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} cottages

Canónica, s. f. the place where | Cantino, s.m. the smaller string | Capacità, s. f. capacity, abilitya the canons live.

of a violin, or other instru- Capacitáre, to convince, to Canonicále, adj. canonical.

make sensible of. Canonicamente, canonically. Canto, s. m. singing, song.–Capánna, s. f. cottage, thatchCanonicato, s. m. a canonship. Canto, canto, book, part of an ed house. Canonico, adj. canonical. - heroic poem.-Cunto, a body Capánno,s.m.3. Capannah. Obs. Canónico, s. m. a canon. of masked people singing -- Capannella, din. of CaCanonista, s. m. á canonist. Il canto del gallo, the cock-crow- Capannetta,


panna. Canonizzáre, to canonize. ing:-('anto funebre, a funeral Capannétto, dim. of Capanna. Canonizzazione, s. f. canoniza-songIl canto degli uccelli, the Capannone, s. m. a large cote tion.

chirping of birds.-Canto fer-tage. Canóro, adj. canorous. mo, plain singing by notes. Capannúccia, s. f.

a little Canova, s. f. cellar, buttery. -Canto, side. - Mi sempre a Capannuccio, s. m. Canováccio, v. Canavaccio. canto, he is always by me. -Capannuccio, a kind of turCanovajo, s. m. a butler, a Canto, corner. Dal canto mio, ret *on the top of a cupola. store-keeper.

for my own part.- A canlo, -Capanniccio, a bonfire. Cansáre, to remove, to lay aside. adv. by.-Canlo, the corner Caparbieria, 1 s. f. headiness, Not much in use.

of a street. Dare un canto in caparbietà, s obstinacy, Cansatójo, s.

m. sanctuary. pagamento, to run away from stubbornness. Obs.

a creditor.

Capárbio, adj. stubborn, obCantacchiáre, to sing often and Cantonáta, s. f. corner, angle. stinate, sturdy. ill.-Cantacchiare, to chirp as Cantoncello, dim. of Canto. Capárra, s. f. earnest, money birds do.

Cantoncino, v. Cantoncello. given beforehand. Cantafávola, s. f. idle tale. Cantóne, s. m. corner, angle. Caparramento, v. Caparra. Cantaféra, s. f. v. Cantiléna. -Cantone, a corner stone.- Caparráre, to bèspeak, to bind Cantajuolo, s. m. a singer. A Cantone, side, part.- T''ho cer by giving earnest-money. word of contempt.

cato in ogni cantone, I have Capassone, adj. silly, foolish. Cantambánco, a mountebank. looked for you every where. -Un capassone, a blockhead. Cantaménto, s. m. 8. Canto. Cantoniera,s. f.a street-walker. Capáta, a knock with the Cantante, a singer.

Cantonúto, adj. cornered. head. Cantáre, to sing -Cantare, to Cantóre, s. m. a singer.-Can-Cabécchio, s. m. tow, the coarse crow-Cantáre, to celebrate, tóre, a poet.

part of flax or hemp. to praise. --Cantare il vespro a Cantrice, a singer. Obs. Capellamento, s. m. a bush of qualcheduno, to rattle, to scold. Cantúccio, s. m. a little cor hair.-Capellamento d'albero, a -Far cantar l'orbo, to give

great many boughs. some money.-Cantáre, s. m. Cantucciúto, adj. cornered.

, a canto of a poem. Cantáro, s. m. a ton.

-Capelliéra, wig, false hair. Cantáta, s. f. a poetical compo- Canutézza, s. f. boariness. Capelliéra, a hat-box.

sition, to be set to music. Canutiglia, pearl, silver pearl. Capellíno, adj. hair-coloured. Cantatore, s. m. a singer. Canúto, adj. hoary, grey.-Età Capello, s. m. hair of one's Cantatríce, s. f. a woman that canuta, old age.---Pensier cannti head.- Questo mi fa arricciar i sings.

ingiovenile etade, young in age, capelli,this makes my hair stand Canterelláre, to chirp as birds and old in understanding an end.—A capello, adv. to a do, to chaunt as a singing Canzóna, s. f. song, canzonet. hair.-Spogliarsi in camicia e in man.

-Dar canzone, to give 'fair capelli, to do what lies in one's Canterélle, s. f. cantharides, words.

power.--Acer le mani ad un Spanish flies.

