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Cerviattello, s. m. a fawn. Cestire, to sprout forth, to Cerreto, s. m. a wood of green Cerviatto, 5. m. a fawn. grow big or bushy. oaks.

Cervice, s. f. the hinder part of Cesto, s. m. a plant which upon Cerro, s. m. a green oak.-Cer- the neck.-Uomo di dura cer one stalk produces many ro di cappelli, a bush of hair. vice, a stubborn man.

stalks.-Cesto, a gauntlet.— Cerruto, adj. full of green oaks. Cerviére, s. m. lynx.

Il cesto di l'enere, Veous girdle. Certáme, s. m. fight, combat. Cerviéro, adj. of the lynx, lyn- --Un bel cesto, a brave fellow. Certamente, adv certainly. ceous, quick-sighted.

Céstone, s. m. a wide basket, Certamento, v. Certezza. Obs. Cerviétio, v. Cervetto. Cestúto, adj. thick, bushy. Certanamente, adv. certainly Cérvio, s. m. stag, hart. Cesúra, s. f, a syllable out of Obs.

Ceruleo, adj. azure, sky.colour. the sout in the Latin verses. Certáno, adj. certain. Obs.med.

Cétera, s. f. a cittern, a guitar. Certuno, adv. certainly. (obs. Cervo, s. m. stag, hart.

Celera,etcetera,and so forth. Certánza, Obs. s. f certain- Cervógia, s. f. ale.

Ceterare, to play upon the

Cerúsico, s. M. a surgeon.

Certificaménto, s. m. confirma- Cerússa, s. f. white lead. Ceter atójo, s. m. a song upon

Cerziorare, to inform, to ac a cittern.
Certificáre, to certify, to as quaint one. A law word. Cetpratóre, a player upon
certain.-Certificato, s. m. a Cesáreo, adj. imperial. Ceterista, } the cittern.

Ceselláre, to make chizzel. Ceterizzáre, to sing or play
Certitudine, s. f. certainty. work.
Certo, pron. certain, some. Ceséllo, s. m, a chizzcl. Célo, s. m. a whale. Poetical.

In un certo tempo, at a certain Cesaje, s. f. plur. scissars, sheers. Cerra, s. f. a cittern.
time.--l'exto, adj. certain,sure, Céspite, s. m.]

Cetrácca, s. f. a kind of herb. true.-Certa cosa è,'tis certain. Cespo, s. m

turf, sod, bush.

Cetrángolo, s. m. a kind of -Certo, certain, fixed.--Fur Cespugliáto, adj. bushy, thick lemon. certo, to certify, to ascertain with branches.

Cetrare, o. Ceterare. -Cerio, s. m. certainty, cer- Cespurlio, s. m. a bush. Cerina, s. f. balm, balm tain - Lascior il cerlo jer l'ine'Cospuglioso, adj. bushy, full of gentie, certo, to part with the certain bushes.

Ce riuolo,s. m. cucumber. The for the uncertain. -erloadv. Cessagióne, s. f. ceasing, inter- Romans and other Italians call certainly:

mission.-- }'er cessugione, for it cocomero, but the right Di cerlo,

Tuscan name is cetriuólo; the Fer certo, certainly.

Cessame,s.m.scum ofthepeople. cocomero being properly. a Certosa, s. f. a charter-house. Cessamento, s.n. cessation, in water melon, and not a cuCerva, s. f., the feinale of a termission.

cumber. stag

Cessante, adj. ceasing, negli- Che, that, which, whom, what. Cervellaccio, s. m. augment. of gent.--Luero cessente, a gaine? what?--Che zolete? Cervello.

which one loses by lending what do you want ?- Che 10Cervellággine, s. f. whim, or accommodating another, Ro e costui? wliat man is this? whimsy, maggot.

with money before employed - Il eie; which.-Che, that, Cervellata, s. f. cervelat, a kind in a lawful trade.

to.Si lamenta che 7:02 vo a te of sausage.

