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a little bit.
two hours.

Bonificáre, to mend, to better. Bocconcino,

Bollizione, s. f. boiling.-Bolli- bonità, 9. f. v. Bontà. Obs. Boccone, adv. lying upon one's zione di sangue, heat of blood. Bontà, s. f. goodness.- Per bontà face.--Cader boccone, to fall on Bollo, s. m. boiling heat, dell' amore che le portava, upon one's face.--Boccone, s. m. a Bollóre, bubbling up, spout- the account of the love he mouthful -Buon bocconi, dain- ing up.--Bollore di sangue, heat bore her. ty bits. Tagliure a boccani, to of blood. ---Bollore d'animo, Bontadóso, adj. bountiful. cut in pieces.Dare il boccone, passion, anger.

Bontadióso, I Obs. to bribe.

Bolio, s. m, a scal, a stamp. Bora, s. f. a serpent so called. Boccúccia,? a little pretty Bolognino, s. m. a small brass Borbogliamento, s. m. whisper, Boccúzza, S mouth. coin.

noise. Boce, . Voce.

Bolso, adj. pursy, short-wind- Borbogliáre, to mutter, to Bociáre, to divulge, to blab ed.

grumble. out.Pociáre, to velp, as a Bolzonáre, v. Bolcionare. Borboglio, s. m. a rumbling or hunting dog after a wild Bolzonáta, s. f, a shoot or hit grumbling noise, uproar, beast ---Bociare in fallo, to with a bolt.

quarrel. . speak at random.

Bolzóne, s. m. a battering ram. Borbottamento, grumbling, Bofonchiare, to grumble. -Bolzére, a bolt or dart. muttering noise. Bogia, s. f. the first appearance Bomba, s. m. the place where Borbottáre, to grumble, to of the itch.-Nan ha bogin, e he must stand that plays at se npre prigu, he is always bomba.- Tornare a bomba, to Borbottatóre, s. m. mutterer, complaining, though nothing come to one's purpose. Es grumbler. ails him.

scre a borba, to be at one's ease. Borchia, s. f. a boss, or stud. Bogliente, adj. boiling -Bog- Giuocare a bomba, to play at Bordáglia, s. f. mob, or rabble. liénte, too hoi.

hide and scek.-- Toccur bomba, Bordato, s. m. a kind of linen Boja, s. m. hangman, execu to come to one's journey's cloth. tioner.

end.- Vi spicco mai vo'ontieri Bordeggiáre, to tack. Bojéssa, a ludicrous word for a da bombo, i am loth to go out. Bordellare, to frequent bawdyeruel woman, the bangman's Bombu, a mark-Bomba, a houses.-ndar bordellando, to wife.

bomb, a sort of a great fire- go a whoring. Bolarmencio, s. m. bole armo ball used in war.

Bordelliere, s.'m. a haunter of niac.

Bombánza, s. f. excessive mirth bawdy-houses, a whore-masBulcionáre, v. Bolzonare. or joy. Bolcióne, v. Bolzone.

Bombarda, s. f. a mortar-piece. Bordello, s. m. bawdy-house. Boldrone, s. m. a blanket. Bombardamento, boinbard andare in bordello, go and be Bolgia, s. f. budget, bag.--

hanged. Fareil bord llo, to be Bolgia, portmanteau.Bolgia, Bombardáre, to bombard, to tumultuously merry Avere a hole in the ground.--Bolgia, bomb.

un pie' in bordello T'altro allo a dark and horrible place. Bornbardiéra, s. f. the place spedale, to be infamous and bolla, s. f. bubble. --Bolla, blis- where the bombard is mount poor. ter,blain,wale, pimple.-Bolla ed.

