord,

you that ye shall neither be t 3 According as his divine barren nor unfruitful in the power hath given unto us all knowledge of our Lord Jesus things that pertain unto life Christ. and godliness, through the 9 But he that lacketh these knowledge of him that hath things is blind, and cannot called us to glory and virtue: see afar off, and hath forgot04 Whereby are given unto ten that he was purged from us exceeding great and pre- his old sins. cious promises: that by these d 10 Wherefore the rather, ye might be partakers of the brethren, give diligence to divine nature, having escap- make your calling and eleced the corruption that is in tion sure: for if ye do these the world through lust.

things, ye shall never fall: d 5 And beside this, giving b 11 For so an entrance shall all diligence, add to your faih be ministered unto you abun

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