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Bárchio, s. m. a fresh-water be at a loss, to despair. Cacatella, a filthy prostitute. boat.

Bussóne, s. f. a wind-instru- Cacatójo, s. m. a necessary, Burella, s. f. dungeon, prison. ment of musick, formerly house. Obs.


Cacatúra, 8. f. the action of one Bariaao, appellative of a par- Busto, s.m. a bust.-Busto,stays, that cases himself. ticular kind of wine.


Cacca, cack, as children say Irriásso, a boaster. Butirro, s. m. butter.

when they want to void. Buria, s. f. jest, banter. Buttágra, s. f. caviary, botar- Cacca, blear-eyedness. Butláre, to laugh at, to banten go.

Caccabáldole, blandishments. -Surársi, to make nothing Buttáre, to throw, to fling Caccáo, s. m. a fruit in India ef, to laugh at.--Burlársi, to away.

like an almond. joke, to be in jest.

Butteráto, adj. pitted with the Cácchiatélla, s. F. thin cake. Iurlatöre, s. mi a banterer. small-pox.

Cacchione, s. m. drone.-CucBurlesco, > facetious, Báttero, s. m. a mark that a top c'rióne, maggot. Earlevóle, adj. S merry, comi- makes with its peg:-Búttero, Cacchionóso, full of maggots. cal


Cáccia, s. f. hunting, chasing. Burliéro, adj. merry, comical. Buitteríso, adj. pitted with the Caccia, huntsmen.-- Prender Burlonáccio, s. m. a silly jest small-pox.

cuccia, to fly away:--Coccia, Búturo, s. m. a kipd of fat game, any thing taken in Burlóne, s. m. a banterer. clay.

hunting.--Andere in caccia, to Burrasca, s. f. teripest, storm. Buzzicáre, to stir, to move, to go after.-Mellere in caccia, to

-Correr brrasca, to run a risk. sneak along, to sneak away chase. Caccia, chase at teg-
Bisráco, s. m. a rocky place. slowly:--buzzicáre,io whisper. nis.
E:r.0, s. m. butter,

Buzzicchio, a little noise. Cacciadiávoli, s. m. 2 conjurer. Eurróne, s. m. a cliff.

Buzzo, s. m. belly. A low Cacciagióne, s. f. game, veniBurroo, adj. buttery.

word.-Buro, a pincushion. ---Cucciagióne, hunting, Easbaccare, to deceive, to Buzzóne, adj. big-bellied. A chasing --Bosco da cacciogióne, chear.

low word. ---Buzzone, a glut- a wood for hunting --CacciaBisbaccheria, s. f. craft, wile.

A low word.

giúve", chase, pursuit. to bácco, 7 deceiver,

Cacciamento, s. m. the act of Bisbaccone, s. m. $ cheat.

expelling Basbo, s. 1a. cheat, sharper.

Cacciare, to hunt, to chase. Busca, s. f. quest.-s ndare alla.


Caccióre, to chase, to pursue. buca, to go a begging,

---Cuciáre, to turn out, to send Bescalfana, s. f. a sorry horse

away.--Cacciar di casa, to turn

ont of doors.--Caccidre, to Buscáre, to hunt after, to en C. In Italian, before A, O, put or drive out.-Un chiodo deavour to get, to prowl.

U, before H, and before cuccia l'altro, one nail drives Buschette, s. f. little sticks or any consonant, has a hard another.----Cacciur gli occhi ad straw.

sound like K in English. O uno, to pull one's eyes out. Buscióne, s. f. a bush of thorns. before E, and before I, has --Cacciare, to drive in, to Bus 0, s. m. the shoot of a tree. the sarne sound as Ch in the thrust ia. Buscolino, s. m. an atom or words che-nut and chick. Cacciata, s. f. expulsion. mote.

Ca, s. f. house. Obs. except Cacciatója, s. f. pincers. Buséschia, s. f. ? garbage,

in Ca del Dia olo, hell.