Canzonáccia, s. f. a bad can ne' capelli, to have somebody Canterino, s. m. a singer, a zóne.

in power, under one's thumb. chaunter.

Canzonáre, to sing, to praise. Capelluto, hairy, long-haired. Cántero, s. m. the pan of a Obs.--Canzonáre, to scoff, to Capelvénere, s. m. maiden's close-stool.

banter.Canzonáre, to tell hair, a plant. Canterúto, adj. corner«d. stories.

Capére. Obs. v. Capire. Obs.

Canzone, s. f. a song, a ballad. Caperozzolo, s. m. a small Cántica, 5. f. song:

- Mettere incanzone, to laugh head. Canticchiare, s. f. to sing, to at.--La canzone dell'uccellino, a Capéstro, s. m. a rope, a halter. hum. long story.

Capéstro, any bit of cord or Cántico, s, m. canticle. Canzoncina,

dim.of Canzone.

rope.-Capéstro, a wicked fel Cantiléna, a slow tedious song. Canzonetta,

low. Cantilenáre, to sing, to make Canzoniére, s. m. a book con- Capestrúzzo, a little halter. songs. A word of contempt. taining lyrical compositions. Capevole, adj. capable, capaciCantimplóra, s. f. an ice-pail to Caos, s. m. chaos. cool wine in. Caósse, s. m. chaos.

Capezzale, a bolster. Cantina, s. f. a cave, a cellar. Capáccio, adj. obstinate, stub- Capezzolo, s. m. the nipple of Cantinetta, a case for bottles. born.

a breast. $. m. butler.

Capace, adj. capable, skilful, Capidoglia, s. f. 1 a kind apt, fit, large, sufficient. Capidoglio, s. m. $ sea-fish.


Canutaménte, clad vo rerudent-Capelliéra,ta

, } head of hair




Cantiniére; }

a hole.

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Capiglia, s. f. the act of tug- Capitoléssa, s. f. feminine of 2 rope's end. Capo di squa

sing one another by the hair. Capitolo, a piece of poetry so dra, ring-leader.Calze ad un Capiltáre, adj. like hair, hairy. called. This word is used in capo, a due. copi; stockings Capilláto, long-haired.

jest, or out of contempt. wrought with one thread, Capillizio, s. m. a bush of hair. Capitolétto, a short capitolo, a

with two threads. Obs.

short piece of poetry so called. Capobombardiére, s. f. chief Capiménto, s. m. comprehen- -Capitolo, epistle in that sort bombardier. sion.

of metre that the Italians Capocaccia, s. m. chief hunter. Capinéra, s. f. bull-finch.

call terze rime, or térzetti. Capócchia, s. f. the head of a Capire, to comprehend, to con- Capítolo, s. m. chapter. -Capi- stick. ceive-Capíre, to contain, to tolo, a chapter-house.--Capi- Capócchio, adj. silly, simple. hold.-Non capire in se stesso, to toli, s. m. pl. accord, conven -Un capocchio, a blockhead. be mad for joy.Ne godo tanto


Capogátto, s. m. thé vertige or che non capo in me stesso, I am Capitomboláre, to tumble upon vertigo.-Capogátto, gum-sucso glad of it, that my heart is one's head, to fall headlong.

cory, a plant. ready, to leap up' for joy. Capitómbolo, s. m. the act of Capogirlo, s. m. a swim. -Capíre, to receive, to hold. tumbling down, tumble. Capogiro, S mingin the head, Capitale, s. m, the capital mo- Capitóne, s. m. coarse silk. a giddiness. ney —l'apitále, stock. Capi- Capitóne, a large eel. Capolétto, . m. bedstead. iále, account, esteem, value. Capitórza, s. f. a kind of bird. Capoleváre, to fall with the -Far poco capitale, to slight, to Capitóso, adj. obstinate, stub- head downwards. despise.-Far capitale d’uno, to born. Obs.

Capolino, s. m. a little head. rely or depend upon one. Capitózza, s. f. oak-tree whose -Far cupolino, to spy through -Capitale, adj. capital, main, top branches are cut off. principal.

Capitúdini, s. f.pl, meetings of Capomaestro, s. m. a masterCapitalmente, on pain of death.

masters or chiefs of compa- bricklayer, or master-builder. Capitána,s.f.the admiral-galley. nies.

Caponággine, s. f. obstinacy. Capitananza, s. f. command, Capitúto, adj. that has a head. Caponaménté, adv.obstinately. conduct.

