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Casiéra, s. f. house-keeper. little drawer.

Castiglione, s. m. the same as Casina, s. f. a little house. Cassectóne, s. m. a great box. Castelletto. Casino, 5. m. a small house Cássia, s. f. cassia, a sort of Castità, s. f. chastity. kept for pleasure in a town. purging drug.

Casto, adj. chaste. Casipola, s f. á little cottage Cassiére, s. m. a cash-keeper. Castóne, s. m. that part of the or house.

Casso, s. m. the chest or breast, ring wherein the stone is set. Casista, s. m. casurist.

the hollow part of the breast. Castorio, s. m. castoreum. Caso, s. m. chance, accident.-) -Casso, adj. empty, void, de-Castóro, s. m. a beaver, a castor.

caso, by chance. Dato il prived. Casso, extinguished, -Un castoro, a beaver, a sucaso, suppose.Caso, thing, quenched. Poetical.Cusso, perfine hat. matter, business, case. Von vain, useless.-Casso, cashier-Castrametazione, s. f. castrafa caso, 'tis no matter.-Caso, ed, dismissed.


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to cut.


to make account.--Caso che, in box or trunk.

m case that.--Per caso, by acci-Cassoncello, v. Cassetta. Castrare, to geld, to castrate, dent, by chance. Esser in caso Cassone, s. m. a great chest. à morte, to be dying - Uomo Castágna, s. f. chesnut. Castráto, 6. m. a wether.casa caso, a careless man. - Yesto Castagnaccio, s. m. bread made tráto, mutton.-Castráto, adj. e il caso, this is the point of chesnut flower.

gelded. Libro castrato, a casL'immezinazione fa caso, ima- Castagnéto, s. m. a plot of ches- trated book. gination makes that seem true

Castratúra, s. f. the part curwhich is not.Caso, the case Castagnetta, s. f. snappers; case tailed. of a noun.

tanets, used to dance with. Castrénse, adj. of or pertaining Casolana, s. f. a kind of apple Castagnino, adj. of a bay co to a camp.--Corona castrense, called. lour.

a garland given to him who Casolaráscio, s. m. an old house. Castagno, s. m. a chesnut-tree. first entered the enemies camp. Casoláre, s. m, a paltry house. -Castagno, adj. of a chesnut Castro, 6. m. a castle. Obs. Casone, s. m. a great house. colour.

Castronáccio, 6. m. a degrad. Casóso, adj. that makes much | Castagnuolo, s. m. a little ches- ing augmentative of Castróne. of every thing.

nut-tree.-Castugnuolo, adj. of Castróne, s. m. a gelded lamb. Casútta, s. f. a small snug the nature, quality, and co- --Castróne, a blockhead.Casótto, s. m.) house.

lour of a chesnut.

Castrone, a word of contempt Caspo, s. m. bramble, briar. Castaldería, the managing of a for the musician who' sings Cassa, s. f. chest, coffer, trunk. farm.

the soprano. -Cassa, cash, ready money. Castálda, s. f. a farm, a coun- Castroneria, s. f. dullness. -Cassa, the frame of a weav try-house.

Castrúccino, s. m. an ancient er's loom-Cassa da morto, Castaldo, s. m. a steward, a coin in Lucca. coffin. Cassa d'artiglieria, the farmer.

Casuale, adj. casual, accidental. carriage of any great ord. Castamente, adv. chastely. Casualmente, adv. casually. « Dance -Cassa di letto, a bed. Castellanería, 1

, stead -l'assa, the stock of a Castellania, s. f.)

castle-ward. gun-Cassa, a bee-hive, a Castellano, s. m. governor, or Casuista, s. m. a casuist, hive.-Cassa, a shrine.-Cassa constable of a castle, the lord Casúro, adj. ready to fall. Obs. docchiali, spectacle-case. of a manor.-Castellano,towns- Casúzza, s. f. a poor little Cassale, adj. mortal. Obe. man-Custelláno, adj. belong- house. Cassamádia, s. f. a trough to ing to a castle.