Bórdo, s. m. the sides of a ship. ac pajuvla, blister full of wa- Bombardiére, s. m. bombar - Andare a bordo, to get ater. --Faie d'una bolla acquia- dier.

board.-- Bordo, a kind of linen juola un canchero, to make a Bomberáca, s. f. a kind of gum cloth. --Bordo, border, hem, disease more dangerous than so called.

brim. before by mismanagement, Bómbere,

Bordóne, s. m. pilgrim's staff. and metaphorically, to exag- Bombero,

o. Vomero.

-Bordóne, a kind of grave gerate an evil.-Bolla, a stamp, Bombettáre, to bib, to sip as music.---Bordóne, the first a seal, the pope's bull. children do.

stumps of feathers that apBolláre, io seal, to stamp, to Bombo, s. m. a word of child pear in young birds....Bos. brand. ren asking for drink.

dóne, a prop Bollente, adj. boiling. Bómbola, s. f. a pitcher, a pot Bórea, s. f the north wind. Bolliménto, s. m.boiling, seeth- for water.

Boreále, adj. northern. ing, bubbling of water. - Bol- Bomboletta, s. f. a little water- Bóreo, v. Boreśle. linénio, the swelling of the pitcher::

Borgáta, s. f. a village, a bo. Bómero, s. m. the coulter or rough. Bollire, to boil, to bubble up. ploughshare, v. Vomero. Borgese, - Pollire, to work.- Ville cose Bonaccia, s. f. a calm at sea. Borghese, s. m.


a burgess. mi bóllon nell'animo, I have a Bordccia, prosperity, happi- Borghesia, s. f. the state of a cithousand things in my head. --Bonáccia, tranquillity, tizen. - Tivíta la città bolle, every calmness.

Borghetto, s. m. a little bo. boly grumbles.-- bollire a rin Bonaccioso, adj. still, calm. rough. cursojo, to boil fast.

Boncinello, s. in. the staples of Borghigiáno, adj. an inhabitBollitúra, s. f. decoction.- a lock.

ant of a borough 2« to carve richerle una bollitura Bonificaménto, s. m. improve- Borgo, s. m. a suburb, a bodi ddc ore, this meat must boil ment.

rough, or market-town,


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carry wine.


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Burgognóne, s. m. head-piece. solo, dice-box.

Bovino, adj. of or belonging to Beria, s. f. haughtiness, pre- Bossoletto, ?

a small box.

an or or a cow. sumption, pride, arrogance, Bussolino, s. m.;

Bozza, s. f. a bunch or swell. self-conceit, vain glory. Aver Botánica, adj. botanical. ing-buixa, the first drawn to boría, to boast of.

Botánico, s. m. botanist. Bozzácchio, s. m. ( a withird Boriáre, to be proud of. Botáre, to bind or engage by Bozzaccióne, prunt. Boriosità, s. f. vanity, self-con

Bozrace zóni, the flabby p2;'5 ceit, vain zlory;

Boto, s. m. a vow, . Voto. of a woman. Borióso, adj. lofty, proud, Bótola, s. f. cave or dark place Bozza: chiuto, adj. deformed haughty.

in the ground.

ill hap1. Eoriosúzzo, s. m. a self-con- Bótolo, a cur, a mongrel dog Bozz'90, s. m. a buzzard. ceted fellow.

Eeli di razza di cun botole, Pozzetto, s. m. the bud of a Bórnio, adj. one-eyed, short-1 he is revengeful.

lower not fully blown. sighted.

Bótta, s. f. a toad.---- Botta, a Bózzima, s. m. a kind of paste Borniola, s. f. mistake, blunder. blow, a stroke.- irmaduru oli or gum, that weavers use to Burra, s. f. ass or cow-hair,' titta bottajan armour musket soften their linen cloch.

shearing of cloth.-Borra, su proof Bottarisposta, a repar. Bozzo, s. m. cuckold.-Bozzo, perfluity, stuff.

tee, a quick or witty reply:

a block. Borraccia, s. f. bad stuff.-- Bor Boiti, a pass, or thrusi in Buzzulare, to bave a smack of. Tácia, borachio, wherein they fencing-Una bella botta, a Bozzoletto, s. in. a pimple or fine stroke.

wale. Borrace, 5. in borax.

