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Alo, such like.Non detto Costassù, adv. there above. o fatte cose, I did not say | Costáto, s. m. the side or ribs. Costringimento, o. Costrignisuch things.-Cosi e cosi, so Costeggiáre, to coast along. and so, thus. -Ditegli così e, Costéi, fem. she or this.-Cos- Costrizione, s. f. constriction, cosi, tell him so and so. tei udendo ciò, she hearing condensation. Casi bene, as well, so well. that.

Costruire, to build or make. Cosicome, adv. as, as well. Costellato, adj. born under the -Costruire, to construe. Cosimo, s. m. a kind of pear same constellation. Costrutto, s. m. profit, advanso called.

Costellazione, s. f. constella- tage, gain.--- Cavare costretto Cosmografía, cosmography. tion.

d'un ajare, to have justice Cosmógrafo, s. m. a cosmogra- Costeréccio, s. m. pork-gris done in a business' tr tto, pher.


the contents, the bottom. Cosmográfico, adj. cosmogra- Costernáre, v. p. to lose cou Costrutlo, adj built, made. phical.


Costruttúra, s. f. construction, Coso, s. m. a strange ridicul. Costernazione, s. f. consterna- Costruzione. s. f. construction. ous thing.--Ecco un bel coso! tion.

Costúi, this man.-lo conosco there is a fine what do you Costétto, v. Codésto. Obs. costui, I know this man. call him!

Costí, adv. there, in that place. Costúma, s. f. custom, usage, Cosone, s. m. augment. of Coso. Costiéra, s. f. shore, coast. Cospário, adj. strewed, scatter- Costinci, adv. from thence.- Costumánza, custom, use, way. ed, dispersed.

Uscite costinci, go out from Costumáre, to use, to be wont. Cospérgere, to strew. thence.

Tueste cose non si costumano Cospetto, s. m. presence.-Al Costipamento, constipation. in Ingiilterra, these tbings are conetto, adv. in spite. Al cos- Costipáre, to constipate, to not customary in England petto costro, in spite of you.

thicken or make more com Cost máre, to converse, to freCospicuo, conspicuous, clear, pact.

quent, to keep company with. Esy to be seen.

Costipativo, adj. apt to con rustumáre, to instruct, to Cospiráre, to conspire. stipate, restringent.---Costi- teach, to educate.-Costumare Cospiratóre, s. m. conspirator, páto, adj, bound, costive. un cavallo, to manage a horse. plotter.

Costipazióne, s. f. constipa- Costumatézza, s. f. civil beCospiratríce, feminine of Cos- tion:

haviour, manners. piratore. Costituíre, tot constitute, ap- Costumáto, adj. accus

customed, Cospirazione, s. f. plot, con- point, establish.--Costituíre, inured.--Costumáto,well bred, spiracy

to raise, to prefer to honours. civil. Cosso, s. m. push, blister, Costituíto, adj. constituted.- Costúme, s. m. custom, usage, pimple.

Costituito in miseria, in povertà, use, way.--dvere in cosiutine, Costa, s. f. a rib. Costa di uns reduced to misery, to want. to be used.-E' fuor di mio cello, rib or side timber of a Costitúto, s. m. examination costume, it is not my way ship.e-Costa, coast or. sea before a judge.

Costume, manner, way, carcoast. --Costa, a hill, a hillock. Costitutóre, that constitutes.-riage, behaviour. -Costa, side.-Costa, an herb Costituzione, constitution, or- Costúra, s. f.a seam...Ragguage commonly called costmary.dinance, decree, law, statute. liar le costure, to bang, to beat. Andar costa costa, to

--Costituzióne, constitution, Cosúccia, s. f. a small thing. along.

temper, state, or complexion Cosúzza, / a trifle. Costà, ady, there, thither.- of body.

Cota, v. Cote. Fatti in costà, go that way.-- Costo, s. m. cost, charge, ex- Cotále, such.-In cotal modo, ir Via di costà, get you gone pence.-A mio costo, at my such a manner. Cotále, adv. hence.

cost.-Coslo, the herb called so, thus.-Perchè fatta cotale? Costággiù, there below.


why do you do so!