Cacciatore, a hunter.-Caccia. Busécchio, s. in. ) tripes Cábala, s. f. cabala.

táre, a chaser, a driver. Busaa, s. f. an instrument to Cabalista, s. mn. a cabalist. Cacciatrice, a huntress. plav upon.

Cabalístico, adj. mysterious. Cáccole, s. f. the matter that Baso, adj. empty, vain. Cacacciuto, a senseless fellow. runs out of blear eyes. Busine, s. mn. a kind of instru. Cacajuóla, 5. f. diarrhæa. Caccolóso, adj. blear-eyed. ment to play upon.

Cacalería, s. f. said jucularly , (acherello, s. m. tredles of a Bussa, s. f. trouble,grief, labour. insteld of Cavelleríž, horse-sheep, crotels of a rabbit or -Eaza, blow, stroke. manship, or chivalry. hara, the dung of a mouse. Bussamento, s. m. the act of Cacalsechio! an interjection of Cacheria, s. f. affectation, koocking, of giving blows. I wonders

Cacheróso, adj. quaint, nice.Bussáre, to knock. Bássare. Cacao, s. m. 9. Caccio.

Fossil caceréso, to set up for a obla porta, to knock at the Cacapensiéri, a raiser of ima- beau. door.

ginary difficulties. A low Cachessía, s. f. a bad disposition Bussatóre, one that knocks. word.

of the body by bad diet, or Busse, s. f. pl. thumps, blows. Cácare, to yoid.

long sickness. Busserto, s. m. a mallet. Cacasangue, a dysentery. Cachectico, adj. hectic. Busso, s. m. noise.- Busso, care, Cacasódo, a stiff conceited fel. Cachínno, s. m. loud laugh. solicitude. Obs Busso, box. low.

Cácio, s in. cheese ---Esser pane tree, or box-wood.

Cacastécchi, a niggardly fellow. e cucio, to be intimate. * Bússola, s. f. the mariner's Cacatamente, adv. slowly and Cacità, s. f. a disease that comes Reedle.Perder la briosola, to aukwardly.

in women's breasts.

or mare.


Caciuola, s. f. any flat round | Cagionatóre, he that causes. Calamítra, s. f. loadstone. Obs. cheese.

Cagioncélla, s. f. a little cause Cálamo, s. m. a reed, a cane. Cacografia, s. f. fault in writ. or pretence.

Calandra, s. f. a sort of lark. ing:

Cagione, s. f. cause, occasion, Calandríuo, s. m. a simpleton, Cacúme, s. m. top, summit. motive.- agióne, excuse, a

far calandrino qualchelluno, Cadávere;

pology.- Trovar cagióne, to s. m, a dead body. find some reason.---Caciine, that the moon is made of

to make somebody believe Cadávero, Cadénte, adj. falling-Carlente, want of health.-Prender co green cheese. deficient, wanting.-rudenza, gióne, to take the opportunity. Calandro, s. m. v. Calandra. cadence, a musical word. -For casione ad uno, to lay io Calappio, s. m. a sliding knot. Cadére, to fall. Parcader mortu, one's charge.

Caláre, to descend, alare - le to knock down dead. --Catére, Cagionevole, adj. crazy, sickly, vele, to strike sail.- Calar giú, to happen, to fall out.-Cader valetudinary, indisposed, not to go down.-Calarsi ad una nell' animo, to come into one's well.

cosu, to yield.-Caláre, to demind-Cader permano, to come Cagionóso, o Cagionevole. crease, to wear away-Net into one's hands by chance, Cagionúzza, s. f. a trifling calar del giorno, towards the to meet with.--Cadere in dis

evening.-La luna cala, the corso, to come to talk-Calere Cagliáre, to quail in one's Toon wanes.Caláre, to fah in tarlio, to sell convenient- courage.