Catacomba, s.f. a vault, a place knead bread in.

Castellare, s. m. an old ruin- under ground where the dead Cassapi a,a wooden seat with ous castle.

artyrs were deposited. a back to it.

Castellétta, s. f. 7 dim. of Cas- Catafálco, s. m. a scaffold. Cassare, to cross, to bloc out. Castelletto, s. m. $tello.-Cus Catafrátta, s. f. a coat of mail, -Cassere, to cashier.--Cassti-lelletio, a play that children a cuiress. Obs. to, adj. crossed, cancelled, call cob-nut.

Catafrátto, s. m. a cuirassier. cashiered.

Castéllo, s. m. a little town. Obs. Cassazione, s. f. annulling, ab- Castillo, a castle.--Castello, an Catalétto, s. m. a bier, a coffin.

rogating, repealing-lassa- engine to drive piles in the Catálogo, s. m. a catalogue. zóne, a discharge.

ground.-Castello, an engine Catapecchia, s. f. a desart. Cássero, š. m. the chest, the wherewith any weighty thing Cataplasma, s. m. cataplasm. breast.maCassero di galeu, the is drawn out of a deep place. Catapulta, s. f a warlike en. first frame of a galley.-C'ns. - Custello della nace, the fore or gine to shoot darts, stones, and sero, the upper deck of a ship. hind castle of a ship.--Farcas the like. Cassetta, s. f. a little bor. telli in uria, to build castles in Catarrále, adj. rheumatic. Cassettáccia, s. f. an old little the air.

Catárro, s. m. a rheum, a cold, box.

Castellótto, diminut. of Cas- Catarronáccio, augm. of Catara Cassettájo, a box-maker. Castelluccio, } tello. Cassettina, s. f. 1 a little box Castigáre, v. Gastigare, and its Catarróne, augm. of Catárro, Cassettino, s. no.} or trunk, a derivatives.

Catarrosaméate, adv. sheuman

Casúpola, s. £. } a small house




to ride upon.


Catásto, s. m. tax, duty, impo- Cattedrante

, scimea master or Cavalción'

; } adv. astride.



Catráme, s. a rosin-like horsemen, cavalcade. ., Catarróso, that causes the mur, gum.

Cavalcatójo, s. m. a stall. or pose in the head.Cuiar-Catriosso, s. m. the carcase of Cavalcatóre, s, m, a horse-rider Téso, rheumatic.

a chicken.-Un catrrosso atja- or mastor.---Cavalcatúre, 2 Catárzo, s. m. coarse


mato, a lean man, a skeleton. horse-soldier, or horse-man. Catásta, s. f. a pile or heap of Cattáre, to get, to obtain, to Cavalcatrice, a borse-woman.

pood,or other things.com Sorure gain.--('atlar la limosine, to go Cavalcatúra, s. f. any beast fit ( catasta, to cudgel.Catasta, a begging a funeral pilc.--Catásta, a eer- Cáttedra, s. f. a chair or pulpit Cavalcherésco, v. Cavalleristain measure whereby wood to read on.-Cattedra, the is sold.

papal see.

Cavaleiáre, to place one's self Catastare, o. Accatastare. Cattedrále, s. f. cathedral. astride on any thing. sition. doctor in a science.

, Catástrofe, s. m. catastrophe. Cattiváccio, adj. wicked, lewd, Cavaleggiére, light horse. Catechismo, s. m. catechism. knavish, waggish.-Un catii- Cavaleressa, s. f. a horse-man's Catechista, s. m. catechist. vaccio, s. m. a knave.

wife. A ludicrous word. Catechizzáre, to catechize. Cattivággio, s. m. captivity:

Cavalieráto, s. m. knighthood. Catecúnieno, ? catechumen, a Cattivamente, badly, wickedly. Cavaliere, a trooper or horseCatečúmino, | man newly con- Cattivánza, s. f. captivity.— man.-l'avaliére, a knight... verted to the Christian re- Catticanza, wickedness. (uvaliere, a gentleman.-laraligion.