- Egli un Costánte, adj. constant, sted. Cóstola, s. f. a rib.-Cóstola, cotal disdegnoso, he being a fast, firm. --Per costanie, for the heart of a leaf.-- Cóstola little angry. certain.

di coltello, the back of a knife. Cotale, a blockhead, a dunce. Costanteménte, constantly. Costoliére, s. m. a sword. Obs. Cotalınénte, adv. o. Talmente. Costanza, s. f.copstancy, firm- Costolína, s. f. a small rib.

Cotanto, adj. so much, thus Costoro, these, those.

much, as much. The cotanti, Costáre, to cost, to stand in.- Costrettivo, adj. astringent. tre cotanti, twice, thrice as

Quanto ti costa questo libro? how Costretto, adj. constrained, muchCotánto, adv. so much, much does this book cost forced. --Sono costrelto a par so long -Un cotanto poco, a you?-Caro mi costa l'avervi tire, I must go.-Costrétto,close, little. Perc'è siete stulo cotanconosciuta, I pay dear for your shut up.

to a venire? why have you acquaintance. Le lagrime Costrignere, to constrain, to been so long a coming? poco le costany, she can cry force.

Cote, s. f. a whet-stone. when she pleases.-Costaré, Costrigniménto, s. con- Coténna, s. f. the sward of to appear, to be plain, clear straint.-Costrignimento, bind-/ bacon, the skin of a man's or manifest.-Costa a tutti, ing.

head. çvery body knows. Costringere, s. m. s. Costrig-Cotennóne, s. m. a blockhead,




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a clown.

to hatch; also, an addle egg. raise, to cause.--Creúre, to Conssti, this, this man. I Covatúra, s. f. ? the hatching create, constitute, appoint, Cotestis, this, that.-L'ateni co- ' Covariche, siis time.

degion. textu lori, give that book.-- Covelle ». Cavele.

Crestío, ac; that has virtue Partiti du codes'i ce sun rorti, Cererchiare', to cover.

or power to crtate or progo away from those, because Coverchi la, s. f. din. of Co-ducc. they are dead.


Creato, adj. created.---. No! Cotestái, this, this man. Coverchio, s. m. cover, a lid. cre lo, uncivil, closnis', ill. Cotestóro, these or those. Cov'erta s f. a cover.-- pont mannercd, rude, ill-bidCótica, S. f. the sward of a deck-orért, pre ence,

Pomire to, well-bred, civil. bacon, the skin of a man's cloak colour, an ear: ce. Creatóre, s. m. creator, maker, heid.

Covertarnente, adv. secretly. inventor. Coticone, adj. of a thick skin Covertáte, to cover, hide, con- Creatrice, she which makes or or hide.l'oficine", coarse, ceal.

createth. clownish, rustical, unpolish-Covertina, s. f. horse-cloth. Creatúra, s. f. creature, created, rude, not polite. Coridígia, s. f. covetousness. eu being:-—reatura, creature, Cotidianamente, adv. daily. Obs.

person, inan or woman.--Cotidiáno, adj. quotidian, Corigliársi, to shelter one's séif, Centúra, child. daily.

to ge» for refurre or shelter. Creaturélla, s. f. dim. of CreaCoto, s. m. thought, cogita- Covirlio, s. m. ä bee-hive. Creaturina, í túra. tion. Obs.

1 Covile, s. m. a den, a cave for Crea’ione, s. f. crcation. Cotógna, s. f. a quince.

wild beasts in woods.

Crebro, adj. thick. Cotognato, a marmalade of Cóvolo o Covo, s. in. v. Covile. Credente, adj. believing quinces.

Covoncello, s. m. dim. of Co-credinle, the faithful, or ChrisCorognino, adj. that has the vone.

tians. smell, taste, and the colour Covóne, s. m. a sheaf.