in its price or value.-Caláre, ly ladire, to decline, to de-Cagna, s. f. a bitch.

to ebb or flow, as the tide. cay.-C.dere, to belong to.--- Cagnaccio, 7 augmentatives of Calarla a quincheduno, to play Nón corde a voi il riprendermi, Cagnázzo, Ś Cane.

somebody a trick.-Calare, to 'tis not your business to cor- Cagneggiáre, to show crueltybe light, not of full weight. sect me:--Crdere in bocca al Cagnescamente, adv. in a surly Caláta, s. f. descent, or steep cane, to miscarry in his de. manner, surlily.

side-Calata, abatement, lessigos.

Cagnésco, adj. Of or belonging sening, fall. Cadetto, s. m. a cadet, a young to a dog, doggish, currish. Calca, 's. f. crowd, press, multier brother. A French word Cagnétto, s. m. a little dog or tude.-Incalca, in a crowd.Jately introduced in Italy. puppy.

Mescolarsi nella calcu, to crowd Cadevole, adj. frail, brittle. Cagnóla, s. f., a little puppy

in. Cadimento, s. in. fall.-Caddi-Cagnolétta, Š bitch. Calcagnáre, to run away. mento, fall

, destruction.-Ca- Cagnoletto, s. m, a little dog. Calcagno, s. mn. the heel.–Pagat tinenta, despondence. Cagnolino, s. din. of Cagnuolo. di calcánna, to run away. Cadmia, s. f. brass-ore. ('agnótto, s. m. a brave, a Calcamento, s. m. trampling, Caducéo, S. m. Mercury's hectoring blade.

pressing, treading upon: wand. Cagnotto,

Calcára, s. f. a kind of oven or Cadu:ità, s. f. frailty.


a little dog, furnace to catcine vitreous Cadúco, adj. frail, perishable. Cagtudlo, s. m.

à puppy:

matter in. Mai cartúco, the falling-sick. Caicca, s. m.a sort of little ship. Calcáre, to press, to weigh

Caimane, s. m. a kind of alli-down, to tread upon.-Cala Cadúno, adj. each one, every gator.

core, to oppress, to keep unCaina, - 8. f. a place in hell der. Cadúta, s. f. fall.

wliere, as Dante fancies, trai- Calcataniénte, adv. close, closeCadutell 3, s. f. a light fall.- tors are torinented.

lv. Cadilo; abject, faint, cast Cala, s. f. bay, a road for ships. Caicátn, adj. pressed.---Luogo down.

Calabróne, s. m. a hornet. csérito, a place crowded with Caffare, to make an odd num- Calafatáre, to çaik, to calk a people.- Via calcáta, the higtiDer with the tice.

ship, to stop her cracks. way or road. Caffe, s. m. coffee-cari, cof-Calafato, s. m 'calker, one that Calcatóre, s. m. a' treader. fee-house. calks ships.

('alcator d'ururi, a treader of Caffettáno, s. ni. a shepherd's Calan, úja, s. f o Calamājo, s. m. grapes. frock.

the name of an eatable fish on Calcatréppo, 1 s. m. starCatietriéra, 5. m. coffee-pot. the coasts of Italy. Caifo, s. m. an odd number.- Calamájo, s. m. an ink-horn. St. Barnabas thistle. Novero cao, an odd number. Calaménto, s. m. the act of Calcatrice, s. -Catto, singular, rare, choice. going down; descent, steep treader.--Calcutrice, a cockalo sono il calo degli sciugurati,

trice. I am the most unfortunate in Calamistro, s. m. crisping-pan. Calcatúra, s. f. treading. , "the world' --Girocowe (I pari e Calamnita, s. f. the loadstone.-Calce. s. f. the part of the lance

a raffo, to play at even or oud. Calumítu, the needle of the next or below any part grasp Caggénte, adj. falling: compass.

ed by the warrior in battle. Cággere, obs. t. Cadcre. Crianita, calamity.

