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five years.


Cinquantésimo, adj. fiftieth. Ciompería, s. f. gross and rude Circolato, adj. of a round or Cinquantina, s. f. fifty.

circular form. Cinque, adj. numeral, five. Ciómpo, s. m. a carder.-Ci-Circolazione, s. f. circulation. Cinquecentesimo, adj. the five ombo, a clown, a churl. Circoilito, s. in. a small cirhundredth.

Cioncáre, to quaff, to tope.-cle. Cinquecento, five hundred. Cioncáre, to cut, to cut off, to Círcolo, circle. Cinquefóglie, s. f. cinq-foil or mangle.

Circoncidere, to circumcise. five-leaf grass.

Cioncatórc, aquaffer, a tosspot. Circoncidiménto, circumcision. Cinquemila, adj. five thou- Cónco, adj. drunken, cup-shot. Circonciato, adj. surrounded. sand.

-Cionco, broken, cut, maim- Circoncisióne, s. f. circumciCinquénnio, s. m. the space of ed.-Rimase cionco d'un braccio, sion.- La circoncisione, s. f. the

he had an arm cut off - Una feast of the Circumcision, ceCinquina, s. f. five.

spada che ha la pintu cionca, a lebrated on the first day of Cinquino, s. m. cinks or cin

blunted sword.

the year.- Dalla circoncisione ques at dice.

Ciondolamento, s. m. the dan a Sin Sikestro, from beginning Ciata,s. f. compass, circumfer-gling of any thing hanged. to end, as St. Silvester's day is eace, inclosure. Cinta, a gir- Ciondoláre, to dangle 10 and the last day in the year. dle, a sash. fro.

Circonciso, adj. circumcised. Cinto, s. m. a girdle, a sash.- Ciondolo, s. m. any thing that Circondaménto, s. m. the act of Cinta, inclosure, circumfer- dangles by being hanged. compassing ence, compass.---Cinto, adj. Ciondolino,

s. m. dim. of Cion- Circondáre, to environ, to surgirded, surroundeu, environ

dolo. In the plural number round, to stand about. ed.linte di ferro, the iron it is taken for car-rings, Cion- Circondazione, environing. bars that bind a wheel. dolini.

Circonferenza, s. f. circumfer. Cintola, s. m. girdle, a sash. Ciondolóne, adv. dangling.

- Cintola, the waist.-Tener-|Cionno, adj. silly, simple, fool- Circonflessione, s. f. the act of si le mani alla cintola, to be ish.-Un cionno, a sot, a fool.

bowing or turning round. idle-Stretto in cintolu, close, Cióppa, a large upper robe Circonfiésso, circumflex. covetous.-Lurgo di cintola, worn by women. Obs. Circonflittere, to bend, to bow. free, generous.

Ciotola, s. f. a cup, a bowl. Circonfúlgere, to shine round. Cintolino, s. m. dim.of Cintola. Ciotoletta, dim. of Ciotola.

Circonfúso, circumfluent. Aver il cintolino rosso, to have Ciotolóne, s. m. a large cup. Circonlocuzione, s. f. circumlo. che preference.- Questo mi Ciottáre, to whip, to lash. Obs. cution. stringe i cintolin, this concerns Crótto, s. m. a flint.-Ciotto, adj. Circonscritto, adj.circumscriblame.

ed. (intolo, s. m. garter.-Cin- Ciottoláre, to lapidate, to circoscrivere, to circumscribe, iolo, list of cloth.

to bound, to limit.-Circoscrić Cincónchio, s. m. chaff-weed. Ciottoláta, s. f. a hit with a

vere, to encompass, to surCintúra, s. f. a girdle, a sash.

round.-Circoscrivere, to de-Cintura, a circle. --Cintura, Ciottolo, s. m. flint-stone.- fine, to determine by circumthe waist.

Laver il capo co' ciottoli, to de- locution.
Cinturétta, s.f. dimin. of Cin tract, to slander.