Bottáccio, s. m. cask. or barrel, Búzzolo, s. m. swelling, tumour. Borragine,

jug, or bottle. ---Bottuccio, a borage.

-Búzcolo, the cod of a silkBorrana, s. f. kind of thrush.

worm.- Búzzolo, that measure Borratello, s. m, a little ditch.

Bottáglie, s. f. boots. Obs. which the miller takes as his Borro, s. m. a natural ditch. Bottájo, a cooper.

fee for grinding.--!iziolo, a Borsa, s. f. a purse, a bag: Bottána, s. f. linen cloth $0

stone cut or wrought like a Bors, purse, money.- iver called.

diamond.--06:wo di gente, a drie borse, to have a deal of Botte, s. f. cask, vessel, tub.. thick number of people: money.---Tener borsa stretta, to Una botte di vino, a pipe of Bozzoloso, adij. Tuli of tumours. be stingy.--Fr borsa, wine.

Bozzolúto, ü. Bozzolóso. hoard, to lay up money.- Bottega, s. f.shop.coStare a bot- Braccetto, s. m. a small arm. Eurza, a cloak bag, a portman- trga, to mind one's business. Braccheggiare, to hunt, to find teau..scere una cosa in borsa, Bottegajo, shop-keeper: to have something in one's Botteghetta, s. f. dim. of Boto Bracchetto, s. m. a young setsleeve, to be sure or it. -Borja, Botteghino, s. m. į iega. ting-dog. exchange, where merchants, Bottegóne, s. f. a great shop. Bracchiere,5. m. a dng-keeper.

Bottegúccia, s. I. v. Boiteg- Bracciajuća, s. f.Ja bracelet, a Borsajo, a purse-maker or sell- hetta.

Bracale, s. m. j wrist-band. Botticélla, s. f. a small toad.- - Brucciile, a bracer to put on Borsajuólo, a cutpurse, a pick- Bottice!!d, a small barrel. one's arm when one plays at pocket. Botticílio, s. in.

the great bull. Borsellino, s. m. dim.of Corsa, Botticina, s. f. dim.of Botte. Braccialetto, s. m. bracelet. borsótta, s. f. } a fob. Botticino, s. m.

Bracciat:1, s. f an arm-full.
Borsiglio, v. Borscilino.
Borrigliere, s. m. a butler.

Bracciatih adj. fat, luxe. Porsótto,s. m. a purse, a pouch, Bottiglieria, s. f. a butler's Briparélla, Hiin. of Bracciíta. a bag to put money in.

place or office.

Braeciatello,s. m. 2. sort of cake Borzacchino, s. m. buskin. Cottino, s. m. booty, plunder so hard as to crackle under Bosságlia, s. í. wood, forest. Mettere a butlino, to plun- the teeth. Boscaiuolo,s. m. one that dwells der, to sack.

Bracciére, s. m. a lady's usher. in woods.

Botto, s. m. stroke, blow.-Bráccio, s. m. an aim; plur. le Kato, adj. woody, full of Hullo di compano, the toll of a braccia, s. f. -ireccio, an arm woods.

bell.-Di bollo, adv. presently of the sea.---Bricrio, a sort ci Boscheréccio, adj. rural, per- Bottonatúra, s. f. the buttons measure of leugth.--Spendere taining to woods, of a suit.

a bruccie quatre, co spend high. Boschettino, dim. of Boschetto. Bottoncello, s. m. small button. -Stare colie vruccia in cruce, to Baschigno, adj. woody, rural. Boitoncino, t. Bottoncillo. be idle.lare aille brurein, to Boeco, s. m. a wood, a forest.-- Bottóne, s. mn. a button.- Bot wrestle.- Braccio, arm,power.