Cessáre, to cease, to be at an derlo, hie complains that I don't Cervelléito, s. m. dimin. of end, to leave ofl, to give over, go to see him.--Che, but.Cerrello.

to forbear, to discontinue.- Non ha che un cavallo, he has Cervellicra, s. f. helmet, a light Cessare, to avoid, to shun, to but one horse-lhe, sone,

covering for the head. escape, to dispel, to divert, to both.---Che piccoli che grandi, Cervellingine, s.f. imprudent averi.--C'esvare, to allzy, to both small and great.--the action

asswage.--Cesursi, to forbear, Ingles: che Illiiani, sone kne Cervellíno, adj. hair-brained. to retrain.

glish, some Italians-Che l'n cercellus, a young fellow Cessaeioue, 6. f. cessation, in- what, that, how.---Che bella who will listen to no advice. termission.

donna è quer what fine wo Cervello, s. m. the brain.-- Cessiine, s. f. cession, resigua man is this?-ap3)! che potessi Stare il cervello, to take care. t10n.

pederin, oh! that I could see barsi a cervello, to puzzle Cesso), s. m. ceasing, cessation. heri Che, that, to the end about a thing letter il cer esso, a privy, a necessary

that.--}'ultiidi tempo che possa vello a partito ad uno, to make house. Ogni casa ha ceaso, visomergli, give me time that one think wbether he will or every body has his troubles. I may answer him.--Che, beno.-lono di cerve.".0, a man A low phrase--lesso, adj. cause--Che se non venile ozgi of sense or judgment, a wise wiedei, giocu over.

andere via, because, if you Cesta, s. f. basket.

don't come to day I'll go aCervellóne, s. m. an extrava-|Cestàccia, s. f. an old basket. way.---Che? why-Che non gant or silly man, and also a Costela, s. t.

parli? why don't you speak? man who has a great power- Cestello. s. m.

dim, of Cesta.

-fre, till, until. Ispettute ful mind, Cesterella, s. 1.

ch'io ven a, stay until I come. Cervétto, s. m, a young stag. Cestino, s, in.

Che', after, when, as soon as,

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* 1. n. cochine

Chermi, gain colour. sau arrant kn

adj. crim.on de criminal. O

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2ej belonging

1 m. cher

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-Fmita che avrò questa lettera Chetánza, s. f. acquittance, re- Chiantáre, to impose upon. enderò, as soon as I have writ ceipt.---Chetanza, quierness, Chiappa, s. f. a hold. Chiuppa, this letter, I'll go. he che, quict. Obs.

buttock.-Chiappa di cannune, whatsoever.Sia che che sia, Checáre, to quiet.

a piece of lead to cover the whatsoever it may be; let it Cherezza, s f. stiliness. touch-hule of a canuon. be what it will. Che che, Chetichelli, adv. silently. Chiappare, to snatch, to pull. every moment.-Che, thing, Cheto, adv. quiet, still.-State - rappare, to catch or overmatter, subject.-Un bei che cret, be quiet.- neto! hush!! take. per andare in collera, a fine sub -'i cheto, adv. quietly. Chiappola, s. f. a toy, a thing ject indeed to be angry.--Cha, Cheto cheto, adv. quietly, soft of litle or no value. else.i questo mi rispondi oi iy.

Chiappoleria, s. f. v. Chiappoche mi parto answer to this, or Cheúnque, what, whatsoever. la. else i go away.--Che, than.. Obs.

Chiappolino, s. m. a wageäsh, E per ricco che dotto, be is Chi, pron. relat. who, whom. wanton, silly man. rather rich than learned. - So chi è, i know who he is. Chiára, s. f. the white of an Che c'é? what is the matter? chi avele parleto. whom egg. Chébuli, s. m, a sort of plums. did you speak to!--Chi, he Chiaramente, ciearly. Cheidro, s. m.a kind of water that, whoever, whosoever.-Chiarare, to clear, to explain. , snake.