Calcedónio, s. m. 7. Calcidonio. Cagionamento, s. m. cause. Calamitáre, to rub iron on the Calcése, s. m. a step in a ship. Cagionáre, to cause, to occa loadstone to inake it imbibe Calcestruzzo, s, m. cement, sion.--Cagionare, to impute, its power. to charge with.

Calamitóso, adj. calamitous: Calcétto, s. m, a sock.





ni. a woman



nest ness.

Calciánte, s. m. he that plays at Caldétto, adj. milk-warm,some-Calláre, s. M. v. Callája: calcio.

what hot.

Calle, $. m. path, road, street, Calcicáre, to refuse, to resist. Caldézza, s. f. warmth, warm passage. Cacicare, to trample, to tread. ness.---l'aldísza, fervency, ear- Callo, s. m. corn, callosity.-Calcidónio,-s. m. a kind of

Far il callo, to use one's self. precious stone. Caldita, s. f. heat.

Callóne, s. m. a passage: Calcina, s. f. lime.

Caldo, 5. m. heat. Fa caldo, it Calloria, s. f. the act of dungCalcináccio, 4. m. rubbish of is hot — Morir di caldo, to be ing fields. old ruinous houses.

extremely hot.--Caldo, heat, Callosità, s. f. callosity. Calcináre, to calcine.

ardour, vehemence..Caldo, Callóso, adj. full of corns-Cala Calcinatúra, calcina- adj. hot, warm.-i'ado, affe- luso, firm, hard. Caleinazione, s. f. S tion. tionate, kind, fervent, earnest. Calma, s. f. a calm.--Culma cha Calcio, s. m. á kick. Dar de' - Wdo, hustful, lecherous. mente, calmness. calo, to kick-alco, the foot Cogna calda, a proud bitch. Calmáre, to calm, to quiet, to L'ar calci alle ricchezze, to Callo caldo, adv. in a moment. appease. despise riches.Tar codci al Caldúecio, s. m. a small heat. Caimáto, adj. calmed, appeasreais, to be hanged.--Jo non Caldúra, s. f. heat, sultry heat. ed. tag 10 gresto calcio in gola; 1 Calefatáre, to calk, to calk Calmóne, si mi cant language, don't love to be in your debt. ships.

such as rogues use among -dio, a game used in Calefato, s. m. a calker. theinselves in calmone, adv. Fiorence of foo ball.

Caleffóre, to laugh at. Ohs. in cant, gibberishly. Calcitrare, to kick -Caleitráre, Calendário, s. m. a calendar. Calo, s. m. decay, dimnimation, to resist, to refuse. Calénde, s. f.

abatement.--Il culo dell'acqua, Caicitróso, adj. kicking.


4.} calends. the ebb of the water. Calvoláre, to calculate. Calerzuolo, s. f. a goldfinch. Calogna, s. f. calumny. Obs. Calcolatore, s. m. accountant. Calere, ver. imperf. to care, to Calugnáre, io calumniate. Obs. Cácole, s. f. a weaver's treadle. have respect for. Non vi ne Calonacáto, e Caronicáto, Obs. Calcoléria, s. fi the art of cast caglia, don't trouble yourself' 0. Cantunicato. ing accounts.

about it.--Il vostru onore mi cale, Calonáco, e Calúnico, Obs. o. Cálcolo, s. m. calculation. I am jealous of your honour. Canonivo. Cálculo, a little pebble or lettere in non cale, not to Calonmiarórc, o, Calunniatáre. gravel stone.-acolo, the care.--Di yuel che non ti cule, Calore, s. m. heat, warmth. stone in the reins or bladder. non dir ben ne male, don't Caloría, s. f. fierce heat. Calcolóso, adj. full of pebble meddle with what concerns Calorifico, adj. heating.

you not.