Circoscriviménto, s. m.
Cinturino,s.m.) tura.
Ciottolóne, s. m. large flint- Circoscrizione, s. f.

cirCiò, pronome, that, this, that

cumscription. which, what.-Ciò mi piace, Cipiglio, s. m. frown, sullen- Circospetto, adj. circumspect, that or this pleases me.-Con

ness.-- Guardare con cipiglio, to considerate, wary, wise, caututo ciò, nevertheless. frown at.

tious. Ciocca, s. f. a bunch.-Ciocca Cipolla, ș. f. enion.-Cipolla, a Circospezione, circumspection, di fori, a nosegay.-Ciucca di

man's head. A ludicrous wariness, cautiousness. capelli, a tuft of hair. -Ciocca word.igli è più doppio d'una circostante, s. f. by-stander, aua cioca, one lock after an

cipolla, he is a double-dealer. ditor. other.

Cipollata, s.f.onionsand gourds Circonvallazione, s. f. circumCiocchetta, s. f. a little bunch,

boiled together.---Cipollára, vallation. or tuf:. story, silly thing.

Circonvenzióne,s.f.circumven. Cioccia, s. f. bubby, suck. A Cipollétta, s. f. 7 cibol, cibou- tion, over-reaching, deceito childish word.

Cipollina, s. f. let, a young fraud. Ciocciáre, to suck. A childish Cipollino, s. m.

S cibol.

Circonvicíno, adj. neighbourword. Cipórro, s. m. blunder.

ing, adjacent. Ciocco, s. m. stump.

Ciprésso, s. m. cypress, a tree. Circostanza, Circostanzia, cirCioccolata, s. f. Ciprígna, s. t. Venus.

cumstance. C'ircostanza, neighCioccolate, s. m. chocolate.

Circa, adv. about.-Circa, bourhood, adjacent place. Cioccolato, s. m.

touching, concerning, relat- Circuiménto, s. m. circuition. Cioccolatióra, s. f. chocolate ing

Circuire, to environ, to go Círco, s. m. Circus.

round. -Circuite cogliocchi, to Cies, adv. to wit, that is to Circoláre, to circulate.-Circo-examine.

láre, adj. circular,

Circuíto, adj.surrounded Cir. VOL, I,







f. the upper

chito, s. m. circuit, circumfer- Cittadinanza, s. f. the whole Ciurmare, to cheat, as mountence.

community of a city.-Citta- tebanks do.-Ciurmare, to alCiregéto, s. m. an orchard of, dmánza, rights of a citizen. lure with deceit.--Ciurmársi, cherry trees.

Cittadinático, s. m. the state of to make one's self drunk. Ciriégia, cherry;

a livery-man.

Ciurmato, accustomed.--Sono Cirigio, s.m. cherry tree. Cittadinéllo, a poor

citizen. ciurmato a tutti i vostri inganni, Ciriegiuolo,adj.that has thetaste Cittadinescamente, adv. civilly, I know all your tricks. of a cherry, of the colour of a courteously.

Ciurmería, s. f. quack's tricks. cherry:

Cittadinésco, adj. citizen-like. Ciúschero, adj. tipsy, drunkCirimónia, v. Cerimónia. Cittadino, s. m. a citizen, a jsh. Cirindóne, s. m. Obs. a gift, a city-dweller, a freeman of a Cizze, s. f. pl. a woman's boon.

city.littadino,adj.civil,cour bre:sts. Obs. Ciriuóla, s. f. a small eel, a grig. teous, well-bred. -l'ila citta- Clade, s. f. slaughter. PoetiCirro, s. m. a lock of hair curl- dina, a private life.-Cittadino, cal. ed. Obs.

s. m. a patriot.--Buon cittadi-Clamáre, to speak loud. Cirugia, s.f.surgery.

no, faithful to his country. Clámide, s. Cirugiano, s. m. surgeon. Obs. Cittadinúzzo, a degrading dim. vest of the ancient sol. Cirurgia, the same as Cirugia. of Cittadino.

diers. Cisále,s.m.boundary,landmark. Citto, a lad or boy.

Clamore, s. m. clamour, outCiscránna, s. f. folding chair. Civája, s. f. all manner of cry. Ciscránno, s. m. shelf for books. pulse.

Clandestino, adj. clandestine. Cispa, blearedness.

Civánza, s. f. gain, profit. Clangóre, s. m. clangor. Cispità,s.f.a disease that makes Civanzáre, to provide, to gain, Claretto, s. m. claret wine. the eyes run.

to profit.-Citancarsi, to take Clarino, s. m. clarion. Cispo, adj. whose eyes run care of one's self.

Clarità, o. Chiarezza. Cspóso, ) with water, blear- Ciúco, s. m. an ass.

Classe, s. f. a form in a school. eyed.