Capo, s. m. head.-Capo, the Caponcello, adj. infatuated, Capitanáre,to makecaptains.- beginning or end of any conceited.-Un caponcello, an & grande oste non é capitanata di thing:-Da capo, adv. again. obstinate man. mujaenti duci, so great an ar: -Ogni capo di mese, at the be- Capone, adj. obstinate, stubmy is not so well supplied ginning of every month.-Da born-Un capone, s. m. a stubwith leaders.

capo a piedi, from top to toe. born man. Capitanato, adj. commanded, -Capo, a drove, a herd of cat- Caponeria, s. f. obstinacy. headed-Capitanato, s. m. the tle. Capo, the top.- In capo Capopiéde, adv. topsy-turvy office of a captain.

della scala, on the top of the Caporale, s. m. a* corporal. Capitaneggiare, to command stairs.-Capo, the shoot or -Caporale, adj. capital, chief. in chief.

young branch of a vine. Caporano, s. m. head man. Obs. Capitanería, s. f. the office of ---Capo, chief, head, leader, Caporióne, 5. m. a commander. a captain.

captain.-Metler nel capo, to Capoverso, s. m.the beginning Capitanessa, s. f. a she-captain. make one believe.-Capo, end, of a verse. Å ludicrous word.

-- In capo del mese, at the mouth's Capovolgere, 'to turn upside Capitáno, s. m. captain, com end. Venire a capo, to come Capovoltáre, down,' to permander, general, chief.-Capi to an end.-Capo, a cape, or

vert, to overthrow. tiro, sheriff or minister of promontory.-Metter capo, to Capovolto, adj. turned upside justice.

disembogue itself.-Rimanere down, topsy-turvy. Capitáre, to arrive at, to come col cupo rotto, to have the Cappa, s. f. a cloak, a Spanish 10.Capitar male, to come to worst.-Fare capo da uno, to cape.-Cappå, a churchman's mischief, to fall into misfor- apply to one.-Far capo, to tape.-Cappe, the scatlap fish. tune.- Capitáre, to conclude, border upon. Non super love -Cappa di cammino, a mantlefinish, end.-Far capitare, to si dar di capo, to know not tree.-Cappa, a broad veil cause to be delivered.-Gliwhich way to turn one's self.

that women wear in some farò capitare la costra lettera, I'll -Far capo in un luogo, to resort

parts of Italy over their heads. send him your letter. to a place. Farcapo,to oppose, Cappáre, to pick, to choose; to Capitáto, that grows with a to resist-Far capo, to draw to cull. head, as a cabbage, an onion. a head as an impostume

does. Cappélla, s. f. a chapet:--Cape Capitélio, s. m. the head or Levar incapo, to work as wine or pella, the ornaments belonging chapter of a pillar.–Cupitello, beer does. Tenere ad altrui le to a chapel. -Cappélla, a band the handle of a saw.

maniincapo, to take care of one of musicians that sing in a Capitoláre, to capitulate, to to protect him.--Cupo d'acqua,a church.-Maestro di cappella, a parley.---Capitoláre, to treat, source, a head,a spring-Capo master of music. to covenant.

d'agliv, a clove of garlick. Cappellaccio,s.m.a large or bad Capitoláto, s. m. 2 capitula- Cupo l'anno, the new-year's hat.-Cappellacció, a ttee on Capitolazione, s. f} tion, a day.--Capo di contrada, alder-' which many vines have crepe freement.

man of a ward.Capo di corda, up.

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il wart, lack.

sm. , sm. .

some mischief.-Carbone, 42, caress, to

Carcare, to charge, to load, to si tender ca.

Cappellájo, s. m. a hatter. sweet without sweat.

Uno sciocco di ventriguazirz cae Cappellanía, s. f. a living, Capraggie, s. f. goat's rue.

rati, an arch-fool, a great Cappelláno, s. m. a chaplain. Caprajo,

fool. Cappellétta, s. f. a little chapel. Capráro, s. m. a goat-herd.

Caráttere, 3.m.character, mark, Cappelletto, a small hat. Caprestéria, s. f. wantonness, print.---Cartiere, hand.-luo Cappelliéra, 6. f. a hat-case. whin.

rattere, character, quality, des Cappellina, s. f. a little chapel. Capresto, s. m. a halter, rope. gree.---Carittere, character, Cappellinajo, s. m. a tenter- Caprétta, a she-kid.

letter. hook to hang hats on. Capretto, a kid.