Esser da bosco e de riviera, to be tóne, bud of plants.-Dar un l braccio secolare, the tem- fit for any thing bottore, to give a hint.

poral power Bescóso, adj. woody.

Bottoniére, s. f. button-hole. Ifracciolino, s. m. a lictie arm boss, s. m. box-tree.

Bottume, s. m. all manner of Braccióne, a great arm. Eişsolájo, s. m. box-maker. wine cayks.

Bracciuolo, s. m. something to Bussoio, a box wherein they love, s. 8. fetters, shackles.- lean upon with one's arms. gather the votes at the elec Poikh an ox; better bue. Bracco, s. m. a sercing-dog tion of any magistrate.--L'ús- Bovina, s, f. cow's tung: Eracto di mani guido, a belief VOL. I.





affect me.

or bum-bailiff.

a brano, he was torn to pieces. Dare briga, to be troublesome. Brace, s. f. live coal, burnin Lezar i brani, to speak -Brign, controversy, debate, coal.-Brace, small coals. against.

quarrel.Niettere in brig«, to Brache, s. f. breeches... Do

Braváccio, a bully, a hector. set at odds.-biriga, business, le brache, breeches, to wear Bravamente, adv. bravely. affair. breeches.

Braváre, to vaunt and vapour. Brigante, adj. intriguing, cunBrachetta, s. f. a cod-piece. Braváta, s. f. a bravado.

ning, Jaborious, diligent, Brachierajo, truss-maker. Bravázzo, v. Bravaccio. active, industrious.- rigiinte Brachiére, s. m. a truss, a band. Braveggiáre, to carry it high. 2 quarrelsone fellow.lirio age:

Braveria, s. f. bravery. gante, a robber, a rogue, a ragBrácia, v. Brace.

Bravo, adj. brave, valiant, cou gamuffa. Braciajuolo, s. m. a coal-mer- rageous. --Braco, s. m. a bully, Brigantino, s. m. a brigantine. chant.

a hector, a swaggerer. - praco, Brigáre, to trouble one's self Braciere, s. m. a fire-pan, a bravo, very well, very well, about a thing, to be busy brasicr. bravo!

about-Brigare un carica, to Braciuola, s. f.a steak.-Braci Bravúra, s. f. bravery, spirit. make interest for a place. ola di castruto, a mutton chop, Breccia, s. f. a breach.--Questo Brigáta, s. f. company,crew.

braciuola di vitella, a veal non mi fa breccia, this does not Trevarsi in brigata, to meet 10cutlet.

gether.-brigata, progeny, Bracóne, s. m great breeches. Brenna,a jade, a bad horse. Obs. offspring-lirigata di starne,

-bracóne, a vile rascal, a cow- Bréttine, s. f. the reins of a a brood of partridges.-Bria ard. horse.

gáta, a brigade. Brado, adj. a general name for Bretto, adj. steril, barren. Brigatella, s. f. an endearing

neat catile that is not above Breve, s. f. a brief, or pope's diminutive of Brigata.--B1 three years old.

letter. Brece, s.f. short, brief. gatella, s. f. a small family. Bradúme, s. m. a herd of great -Prevc, adv. in a short time, Briglia, s. f.a bridle.-Correre & catie.

shortly.- In brete, shortly. tuita briglia, to run full speed. . Brage, v. Brace.

Breve, a spell supposed good - briglia sciolta, rashly Braghiére, o. Brachiere. against witchcraft.

Lasciar la iriglia in sul colo ad Drágia, s. f. v. Brace.

Brevemente, adv. briefly, in uno, to leave one to take his Rrago, s. m. slime, mire, dirt. short.

own course. --Tener la briglia, Brama, s. f. desire, eagerness. Breviale, 2

to bridle, to keep in. Bramáre, to covet, to desire.

a breviary. Breviário,

Brigliajo, a maker or seller of Brámito, s. m. the cry of seve- Brevicello, s. m. a litile amu bridles. ral beasts.

let, good against infection or Briglione, s. m. a great bridle. Bramosamente, adj. greedily: witchcraft, when worn about Brigósu, adj. litigious, quarrela Bramóso, adj. desirous, greedy, one's neck. eager.

