Frank Leslie's Pleasant Hours, المجلد 32

الغلاف الأمامي
F. Leslie Publishing Company, 1882

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الصفحة 471 - A storm of universal fire blasted every field, consumed every house, destroyed every temple. The miserable inhabitants flying from their flaming villages in part were slaughtered; others without regard to sex, to age, to the respect of rank or sacredness of function, fathers torn from children, husbands from wives, enveloped in a whirlwind of cavalry and amidst the goading spears of drivers and the trampling of pursuing horses, were swept into captivity in an unknown and hostile land.
الصفحة 471 - Then ensued a scene of woe, the like of which no eye had seen, no heart conceived, and which no tongue can adequately tell. All the horrors of war before known or heard of, were mercy to that new havoc. A storm of universal fire blasted every field, consumed every house, destroyed every temple.
الصفحة 175 - with lofty turrets like castles, in front like a half-moon; the wings thereof spreading out about the length of seven miles, sailing very slowly, though with full sails, the winds being as it were weary with wafting them, and the ocean groaning under their weight.
الصفحة 111 - ... rest should commence the attack. It was one of those moments of indecision, when the slightest weight thrown into either scale will make it preponderate ; a moment in which a bold man, conversant with the. secret springs of human action, may seize upon the minds of all around him, and sway them at his will. Such a man was the intrepid Virginian. He spoke, and there was no man bold enough to gainsay him — none that could return the fierce glance of his eye. Raising his arm and waving his hand...
الصفحة 111 - I observed a custom in all those Italian cities and towns through the which I passed, that is not used in any other country that I saw in my travels; neither do I think that any other nation of Christendom doth use it, but only Italy. The Italian, and also most strangers that are commorant in Italy, do always at their meals use a little fork when they cut their meat.
الصفحة 110 - The Americans saw that the crisis had arrived ; they could no longer doubt that the Indians understood the advantage they possessed, and were disposed to use it ; and a common sense of danger caused each eye to be turned on the leading commissioner. He sat undisturbed and apparently careless until the chief who had thrown the belts upon the table had taken his seat ; then with a small cane which he held in his hand, he reached as if playfully...
الصفحة 110 - to offer you two pieces of wampum; they are of different colors; you know what they mean : you can take which you like \" And turning upon his heel, he resumed his seat. The chiefs drew themselves up, in the consciousness of having hurled defiance in the teeth of the white men. They had offered an insult to the renowned leader of the Long Knives...
الصفحة 131 - The Lady's Magazine had become an abomination to me,- it was as tedious as the day itself. I wandered out, not knowing what to do, and ascended again to my room. I had not been there long, when there was a squall from a neighboring bedroom.
الصفحة 327 - Travellers, observing the likeness of children's games in Europe and Asia, have sometimes explained it on this wise : that the human mind being alike everywhere, the same games are naturally found in different lands, children taking to hockey, tops, stilts, kites, and so on, each at its proper season. But if so, why is it that in outlying barbarous countries one hardly finds a game without finding also that there is a...
الصفحة 269 - Nor scathe had he, nor harm, nor dread, But, the same couch beneath, Lay a gaunt wolf, all torn and dead, Tremendous still in death.

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