Cattivare, to make one a slave, liere, a kind of high platform Cátedra, c. Cattedra.

to submit or bring under, to to plant great guns upon, a Categoría, s. f.category master-Cattivarsi l'animo di cavalier.- Essere a cacaliere, to Categoricamente,categorically. qualchediono, to win one's heart; be uppermost. Obs. C'muCategoríco, categorical. friendship, or good-will. liére, adj. noble.--Famiglia caCateláno, s. m. a kind of plum- Cartiveggiáre, to grieve.-Cat- saliera, a noble family. tree.

liveggiere, to lead a bad life. Cavalierótto, a petty gentleCatellino, s. m.

a puppy, a Cattivello, adj. miserable, whelp.

wretched, pitiful, sorry.-In Cavalla, a mare. Catállo, a little dog, a whelp. cutticelluccio, a sorry fellow. Cavalláccio, s. m. a jade. Catellón Cattelóne, adv. step Cattivéria, s.f. wickedness. Cavalláro, s. m. a carrier, a

by step, with slow and soit Cattivezza, s. f. knavery, wick-horse-driver. Cavallero, steps.

edness, waggery, roguery, courier.---Cuvalláro, a messenCaténa, s. f. chain.-l'atena di naughtiness.

ger. monti, a ridge of mountains. Cattività, s.f. captivity.C«t-Cavalláta, s. f. troopers. -Cutena, chains, bondage.- Ort, wickedness -('attività, Cavalleggiere, u. Cavaleggiére. Uscir di catena, to get loose. misery, disfress.

Cavalleréccio, adj. apt to be l'aténn, a necklace. Cattivo, adj. captive. In cala carried by a horse. Catenaccio, $. m. a bolt to tiro, a captive, a slave.-Cul- Cavalierescamente, nobly, galfasten a door.

tivo, miserable, sad, poor.- lantly. Catenáre, v. Incatenare. Cottico, miserable, wretched, Cəalleresco, adj. gentleman Catenella, ? dim. of Cate-paltry.- l'attito, wicked, bad. like, genteel, gallant, noble. Catenúzza, s. f.S na.---- ('ate-! -Urcaltiro, a wicked man. Cavallería, s. f. knighthood.

nella, an ornament wrought Cattolicamente, adv. like a ca Cavalleria, cavalry, horse. in needle-work upon clothes, tholic.

Cavallerízza, s. f. ridinglike a little chain.

Cattólico, adj. catholic.--Cat- school. Caterátta, 8. f. a flood-gate, a tólico, s. m. a catholic. Cavallerizzo, a master of the sluice, a lock in a river.C'u-Cuttúra, s. f. catch, seizure. horse. terátta, a portcullis at a city Catturare, to seize. to arrest. Cavallétta, s. f. a locust or gate.--l'ateralta, a cataract.---- Catuno, adj. every man. Obs. 1 grasshopper.Carallilla, an Tatrátla, a disease of the eyes. Cava, s. f. a hole, hollow place, engine to raise any great l'atercitia, pigeon-holes.- a cave, a sink, a vault, a inine. weight.-Fare una caculleltu ad Caterótta, magical characters. (d, a hiding place.--(ava uno, to play one a trick. A burlesque word.

di metalli, di pietre, a quarry.