Brevilóquio, s. m. a short dis- Brillamento, s. m. brightness. Branca, s. f. the fang, claw,

Brillante,adj. sparkling, bright: paw, clutch of any beast. - Brevità, s. f. shortness, brevity, --liriilínie, s. m. a brilliant. Brancy, a branch. compendiousness.

Brilláre, to shine, to sparkle. Brancére, to gripe, to seize. Brezza, s. t. , a cold and windy i --Brillise, to shew joy.--11 Brancáta, s. f. a handful. Brezzolína, s mist.

cuor mi brilla e par ch'egli esca Brancicáre, to handle, to feel. Brezzolóne, s. m. a sharp cold fuure, my heart is ready to Brancicone, crawling. wind.

leap for joy-Brillare, to Andar brancicone, to go grop- Bríachézza, drunkenness. sparkle. Briaco, adj. drunk

Brillatójo, s. m. a sieve. Branco, s. m. a herd of swine, Bríacóne,s.m.a great drunkard. Brilio, s. m. joy, gladness. a drove of cattle, a shole of Bricca, s. f. a wild and steep brilio, adj. tipsy. fish, a flight of birds, a flock plate.


white frost, hoar of gecse, a bevy of quails, a Briccola, s. f. a warlike engine Brinata, s. f.) frost. pack of knaves, a brood of to shoot stones.

Brindisévole, adj. fit for a toast, chickens.

Briccónc, a knave, a rogue. Brindisi, s. m. to you, your Brancoláre, to grope along: Bricconeggiáre, to lead the life health, a word nsed in drink.. brancoláre, to feel, to fumble. of a rogue.

ing Brancolóne

Bricconeria, s. f. cheat, roguery, Brinóso, adj. frosty:
knavish trick.

Brio, s. mn. meitle, fire, life.
Brancuccia, dim. di branca. Bricia, s. f. a cruin, a small part Brioso, adj. mettlesome.
Brandello, s. m. a bit or small of any thing that breaks off. Brisciamento, s. m. sudden,
Briciolétta, s. f. a little crum.

quivering with cold. Brandire, to brandish.

Briciolino, s. m. a little crum. Brivido, s. m. piercing or freezBrandistucco, a kind of dagger. Briciolo, s. m. O Briciola, s. f. ing cold. Brando, s. m. a sword.

a small part of bread that Brizzoláto, adj. speckled, Prandóne, s. m. a bit, a piece. breaks oft:

freckled, flea-bitten. Brano, 6. n. a small part or bit Brieve, o. Breve.

Bróbbio, m.: reproach. of a thing: -tu luccratu bruno Briga, s. f. trouble, disquiet.- Obs..




brancolóni;} v. Branciconi.

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Brocca, s. f. pitcher, water- | Bronzo, s. m, cast copper or Brustoláre, o. Abbrustolare. pot-Verrico a brocca, profess- brass.

Brutále, adj. brutish. ed enemy-Dur di brocca, to Brucáre, to strip off leaves.- Brutalità, s. m. brutality. bit the nail,

Brucáre, to take off.-Brucare, Bruralmente, adv. brutally. Broccare, to spur.

to go away.--Brucare, to Bruto, s. m. a brute, a beast. Broccáta, s. f. blow, stroke.

scamper away. A ludicrous Bruttamente, adv. filthily, Broccáto, s. m. lists, a place word.

dirtily, villainously,shamefulwith rails for tournaments. Bruciáre, to burn.-Bruciare, ly, in an ugly manner. Broccata, brocado, a sort of to itch, to smart.

Bruttaménto, s. m. filthiness, stuff.