Caloróso, adj. very hot. Calculáre, Obs. e. Calcoláre. Calésse,

Chloscio; adj. tender, young,

calash, caleche. Cálculo, Obs. 3. Calcolo. Calésso, )

soft. Calda, s. f. the hottest hour of Calestro, s. m. steril ground. Calpestaménto; s. m. adji the the day.--Calda, the act of Calétta, s. f. a slice, a bit. act of trampling upon. keating-Batter due chiodi ad Calia, s. f. bits of guld.--Calia, Calpestáre, to tread or tranple 2*1 calda, to kill two birds a jot, nothing.–Vė lisca ca under foot. -Calpes áre, to with one stone. 'olde alles e, lia, nothing at all.

stight, to scorn. hoe boiled chesnuts.—Calek | Calibro, s. m. the bore of a Calpestáta, s. f. high-road, roste, bot roasted chesnuts. gun.

beaten road. Caldája, s. f.? chaldron, ket- Cálice, s. m. chalice, commu- Calpestio, s. m. the repeated Caldajo, s. m.] tle.

nion cup. Cálice, a drinking- act of stamping with the teet. Caldamente, adv. hotly,ardent- glass. Poet!

Calpésto, the same as Calpesly, vehemently, earnestly, Calicétto, small chalice or cup. táto, part. of Calpestare. l'oeCaldana, s. f. the hottest hour Calicióne, s. m. marchpane- sical. of the day.-Culdána, an in cake.

Calterire, to fetch the skin on, firmity goiten hy heat. Calidità, s. f. heat, warmth. Caterilo, impure, unclean, Caldaaino, dim. of Caldáno. Cálido, adj. hot, warın, . foul. faldano, s. m. a brazier för |Califfo, s. i. caliph, the king of Calieritúra, s. f. excoriation.

the Saracens.

Calváre, to make bald. Caldanúzzo, s. m. a little bra- Caligare, to grow dark, or Calvársi, to become bald. zier. misty.

Calico, poor, wretc!ied. Obs. Frideggiáre, to favour, to aid. Caligine, s. f. mist, fog-Cali- Calvello,a kind of barley. Lider ajo, s. m. brazier, tinker. gine, blindness, ignorame. Calvézza, s. f. baldness. Ulderello, the gold or Caliginoso, adj. dark, misty: (aláyine, s. f. the first down of lalderino, s. m.} thistle fish. Calisse, s. f. a kind of woollen birds. Calderóne, s. m. a kettle, a greut cloth.

Calvizio, s. m. baldness. kettle.

Calla, } entrance, pas- Caiumáre, to veer the cable. derótto, s. m. a pot, a seeth- Callája, s. f. S sage.

Calúnnia, calumny: ag-pot.

Callajétta, narrow passage. Calumiire, to calumniate. derúgio, s. m. a goldfinch. Callajuóla, s. f. a net or snare Calunniaióre, calumniator. saleruola, s. f. a skillet to lay at any passage.

Caiuntiosani’epte, idy, fadsly.





Calzarino,; }buskin.

Calzeróne, I woollen socks.

Clunnióso, adj. calumnious. ricissitude, change.

negozio in commino, to set 'a Cilvo, adj. bald, baid-pated. Cambióry, to turn, to change, thing a.going --Cunomino, a Clúra, s. f. heat. Obs. to alier.-'ambiz di canicia, chimney. Caluria, s. f. the act of dung- to shift one's self.--Cambiar Camiscia, r. Camicia. ing a field.

penne, to cast the feathers.- Cámo, 8. m. bridle, bit, rein. Calza, s. f. stocking.--Calza, Carbare, to change money: Camojárdo, a kind of camlet. the bag of a pipe.Calza, a Combiursi, to change colour. Camorro, s. m. a clown. strainer, or straining bag.-- Cambiatore, s, in. a banker. Camosciare, totan. Calza, a glister-pipe. Tirar Cambiatúra, s. m.change. Camóscia, s. m. chamois leale cake, to die. Vulgar. Cámbio, s. m. change, ex

ther. Calzaccia, s. f. old stocking, change.-Cogliere in cunbio, to Camótza, s. f. wild goat, chaCalzajuólo, s. m. a shoe-mak- be mistaken. In cambio, adv.! mois.