Cavallétio, a tit, a nag-CavolCatérva, s. f, multitude, crowd. Cavadenti, s. m. tooth-drawer. lello, any instrument to work Catinajo, s. m. he that makes Cavaicáre, to ride on horse-i upon that is like a horse. or sells basons.

back.-(alcare il paese, to Cavaletto di segatore, a sawing Catinella, s. f. a bason.

take a view on horseback. tressel.-Cavalletlo, a hobbyCarinétto, s. m. dim. of Catino. Amilitary phrase.Covalcáre, horse, Catino, s. 8. m. bason.

to rule, to goveru, to manage. Cavallino, dim. of Cavallo. Catinizzo, s. m. a little bason. --(rcelcure a bisdos:o, to ride Cavallino, a rake, a debauchee, Catoplépa, a kind of serpent. without a saddle.l'acnlcáre -Scorrer la cavallino, to live a Cacórcio, s. m. a boli to tasten imperio, to mount a piece of lewd life.- Orallino, adj. of a door, Obs.

ordnance upon its carriage. a horse, belonging to a horses Catóttrica, s. f. catoptric. Cavalcata, s. fra troop of - Vosca cuvullina, a horse-fly.

upon bail.


Cavallo, a horse.- Andare a ca-Cavernóso, adj. cavernous.' Causáre, to cause, to occasion, tallo, to ride.--Cavallo di razza, Cavernózza, dim. of Cavérna. Causatore, he that causes. a stallion-horse.--Cavallo in- Caverózzola, s. f. a little hole Causatrice, she that causes. tieto, a stone-horse-Cavallo or hollow place:

Causídico, a barrister, a pleada marino, a sea-horse.--- Dar un Cavezza, s. f. a halter-Romper er of causes, a lawyer. carallo, to whip, to horse.- la cavezza, to grow debauched. Caústico, s. m. a caustic. Far una cosa a cavallo, to do -De no di crveza1, deserv ng (aústico, adj caustic. a thing in a hurry-Cavalli

, a balter.-Levur lu curezza, to Cautaménte, adv. warily, heeda horse,cavalry.--Cavallo d'affillo, set at liberty.--Metter lu cu fully, with caution. a hackney-horse.—Essere a ca verzu alin gola, to make one Cautéla, s. f. caution, wariness, Dato, neither lose nor win.- pay dear for what he wants. -luutéla, security, bailPascersi come il caval del ciolle, -Cavezzu, a mischievous arch Ássolvere a cautela, to dismiss to feed upon air. Cavállo, a boy. horse at chess.

Cavezzina, s.f. dim. of Cavez-Cauteláre, to caution, to warn. Cavallóne,s. in. wave, surge,bil

- indire cuuteluio, to proceed low._t'acaltóne, a great horse. Cavezzóne, s. m. a kind of heedfully. Cavallúccio, a little horse. musrol for a young horse.

Cautério, s. m. a cautery. Cavalmarino, a kind of seal. Cavezzuola, dím. of Cavezza. Cauterizzáre, to cauterize. Cavalócchio, s. m. a hornet.-- Caviále, s. m. caviary, the roe Cauto, adj. wary, heedy, cau

(acalócchio, an exciseman, an of several fishes pickied. tious. attorney, a rascal.

Cavicchia, s. f. Ia peg or pin Cauzióne, s. m. bail, securiCavamento, s. m. the act of Cavicchio, s. m. S of wood ty--Dar cursione, to give bail. digging:

Caviglia, yarn windles, the Cazza, s. f. a ladle. Caváre, to draw.-Caváre, to sticks of a reel.-Caviglia, a Cazzabagliore, dazzling. Bur. get, to force from.--Caçur le carpenter's tenon. - Caviglia le que. ami dum ați are, to dispatch de! jsede, the ancie-bone.— Cazzavéla, s. f. 2 little bird business.---Cavar un di cervello, buona cuvizliz lezar l'asino, to so called Casavela, a fickle to tcase one to death.-Cacar sleep very soundly.

or light man. A ludicrous un del fungo, to raise one from Caviglio, v. Cavicchio. word. the dirt, to help him in his Caviliáre, to cavil, to argue Cazzottáre, to box, to box business.-Cavare il cappello,to! captiously.