Bruciata, s. f. roasted chesnut. / nastiness.
Brocchiére, a little round Bruciatájo, he that sells roasted Bruttáre, to foul, to soil.
Brocchiéro, ) buckler. chesnuts.

Bruttería, s. f. nastiness, filthiBrocciíre, to prick with a spur, Brúcio, s. m. the same as Bruco. to put on, to forward.

Brucioláto, adj. spoiled by the Bruttózza, s. f. ugliness, der Brocco, s, m, a peg, a dry

formity.--Bruttérza, nastiness, branch of a tree that pricks. Brúcioio, s. m. a little worm. filthiness. -Bricco, the shoot or stalk. -- Brúciolo, shavings of wood. Brutto, adj. ugly, unsightly.--Dar nel brocco, to hit the Brucióre, smarting, sore itch- Brutto, foul, filthy.--Brutto, nark-Dar nel brocco, to guess ing.

villainous, unworthy, base, right

Bruco, s. m. grub, caterpillar.' | sordid, shameful. Broccolo, s. m. sprouts, tops Bruíre, to rumble, as the guts Bruttóre, s. m. I nastiness,filthior rendrils that grow upon do in one's belly.

Bruttúra, s. f. s ness, coleworts or cabbages, broc- Brulicáme, s. m. s. Bulicame. Bruzzáglia, s. f. the rabble. coli. Brulicáre, to stir up.

Bruzzo, s. m. the twilight in Broccolúto, adj. full of Brulichio, s. m. motion, stir- the evening.-In sul fur bruzzo, sprouts. ring.

at the dusk of the evening. Broccíso, full of pegs or Brúllo, naked, bare, poor. Búa, s. f. a word that children Broccúto, stumps.-Setu broc- Brullótto, s. m. fire-ship.

when something ails cora, knotty silk, Bruma, s. f. mid-winter.

them. Broda, s. f swill, hog wash. Brumále, adj. winterly. Buáccio, a large clumsy ox.-

Brorlá, mire, mud. Versar la Brumásto, s. m, a kind of vine. Buaccio, a dolt, a blockhead. broda adusso altrui, to cast the Brunázzo, adj. swarthy and Buassággine, s. f. dulness, aukblame upon another. ugly:

wardness Brodajo,

adj. brownish, Búbbola, s.f.a whoop or hoop, that loves broth. Brunétto, Brodajućlo, swarthy.

a bird so called. Prodétto, s. m. thin broth with Brunézza, s. f. blackness, swar- Bubboláre, to bubble, to de eggs in it.-Andure in brodetto, thiness.

ceive. do feel a long and vehement Brunire, to burnish.

Búbbole, s. f. idle stories. pleasure.

Brunitójo, s. m. burnishing- Bubbolóne, a babbler. Brodo, broth.-Andare in broilo, stick.

Bubbóne, s. m. a sore about the to melt with joy.-- Lamentarsi Brunitore, s. m. a burnisher. groin, a Winchester goose. del brodo grasso, to complain Brunitúra, s. f. the act of-bur- Bubbúlca, s. f. acre of of ease. nishing.

Bubbulcáta, ground. Brodolóso, adj. slovenly, nasty. Bruno, š. m. mourning.-Por- Buca, s. f. a hole. --Buca sepolBrogiótto, s. in. a kind of fig: ture il bruno, to be in mourning. crale, the grave. Fare una Brogliáre, to embroil, to en -Bruno, adj. -brown, dark. buca in terra, to die.Dov'è la tangle.

Una bruna, a brown maid or buca è il granchio, no fire withBrézlio, s, m. tumult, noise. woman.---- Bruno, over-cast, out smoke. Brollo, v. Brullo.

gloomy --Vista bruna, a me- Bucacchiáre, to make holes, Brolo, a garland, a chaplet of lancholy look.

Bucáre, flowers.