Caratterizzáre, to characterCappellino, dim. of Cappel-Caprezzo, s. m. shivering ise. lo.

caused by the return of a Caravella, s. m. 2 caravel, or Lappéllo, s. m. a hat-l'appello, fever.

ciurrel, a littic ship. a hood. Aspettarilca; pello, to | Capriatto, s. m. wild-goat. Carbonája, s. f. a coal-pit. Cards be led by the nose.

.-Cappello, Capriccio,s.m. shivering caused Carbun. jı, a ditch along the a cardinal's hat-Cuppeldi bya fever.Capriccio,caprice, walls of 2 town.-Curboniji, a fungo, the top of a mushroom. freak, whim.

dark narrow prison.- CurboČappéllo, the head of an Capricciosamente, adv. capri- n ja, a coal-woman. alembic. ciously.

Carbonájo, s. m. a coal-man. Cappelióne, a large hat. Capriccioso, capricious.

Carbonata, s. f. a steak of pork Btw, as

broiled on the coals. pello.

Caprifico, s. m. lig-trec. Carboncillo, s. m. a carbuncle. Cappéri, adj. v. Cáppita. Caprifoglio, s. m. shrub tree -Carboncello, a plague sore. Cáppero, s. m. caper, a fruit so foil.

Carbonchio, s. m. a carbuncle. called. Capriguo, 7 adj.of a goat, goat- Carbonchióco, adj.

burned, Capperóne, s. m.

a hood
Caprino, ) ish.

scorched. Capperúccia, s. f. worn to Cáprio, s. in. a wild goat.

Carboncino, dimin. of Car- if the keel Capperúccio, s. m,

the rain.-Portare il carterone, prola, caper, an artful jump Carhóne, s. m. coal. -Carbone 10 be well provided with ne in dancing

di lerra, fossil-coal.--A misura cessaries. Capriuốlo, s. m. wild goat.

di carbone, in abunda ceCappiétto, s. in. a little sliding Caprone, s. m. a he goat.--Ca- Voi fnte come il curbone che cudie knot. próne, a cuckold.

o tiene, you are always doing Cáppio, a running knot.---Cap-Capruggináre, to croe. pio scorsojo, noose.

Caprúggine, s.f.acroe or notch plague sore. Cáppita, heydey!

of a cask, where the hcad- Carbunculo, carbuncle. Cappiterina, the same as Cáp- pieces come in.

Carcáme, s. m. pita.

Capuccio, dim. of Capo. Carc.íme, carkanet, a chain of Capponáre, to capon, to dub Carabáttole, s. f. pl. rags, jat-| precious stones. a cock.

ters, old clothes. Capponáta, s. f. fcast amongst Cárabe, s. f. amber of the pine burden. *the rustics in Italy, at which kind.

Carcassa, s. f. a kind of bomb. they eat many capons.

Carabina, s. f. carbine. Carcasso, 6. m. a quiver for ar-,
Capponcello, a young capon. Carabiniére, a carabineer.
Cappóne, s. m. a capon.-Cap-Carácca, s. f. a large Portu- Carceraménto, s. m. imprison,
pone, a word of contempt for

guese ship.
a musician who sings the so- Caracolláre, to caracol, to Carccráre, to imprison.

whcel about.

Carcerazione, si f. imprison Cappotto, s. m,a cloak with a Caracóllo, s. f. caracol. hood to it.-Cappólto, capot Caráffa, s. f. Hagon, bottle of Cárcere, prison, jail. at piquet.--Frre uno cuppotto, white glass.

Carceriére, a jailor. to capot one.

Caraffino, dim. of Caraffa. Carciofo, s. m. artichoke. Cappuccetto, s. m. a little cowl Caratione, ș. m. a great bottle Carco, s. m. charge, burden, or hood. of white glass.

load.-Curco, sin, a burden Cappucciijo, s. m. a hood-Caramente, dcarly.

upon one's conscience.-Care maker.

Caranógio, s. m. a dwarf, a (1), adj. ioaded, charged. Cappuccino, p. Cappucetto. little fellow.

Cardamomo, 2. m. a seed so Cappuccio, s. m. a hood, a ca-Caramussále, s. m. a Turkish called, puche.-Cappuccio,a cabbage. merchant man.