Credenza, faith, belief.-reof a quince.

| Covimento, s. m. the act aft durcia, opinion, mint, sentiCotógno, s. m. quince-tree covering of hiding.

ment.-- rileriza,credit,name, Me'a cologna, quince. Covrire, to cover.

esteem.--Perdor credenza, to Cotone, s. m cotton. Cozićne, s. f. coction.

losc one's credit.--tip preilice Cotornice, s. f. a partridge. Cozzáre, to butt, as rams do, i !n, to trust.--comprare il creCotta, s. f. upper garment. - - riccire, to beat, hit, dah,' ¢¢30, to buy upon trust.-Cotla, a surpice.

shock, rin against--11"st, "retlenz'', secret, mystery Cottardita, 5. f. a garment an. to contend, contest, uitpute, Tare crecenta, to beiieve. ciently usedl. or strive againsi.

Creulina, taste, experiment, Corticcio, adj, haif baked. Cozzita, s. f.) a shock, a busca trial.-Fr la credinta, to taste. Cótimo, s, in an agreement Curze, s. m. in?,-'lip vita! -'rida, buttery, pantry. to do a ning by the whole. nelle foto dir de cozze, what Credenziale, adj. of credit.Cvito, aij boilei, tike, roast sirnifies to strive against des.. Litiere credenziali, credentials, ed.-un no mun ricco di proto tinyur diaco in una rua, leziers of credit. oceri, I have eaten nothing to hit or meet with a thing Credenziera, s. f. cupboard, hot to day.--kolto, tudied. by chance.

berufet. - {'rtto, s. m. as much as is! Cazzone, a broker of horses. Credenziere, s. m. butier. boild, baked, or roasted at Croi, tomorrow.

Obs. Credere, to believe, to trust (rário, s. m. scull.

! Credere', to believe, think, supCotivo, adj. that may be boil. Crapula, s. f. debauch.

pose, or imagine. ed,!; kel, or resed. Criare io commit excess in' Cred: vole, i avj. credible Cottinin, s. f. boiling, baking, eng and drinking: Credible, S (rederoe, creduroasting, dressing

Ciprone, s. m. agrily-gut or lous. Coturnice, u. Co crnice. ! gicieel

Crédito, s. m. credit, not debt, Cotúrao, s. f. abuskin.--Citárs' Crapulsità, s. f. glutteny. -írito, credit, trust.--! on m. a tragedy

Crivenza, or Crusinje, s. f. dere il precio, to lose one's Cova, s. f. a tortoise- ! eil. thi, nastiness, greise, fai- cicali.-- 7.vit, credic, name, Covác.io. livefor' 10-5.

careen, reputation, interest, Covácciolo, s. m. s wila becsts' (^r2550, adj thick, fat, greasy. port. in the woois

Cirino, s. m, the next day. Creditojo, adj. credible Obs. Comite acil hatch ih. Crtaita, s. 1. crevat, stock

Cricine, s. in. believer. Cováre. Dubuit, tu brood.-- Cr zin, a piece of money, Creditre, creditor.

Cote, to - tije ili worth about three farinings Creditrice, s. f. believer.--Cree svou, to sit dhe by the tire. Cr árid, 5 f. urbanity. civil disc, a she creditor.

Crearted ti, to plot, or ill, preod manners or breed. Creto, s. m. the creed. conspire.---Curure, tu beluiv

reanga, a creature. Credulit., s. f. creciuility. huiit.

Crédulo, adj. credulous. Cováta, s. f. a course of eyrs, C vire, to create.--Creire, to Crouúto, adj. believed, thought, brud.

engender; to get or pro- supposed.colilo creduto la Covaticcio, adj. apt or ready, creaie-Creare, to create, to glese, I took him for an Ens



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crevice, gap.