Civétta, s. f. an owl.-Far la classe, class, rank, order. Cissóide, s. f. cissoid, the name cireita, to play the wanton. Classe, a navy, a fleet of ships. of a curve line.

Toccare a civetta, to cudgel. Poetical. Cistérna, s. f.cistern.

Civettáre, to play the wag, to Clássico, adj. classic, classical. Cístico, adj. cystic, cystepa-coquet,

Clava, a club. La clara d'Er. tic.-Canale cistico, cystepa- Civetteria, s. f. coquetry. cole, Hercules' club. zic duct (in anatomy] is that Civettino, s. m. spark, beau. Clavo, s. m. poetical for Chioduct which is employed in the Civettóne, s. m. a fellow whos do; an iron nail. hepatic duct and the gall- courts women that he may be Claustrále, adj. claustral. bladder. Vena cistica, cystic thought their favourite. Claustro, s. m. a cloyster, the vein, a branch of the vena Civettúzza, dim. of Civetta.

monastery itself. Poetical. porta,

Ciuffágno, adj. apt to catch. Claúsula, s. f. clause, proviso, Cistio, s. m. a kind of ivy. Ciuffare, to gripe, to catch. condition. Citagióne, v. Citazione. Ciuffitto, s. mn. litule tuft of Clausúra, $. f. part of a Citára, cittern, guitar. hair, a toupee.

nunnery, the nunnery itself. Citáre, to cite, to summon. Ciuffo, s. m. a tuft or lock of ---Clausura, a close, an inclo

Citáre, to quote, to allege. hair.
Citarista, s. m. a minstrel, a Ciúffola, S. f. trifle, idle Clemátide, s. f. an herb
player on the cittern. thing

called. Cirarizzáre, to play upon the Civico, adj. civic.

Clemente, adj. clement, merci. cittern.

Civíle, adj. civil. ---Ceile,s.m. a ful. Citazione, s. f. summons.-Ci-Hsivil court of judicature.--Civi. Cleménza, s. f. clemency. tazione, a writ.

lle, s.m. the book wherein the Clero, s. m. the clergy. -Clero, Citérna, s. f. a cistern. hotaries register their acts. adj. learned.

Obs. Citerióre, adj. nigher to us. Civilménte, adv. civilly. Clessidra, 9. f. clepsydra, a Cítiso, s. m. á kind of shrub or Civiltà, civility, good-breed- vesse! measuring hours by herb.

ing --Civiltà, the franchise running of water. Citrácia, s. f. finger-fern, milt or freedom of a citizen. Cliente,

s. m. a client. Citrággine, s. f. balm-gentle. shift for one's self.

Clientela, patronage, protec. Citrinézza, s.f.citron colour; Ciúlla, s. f. a girl.

tion, defence. Citrinità, also jaundice or Ciúrma, s. f. crew of slaves in Clima, s. m. climate, or clime. yellow-jaundice.

a galley.-Ciúrma, s. f. crowd, Climatérico, climacteric. Citrino, adj. of a citron colour. throng, press, multitude. Clistére, Citriuólo, s. m. v. Cetriuolo. Ciurmadóre, a practiser of Clistéro,

s. m. a glister. Citrullo, s. m. blockhead. witchcraft. -Cintmadóre, a Clivo, steep ascent or descens. Citta, s. f. town, a city. cheat, a sharper.-Ciurmadóre, Clizia, s. friurnsol, a flower. Cittadella, s. f. dim. of Città.- a quack.

Cloaca, s. f a scwer-a sink. Cittadella, citadel.

Ciurmaglia, s. f. mob, rab- Coabitáre, to cohabit. Cittadinamente, adv. civilly. ble.

Coabitatóre, s. m. cohabitant,



civire, to find, to procure, to Cliśntolo,}








Coabitazione, s. f. cohabita-| --Cocitúra, boiling, baking. Coetérno, adj. co-eternal. tion.

Cocitúru, burning, scalding, Cofacétta, s. f. dim. of CofácCoadjutóre, s. m. a coadjutor.

cia. Coadjutória, s. f. coadjutor- Coclearia, s. f. scurvy-grass. Cofáccia, s. f. a cake, a bun. ship.-Coadjutrice, coadjutrix. Cocólla, s. f. a monk's hood. Cofaccína, dim. of Cofáccia. Coadjuváre, to assist together. Cocomerájo, S. m. a place Cofanájo, S.

trunk Coaguláre, to coagulate. where water-melons grow.- maker. Coagulamento, s. m. coagula- Cocomerijo, a seller of water- Cofanetto, dim. of Cófano. tion.