Cardáre, to card. Lauluga cappucci, cabbage - Carapignársi, to, use quirks or Cardatóre,a carder.---Cardutóre, lettuce. shifts, to cavil.

backbiter, slancierer. Capra, s. f. a goat-Cavn?erre Caratúre, to consider, to deli- Cardatúra, carding la capra al chino, to go too berate upon strictly. Cardeggiare, to card as a cardkastily in a business.-- Sa!car Caravello, s. m. a measure of li- er.--Cardigiáre, to siander, la capra e i cavoli, to do good to quids.

speak ill. one without hurting another. Caráto, s. m. carat, the twenty- Cardellétta, Chi ha capre ha corna, no fourth part of an ounce.com Carucllino, }

a kind of finch,

i dearth, scart 2.Ca:0.-C. ne so called. o caress, flatter

a carcasc.

ate, ads, kin hlar words. 23. f. biandishne

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charge, burd 3ra, the charge Comes, charge, ca in otro d nonicu, teenetay: 119. $. m. char


tea-rze, to load. lent,:00

tulerere 3d, to lay the fa.

mchlors.-CTRE male, to beat op

ancare in ntret mig caricature.co

play one ere, to exam

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the poor.



Cardinalítico, } cardinalship. Charge; care. scarico, charge, many things.---Curne grossa,

charge, freight. ---Carico, al fuoco, to undertake too Cardinále, s. m. a cardinal.- aggravation, blame.---Carico, butcher's meat. Riuscir carne Cardinule, the hinge of a adj. (contracted from caricato) grursa, to weary.--Mostrar le gate.--Cardinále cardinal,prin- loaded.-Curico di vino, drunk. carni, to be in rags.-- Tagliare cipal.--Le virti ciriinali

, the Cariello, s. mn. a kind of lace. fin alla carne viva, to cut to cardinal virtues.- Punti cur- Carità, s. f. charity.--Curità, che quick. dinali, cardinal points of the alms.--Fur la carità, to give Carnéfice, s. m. hangman.zodiack. --Vimeri cardinali, alms.--Cariti pelosa, selfish Curnice, a cruel or bloody cardinal numbers.

charity Cardinalísco, adj. belonging to Caritatévole, adj. charitable. Carneficina, s. f. o. Carnificina. a cardinal.

Caritativo, adj. charitable, mer- Cárneo, adj. fleshy: Cardinalízio, o. Cardinalesco. ciful.-Caritático, bountiful to Carne saláta, s. f. pickled pork. Cárdine, s. m. the hinge of a

Carnescialésco, adj. merry,say: gate.-1 carlini del mondo, the Carizia, s. f. penury, scarcity. Carnesecca, s. f. salt or dried poles of the world.

Carlino, s. m. a small coin so Cardo, 75. m. thistle.—Dare called.

Carnevále, v. Carnovale. Cardóne, Š il cardo, to revile, Carlona, (Alla) coarsely, clown- Carníccio, s. m. the Neshy side to slander.--Cardo, a card to ishly.

of raw skins.--Carniccio,flesh. card wool with. Carme, 8. m. verse, poem. Carniéra,

budget, Careggiáre, to caress.-Careg-' Poetical.


pouch. giáre, to esteem, to value. Carmelitáno, Carmelite friar. Carniéro, s. m.

Avere una Caréllo, m. cushion, pillow. Carmináre, to card wool. cosa nel carniere, to be sure of

--Curélio, the cover of a close Carminativo, adj. expelling a thing. stooi.'

wind, carminative.--- Esser Carnificina, a place where maCaréna, s. f. the keel of a carminato senza peltine, to be lefactors are executed and ship. well cudgelled.

quartered. Obs-Carnificina, Carenzia, s. f. want, lack. Obs. Carnáccia, s. f. very bad flesh. murder, slaughter. Caréstia, s. f. dearth, scarcity. Carnacciúto, adj. full of flesh. Carníle, adj. feshy. Carétto, dim.of Caro.--Carčito, -Uliva carnucciosa, ą fleshy Carnosetto, adj. fleshy, plump. 5. m. a rush so called.