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frizzled.---Capellutura crespa, plain fellow. Cremt2, s. f. cream.

curled hair.-tisu crespo, a, Chritianamente, adv. chrisCremisi, s. m, crinson.

wrinkled face.

tianly: Cremiing, adj. crimson-co-Creprive, s. m. silken stuif Cristianella, s. f. a poor silly Lourel.

worn on riournings. Cremere, s. m. the thinner Cresése, adj. r. Crespo. Cristinaíllo, s. f. a silly fellow. part, or extract of some Cretu, 6. . com - resia,'Crisianesimo,


christianity, bodies.

| creit, the top of an heinet. - Cristinésio, christenCrepiecia, s. f. Crepárciu. Creta, hsad.--- reta, top, Gisii unità, sa is

den. Crepacciáto, adj. chappe?, heirat.

Cristíno, a christian. cracked.

Cresta, 3. f. a milliner. Cristióne, a good and simple
Crepacio, s, m. cha, chi: Cit o, . that has a
Cristo, s coinb.

Crica, s. f. critic, censure.
Crepacuére, s. m. grief, sor- iravit, . 1. chal, clay.

Criticáre, to criticize.
Creios), adj. chalky.

Critiio, adi. critical. ---Critics,
Crepáre, to burst.

Criare, r. Creare, and all its! s. m. a cric. Crepáto, adj, burst.


Crivci'urt, to sift, to bolt Crepatúra, s. f. crevice, gap, iCribráre, to sift, to bolt. tridiuve un a: Jure, to sift a chiak.

Cribro, s. m. sieve. Portion business. Crepitáre, to crackle.

l'acua colorzhru, to lose one's (rivulo, s. m, a sieve. Crepolare, to crack.


Ciocone, ! to snap, clack,
Crepóre, s. m. spite; hatrel. Cricca, s. f. a game at caruso Crorehiáre, j crackle.roca
Prici, a rodi, a pack, 2

chure, io bili or strike - roce
Crepúscolo, s. m. twilight, cre company of 11 ry lads. create', to p 2 e, to ebatter.
Crime, s, m. criie.

Crócchio, 5.11. chai, cheting, Crescente, adj. growing, in- Crime, 5. in. crime against citatie in talk.-t.cris, 5.8. creasingIi crescenie sei'e? stul, maj- iv.

la ciub of people, an a scruby Criminale, adj. criminal.---Un' composed ot ail men, or all Crescenza, s. f. growth, in- i crinini?', a matractor. crease.-Crescenza di carne, ex- ! Criminalist'?, s. m. a lawyer Crocchie, a pratiler. in criminelles

Creccia, s. f. crutch. Críscere, to grow.-Crescere, to Criminalmente, adv. criminal. Ciocciiie, to cluck. increase, to enlarge-viscere, ly.

Crirne', s. f. cross. -Tarliere
to increase or multiply.-- Crimináre, to prosecute cria' 1!MA CU'S EN! Conea, to cut a iting
Crescere, to increase or weii. minaily.---(riinire, to blame,' cross way. (Twe, torment,
-Crescere, s. m. the state of

or ha

punishment.-Fır, de cinema increasing

Crimine, s. m.crime, i juldcel. cil, roce, to stretch one's Crescévole, adj. disposed to - rimine, crine, sin.-- 12a, alims.-- rowe, cross, a. lietija grow tall.--! rescévole, profit- mine, fault.

vifis, e erin, at Tuluuii. able, beneficial. Criminoso, adj. criminous.

Croceitu, s f. dim. of Cro.e. Crescimento, s. m. increase.-Crinále, s. m. any ornament for Crocit, idlj. sairon coloured. Crescimento din fiume, tre; the head.

Croerii', * f. a band oi wie swelling of a river.--!'re ci- Crink, or Cris:0, s. m. h is --- Ciscoed. Pentu di spediz, additional ex Bioriti crini,mith jr.-!0, Crozett, s. 1. dim. of Croce. pence.-Crescimento,augment de cele,tler..vs of ihe ". trois ac, 5. f. adfiction, ation. Criniéra, 5. Í, JAN?.

cornui, c14:55, Creione, s. m. water-cresses. Crinito, in r;,long hair- Crocare, to ailliet, to vex.Crescitóre, increaser, in prover, Crinato, adj. ; e-mal rinita Crorine, to c'us one-.. enlarver.

steia, comet. Lerical cürsi, tulee the cross for the Cresciuto, adj. grown-'res, Crioca, s. Conventicle,' bil; Wit rats, brought up.-o'rescit), i faisaie mcerin.