hard. pull one's hat off.--Cavarsi la Caviliatore, a caviller. Cazzotto, s. m. a thump, a voglin, to satisfy one's long. Cavillatrice, fem. of Cavilla- blow with the fist.---Fut a' ing.--Cavarsi la sete, to quench tóre.

cuszotii, to box one's thirst.--Cair sangue, to Cavillazione, s. f. cavillation, Cazzuola, s. f. a trowel. let blood.-('cour utile,to reap' Cavilio, s. m. a false so- Cecággine, s. f. blindness-Ce profit.- varle muchie,totake pluistical argument, cavil. cáygine, error, mistake. cut stains. -Cavatne cupou o Cavillóso, adj. captious, full of Cecáre, to blind.--Ctcáte, to cate!!o, to get something, - cavils.

cioud, to darken. Cervue,todig.-Cuvreunufossi, Cavità, s. f. cavity, hollowness. Cece, s. m. chick-pease. Non to dig a grave.--Coire il como Cavo, adj. concave, hollow. por tener cece, he can't keep a d: grige, to eat a great deal. ! decp.--':co, s. in. cavity, secret. Cavastrácci, s m. a worm to holowness.--:ro, moud to Cécuro, a swan. Obs.

cast any, figure in.-lato, a Cehézza, s. f. b'indness.Cavasughero, s. m. boitle- cable --Livor di culo, a kind Cecbità, Ceriti, error, mise crew. of needle-work.

Cécità. take. Cavita, s. f.

a pit, a ditch. Cavoliore, s. m. cauliflower. Cédere to vield, to submit, to achts, the act of dig. Cavolésco, adj. of cabbage, like surrender von u cedoin nulla, cabbage.

I am as good a man as you. Caváto, s. m. hole, pit, caviiy. Cavolino, dim. of Cavolo. C'edire, to resign, to give up, Cavatore, s. m a digger, a Cavolo, s. m. cole, colewort, to surrer,der.- edere, to give miner, å delver, a ditcher.- cabbage.--Carolo coppuccio, over one's right to another.. Cerilor di denti, a tooth-draw. cole-cabbage.

Cidere, to yield, grant, con Cavretto, a kid.

fess. Cavatúra, 3. f. a digging.Cad Cavriola, s. f. caper, t. Caprio- Cederno, s. m. a kind of ciwatúre, a cave, a sink, a vavlt. la. -Far carriole, to cut capers. tron-tree. Caudatário, s. m. train-beare' -Corió'a, a female wild goat. Çedizione, s. f. cession, the act.

Cavriuolo, a male wild goat. of vielding up, resignation.
Cavédine, s. m. a kind of fish. Cáusa, s. f. cause, princip!2, oc- Céciola, s. f. biil, note.
Carélle, s. m. something.–Tu casion -Cáusi, cause, reason, Cedoline, augment. of Cédola.

torcrelle, something ails you. motive,subject. --Cursu,cause, Cevornélia, s. f. an herb 'so
Caverélla, dim. of Cava. right.-- A cairsu che, because. cailed.
Caverna, s. f. den, cave, cavern. --Perchè causa? upon what Cedrángola, s. f. an herb sa
Cavernétta, dim, of Cavérna. account? why?

called. Cavernosità, s. f. a dark hollow Crusalica, 6. f. cause, reason, Cedráto, š. m. a kind of cje place under ground.

motive, occasion. VOL. I.


unload a gun




a rag:

in rags.

and fifty




Cedrito, adj. made of cedar. brated.

Cenacolo, s. a supping. Cedrino; } – Tavola cedrina, a Celebrévole, adj. worthy to be place. table of cedar wood.

celebrated or solemnized.

Cenáre, to sup: Cedriuolo, s. m. cucumber. Celebrità, s. f. solemnity, festi- Cenáto, foolish, simple. Un Cedro, s. m. a citron or lemon. yal, celebrity.

cenoto, a simpleton, a fool. -l'edro, cedar-tree.