Cófano, s. m. a basket, a chest, Coagulativo, that has the Cocomeréllo, dim.of Cocomero. a trunk. power of coagulation. Cocomero, s. m. water-Cogitabóndo, adj. pensive. Coagulazione, ö. Coagulamén- melon. Some Italians who Cogitáre, to think. Obs.

not natives of Tuscany Cogitativo, adj. thoughtful. Coagulo, s. m. coagulum, a give the name of cocomero to Cogitazióne, cogitation.

curdled substance growing in the cucumber, whose proper Cógliere, to gather, to reap.-the hollow of a disjointed name is cetriuolo.—Mettere un Cógliere, to take.--Coglier in isa bone.--Coágulo, curd, rennet cocomero in corpo, to put a flea cambio, to mistake. l'égliere, which turns milk. in one's ear.

to catch, to overtake.--lóg Coartáre, to be astringent. Cocúzzo, s. m. pate,noddle, liere, to befal, to come to pass. Cobbola, s. f. a country ballad. Cocúzzolo, s head.-Cocíazolo, - Cógliere, to hit, to strike. Cocca, s. f. the notch of a top, summit.

- Cogliere, to make alike. cross-bow.--Cocca, arrow, Coda, s. f. the tail. Coda, the Cógliere, to draw to a head, to shaft.-Cocca, a cock.boat. corner of the eye.-Coda, the suppurate.-Cégliere,to gather Cocca, the tip of a spindle. rear of an army.--Coda, train, or bring together, to assemCocea del capo, the crown of a retinue.-Far coda, to attend, ble.- Cogliere cagione, to find man's head. to follow.-Coda, the train.

a pretence.-Tu non la corrai, Coccare, to laugh at, to deride. ' Coda, the end, the latter end. it shall not be so.-Cógliersela, -Coccarla ad uno, to put a

-Lisciar la coda, to flatter, to to run away. trick upon one.

soothe.--Guastar la coda al fa- Coglitore, s. in. a gatherer. Coccheria, dim. of Cocca. giano, to leave the best of any Cognáta, sister-in-law. Cocchiata, s. f. a serenade in story in telling.-(odu di pol Cognáto, s. m. brother-ina coach.

vere, a train of powder. Coda law. Cocchiere, s. m. a coachman.

cavallinn, an herb so called.-Cognazione, s. f. kindred. Cocchiglia, s. f. a fish-shell. Coda di lione, a sort of herb. Cógnito, adj. known. (ócchio, s. m. a coach. Codardía, s. f. cowardice.

Cognizioncélla, diminut. of Cocchione, augmen. of Cóc- Codárdo,, adj. cowardly.-Un Cognizione. chio.

codurdo, a coward.

Cognizione, s. f. knowledge, Cocchiúme, s. m. a bung. Codázza, s. f. large long tail. skill. Cóccia, s. f. a pimple, or blis- Codázzo, s. m. retinue, train. Cogno, s. m. a wine-mcasure ter -Coccia d'aoco, the shell Codétta, a little tail.

of ten barrels. Codeare, to watch or dog one Cognome, s. m. the family Cóccio, s. m. potsherd. and his doings. Cocciuola, s. f. a pimple or Coderino, adj. having a tail. Cognomináre, to sirname. blister.

Coderóne, s. m. a kind of play Cognoscere, v. Conoscere. Cocco, s. m. cochineal. -Cocco, among children.

Cognoscibile, adj. that can be scarlet cloth.-Cocco, an egg. Codétta, s. f. dim. of Coda. known. A word of children.-Cocco, Codiáre, v. Codcare.

Cognoscibilità, v. Conoscimena darling

Codiatore, a prier into other Coccodrillo, s. m. a crocodile. people's affairs.

Cognoscimento, o ConosciCóccola, s. f. berry. Códice, s. m. code.

mento. Coccolina, dim. of Cóccola. Codicillo, s. m. codicil. Cogolária, s. f. a net with a Coccolóne, adv.ex.-Star coc- Codico, s. m. Obs. v. Códice. large mouth, Coccolóni, } coloni, to lie or Codilúngo, adj. having a long Cojáccio, s.f. a degrading avg. tail.

mentative of Cuojo, that deCoccovéggia, s. f. an owl. Codimozzo, adj. without a notes its hardness or bad quaCoccoveggiárę, to move as owls tail.

lity: do.