('ronta, f. crusade the holy increased, sweiled.

Crisálice, s. m. a worm or rub,' war, Crescentina, s.f. a toasted licet of which comes the iuter- Crociato, S. crusaderimine of bread, with oil, salt, i fly.

{riri to, coed. -- 10:10, and pepper


Crisi, s. f. crisis.

tornent, aillis:ion.
Cri-m2, c. Cresima.

(poca, 21'; tormented, vese Crésima, s. f. chri-m. Criscolia, s. f. gold-colder, a eu, silittu. Cresimire, to confiim.

kind of mineral.

(robcii, s. m. a cross-wav. Creimatóre, s. m. that confers Crisútity, sm. a cryolite. Crocidure, e Crucitáre, to the chrism:

Critellio, adj. cristallis, croak.. Crespa, c. Cresima.

Cristá.0, 5. m. crystal --'ris. Crocifecáre, ? Crespa, s. f. wrinkle.

tilo clear water.' Poetical. Crocitizguie,'s to crucify. Crespamento, s. f. wrinkling. Critéo, Cristere, e Crislero, Crociliuguménto, s. 271. 1 crucis Crespello, s m. a fritter. s. in. a glister,

Crocinissióne, s. f. fixion. Crespezza, s. f, wrinkle. Cristianaccio, s. mn. a bad chris. Crocifisso, s. in. a crucifix, Crespo, adj. wrinkied, curled, tian.----Cristianáccio, a goodCrocifissore, he that crucifies

fauit upon.



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or torments.
distress, affliction.

name of an ideal country

afa Crocióne, s. m. a great cross. Cruccióso, adj. provoked, pas- fording all sorts of pleasures. Crocitáre, u. Crocidare. sionate, in a passion. Cucchiaja,s.f.an engineto draw Croco, 6. m. saffron.

Cructaménto, s. m. continued the water of a river. Crogioláre, to bake neither too pain.

Cucchiajáta, s. f. a spoonful. much nor too little.

Cruciáre, to afflict, to pain. Cucchiajéra, . f. a case conCrogiólo, s. m. a crucible. Cruciáto, s. m. pain, affliction, taining a knife, a spoon, and Crojo, adj. bard. Obs.-Crnjo, torture.

a fork. rude, ill-bred, unmannerly. Crucicchio, s. m. v. Crocicchio. Cucchiájo, s. m. a spoon. Obs—Crojo, provoked, angry. Crucifiggere, v. Crocifiggere. Cucchiajóne,s.m. a soup'spoon. Obs.

Crudamente, bitterly, sourly, Cuccia, s. f. a couch. Crollamento, s. m. the state of sorrowfully, grievously,cruel Cuccio, c. Cúcciolo. shaking ly, harshly

Cucciolino, dim. of Cúcciolo. Crollante, adj. shaking Crudelácció, augm. of Crudele. Cúcciolo, s. m. a puppy, a Crolláre, to'shake, to jog.-- Crudéle, adj. cruel.--Un cru whelp, a lap-dog: Cucciolo, Cro!lársi, to move, to shake. dele, a cruel man.

a ninny, one without expeCrollo, s. a shake, toss, Crudelétto, dim. of Crudele. rience. jult.

Crudelézza, s. f. cruelty. Cucco, s. m. a cuckoo.--Cucco,
Croma, s. f. crotchet or quaver Crudelménte, adv. cruelly. darling, favourite.
in music.

Crudelità, s. f. o. Crudelta. Cuccuma, s. f: grudge, animo-
Cromático, adj. cromatic. Crudeltà, s. f. cruelty. sity, spleen, inveterate hatred.
s. f. chronicle.

Crudétto, adj. almost raw.