Célere, adj. quick, fleet, velo- Cenceréllo, s. i. a small rag. Cedróne, adj. of the cedar co cious.

Cenceria, s. f. a heap of rags. lour.

Celerità, s. f. celerity, swift- Cenciája, į a thing of no value. Cedrostino, s. m. a wild vine. ness, speed, haste.

Cenciáta, ) --C'enciáta, s. f. a Cefálica, s. f. the cephalic vein. Celéste, adj. celestial, heaven- blow given in contempt with Cefálico, adj. cephalic. ly-Celésie, sky-blue. Céfalo, s. m. a fish so called. Celestiale, adj. celestial, hea- Cenciajuolo, a seller or dealer Ceffáre, to seize with violence. venly: Obs.

Celestino, adj. blue, azure, sky- Cencinquánta, s. m. a hundred Ceffáta, s. f. a box on the ear. coloured Ceffatélla, s. f. a light slap on Celésto, adj. Obs. o. Celéste. Céncio, s. m. rag, tatter. -Venthe face.

Célia, s. f. a joke, a jest. der del cencio, to despise, to disCeffatóne, s. m. augm. of Cef. Celiárca, s. m. a commander dain. -Ogni cencio d'ol entrare : fáta.

over a thousand men. in bucato, every silly fellow Cetfo,s.m. the snout or muzzle. Celiáre, to speak or act in jest. will thrust himself into the

--Cello, an ugly face.- che Celiatore, s. m. a scoffer, a jest company of his betters. Non bel cello! a pretty figure in

aver cencio, to have not a bit deed -Far cetto, to dislike a Celiatrice, fem. of Celiatore.

of any thing thing.

Celibáto, s. m. celibacy, single Cencióso, adj. ragged, all in Ceffone, s. m. a cuff, a box on life. the ear.

Celibatário, s. m. a friar or Céncro, s. m. a speckled serCeffüto, adj. having a broad priest.

pent. face.

Célibe, adj. unmarried, single. Cenerácciolo, s. n. a linen cloth Cefo, s. m. an Ethiopic quadru- -Vita celibe, a single life. used by women in washing. ped so called.

Celidónia, s. f. the name of an Ceneráta, s. f. lye-ashes. Célabro, s. m. the brain. Poe-herb.Celidónia, a sort of Cénere, s. m. ashes, cinders.-tical. gem.

Il giorno delle ceneri, Ash Wed. Celuménto, s. m. the act of Cella, s. f. cave, cellar.-Cella, nesday-Ridurre in cenere, to hiding:

a cell for a monk or nun. destroy by fire. Celáre, to hide, to conceal. Cella, a room.--Cella, a pri- Cenerella, s. f. slender supper. Ccláta, s. f. ambuscade, ambush. vate chapel. Cella, a hole in Cenericcio, ash-coloured. Obs.-Celáta, a morion, a the honey-comb.

Cenerino, adj. of an ash colour, casket, a helmet, a steel-cap. Cellajo, s. m. cellar, cave, but- greyish. Celatamente, secretly, under-| tery.

Cenerógnolo, adj. ash-coloured. hand, in hugger-mugger. Cellário, s. m. buttery, cellar. Ceneroso, adj. full of ashes. Celáto, adj. hid or hidden.- Cellerájo, ? the friar who Cenétta, s. f. small supper.

Vi prego di tenermi celato, pray Cellerário, } takes care of the Ceníno, s. m. a little company don't discover me. In celato, cells in a convent.

at supper: secretly, in secret.

Cellétta, dim. of Cella. Cennamélla, s. f. a pipe, or Celatóne, s. Ini augm. of Celá. Celliere, s. m. cellar, buttery. Alute.

Cellína, s. f. diin. of Cella. Cćnnamo, or Cinnamo, &. m. Celatúra, s. f. the act of hiding; Cellória, s. f.the brain. A lu cinnamon. a lurking-hole. dicrous word.