Carnosità, s. f. carnosity: Carezza, s. f. caress, flattery

Carnággio, s. m. any meat. Carnóso, adj. full of flesh. Far carezze, to caress, to use Carnagióne, s. f. complexion. (Carnovale, s. m. carnival. kindly:

Carnájo, s. m. charnel-house. Carnovalésco, adj. belonging Carezzáre, to caress.


to carnival time. Carezzevolmente, adv, kindly, Carnajuólo, s. m. a bag to Carnúto, adj. fleshy, plump. friendly, with fair words. carry hawk's meat in. Caro, s. m. dearness, scarcity. Carczzina, s. f. blandishment. Carnaláccio, adj. sensual. Caro, dear, costly-Curo, Carezzóccia, s. f. tender caress Carnále, adj. carnal.-Sorella welcome, acceptable.-Terer or blandishments.

carnale,one's own sister.--Cur-caro, to value, to esteem much, Caribo, s. m. a kind of country nale, carnal, sensual.-Peccato -('uro, dear-Caro voi, faie* dance.

curnale, the sin of fornication.! mi questo fuvore, prithee, do me Carica, s. f. charge, burden, -Curnale, humane, friendly. this kindness. load.-Cárira, the charge of Obs.

Carógna, carrion, carcase. a gun.-Cárica, charge, care. Carnalità, s. f. sensuality.- Curögnu, a jade.

Dare la carica al nemico, to Cornáiiti, alliance in blood. Carognáccia, s.f. an old jade.charge the enemy. Obs.

Carounviccia, a stinking whore. Caricamento, S. m. charge, Carnalmente, adin carnally, Caróla, s. f. a dance with singburden. sensually.

ing Caricáre, to charge, to load, to Carnáme, s. m. carrion, car- Caroláre, to dance. burden.-Caricar l'orza, to eat -l'arnáme, a great quan- Carolétta, s. f. a little dance. one's belly full. --Curicáre, to tity of meat.

Carotáccia, s. f. a rotten car. charge one, to lay the fault Carnascialáre, to give one's rot.~l'urotáccia, a great lie. upon.-Car.cur la memoria, to self up to illicit pleasure and Caróta, s. f. carrot.-Carita, clog the memory. -Curicure gluttony.

a fib, a lie.-Caccia: carote, to uno di bastonate, to beat one Carnasciale, s. m. the three fib, to lie. soundly.-Caricare in ritratto, last days of the carnival. Carotajo, s. m. fibber, liar. to paint in caricature.--Cari- Carnascialésco, adj. of carnival. Carotáre, to fib, to lie. tarla dil umo, to play one a Carne, s. f. flesh, meat.--Essere Carotiere, s. m. fibber, liar. trick.-Caricare, to exagge in carne, to be fat.-Carne, the Cariliire, one that plants and rate.

pulp of fruits.--Curne, flesh, sells carrots. Caricatúra, s. f. the charge of lust.-- For carne, to kill.. Carována, s. f. a caravan.a gun.-Caricatura, carica Carne di castruto, di manzo, o di Curování, a company of ships.

vitella, mutton, beef, veal.- --Fur la curocani, to make the Carice, s. f. sheer-grass, sedge. Carne di pesce', the fleshy part caravan, as the knights of Fárico, $. m. burden, load, of fish.musicilere troppo carne Malta do in their expeditions





hy sea.

Carrotza, s. f. a coach. Cartóne, s. m. pasteboard. Carovélla, s. f. a kind of pear. Carrozzábile, adj. said of a Cartuccia, s. f. a bit of paper. Carovello, s. m. a kind of pear- place where a coach may go. Carúba, v. Carruba.

Carrozzájo, s. a coach- Casa, s. f. house, home, habitaCarpacco, s. m. a covering for maker.

tion.Ove state di casa? where the head used by men in Carrozzáta, s. f. a coach-full. do you live?-Star con l'occhio Greece.

Carrozziere, s. m. a coachman. a casa, to mind one's business. Carpáre, to snatch from.-Car- Carrúba, s. f. carob, a kind of Casa, house, fanıily,parentpáre, to creep along, as chil-fruit.

age, extraction Casa, coundren do.

Carrúbo, Carrúbbio, s. m. the try--Chi fa la casa in piazza e Carpentiére,s. m. a cartwright, carob-tree:

la fa alta o la fa bassa, a man a carpenter.

Carrúccio, s. m. a go-cart for in public business can't please Carpiccio, s. m. a number of children.

every body.Tornare a casa, cuffs given.-Dare un carpiccio Carrúcola, s. f. a pully.-1':- to come to the purpose. wél uno, to beat one soundly. ner la carrucola, to bribe one. Aprir casa, to take a house Cárpine, s. f. lime-tree. Carrucoláre, to insnare, to Esser di casa, to be intimateCarpióne, s. m. a fish" chiefly cheat.