instead.-Letlera di cambio, a Campagna, s. f. the country.-Calzaménto, 8. m. shoes and billof exchange.- l'ambiosecco, Campaignu, a campaign.-- Vieta stockings, any thing that exchange of money without trrsi in campagnu, to take the covers the leg and foot. allowance.-Render' il cambio, field.-Campagna,a plain open Calzánte, adj. that comes on to requite.

country. easily.Scarpa calzante, a shoe, Cambruja, s. m. cambrick cloth. Campagruilo, 1 adj. of fields, that sits well.

Camelconte, s. m. cambrick Campa vólo, 5 rural.-In Calzáre, to put on shoes and cloth.

campagnúolo, a country man. stockings.- Questo non mi calza, Cameleonte, s. 0. Cama- -Legge campajuola, the agraI like it not.--Calzáre, s. m. leonte.

rian law. shoes and stockings. Camera, s. m. chamber, room. Campále, pertaining to the Calzarétto,

l'umera locanda, lodgings field.-Giornutu campule,battle,

ready furnished.--Camera di fight. Calzáto, adj. that has shoes lortu, bed-chamber.---Cámera Campána, s. f. a bell.-Cumpáand stockings on.

d'udienza, audience-chamber. na, alembick, still.-Campuna, Calzatója, s. m. a shoeing-piece. -Camera terrena, parlour.- a tympan in building.--jut

C'âmera di po!., a cabin.-''á la campana di un pezzo to do a Calzerótto, s meru, chamber to keep public thing at once.

-Suomur le cumCalzétta, s. f. stocking, hose. writings in.

pane, to ring the beli.- here Calzettájo, s. m. houer. Caineráccia, s. f. a degrading le campane grosse, to be ibick Calzo, s, m. the fitting well of auginentative of Camera; an of hearing --Campung, a glass shoes. ugly room.

bell. Calzolajo, s. m. shoe-maker. Camerale, adj. pertaining to the Campanaccio, s. m. a bell to Calzoleria, s. m. a shoe-maker's chamber.

hang at the cow's or rani's shop.

Cameráta, club, society.-Un neck. Calzóni, s. m. plur. breeches. cumeruta, camarade, cuinrade. Campanijo, s. m. a bellman, a Calzublo, s. m. ferrel. Camerélla, ?,

bell-ringer, a bell-founder. Camáglio, s. m. the neck-piece Cameretta, Jdinu. of Camera.

diin. of

C'anipauella, s. f. of a coat of mail.

Carreriéra, s. f. chamber-maid. Companeilino, s. m. Campa. Cainaleón:e, Cameleonte, ca- Cameriére, s. m. groom. Campanello, s. m. melion.

Camerino, s in. hamber,closet. Can.paneliótta, s. f. Canpain Camamilla, s. f. the herb camo- Carnerlingo, s. n. a chamber- neli, a dvor-clapper like a maile. lain.

ring:-lunpunila, bell-lower, Camamillino, adj. of camomile. Camerútto, s. m. a little room. or blue-bell, ular a corique Camangiare, s. m. food, meat. -i'ancrétto, dungeon. nlle, stockings that hang

- Canangiure, all sorts of Cámice, s. mn. albe, a priest's down. herbs good to eat.

garment of white linen. Campanile, s. nu. belfry, steeple. Camangiarétto, s. m. dainty Camicetta, s. 1. dim.of Camicia. Campaniluzzo, a lilcie steepje. things.

Camicia, s. f, shirt, shift, smock. Campanóne, augiu. of CampCamarlingático, the office, Camicióne, s. m. 2 a loo:c!inen na. Camarlingato, s. m. $ of a high Camiciotto, s. m. upper vest, Campanúzza, v. Campanella. chamberlain.