Chi fa bene, bene avrà, do well, Chiaráta, s. f. a medicine made Chelonite, s. f. a precious stone and have well.–Di chi è questo with the white of an egg. so called.

libro? whose book is this?- Chiaréa, s. f. a kind of waterChente, relat. which, such as. Chi, some.-Chi diceva unu cosa gruel. Obs.-Chenle, how much, e chi un altra, some said one Chiarello, s. f, water. A cant how. Obs. O amore chenti e thing and sone another werd. quali sono le tue forze! O love, Chi, any man, any one, any Chiarentána, s. f. a kind of how great is thy power ! body,

dance. Chente che bella si sia, let her Chiacchiera, s. f. babble, chat, Chiarezza, s. f. light, brightbe ever so handsome. pratile.

ness.--Chiarezza, satisfaction, Chentúnque, adj. whosoever. Chiacchieramento, s. m. chit- security.--Charezza, elearness, Obs. chat.

perspicuity--Chiartzu, noChéppia, s. f. a sea fish so call- Chiacchieráre, s. f. to chat, to bleness of birth. ed.


Chiarificáre, to clarify.–ChiaCherca, o Chierca, t. Chérica. Chiacchieráta, s. f. 5. Chiac-l rificáre, to clear, to unra

uravel, Chercu, v. Chérica. chieraménto.

to explain. Chercú'o, v. Chericuto. Chiacchierino, s. m: a prattler. Chiarificazione, illustration, the Chérere, to ask, to beg. Obs. Chiocchieróne, s. m. å fellow act of making plain and eviChérica, s. f. a priest's shaven who teizes with long and te

dent. dious talking

Chiarizióne, s. f. 7 demonChericale, adj. clerical. Chiama, s. v. Chiamata., Chiarimento, s. m.) stration, Chericáto, s.

m. clerkship-Chiamaménto, s. m. vocation, clear proof.
Cherresto, the clergy: calling.Chiamuménto, invoca- Chiarina, s. f. a clarion.
Chericato. tion.

Chiarire, to clear up-Chiarire, Obs.

Chiamante, adj. that calls. to make plain, to explain. Cherichétto, s.

a young Chiuman!e, that invocates. Chiari à, s. f. light, brightness, clergyman.

Chiamare, to call, to call for, splendor, serenity, clearness. Chericia, s. f. clerkship. Obs. to call to, to give a call.-- Chiaro, adj. clear, fair, pure. Chericíle, adj. clerical Obs. Mundure a chianare, to send Chiaro, clear, luminous.-Chérico, clerk, clergyman. for.–Chiamare, to cail, to Chiaro, agreeable, graceful, Chericóne, s. m. angien. of name.- omevichiamate. what pleasant. tro, renowned, Cherico.

is your name?Mi chiamo famous.-Claro, hearty, corChericúzzo, s. m. a poor clergy- Pietro, my name is Peter.-dial, sincere.Chiaro, 'nani.

Come chiuinate queste: rosu? how fest, evident.--Chiaro, certain, Chérmes, s. m. cochineal. do you call this thing?:-Cha-l sure, undoubted.--Chiaro, Chérmesi o Chermisi, s. mare, to call at dice.--Chin- clear, transparent-Chiuro di crimson, grain colour.-Furbo mare il punto, to tell the point. luna, moon-skine -..('omincia in chermes', an arrant knave. -Chiamare a cena, to call to a far chiaro, the day begins to Chermesino, adj. crimson. supper.---Chiamare, to call appear.–Chiaro, adv. clearly, Cherminale, criminal. Obs. one before the judge, to cite, plainly. Cheróbico, adj. belonging to a

to summon.--Chiamarsi vinto, Chiarore, s. m. splendor, brightcherubin.

to yield.--Chiamare fuori, to ness, clearness. Cherubino, 5. m. cherubin, challenge.

Chiaroscuro, s. m. the lights cherub.