Casa maludetta, hell. foend in the lake of Garda.' Carrucoletta, dim. of Carru-Casacca, s. f. a great coat, a Carpíre, to snatch, to wrest. cola.

surtout.-Voltar casacca, to Carpita, s. f. a coarse carpet. Carta, s. paper.Carta, turn cat in pan, to be a turnCarpone, adv. crawling. And books.--Carta, a bill or bond. coat; to abjure or leave one's dar carpone, to go crawling. -Far curta, to give a bond. religion. Carradóre, s. m. cartwright, Carle, cards.- liivocare olle Casaccia, s. f. an old ruinous

cartmaker, carman, carter. carte, to play at cards.--Dar house. Carrája, s. f. the name of a le carte alla scoperta, to speak Casaccio, s. m. strange accident. bridge in Florence.

freely.-Fare le carte, to deal. - casúrcio, adv. by chance, Carráta, s. f. a cart-load. -Carta, a map.-Carta dn na with negligence. Carratello, S. m. a kind of bar- vigare, a sea-chart.-Carta, Casále, a hamlet, a village. rel.

page.--Carta pecora, parch- Casalingo, adj. domestic.-AfCarracellétto, din. of Carratel ment, velium. --Curla straccia, fari casalinghi, private affairs. lo. waste paper.

-Donna casalinga, housewife. Carreggiare, to drive a cart.

Casalóne, 5. m. a paltry decayCarreggiata, s. f. cart road.. Carta suivante

, } sinking paper. Sed houses Uscir dalla carreggiata, to be Cartaccia, s. f. bad paper. Casamátta, s. f. a casemate. mistaken, to be out.

Dar cartacce, to refuse, not to Casamento, s. m. a large house. Carreggiatore, s. m. carman, adhere.

Casáre, o. Accasare. cartman.

Cártamo, s. m. a plant so call- Casata, s. f. } sirname, family, Carreggio, s. m. a great many ed.

Casato, s. m. 5 house. carts together.Carreggio, Cartapécora, s. f. vellum. Cascamento, s. m. falling, fall. carriage, baggage, goods. Cartapésta, s. f. macerated -Cascamento,accident,chance. Carrétta, s. f. a kind of cart. paper.

Cascante, adj. ready to fall. Carrettájo, s. m. carter. Cartáta, s. f. a page.

Cascánte, hanging down. Carrettáta, s. f. cart-load. Carteggiáre, to sail according Cuscánte, fainting, languistia Carrettiera, s. f. the cart-man's to the compass. -Corleggiare, ing. wife.

to correspond by letters. Cascáre, to fall or tumble. Carrettiére, s. m. carter, car- Cartélla, s. f. a bill pasted upon Cascar di vezzi, to be full of

a book.-L'artella, a book-i affectation.-l'ascar nell'ania Carrettíno, dim. of Carretto.

mo, to come into one's mind Carrétto, s. m. a wheel-barrow. Cartelláre, to write scandal or head. -Cascare altrui i vestiCarrettone, a waggon. ons pamphlets. Obs.

menti di dosso, to be in rags. Carriaggio, 8. m. equipage, Cartello, s. in. a manifesto - ('uscire, to sin.

Il vento casca, baggage, goods.

C'artello, a libel, a lamp001.- the wind falls. Carricello, s. m. a little cart. Cartello ili disfida; a written Cascáta, s. f. a cascade. Carriéra, s. f. career, course, challenge.

Cascaticcio, adj. frail, ruinous. race.--Currierit, the duration Cartiéra, s. f. a paper-mill. Caschetto, s. m. a casque, or . of life.

Cartilagine, s. f. cartilage, head-piece. Carrino, s. m: a barricado of gristle.

Cascina, s. f. a cow's park. carts in a camp. Obs. Cartilaginco, adj. cartilagi. Casella, s. f. Carrinóla, s. f. a truckle-bed. Cartilaginoso, S nons, gristly. Casellína, s. f. dim. of Casa. Carro, S. m. a cart-load.--Carro trionfale, of paper.

Casella, a blank, an empty a triumphal: car.Carro, Cartórcio, s. m. a cornet of space. Charles's wain.-l'arro, the paper used by grocers.

Cascriccio, belonging to thickest part of the sail-yard. Cartolájo, s. m. paper-seller. house.-- Pan casereccio, houseCarrócio, s. m. a triumphant Cartolare, to set the numbers hold bread: chariot. tu a mercantile book.

Casetta, 6. f, dim. of Casa.




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