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KEY. were under obligations to What PROHIBITION observe it? Is it still obli- is here directly or indigatory on any? Is there prectly made? Why is this any connexion or corres- deed, or word, or thought pondence between this forbidden? and any other institution

What prophecy is here or ordinance?

RECORDED? At what WhatINSTRUCTIONS T period of time? Has it

are imparted in this pa- been fulfilled? How? irable? or in this meta- When?

phor? What is their prac- What affecting SCENE is tical tendency?

${here exhibited? What feelWhat KNOWLEDGE, (ings should it produce?

or want of knowledge of k

What SUBLIMITY of human nature is here

thought or of language particularly manifested? S

is here? What inference What statute, rite, ser

follows? vice, or appendage of the What doctrinal TRUTH L LEVITICAL DISPEN- is here inculcated?Is it di

SATION is here men- rectlyorindirectlytaught? tioned? Why appointed? How illustrated? How What LOFTY FLIGHTS applied? What practical

of devotional fervour? influence should it have? 1 What longings after inti- What TYPE of Christ, mate communion with


or typical transaction God are here manifested? can be distinctly traced What MIRACLE is here

here? récoriled? By whom, What UNJUSTIFIAand for what purpose

BLE action in a virtuous m wrought? In whose name, character? Or what un

and by whose authority? usual excellence in one What effect had it on the

not pious, is here rewitnesses?

corded? What is worthy of par- What VISION is bere ticular notice in this v described? To whom and NAME?

why given? What ORIENTAL or What wo is here deancient custom may here nounced or executed? or be learned? or what do warning given? What is you know of one which its import? Against whom will elucidate this pas- denounced, or to whom sage?



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EXPLANATORY DIRECTIONS. Before the 3d verse a is inserted. The Key page asks, What prophecy is here ACCOMPLISHED? The voice of one crying in the wilderness, &c. Where is it found? By recurring to the Tables the answer will be found, viz. Isa. 40th chap. 3d verse. How many years had it been written? See Tables, viz. About 700 years. The instructer will then draw this inference: If such men as Isaiah could predict future events with minute accuracy several centuries before they took place, they must have been ditferent from other men. Who can now foretell events for 3, or 5, or 7 centuries to come? These prophets were, therefore, what the New Testament calls them, holy men of God, who spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. In other words, they were inspired men. God has spoken by them to us. We must implicitly believe all he has revealed, and cheerfully obey all he has commanded. By some such process, young minds will more deeply revere the Bible; they will be more ready to believe all its doctrines, and have its high and holy claims press upon their consciences.

Before the 4th verse f again occurs. What account can you give of John Baptist's raiment? He was clad in a coarse garinent of camel's hair, bound about him with a girdle of leather. What was his diet? Locusts and wild Honey. Here the instructer can bring present oriental customs in confirmation that locusts are sometimes eaten; and he can show that in the days of Saul and Jonathan honey from wild bees abounded in the woods of Palestine. Is any doctrine or duty connected with them? We may learn the duty of plainness in dress, and abstemiousness in diet, when these will subserve our greatest usefulness.

In the indentation of the 6th verse you find g. This directs the attention to GEOGRAPHY. What geographical information is known of Jerusalem, Judea, the Jordan, and the region beyond it? The Tables, and Maps, will enable pupils to reply with readiness and propriety.

Against the 7th verse there stands a t, the representative of doctrinal TRUTH. The questions are, what doctrinal TRUTH is here inculcated? The exceeding depravity of that generation directly; and since, as in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man, we indirectly learn the doctrine of universal depravity. How illustrated? By re currence to natural history. Man is inclined to evil as the viper is to be venomous. What practical influence should this truth have? It ought to humble us. But is there not another doctrinal truth here? Yes; the doctrine of future

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EXPLANATORY DIRECTIONS. power and compassion. In whose name, and by thority? Christ wrought miracles in his own nan his own authority. I WILL; BE THOU CLEAN. 0 pestuous wave he could say, PEACE; BE STILL: grave, LAZARUS, COME FORTH. Peter and other were accustomed to say, when healing the sick, Christ maketh thee whole. Be it known to you, all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus ( doth this man stand here before you whole. Neither there salvation in any other: for there is none other nam under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.

Before the 8th verse c is inserted. What traits of moral CHARACTER are here given? Humility and faith. Gre

? . a or renewed state? To a renewed. What advantages or disadvantages attended? The strong approbation of Christ, and

Ps. an answer of mercy. Have we humility and faith? Without some measure of these, Christ never will approve our persons, or accept our petitions. And when shall we begin to be humble, and begin to believe in Christ

, if we have

yet neglected? Behold now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation. The Holy Ghost saith, To-dar, it ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts. 0 that these dear YOUTH were ALL truly wise, that they well understood the truths of revelation, and would rightly consider their LATTER END!

Should some such simplicity of exposition and application of divine truth make Pastors and Sunday School Teachers instrumental in saving more souls than they would otherwise do, neither the Editor's labours, nor theirs, would be in vain. CELESTIAL and IMMORTAL anthems would celebrate such labours.

NOTE. Permit the Editor further to remark, that after sustaining for some time an inconvenient pecuniary responsibility, arrangements are now made that Quarto, Duodecimo, and 18 mo. Reference Bibles, and two sizes of the Reference Testament will soon circulate

, in proportion to the costs of manufacturing them, as low as the American Bible Society's BIBLES. He would add that a contract exists for this Work to be published in England

. And he should not do justice to himself if he omitted to say, that after the circulation of a few hundred copies from his present plates, he has not the least pecuniary interest in the circulation of either of these Works. He does believe them adapted to aid in the study of the Scriptures, and the delicacy in encouraging their use, heretofore felt, he now thinks he ought to lay aside.

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