Camiciuóla, s. f. waistcoat. Campare, to save, to deliver, Camarlíngo, o Camerlingo, s. Cainmellino, s. m. cloth so tall

to prescrve.--conspire, to esa m. chamberlain.--Comurlingo, ed.

cape, to shun.-luvigueur dulla valet de chambre. Not used Cammello, s. m. a camel. giustizia, to fly from justice.in this sense. ('amnico, s. m. camco.

Non ne can unit, nur one esCamarlinga, chamber-maid. Cammininte, a traveller. caped.-Currpare, to live. Obs.

Cammináre, to walk, to travel. Campeggiare, to encamp: Caméto, 3. m. a staff or stick. Cammináta, s. f. a hall. Ols. C'umugtáreto shine,to heights Carpatro), s. m. the pope's -Carminátu, a walk. en, to set 011.-nquesto discuttriple crown.

Camminatúre, s.m. walker. so ha fatto campegyiure la sua Cambiabile, adj. changeable. Cammino, s. m. way, road. eloquenza, he showed his elus Cambiadóre, s. in. a bonker. Cammin, journey.-enumino, quence in this speech. Cambiainćnto, s. m. alteration, a day's journey. Melkre un Camperoccio, adj. wiid, rural,

try man.



Campcréllo, dimn. di Campo. Cancelliére, s. m. chancellor. Canicoláre, adj. canicular.
} rural, rustical.

Cancello, s. m. lattices of win- Canile, s. m. a dog's kennel.

dows, the bar of a court in Caninainénte, like a dog. -Pita campestre, a country law, a grate, a stile. Canino, adj. doggish, canine, life-Uomo campestre, a coun- Cancherella, u. Cancrena. -Fame canina, canine huo.

--Battaglia campestre, Cánchero, š. m. a canker. ger.--Denti carini, the eyea held battle.

Cancheroso, full of cankers. teeth.-Canino, s. m. a little Campicéllo, s. mi a little field. Canciólia, s. f. canker, cancer, dog, a whclp: Campidoglio, s. m. the Capitol. bubo.

Canizie, s. f. old

age, hoarinėss. Campio, adj. rural, rustical

. Cancréna, s. f. gangrene. Canna, s. f. a cane, a reed. -lampio, even ground.

Cancrenáre, to gangrenë. -Canna della gola, the wind Campióne, a champion.--Cam-Cancro, s. m. cancer. pipe.-Canna, an ell. ---Cunno prise, a journal, a day-book. Candéla, s. f. a candle. d'archibuso, the barrel of a gun. Campionessa,s.f.achampioness. Candelábro, s. m. caridlestick. -Canna d'argano, the pipe of Campire, to paint the bottoms Candelája, s. f. Candieinas-day: an organ-Canna da pescare, ari of pictures, such as the sky Candelétta, dim. of candela. angling rod.--Misurare gli or the air.

Candeliére, s. m. candlestick, altri con la sua canna, to meaCampitello, dim. of Campo. Candelotto, s. m. dim.of Can sure another man's corn by Campo, s. m. a field, a piece of Candelúzza, s. f. S dela. one's own bushel. ground.-Campo, a square, a --Cundelolio di ghiaccio, an ici- Cannajo, s. m. a weaver's large place.-Campo, a field cle.

drawers.-Cannájo, a great where armies engage.--Levar Candénte, adj. burning, red- hurdle to dry fruits upon. i cezapo, to decamp. - Cumpo, hot,clear and fair shining:Obs. Cannaméle, s. f. a sugar-cane. field or ground in a coat of Candidaménte, adv. candidly. Cannélla, s. f. a little cane or arms.- Prender campo, to grow Candidáto, adj. clothed reed.-Cannilla, little watera stronger.-Campo, matter to white.-Candidáto, s. m. a can pipe.-Cannélla, a wine-spig. discourse upon.-Dur campo, didate.

