An Introduction to the Science of the Law: Shewing the Advantages of a Law Education, Grounded on the Learning of Lord Coke's Commentaries Upon Littleton's Tenures, Or as They are Called by Way of Distinction, "the Institute", with a View Either to the Bar, the Senate, Or the Duties of Magistracy

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W. Clarke and Sons, 1815 - 241 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 19 - Wise men have said are wearisome; who reads Incessantly, and to his reading brings not A spirit and judgment equal or superior (And what he brings, what needs he elsewhere seek) Uncertain and unsettled still remains, Deep versed in books and shallow in himself, Crude or intoxicate, collecting toys, And trifles for choice matters, worth a sponge; As children gathering pebbles on the shore.
الصفحة 33 - Yet undoubtedly the revealed law is of infinitely more authenticity than that moral system, which is framed by ethical writers, and denominated the natural law. Because one is the law of nature, expressly declared so to be by God himself; the other is only what, by the assistance of human reason, we imagine to be that law.
الصفحة 46 - ... it is a rule, that an executory devise cannot be prevented or destroyed by any alteration whatsoever, in the estate out of which or after which it is limited.
الصفحة 36 - To deny the possibility, nay, actual existence of witchcraft and sorcery, is at once flatly to contradict the revealed word of God, in various passages both of the Old and New Testament : and the thing itself is a truth to which every nation in the world hath in it's turn borne testimony, either by examples seemingly well attested, or by prohibitory laws ; which at least suppose the possibility of commerce with evil spirits.
الصفحة 153 - In most of the nations on the continent, where the civil or imperial law under different modifications is closely interwoven with the municipal laws of the land, no gentleman, or at least no scholar, thinks his education is completed, till he has attended a course or two of lectures, both upon the institutes of Justinian and the local constitutions of his native soil, under the very eminent professors that abound in their several universities.
الصفحة 151 - All bare his naked branches are display'd, And with his leafless trunk he forms a shade : Yet though the winds his ruin daily threat, As every blast would heave him from his seat ; Though thousand fairer trees the field supplies, That rich in youthful verdure round him rise ; Fix'd in his ancient state he yields to none, And wears the honours of the grove alone.
الصفحة 76 - ... nobody else can. So also where a devise is of black-acre to A and of white-acre to B in tail, and if they both die without issue, then to C in fee ; here A and B have...
الصفحة 236 - Mandeville, her late husband, on her body begotten; and it was adjudged that Roberge had an estate but for life, and the fee tail vested in Robert (heirs of the body of his father being a good name of purchase) and that when he died without issue, Mawde, the daughter, was tenant in tail as heir .of the body of her father, per formam doni; and the formedon which she brought supposed...
الصفحة 236 - ... of the body of her father, which notwithstanding her brother was, and he was capable at the time of the gift ; and therefore when the gift was made she took nothing but in expectancy, when she became heir performam dont.
الصفحة 235 - ... is the possession of the eldest son so as he is actually seised of the fee simple, and consequently the sister of the whole blood is to be heir.

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