Chiamáta, . f. vocation, call and shadows of a picture. Cherubi, chcrubins. Poetical. ing, cail.-Chianuta, parley, Chiaróso, adj. Obs. e. Chiaro. Chesta, s. f. a deinand. Obs. chamade.-Chuamáto, s. m. a Chiassajuvia, s. a trench, Chestamente, by stealth, pri- guest.

ditch, or furrow, tá convey Yaiely, sortly, gently. Chiána, s. f. a standing pool. rain water out of the fields,







Chiassáta, s. f. noise, rumour. Chiazza, s. f. scab, the dried | Chimo, s. m. chymus, any kind Chiassatéllo, s. m. a narrow scurf of a pimple, wheale, or of juice, that especially of Chiassetto, } street, a narrow

meat, after the second diges lane.

Chiazzáto, adj.pitted, speckled, tion.--Chimo, a kind of sea. Chiasso, s. m. a narrow street, spotted.

fish that foresees a storm. a lane. Chiasso, a bawdy- Chicca, s. f. cake.

China, s. f. a descent, the steep house.-- Andare in chiasso, to Chicchera, s. f. a dish to drink side of a hill, declivity. go to the devil.-E darebbe chocolate, coffee, or the like Chinachina, s. f. jesuit's bark. d'un chiasso ogni donojo, he doth

in, a cup:

Chinamento, s. m. declination. not know where to hide him- Chicchi bichiacchi, s. m. words Chináre, to bow.-Chinare il self.

that mean nothing.--Un chic- viso, to look down.--Chinare Chiassolino, 1 chi bichiacchi, a great prater.

gli occhi, to cast down the Chiassuolo, }

dim. of Chiasso. Chicchirilláre, to chuck like a eyes.---Chinare la testa, to con. Chiátta, s. f. a flat-bottom boat. hen.--Chicchirilláre, to prattle, sent, to submit.-Chinare, to Chiaváccia, s. f. a large key. to chatter.

bow.Chinar le spalle, to bear Chiaváccio, s. m. a bolt to fast- Chicchirillo, s. m. idle story, with patience.-Chindre, to en a door.

decline.China il giorno, it Chiavacuore, s. m. ornaments Chicchessia, whosoever, what begins to grow late.Chinársi,

of gold or silver the women man soever, what body so to stoop, to bend downwards. wore formerly on their ever, any body.

Chináta, s. f. a descent. breasts.

Chiedere, to ask, to beg, to de- Chinatamente, adv. secretly, Chiavajo, a key-keep-sire, to require, to crave, to privily. Chiavajuólo, s. m.) er, a turn request, to sue for.

Chinatezza, s. f. bent, curvity. key, a locksmith

Chiedimento, s. m. request, pe- Chináto, s. m. declivity. Chiavárda, s. f. a tenter-hook.

tition, entreaty.

Chinatúra, s. f. the bending or Chiaváre, to drive or thrust Chieditore, s. in. a demander, shelving of a descent. in, to nail.-Chiavare, to run a petitioner, a dun.

Chinéa, 8. f. an ambling nag, a through to wound.-Chiavare, Chiérica, s. f. a priest's shaven palfrey. to lock. crown.

Chino, s. m. declivity, slope. Chiaváro, v. Chiavájo. Chiericale, adj. clerical. Chino, adj. inclined, bended, Chiavatóra, fastening.--Chia- Chiericato, s. m. clerkship. crooked, downward.--Chino, tatúra, the nails fastened to Chierichetto, 1 s. m. a young low, deep. any thing.-Chiavatúra, the Chiericúzzo, I novice of a Chintána, v. Quintana. pricking of a horse in the clerk.

Chioccáre, to box, to beat, to shoeing of him.

Chiérico, s. m. clerk, cler-strike. Chiave, s. f. a key to open and gyman.

