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The beast with REVELATION. seven heads, 6c. time, and times, and half a 5 And there was given unto time, from the face of the him a mouth speaking great serpent.

things and blasphemies; and 15 And the serpent cast out power was given unto him of his mouth water as a flood to continue forty and two after the woman, that he months. might cause her to be carried 6 And be opened his mouth away of the flood.

in blasphemy against God, to 16' And the earth helped blaspheme his name, and his the woman, and the earth tabernacle, and them that opened her mouth, and swal-dwell in heaven. lowed


the flood which the 7 And it was given unto him dragon cast out of his mouth. to make war with the saints, c 17 And the dragon was and to overcome them: and wroth with the woman, and power was given him over went to make war with the all kindreds, and tongues, remnant of her seed, which and nations. keep the commandments of t 8 And all that dwell upon God, and have the testimony the earth shall worship him, of Jesus Christ.

whose names are not written CHAP. XIII.

in the book of life of the A A

ND I stood upon the sand Lamb slain from the foun.

01' the sea, and saw a dation of the world. beast rise up out of the sea, 9 If any man have an ear, having seven heads and ten let him hear. horns, and upon his horns ten 10 He that leadeth into capcrowns, and upon his heads tivity shall go into captivity; the name of blasphemy. he that killeth with the sword 9 2 And the beast which I saw must be killed with the sword. was like unto a leopard, and Here is the patience and the his feet were as the feet of a faith of the saints. bear, and his mouth as the 11 And I beheld another mouth of a lion: and the dra- beast coming up out of the gon gave him his power, and earth; and he had two horns his seat, and great authority. like a lamb, and he spake as

3 And I saw one of his heads a dragon. as it were wounded to death; 12 And he exerciseth all the and his deadly wound was power of the first beast before healed: and all the world him, and causeth the earth wondered after the beast. and them which dwell therein

4 And they worshipped the to worship the first beast, dragon which gave power un- whose deadly wound was to the beast: and they wor-healed. shipped the beast, saying, 13 And he doeth great wonWho is like unto the beast? ders, so that he maketh fire who is able to make war with come down from heaven on

the earth in the sight of men,



hundred forty and four thou- is fallen, is fallen, that great sand, having his Father's city, because she made all na

9. And the third angel folheaven, as the voice of many lowed them, saying with waters, and as the voice of a loud voice, If any man worgreat thunder: and I heard ship the beast and his image, the voice of harpers harping and receive his mark in his The Lamb and

CHAP. XIV. his company. 14 And deceiveth them 3 And they sung as it were that dwell on the earth by a new song before the throne, the means of those miracles and before the four beasts, which he had power to do in and the elders: and no man the sight of the beast; saying could learn that song but the to them that dwell on the hundred and forty and four earth, that they should make thousand, which were rean image to the beast, which deemed from the earth. had the wound by a sword, c4 These are they which and did live.

were not defiled with women; 15 And he had power to for they are virgins. These give life unto the image of are they which follow the the beast, that the image of Lambwhithersoever hegoeth. the beast should both speak, These were redeemed from and cause that as many as among men, being the firstwould not worship the image fruits unto God and to the of the beast should be killed. Lamb.

16 And he caused all, both c 5 And in th small and great, rich and found no gui poor, free and bond, to re-without fau ceive a mark in their right throne of God hand, or in their foreheads: r6 And I say

17 And that no man might fly in the m buy or sell, save he that had having the the mark, or the name of the pel to preach beast, or the number of his dwell on the name.

every nation, D18 Here is wisdom. Let and tongue, an him that hath understanding d 7 Saying with count the number of the Fear God, and beast: for it is the number of him; for the a man; and his number is Six judgment is come hundred threescore and six. ship him that mad t CHAP. XIV.

and earth, and the A N Dam booked, and, lo, a the fountains of watersed

8 And there followed anheads.

wrath of her fornication, 2 And I heard a voice from with their harps:

forehead, or in his hand,

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Christ cometh REVELATION.

as a thief. the mouth of the dragon, weight of a talent: and men and out of the mouth of the blasphemed God because of beast, and out of the mouth the plague of the hail; for of the false prophet.

the plague thereof was ex14 For they are the spirits ceeding great. of devils, working miracles, CHAP. XVII. of the earth and of the whole A xhe there came one of

the seven angels which world, to gather them to the had the seven vials, and talkbattle of that great day of ed with me, saying unto me, God Almighty.

Come hither; I will shew un 6 15 Behold, I come as a thief. to thee the judgment of the Blessed is he that watcheth, great whore that sitteth upon and keepeth his garments, many waters: lest he walk naked, and they 2 With whom the kings of see his shame.

the earth have committed & 16 And he gathered them fornication, and the inhabittogether into a place called ants of the earth have been in the Hebrew tongue Ar- made drunk with the wine mageddon.

of her fornication. 17 And the seventh angel 3 So he carried me away in poured out his vial into the the spirit into the wilderness: air; and there came a great and I saw a woman sit upon voice out of the temple of a scarlet coloured beast,full of heaven, from the throne, say- names of blasphemy, having ing, It is done.

seven heads and ten horns. 18 And there were voices, 4 And the woman was arand thunders, and lightnings; rayed in purple and scarlet and there was a great earth- colour, and decked with gold quake, such as was not since and precious stones and men were upon the earth, so pearls, having a golden cup mighty an earthquake, and in her hand full of abomina. so great.

tions and filthiness of her for19 And the great city was nication: divided into three parts, and 5 And upon her forehead the cities of the nations fell: was a name written, MYS. and great Babylon came in TERY, BABYLON THE remembrance before God, to GREAT, THE MOTHER give unto her the cup of the OF HARLOTS AND ABOwine of the fierceness of his MINATIONS OF THE wrath.

EARTH. 20 And every island fled 6 And I saw the woman away, and the mountains drunken with the blood of the were not found.

saints, and with the blood of 21 And there fell upon the martyrs of Jesus: and men a great hail out of hea- when I saw her, I wondered ven, every stone about the with great admiration.

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