Cenno, s. m. a sign, a beck, a Celeberrimo, adj. superlat. of Cellúzza, s. f. a little cell. nod.--Cenno, will, command. Célebre.

Celonájo, s. m. carpet-maker. -Ergiti a cenni suoi, rouse at Celebraménto, s. m. celebra- Celóne, s. m. a carpet.

her nod. tion, solemnity:

Celsitúdine, s. f. eminence, ris- Cenóbio, s. m. monastery, con- . Celebránte, adj., that cele- ing ground.Celsitúdine, high- vent. brates.--12 celebrante, the

Censessanta, a hundred and priest that celebrates mass. Cénibalo, s. m. a cymbol.sixty. Celebráre, to celebrate, to Andar col cembalo in colomberja, Censo, s. m. tribute, tax, subcommend.Celebráre, to cele to blab out one's business.sidy -- l'enso, recompense, rea brate, to solemnize.-Celebrare Figura da cembali, an ugly fi- ward-Censo, mortgage,rent. le feste, to keep the holy days. gure.

Censore, s. m. censor, a magisCelebrare, to say mass.

Cembanélla, s. f. a bag-pipe. trate so called.--Censúre, a Celebratóre, s. m. he that ce-Cémbolo, r. Cémbalo.

critic, a reformer, a controller. lebrates

Cementazione, s. f. cementa- Censúria, s. f. the dignity of a Celebratrice, fem. of Celebra- tion, the purification of gold. Ronan censor. töre.

Cemmanélla, s. f. bag-pipe. Censuário, adj. tributary. Celebrazione, s. f. celebration. Cen, for Cento, a hundred. Censura, $. f. censure, reproaf. Célebre, adj. celebrious, cele- Cena, s. f. supper,

Censúra, censure, criticism.





years old

cenclinat wayle: f. centry, a Cerboneca

, }s.

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Censuráre, to censure. merry countenance.-Cera, lash the slaves in a galley. Centaurea, s. f. centaury, a

face.-Far buona cera, to bé Cércine, s. m. a wreath of cloth medicinal plant.

merry, to feast.-Fare buona which porters lay upon their Centauro, s. m. centaur. cera ad uno, to make one wel- heads when they carry any Centelláre, to sip, to drink a

thing little at a time.

Cerajuólo, s. m. wax-chandler. Cerco, adj. (contracted from Centellino, s. m. sip, small Ceralácca, s. f. sealing-wax. Cercato) searched, looked for, Centéllo, 3 draught, and Ceramélla, s. f. a bag-pipe. sought-A cerco, adv. round, what remains at the bottom of Cerásta, s. f. a serpent suppos- around, about. "the glass after one has drank. 1 ed to have horns.

Cerconcello, s. m. a kind of Centenária, s. f. prescription in Ceraúno, s. f. a kind of stone sorrel. law of a hundred years.

so called.

Cercóne, s. m. sour wine. Centésimo, adj. the hundredth. Cerbaja, s. f. a place planted Cercopitéco, s. m. a kind of Centésimo,s.m.hundred fold. with holm-trees.

ape or baboon. Centina, s. f. centry, wooden Cérbero, s. m. Cerberus, the Cercuíto, s. m. o. Circuito. frames to turn arches upon.

dog of hell.

Cérebro, s. m. the brain. Centina, s. f. hundred. Cerbiátto, s. m. a red deer two Ceremónia, s. f. ceremony: Centinájo, a hundred.

Ceremoniále, s.

a ritual Centináre, to arch, to make an Cérbio, s. m. a hart, a stag.

book.--'eremoniále, adj. cere arch or vault. Cerbónea,

monial. 8. f. dead drunk.

Cerfóglio, s. m. chervil, a mould for an arch or vault. Cerbottána, s. f. a long hollow plant. Cento, hundred.

pipe to shoot with by blow- Cerfuglione, s. m. a lock of di. Centogambe, s. m. a kind of ing hard. ---Parlar per cerbot- sheveiled hair.l'erfuglióne, caterpillar.

tana, to make a third person a kind of palm. Centomila, a hundred thou speak for us.