Chioccia, a brood hen. shut a lock.- hirve, autho-Chiesa, s. f. a church.Chiesa, Chiocciáre, to cluck.Chioce rity, power, influence. Le church or congregation of ciare, to begin to be faint, or chiavi, the keys, or the pope's the faithful.

sick. authority.–Chiave, a strong Chiesetta, dimin. of Chi-Chioccio, adj. hoarse.-- Voce frontier-town.--Chime, a key Chiesicciúola, a little chioccia, a hoarse voice.-Star or cliff in music.-Chiave della Chiesina, church. chioccio, to be faintish or sick. dolla, the key-stone of a vault. Chiesolástico, s. m. he that Chićcciola, s. f. a snail.--Chioc

-Chirce di vite, a screw-key goes often to church. ciola, a screw.Chiocciola, the Chime, a key that explains Chiesta, s. f. a request.-Chiesto, shell of any kind of snail. the remote meaning of any adj. requested, required, ask Suldalo di chiocciole, a fresh. written thing.–Chiave, an ed.

water soldier. chiocciola, iron bar used to strengthen a Chiesúccia, s. f. a little church. adj. screw-like.—Scala a chio wall.-Chiave maestra, a master Chiesuola, s. f. dim. of Chiesa. occiołu, a winding stair-case. key.

Chilificamento, s. f. chylifica- Chiocciolétta, ?dimin. of Chi. Chiavelláre, to nail, to drive, tion.

Chiocciolina, Socciola. to thrust io.

Chilificáre, to change the food Chiodagióne, s. f. all manner Chiavellata, s. f. a wound into chyle.

of iron nails. caused by a nail.

Chilificazione, s. f. chylifica- Chiadajuolo, s. m. a nail-maker. Chiavéllo, s. m. a nail.


Chiodare, o. Inchiodare.
Chiaverina, s. f. javelin, a short Chilmdro, s. m. a water-snake. Chiodétto, dim. of Chiodo.
Chilo, s. m. chyle.

Chiodo, s. m. a nail.siver fisso Chiavetta, dim. of chiave. Chilóso, of the nature of chyle. il chiodo, to be resolved. Chiavica, a common sewer. Chiméra, chimera.--Chimera, Chióma, s. f. head of hair. Chiavicáccia, a degrading aug an idle fancy:

Trarre la chioma alla rocca, to mentative of Chiavica. Chimérico, adj. chimerical. spin-Chioma, rays, beam.Chiavichétta, dim.of Chiavica. Chimerizzáre, to fancy idle frondose chiome, the leaves of Chiavistello, s. m. a boit for a things. door --Rodere i chwistelli, to Chimica, s. f. chymistry. Chiosa, s. f. gloss, comment.

Chimico, s. m. a chymist. Chiosa, a spot upon the skin. Chiavo, s. in/a nail Obs. Chimico, adj. cboynuical, Chiosáre, to gloss, to comments



be angry.

a nasty slut.

Chiosatore, s. m. a glosser, a Ci, there, here.-Ci verrò quan- Ciárla, s. f. chat, chatting. commentator.

do vi piacerà, I'll come here Ciarláre, to talk, to prate. Chiostra, s. f.

a cloister.

when you please. Ci, to us. Ciarlatanería, s. f. quackery, Chiostro, s. m.)

-Ci disse, he told us.-li,our- Ciarlataneria, loquacity: Chiostro, a monastery--Chios selves.--Ci ricordiamo, we re- Ciarlatáno, s. m. a quack. tro, those that live in a cloister member.

Ciarlatóre, s. m. prattler. or monastery.Chiostro, the Ciabatta, s. f, old shoe.-Cia- Ciarlatrice, s. f. a prattler. womb. Poetical.

batte, old rags, things of no Ciarlería, s. f. chat. Chiotto, adj. quiet, still.