got, a cock.-Cannélla, cinna. to give an opportunity.-Dar Candidézza, s. f. whiteness.. capo aperty,to give free access. Cantlidízza, candour, plain- Cannelláto, seasoned with cina Camporajuólo, v. Campajuolo. dealing --Candrdezzi, clean- namun. Camporeccio, adj. rural, wild. 11ess, purity;

Cannellétta, s. f. diminutive Camuffáre, to disguise. -- Tra Cándido, adj. white.-.-Cínilicho, Cannellína, s. f. of Cannel farbo e furbo non si caricia, all sincere, candid.

Cannellino, s. m.

la. fogues know one another. Candićro, s. m. a kind of drink Cannello, s. m. a piece of reed Camiso, adj. flat-nosed. made of eggs, milk, and sugar. cut between two knots. Cmáglia, 2 s. f. inob, rab- Candificáre, s. m. to whiten. Cannellúzza, s. f. a small reed. Canagliaccia,s ble.-Siete iubti Candire, to preserve, as in con- Cannéto, s. m. a place where crnaglia, you are a pack of serves.

canes and reeds grow. rascals.

Candore, s.

m. whiteness. Cauníccio, s. in. v. Caníccio. Canajuólo, s. f. a kind of black Candóre, sincerity, candour. Cannocchiále, s. m. o. Canocgrapes.

Cane, s. m. a dog, a cur, a chiale. Canále, e- m. a canal or kennel. hound.--Cane, an iron todraw Cannocchio, s. m. the knob of Canaletto, dim. di Canale.

teeth with...-Cane, the cock a reed jointed with roots. Canalíno,

of a gun.-Cane, an instrument Cannonáta, s. f. cannon-shot. Canápa, s. f. hemp.

that coopers use. Cane, the Cannoncello, 1 dim. of CanCanape, s. m. cable.


Cannoncino, S none. Canapello, s. m. a small cord. Canestrello,

dim. of Canestro.

Cannóne, s. m. a quill to wind Canápino, adj. hempen. Canestretto,

silk.-Cannóne, a lead pipe.Canapo, s. m. a cable. Canestra, s. f.

Cannóne, a cannon, a great Caaáta, s. f. rebuke, reproof. Canestro, s. m.

a basket. }

gun.-Cannon semplice, demy(anatteria, s. f. a great many Canestrino; ? dim. of Canes

cannon.-Cannon doppio, dogs. Canestrúccio,

double cannon.Cunnóne, a Canattiére, a dog-keeper. Canestruzzo,

glister-pipe. Cacaráccio, S. m. canvas. Cánfora, s. f. camphire. Cannoniéra, s. f. embrasure in Caracaccio, a clout.

Canforata, s. f. a plant so a wall, port-hole of a ship. Canavajo, s. ni. v. Canovajo. called.

Cannoniere, s. m. gunner. Cancellagióne, s. f. ? the act Canforáto,with camphire in it. Cannóso, adj. full of reeds. Cacellamento, s. m. S ofblot- Cangiante, adj. changing. Cannuccia, s. f. a small reed or ting any thing written. Cangiare, to change, to shift, Cancellárc, to cancel, to blot. to turn, to alter. ---Cangiar di Cannuccina, dim. of Cannúc- pelláre, to rail.

casa, to remove-Cagiur di cia. Cancellatúra, blot, dash camicia, to shift one's self. Cáno, adj. lioary. Poetical. Cascellazione, s through any Cangio, u. Cangiante. Canocchiále, s. in. a telescope. writing.

Cangréna, v. Cancrena. Canócchio, s. m. an old pole Cancellerésco, adj. belonging Cangrenáre, v. Cancrenare. to support vines. to chançery.

Caníccio, s. m. a hurdle. Cánone, c.m. a canon or church Carcclleria, s. f. charcery. Canícola, s. f. the dog-star. law.


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