Brunotto, adj. brownish. Bucára, s. f. v. Bucato. Bróncio, s. m. anger, passion. Brusca, s. f. a brush. Bucato, adj. bored, pierced. -Pigliure il broncio, to fall in Bruscamente, adv. bluntly, Bucéto, s. m. lye to wash with. 2 passion.—Tener broncio, to sourly, snappishly.

Grembial di bucato, a clean fly into a passion.

Bruschetto, adj. sourish. apron - Bucato, as much linen Bronco, s. m. stub or stump of Bruschézza, sourness, sharp- as can be washed at one time. a tree.-Bronco, conger, a sort

-Risciacquare il bucato, co of fish.

Brusco, adj. sour, tart, sharp. chide or reprimand. Broncóne, s. m. a branch or -Vin briosco, rough wine. - Bucatino, a small washing. bough of a tree hewed down. Brusco, grim, crabbed, rough, Búcchero, s. m. a vessel made

- Broncúne, wine prop.com harsh. ---Tempo brusco, sharp with an odoriferous kind of Broncone, a kind of pear.

weather. --- }riesco,s.m, fescue, clay. Brontoláre, to grumble or mut. siaw, moat. --Brusco, adv. Búccia, s. f.rind, bark.--Buccia, ter: sourly, roughly.

skin.--Tutti d'una buccia, ali of Bronzíno, adj. of the colour of Bruscalino, the least fescue. Bucciére, s m. a butcher. Obs

the same cask. copper or brass.

Brúscolo, s. m.




Búccina. s. f. a trumpet. Buffe, s. m. whiff; the act of Bulicáme, s. m. a source.
Buccináre, to sound a trumpet. blowing out a candle at once. Bulicáre, to bubble.

- líceint, they say, it is Buffonáre, to play the buffoon. Búlima, s. f. a great crowd. said.

Buffoncéllo, I s. m. diminutive Búlimo, s. m. canine hunger. Búccio. s. m. bark, rird, shell. Butti neino, } of buffone, a Bulíno, s. m. a burin. Bucciolina, s. f. a thin riud. Scofier.

Bulla, o, Bolla. Buccićso, adj. carky.

Butfone, s. mn. a buffoon, a Bullétta, s. f. a büilet or ticket. Bucciuilo, 3. m. the space be- jester. -Far dosso di bujone, to -Bulletia della sanità, a certitween the two joints or knots put up an afiront.

ficate of health. Tirar le bolof a récd.

Buffoneggiare, to play the buf- lette, to draw lots.-Bulletta, Buccélica, s. f. pastoral songs foon.

a stud. -Bidletta, warrant. or verses.-- Peate a buceroy Buffonería, s. f. scurrility, buf. Bullettina, s. f. dim. of Bullira, to think about having foonry, drollery.

Bullettino, s. m.) létta. something to eat. A vulgar Bufoláčrio, a clumsy buffalo.- Bulsina, s. f. straitness of phraec.

B foloccio, a clumsy rascal. Bulsíno, s. m.} breath, pursiBuccólico, ad; pastoral. Buioláta, a race anciently run Bucillo, a young X, i bullock. with buffaloes.

Buonaccordo, s. m. a musical Bicentóro, s. m the name of a Búfulo, s. m. a buffalo.-Pelle stringed instrument. stutely slip or gal vi in di bufoo, buil-skin.

Buonaguráto, adj. lucky. which the dog of Venice Bufolóne, s. m. augm. of Búfo- Buonamente, adv. truly, realgoes to marry the Adriatic lo.

ly. oa Ascension-day. Bucentaur. Buforchiare, to grumble. Buonavóglia, s. m. a man that Bucber.inie, s. in. buckrari. Bugiano, an unmannerly man. takes money to be a galleyBicheráre, to make holes.-- Obs.

slave. Bucherere, to seek for prefer- Bugia, s. f. a lie, a fib.-Bugia, Buondato, adj. abundance.nient. a hand-candlestick.