Ciarliéro, s. m. a prattler. Chiováre, to prick or nail a Ciabattájo, s. n. a dealer in ola Ciarlóne, s. m. a blab, borse in shoeing.–Chiocare, to shoes,

Ciárpa, s. f. a bandoleer. nail up.-Chiocare l'artiglierie, Ciabattiere,

a cobler.

arpe, rags, tattered clothes.
to nail up cannon.
Ciabattino, }

Ciarpáme, s. m. old garments,
Chiovatúra, s. f. a prick in a Ciacciamelláre, to talk idly. rags.
horse's foot.
Ciacco, s. m. a hog.

Ciarpáre, to cobble or bungle.
Chiovo, s. m, a nail.
Ciálda, s. f. a wafer.

l'inrpáre, to babble. Chirágra, s. f. the gout in the Cialdonajo, S. m. a wafer- Ciarpiéra, s. f. a quean, a drab, fingers or hands.

maker or seller. Chirágrico, adj. that has the Cialdoncino, s.m. a small wafer. Ciarpiere, a rascal, a paltry gout in the hands.

Cialdöne, s. m. a wafer rolled fellow. Chirintána,

dance up in the form of a cornet. Ciarpóne,s.m.a carelessidleman. Cbirinzána, s. f. ) where ma-Cialtróne, a rogue, a rascal. Ciascheduno, ? every man, ny dance together.

Ciambella, s. f. a kind of cake. Ciascuno, S every one, Chirógrafo, s. m. a bill or bond Ciambellájo, a cake-maker. every body, each, every thing.

under one's own hand. Ciambellétta, dim. of Ciam- Cibáccio,s.m. bad food, coarse Chiromante, s. m. one skilled Ciambellina, I bella.

food. in the art of palmistry: Ciambellótto, 8. m.camlet, cam- Cibáre, to nourish, to feed.com Chiromanzia, s. f. palmistry. blet.-Fure come il ciambellotto, Cibarsi, to feed upon.- ibársi, Chirurgia, s. f. surgery.

to contract an ill habit, to per to please one's self.libursi di Chirúrgico,

severe in evil. Chirurgo,

a surgeon.

frutii, to live upon fruits. Ciambelláno, s. m. a chamber- Cibo, food, victuals. Chisciare, to weed up with a lain.

Cibório, 3. m. pix, a vessel in take.

Ciammengola, s. f. a trifle. which the host is kept.
Chitáre,to quit,to leave off.Obs. Ciampanella, s. f. er, dare in Cibóso, adj. fruitful, copious.
Chitárra, s. f. a guitar. ciampanella, to go about a Cibrév, s. in. a dish made with
Chittarrína, s. f.

? dim. of
business foolishly

herbs and other things, a gal-
Chittarrino, s. m. } Chitárra. Ciainpáre, 0. inciampare. Obs. limawfry.
Chiucchiurlája, s. f. a buzzing, Cancerélha; ? dimin. of Cian Cica, adv., not a bit, not a jot,
Chiudenda, s. f. an inclosure. Ciancetta, 'S cia.

Cicáia, s. f. a kind of chirping - Chiudendi, a hedge. Ciancia, s. f. foolery, idle story, insect not much known in Chiádere, to shut. Chilere, jest, chat, chit-chat.

England. It is black, lives on to inclose, to fence about. Cianciafruscole, s. f. pl. trifles. trees, and chirps much during Chidere, to wring, to oppress. Ciancianfera, s. f. trifle, non- hiudere il pigno, to clinch

Cicaiamento, s. m. prating' the fist.-Chiúdere, to include, Cianciáre, to prate, to chat, to chattering: to contain, to comprehend.-prattle.

Cicaláre, to babble, to chat, to Chiedere, to bar, to stop up a Cianciatore, a prattler. talk sillily. way-Chiústre, to hide, 'to Cianciatrice, a chattering wo- Cicaláta, s. f. conceal.

talk, little Cicalćccio, s. m.

talk, chita Chiudiménto, s. m. inclosure. Cianciéro, adj. talking idly. Cicaléria,

chat. -Chiudi mento, s. m.a stoppage. Cianciolína, s. f.chat. Cicalio, s. m. Chiunque, whosoever. Ciancione, s. m. a great prater. Cicalonaccio, s. m. a great Chiuriáre, the singing of a Ciancióso, adj. full of chat. talker. cuckow.