Cerimónia, s. f. ceremony, rite. Centomília, $ sand.

Cerca, s. f. search, enquiry - Cerimoniale, s. m. a ritual.Centonchio, s. m. a plant so Cerca, the act of begging: - Cerimoniale, adj. ceremonial, called.

Andar alla cerca, to go a beg- formal. Centóne, s. m. a patched gar- ging.

Cerimoniére, s. m. master of ment.-Centóne, a poem made Cercamento, s. m. quest, inqui- ceremonies. up out of verses picked out ry.

Cerimonióso, adj. ceremonious. of the work of another poet. Cercánte, a mendicant, a beg- Cerina, s. f. a small face, a Centrále, adj. central.

gar. Centrina, a kind of fish so cercáre, to seek, to search-Cerinta, s. f. a plant so called. called.

Cercáre, to stroll, to ramble Cerna, s. f. a bad thing sepaCentro, s. m. center.-Centro, about. —Cercar del pune, tot rated from a good one.-Certhe bottom.

seek how to live.Cercare il na, s. m. a dull fellow. Obs. Centúpede, s. m. an insect nodo nel giunco, to look for -C'erna, division, partition.-that has a great many legs.

difficulties where there are Cerna, choice, the best. Centuplicáto, 1 s. m. a hun- none.-Cercar d'uno, to in- Cernecchiáre, a dim. of the Centúplo,

s dred fold. quire after one.-Cercar un verb Cernerc; to pick with Centúra, v. Cintára.

partito, to look after a good "negligence. Centúria, s. f. a company of a match.-Cercar rogna, to seek Cernecchio, s. m. a lock of hundred men.--Centúria, a trouble.

hair that hangs from the hundred years.--Centúria,cen- Cercáta, s. f. inquiry, search. temples over the ears. taury, a medicinal plant. Cercatore, seeker, searcher - Cérnere, to sever, to sift, to Centurióne, s. m. centurion. Cercatrice, a woman that seeks cribble through a sieve, to Cenúzza, s. f. a scanty supper. or searches.

cull, to pick.Cernere, to disCeppája, s. f. stock, the root Cerchiajo, s. m. a hoop-maker. cern, to distinguish.

Cerchiamento, s. m. incircling, Cernire, v. Cérnere.Cernuto, Ceppatéllo, a stock, or stump hooping.

part. of Cérnere. . Cepperélio, j of a tree when Cerchiare, to hoop, to bind Cero, s. m. wax-tapet..lero, small.

with hoops.-Cerchiáre,to sur a statue.-Un bel cero, a tall
Ceppo, stump, log.–Ceppo di round, to encompass.--Cerchiar man. Burlesque.
tignu, a vine.-Ceppo, block. di corona, to crown.

Ceróna, s f. a large face.
leppo, stocks, fetters.--C'ep- Cerchiatúra, s. f. the act of Ceróso, adj. waxy:
po d'incudine, the stock of an hooping

Cerottino, s. m. dim. of Cerot.
anvil.-Ceppo, stock, origin. Cerchiellino, little assembly.
Ceppo di case, a great many Cerchiello, a little hoop Cerotto, s. m. a little wax ta.
houses together.

Cerchietto, s. m.) circle. per.-Cerótto, a plaister, Cera, s. r. war.-Cera, wax Cerchio, s. m. a hoop, a circle. Cerpellóne, s. m. a great error, candles, torches, tapers.- -Far cerchio, to make a circle a blunder: Cera, mien, looks, counte round.--In cerchio, round, Cerracchione,s. m. large greca nance -Mutar cera, to change around, about.Cerchio, a oak. one's looks. Cera allegro, circle. Cerchio, a whip to Cerretáno, s. m. a juggler, a

pretty face.

of a tree.


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