Buondutó, adv. much, Bucheráttoli, s. f. a very little Bugiardáccio, augment. of Bu- Buono, adj. good.-Buono, hole. giárdo.

simple, innocent.-- -Brono, Bocherát:olo, s. a small Bugiardamente, falsely. wholesome, fit, commodious, bole.

Bugárda, s. f. 7 a liar.-Bugi- - Buone parole, fair words.Ericáre. to move, to stir. Bugiardo, s. mn.j ardo, adj.false, Buono, favourable, propitious. Pucinamento, s. m. whispering. untrue.

-Gili diede una buona somma di ---Bucinanı’nto, a tinging in Pugiardóne, s. m. a great liar. danari, he gave him a great one's ears.

Bugiarduolo, s.

s. m. a little liar. sum of money.—Dibuono fare, Bucináre, to whisper.--Sibuci- Bugiare, to tell fibs.-Bugiare, sincerely, candidly:-Di bizon na per la città, they, wlnisper to picrce a hole.

colere, unanimously.-Buon di, aboi the town.--Che se ne bira Bugiétta, s. a little lie.

good day-Di buona cogia, cinu? what do they say of it? Bugigatto, a lurking-place.

willingly --Buono, s. m. good, Búcine, s. m. a bow-net, a net Bugigáttolo, i

advantage, benefit.-Coile to catch fish.

Búgio, adj. bored, that has a brone, with fair and good Bucinétto, s. m. a small bow- hole.

words.- Trottare colle bune, Bugione, s. m. a great lie. to use one kindly --Far byono, Buco, s. m. a hole.

Bugiúzza, s. f. a little lie. to give one credit for.-Far Bucolino, 2. m. a litele hole. Bugliuúlo, s. M. a little barrel.

b:voro, to grant. Budeliame, the bowels. Buglóssa, s. f. bugloss, ox-Buranése, s. f. a kind of sweet Budallo, s. m gut; plural, Bu- congue.

grapes. della, s. f.

Bugno, s: m. a bee-hive. Burattéllo, a bolting-cloth for Budriére, s. r. a belt,

Búgnola, s. f. a great wicker meal. Búe, r, m. anox-Hue salatica, Bugnolo, s. m. S to keep corn Burattino, s. m. a puppet..a wild bull.hur, a block in.

Giucu di burattini, a puppethead, a dull fcliow.

Bujáccio, s. mn. frigitful dark- shew. Bul'ssa, s. f. an ignorant wo

Buratto, s. m. a bolter. Bujétto, adj. a little darkish. Burbánza, s. f. ostentation, paBúfalo, v. Bufo.o.

Buino, adj. of or belonging to Bufara, s. f. a whirlwind.

Burbanzáre, brag, 'Putf, s. f idle story, crick, Bujo, 6. mn. darkness. Stare al boast.

cheat.--Farrun busin, to play bujo, to be in darkness.---Fre Burbanzésco, adj. prond, a trick.-Prendere 'n buta, io le cose al injo, to act inconsi- Burbanziére, haughty. take in jest.-Byffir,the breath. derately. Beijo, adj. dark, Burbanzóso, adj. vain-glorious, ing-bole of a head-piece- gloomy - Votte buja, a dark baughty. Tirur più la bulla, to lay aside night.-Bujo, hard to underFúrt era, s. f. a crane to raise w!! modesty; stand, obscure.

weights. Bwfire, to trifle to joke, to jest. Bujórc; s. m. darkness. Púrbero, adj. crabbed, sullen, Bullirito, a, m, a fillip. Porn Bif- Bujóse, a cant word for prisons. suriy.- Viso burbero, a proud to, a Freoch roll.- Bufetlo, Bulbo, s. m. bulb.

and angry face. apluard, sideboard.

Buldriána, s. f. harlot, whore. Burchillo, s. 1. a boat.




rade, pomp

an ox or cow.



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