Codióne, s. m. the rump. Cojajo, s. m. a tanner, a lezCocénte, adj. burning. Codirósso, s. m. a kind of fig- ther-seller, a cordwainer. Cochiglia, s. f. cockle-fish. pecker.

Cojáme, s. m. all manner of Cocimento, s. m. heat, smart.-Coduto, adj. that has a tail. leather or hides.

Cocimento, a decoction. Coeguále, adj. co-equal. Cojétto, s. m. a leather jerkin. Cocióre, s. m. heat, inflamma- Coeréde, adj. joint-heir. Cóito, s, m. coition. tion.

Coerente, adj. coherent, Colà, adv. local, yonder, there, Cocitojo, adj. easily boiled. Coerenza, s. f. coherence. in that place.-bla, cullender, Cocitúra, si' f. the water in Coetáneo, adj. equal in age, straining bag:--Cola, a ruddle which any thing has builed. coeval

to sift lime with.

of an egg



sit squat.

he angry

make lye.

Colleruso, adj. choleric.

Colombajos.m.; pigeon-kouse.


Colaggiù, adv. there below, | league.

Colmare, to fill up to the top: down there.

Collegialmente, adv. after the Colmáta, s. f. fulness to the Colamento, s. m. 2 straining. manner of the college.

brim. Coláre, tó sirain or strain Collegiáre, to consult, to con- Colmatore, he that fills the through.- Olure, to drop, to fer. Obs.

measure to the brim. fall by drops.-Coláre, to melt, Collegiata, s. f. a collegiate Colmatríce, fem. of Colmato liquefy. church.

tóre. Colagióne, s. f. the act of run- Collegiato, adj. collegiate. Colmatúra, s. f. the over ful. ning through.

Collegio, s. m. a college.-Far ness of a measure. Colascione, s. m. a musical in-1 collegio, to consult, to confer. Culmigno, s. m. the ridge of a strument like a guitar, with Colleppoláre, to rejoice, to be house. two strings only.

merry. Obs. Polleppolare, to Colmo, s. m. top, summit, Colassú, adv. there above, rob, to steal, to carry away. height.-Colmo, height, loftiyonder above.

Cellera, s. f. anger, choler. ness, haughtiness.-o!mo, adj. Colatívu, adj. fluid.

Andere in collera, to fall into a filled up, over full.- Ai colmo, Colatújo, s. m. a strainer, a cul- passion.--Essete in coliert, to adv. full measure. lender.---Colntijo, crucible.--

Celo, s. m. a straitier. Colatójo, an earthen vessel to Collórico,

Colocásia, s. f. a plant so call

ed. Colatúra, s. f. the remainder Coliério, s. m. 5. Collirio. Colofónia, s. f. a kind of gum.

of what has been strained. Collétta, s. f. a gathering, col. Colómba, a hen dove. Colazione, s. in. a breakfast. lection.-- Collétill, a collect. Colombáccio, s. m. a wild piColcársi, to lay down.

Collettivamente, adv. collec- geon. Colei, pron. rel. she, that wo.


Colombája, s.f.) man there,

Collctiivo, adj. collective. Colére, to worship, to reve- Collertizio, ad gathered up of Colombano, s. m. a kind of

all sorts, collected.Colicito,l white wine Colezione, s. f. breakfast. ---Far s. m. a little hill.--Colletto, Colombélla, s. f. wild-pigeon. colezione, to breakfast, jerkin.

Colombína, s. f. pigeon's dungCólica, s, f. colie.

Collettore, 's. m. collector, ga- Colombino, adj. of or belongCólico, adj. colic.


ing to pigeons, of a pigeon coColla, s. f. a rope with which Collettoria, s. f. the office of lour, as mild as a pigeon.they rack malefactors.--Colla, the collector.

Colombino, s. m. a sort of stone glue.

Collezione, s. f. collection. to make lime with. --Colombia Collána, s. f. a necklace. Collicello, s. m. a little hill. no, a small pigeon. Collanúzza, dim. of Collana. Collína, s. f. a hill.--(oline, Colombo, a pigeon.Colombo Coliaráccio, s. m. a degrading s. f. plur. a row of hills. torrajuolo, a pigeon breeding augmentative of Collare. Collinćtta, s. f. a little hill. in towers or steeples.-Coloma Colláre, to torture, to rack.- Collirio, s. in. eye-salve. bo torquato, a ring-dove, a Colláre, to glue.