Cianfárda, s. f. a kind of dress Cicalone, s. m. a prating or Chiério, s. m. a kind of bird anciently used.

talkative man. catching used in Italy. Cianfruságlia, s. f.things eaten Cicatrice, cicatrice, scar.' Chiúsa, s. f. inclosure, hedge. for pastime.-Cianfrisaglia,old Cicatrizzáre, to cicatrize, to -Tenere in chiusa, to shut up. tattered clothes.

heal. Chiusaménte, adv. secretly, pri- Cianchellino, adj. naught, bad. Ciccantóne, s. m. a quack. Tately.


Cicchera, s. f. v. Chícchera. Coigsion, s. m. a cover, a lid. Ciantellino, s. m. a sip, a small Cíccia, s. f. a word that chil. Chiuso,s.m.inclosure.--Chiuso, draught. Bere a ci'intellini,a sip. dren call meat by. ed, close, inclosed, locked in. Ciaramélla, s. f. a bag-pipe.--- Cicciolo, s. m. bits of meat Cháusúra, S. £. inclosure.-Chia Ciarumella, a prating fellow. which remain after the fat of kes, a lock.

Ciaramelláre, to babble, the hog is squeezed our.



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Ciccione, s. m. felon, a painful Ciglione, s. m. the ridge or Cimicióne, s. m. a large bug. swelling:

edge of a ditch or hill. Cimiére, į s. m. the crest of Cicérbitai, s.f. an herb so called. Cigna, s. f. a girth.


an helmet. Cicerchia, s. f. chick-peas.- Cignaláccio, s. m. a large wild Cimino, s. m. the herb and Tu hii mangiato cicerchie, you boar.

seed cuminin. see double. Cignále, s. m. a wild boar. Cimitério,

S. m. a churche Cichino,s.m. a little, very little. Cignáre, to gird

Cimitéro, } yard. -Piatir com Cicigna, s. f. slow-worm, blind Cignere, io gird. --Cignere, to cim teri, to be of a sickly conembrace, to hug-lignere, to

stitution. Cicisbeáre, to keep company surround, to environ. Cimúrro, s. m. glanders, a diswith the sex. Cigno, s. m. a swan.

ease in horses. Cicisbeatúra, dangling about Cignone, s. m. a great girth. Cina, s. f. a medicinal root.

women, civility to wonien. Cigolamento, s. m. the creak- Cinabrése, s. f. a kind of soft Cicisbéo, s. m! a dangler about ing of a dooror any thing else. red stone.

women, a civil aitendant on Cigoláre, to crash, to creek Cinábro, s. m. cinnabar. women It is sometimes taken Cigolare, to hiz; to whiz, as Cinciallégra, s. f. a kind of bird

in a good sometimes in a bad green wood when it burns. so called.
sense. In general it means the Cigolio, s. m a crackling noise, Cinciglio, s m. a belt.
constant attendant on a lady. a liz, a whizzing

Cinciglione, s m. a large belt. Ciclo, s m. cycle, a term used Cilecca, s. f. disappointment Cincischiáre, to cut, to hack. in astronomy:

Cilestrino, adj. sky-coloured. Cinciscuiure ne'le parole, to hesi.. Cicloide, 5. f. cycloid. Ciléstro, adj 1. Cilestrino. tate, to stammer, to be at a Cicogna, stork; a bird so called Ciliccíno, adj dim of Ciliccio. stand. Cronu, that piece of tim- Ciliccio,

Cincischio, s. m.

a cut made -ber that, poises the beil.-;-Cilício,

s. m. hair-cloth.

with a tool that cuts ill. coluna, an engine to draw up Ciliégia, s. f. cherry. Cincistiáre, t. Cincischiare. water with.