Collisione, s. f. collision. wood-pigeon.-rolombo sulcaColláre, 8. m. a collar. Collo, s. m. the neck-Portare tico, a wood-pigeon. Collarett'ajo, a collar-maker. un bambino in co!lo, to carry a Colon, s. m. colon, the first of Collarétto, s. m. collar.-Col- child upon one's back.uder the great guts. Collaríno, } larino di camicia, di collo, to be out of favour. Colónia, s. f. a colony. the neck of a shirt,

Collo, the neck of a bottle Colonna, s. f.a column, a round Collata, s. f. a blow on the or of a lask. For allungare pillar.-Colinna, a stay,a prop, neck.

il collo a umo, to make one a support.le Colonine d'Era Collaterále, collatera).

wait.-Colio, a hill. Obs. cole, Hercules's pillars.-Le coCollazionáre, to confront, to Collocamento, s. m. the act of lonne d'un libro, the columns compare.

placing, or disposing of things in a book. -Colonna, column, Collazione, s. f. conference, in order.

a long file of troops.-Le coparley.-Collezione, the act of Collocáre, to set in a place, to lonne d'un letto, the bed-posts, confronting.–Collazione, col- place, to settle, to put, to lay, Colonnáta, s. f.

a colonade. lation, the bestowing of to lodge, to bestow. Colonnáto, s. m. chureh livings.

Collocazione, s. f. collocation. Colonnello, s. m. a little pillar, Colle, s. m. a hill.

Collocuzióne, s. f. conference. -Colonnéllo, colonel, the Colléga, s. m. a colleague.- Colloquíntida, 5. f. colloquinti chief commander of a regi,

Colléga, 's. f. alliance, league. da, the fruit of a wild gourd ment.-- La compagnia colonella, Collegamento, s. m. u. Colle- of a very bitter taste. the colonel's company, the Collegánza, s. f. gazione. Collóquio, s. m. conference, first company in his regiment. Collegare, to make or enter colloquy.

-Colonilla d'un libro, column into an alliance or confede-Collora, c. Collera.

in a book. racy with. Collegare, to con- Colloroso, adj. choleric. Colonnetta, s. f. a little pillar.. nect, to knit. -Collegato, s. m. Collóttola, s. f. nape of the Colonnetto, dimin. of ally, confederate. neck,

Colonnino, s. m.) Colonna. Collegazione, S. f. alliance, Collusione, s. f. collusion. Colóno, s, m. an inhabitant of


a colony.
Coltélla, a knife.

order, precept.
Coloráccio, s. m. bad colour. Coltellaccio, s. m. chopping. Comandáre. to command, to
Coloramento, s. m. colour. knife.

order, to charge, to bid. Colorare, to colour, to dye, to Coltellata, s. f.'a cut or stab Comandatóre, s. m. a comman. stain, to paint.Colorúre, to with a knife. Fare a coltellate, der. embellish, to adorn.- Coloráre, to fight with knives. Comandatrice, s. f. she that to colour, to cloak, to dis- Coltellésca, 1 che sheath of a commands. guise. Coltelliéra, s kuite.

Comandigia, s. f. recommend. Coloratamente, adv. feignedly, Coltellinajo, a cutler.

arion. falsely.

Coltellino, s. m. a little knife. Comando, commandment, goCelorato, adj. likely, prolable, Coltello, s. m. a knife.-otéilo, vernment, command, order. taise, counterfeit. -Scarse colom a short sword.Coltello, the Comáre, s. f. a god-mother, a Teie, pretended excuses.mln longest feathers of any bird's gossip. er coloralo, a false discourse. wings.

Comáio, adj.hairy,long-haired. Colore, s. m. colour-Colóre, Coltellóne, s. m. a large knife. Coinbaciúre, to set together, to

colour, pretence, show, ap- Coitivamento, s. m. culture.-fit. pearance.

Coltigamento, worship, adora- Combaciársi, to kiss one anColoretto, s. m. dim. of Colore. tion.

other. -Coloritto, s. m. a blush. Coltiváre, to cultivate.-Colli- Combaciamento,the state of beColorire, to colour, to dve, to váre, to worship.

ing glued or well fitted tostain, to paint.--colorire, to Coltivatére, a ploughman, a gether. colour, to cloak, to disguise. husbandman, à tiller.-Colti Combatténte, a combatant. Colorito, s. m. the manner of vatúre, instigator, encourager, Combáttere, to fight, to com. colouring in a picture.-Bel setter on.

bat.ombailere, to batter, calorito, mal colorito, fine co- Coltivatúra, s. f. husbandry, attack,tobesiege:--Coinbány, louring, bad colouring. tillage, culture.

to oppose, to reşist. Colóro, pron. rel. those, or Coltivatrice, feminine of Colti- Combattimento, s. m. combat, they. vatóre.

fight, battle, conflict. Colossale, adj. colossal.

Coltivazione, s.f... Coltivatùra. Combattitore, s. m. a combat.
Colésso, $. m. coloss, colossus. Colió, s. m. ploughed land. -
-Un colosso, a very tall and Collo, worship, respect_olto, Combattitrice, a warlike wo-
big man.

adj. tilled, cultivate!.-10!lo, man.
Colpa, s. f. sin, offence, trans- gathered, collected. ---Colto, Coinbattuto, adj. combated,
gression.-Darla la colpu, to catched, caught.-se mi vien fought.
lay the fault on.–Chiamarsi in colto, if I have an opportunity. Combiatáre, v. Accommiatare.
tipa, to own one's fault. Mié l'hu colta, he has cheated Combjáto, v. Commiato. Obs.
Colpe, cause, reason, account. me.--Colto, surprized, taken Comhíbbia, s. f. many persons
Colpábile, adj. guilty, faulty.
upon the fact.

drinking together. Colpare, to sin. Obs.Coip.ire, Coltóre, husbandman. Combináre, to combine. to own one's sins. Obs.-(! Coltráre, to plough.

Combinazione,s.f.combination. páte, to blame, to find fault Coltre, quilt, counterpoint, co- Combríccola, s. f. conventicle, with. verlet.

private mischievous meeting. Colpeggiare, to strike, tu Coltrice, s. f. a feather-bed.-Combustibile, adj. combustible. site.

Catrice, s. f. the husbandman's Combustióne, s. f. combustion. Colpetrino, dim. of Colpetto. wife.

Combusto, adj. consumed with Colpetto, s. m. a small blow.

fire. Colpevole, adj. faulty, culpa- Coltricina,

Combútia, community. Vulble

Coltro, s. m. a coulter, the gar. Mettere in combatta, to Colpire, to strike, to hit.-Cold knife of a plough. pire, to succeed.

Coltroncino, dimin.of Coltróne. Come,adv.as,like-Come,how? Colpo,s.m.blow, stroke, stripe. Coltrone, s. m, counterpane, Come fate ciò? how do you Colpo, act, action, deed, at coveriet for a bed.

this ? --Come, what come ! tempt.--Avete fatto un bel colpo, Coltúra, s. f. culture, husban non volete venire. what! won't you have done a fine thing. dry.

you come ?-Com, as.--Vive t'a crépo di maestro, a masterly Colubrina, s. f. a culverin. come se avesse mille lire all' amo, stroke-D'un coipo, at once, Colubrinéita, a small culverin. he lives as if he had a thou all at once..A un colpo, at Colúbro, s. m. a poetical word sand pounds a year.-lune, as ace. 'olpo di taglio, a cut for any serpent.

soon as.-Come più tosto potci, sing blow.

Cului, pron. he or that. as soon as I could. Come l'auro Coita, s. f. the gathering of Columbaria, s. f. pigeon's herb. ricevuto vc lo mandero, as soon tares Colta,collection.. Col Colú.0, s. m. colure, the colure as I have it, I'll send it you. ta, the dam of a, mill.Diar of the equinoxes, and the co Come, as, because one roi ella carta di colta, to hit the lure of the solstices.

sicte mio amico de laduró, as you bali-Far cota, to come to a Coma, s. f. head of hair. Poe are my friend, I'li give it you. bead, to draw to a head.Fur tical.

Come, means, course, way, excolta, to hit, to strike. Comandamento, s. f. command, pedient.So ben io come per Colcáre. Obs. « Coltivare. government, commandment, Jur che ci venga, I know the way

Coltricista, } dim. of Coltrice.


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