Cilindrico, adj. cylindrical, Cine izio, adj. ash-coloured. Cicognino, s. m. a young stork. Cilindro, s. m. cylinder. Cingallégra, s. f. a little bird Cicorea. succory, wild endive. Cilizio, ö. Cliccio.

so called. Cicúta s. f hemlock.

Cilóma, s. f. talk, prattling. Cingere, r. Cignere. Cicutrénni, s. f. a musical pipe. Cima, s. f. top, ridge, height, Cinghia, s. f. a cingle, or girth, Ciecamente, adv. blindly. summit.lima,

excellence, for a horse. Ciechità, r'. Cerita.

eminence.-Cire d' uomo, an Cinghiaja, s. f. a vein in a Cieco, auj. blind.--Ceco, in eminent man--a imaui ribuldo, hore near the girting place. considerate, foolish.---'irou, an arch rogue.--Iridir se puer Cinghiale, s. m. a wild boar. hidden, concealed, latent.- le rinne degli alberi, to cavil. Cinghialine, adj. of or belongCicco, dark,gloomy.--Ii mundo Cimare, to shear the cloth.ming to a wild boar. circo, hell.-Giocare al gineco Crno bugnuto e moto, a cun- Cinghiare, to gird.--Cinghiare, della cieca, to play at blind ning man, a sharper:

to environ, to surround. man's busi--Lanittnau ciera, a Cimasi, s. f. o. Cimazio. Cinghiatúra, s. f. the girting, dark lantern-bastonate de Cimatóre, s. in. a shcarer. place of a horse. ciero, hard blows.-Un rieco, a Cimatúra, s. f. shearings:---Ci-Cinghio, s.m. circle, circumfeblind man. Un circa, a Wind inatra, the art of shearing.

rence, inclosure. Cimazio, s. m. a member of a Cingolo, s. m. a girdle, a sash, Ciecolina, s. f. a grig, a kind of moulding, consisting of a Ciagottre, o. Cinguettare. 'small ecl. round and a hollow,

Cinguettamento,s.m.chit-chat. Cielo, s. m. hcavei.---Cico, Cimba, a bark. Poctical. Cinguettáre, to talk as children heaven, paradise.---Ciolo, the Cimbérli

, zdiv. c. ex. ---Esser in do--lingüeitire, to prate, to air, the sky - lido, country, cinberli, to be in great con- pratile. climate.-Cielo, the top, the sternacion.

Cinguettatore, a silly prater. cieling

Cimbotto), s. M. a fall, a tumble. Cinguettatrice, fem. of Cins, Ciér:2, s. f. look, countenance. Cimbottoláre, to knock one's! guettatóre.

Brion Orrio bruonu viera, you head against the ground in Cinguetteria, s. f. chit-cliat.
don't look well

Cinguettiera, a prattling wo-
Cífera, s. f. cypher.

Cimbóttolo, o. Cimbotto.
Ciferístå, s.m. a man whoseen-|Cimentáre, , to attempt, to Cinicaménte, adv.in a cynical

ployment is to write in cy- Cimentársi, } make trial, to

prove, to expose, to bring Ciaco, adj. cynical.---Cirico, Cifra, v. Cifera.

into danger, to hazard, to s. m. a cynic, à philosophier Cigliare, ș. n. the ridge or edge venture.--Caxentarsi, to come of the cynic seet. of a small eminence.

to a battle, to engage.

Cinnamono, s. m. cienamou. Ciglio, s. m. brow, eye-brow. Cimenio, s. m. experiment, Cino, s. In a kind of plump.. --Ciglio, eyes,ight, view look. essay, trial, proof --Mettere a Cinolós id, s.f. dog s torgue. 1tle çizia, tu fix one's cimento, to expose, tu endanger. Cinquada, s. f. a sword. eyes upon á ibing--Ciglio, Cimice, s. m. Dus.

ludicrous word. the ridge or cdge of a ditch. Ciniciáttola,s.f.a kind of grape. Cinquánti, fifty.




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