Cucína, s. f. a kitchen.- Arle Crudézza, s. f. crudity.-Cru- di cucina, cookery:-Di brona Cronicáccia, s. f. a bad chro- dezza, cruelty.

cucina, good for dressingnicle.

Crudità. s. f. crudity, rawness. Donna di buona cucina, a woCronichísta, a chronicler. Cruditá, indigestion. man that will easily condeCrónico, adj. long and trou- Crudo, adj. raw.-Crudo, un scend.

blesome; it is an epithet to ripe, green.- rudo, cruel. Cucinajo, s. m. Obs: Cuciniére. some distempers.

Cruentáre, to make bloody.- Cucináre, to dress meat, to cook. Cronísta, v. Cronichista. Cruénto, adj. bloody.

Cueiniéra, a woman cook. Crono, S. m. a 'sirname of Cruna, s. f. the eye of the nee- Cuciniére, cook, a man cook, Saturn.

dle.-Cruna, a hollow stone. Cucíno, s. m. a pillow. Cronológia, s. f. chronology. Cruna, point.

Cucíre, to sew or stitch. Cronológico, adj. chronologic. Crusca, s. f. bran.--Crusca, the Cucito, s. m. scam. Cronologista, chronologer. name of the academy in Flo- Cucitore, s. m. he that sews. Crosciáre, to pour down, rence, that took care of the Cucitrice, s. f. sempstress. (speaking of the rain.) language, lately destroyed by Cucitúra, s. f. a sewing or seam. Crosciáre, to fling, hurl, throw. the late great duke Leopold. Cuculiare, to ridicule, to jeer, -Crosciáre, to slap or strike. I Cruscante, s. m. he that affects to banter. (rosciare, to crackle.-Cros extreme exactness, in speak- Cucúlio, s. m. v. Cúculo. ciáre, to seeth or boil. ing or writing the Tuscan. Cuculla, s. m. a cowl, a hood. Cróscio, s. m. a crashing - Cruschello, s. m. fine brani. Cuculláto, adj. hooded, cowled. Croscio d'acqua, a sudden Cruscherélla, s. f. a kind of Cuculo, s. m. a cuckoo. shower. boyish play.

Cucúrbita, a gourd, a distilling Crosta, s. f. crust, scurf, or Cruschévole, adj. somewhat af. vessel.

scab. --- Crosta Francese, the fected in writing or speaking Cucurbitíno, s. m. a worm French pox.-Crosla, outside, the Tuscan language. that engenders in one's belly. superficies.

Cruscóne, s. m. gross bran., Cucúzzolo, 8. m. the vertex or Crostáta, s. f. a kind of pie.- Cruscóso, adj. full of bran. the top of the head; as also Crostata d'anguille, an eel pie. Cubáre, to lie down.


any thing else. Crostino, s. m. a slice of bread. Cubátto, s, m. a gin or Cúffia, s. f.a coit.- Ogni cuffia Crostoso, 1

Cubáttola, s. f. spring è buona per la notte, Joan is as adj, crusty. Crostúto,}

('ulvattólo, 5. m.


catch birds good as my lady in the dark. Crostellino, s. m. a little crust. Cubébe, s. f. aromatic fruits Uscirsene pel rotto della cuffia, Crótalo, s. m. a musical instru- brought from the West Indies. to come off, to save one's ment so called. Cúbico, adj. cubic.

bacon. Crucc-vole, adj. choleric. Cubiculário, s. m. a groom of Cufliáre, to eat immoderately, Cruccia, s. f. a rustic instru- | the chamber.

Cuffióne, s. m. a double coif. ment used in planting vines. Cúbito, s. m. the elbow.-Cú- Cuffiótto, s. m. a bonnet or Crucciáre, to anger, to probito, cubit.

сар. voke.

Cubitóso, adj. covetous. Obs. Cugina, s. f. Crucciarsi, to be angry. Cubo, s. m. cube, a solid body Cugino, 8. m.

} cousin. Crucciáto, adj. angry, provok- determined by six equal Cuginomo,s.m.my.cousin.Obs. ed. squares.

Cui, relative, which is used Cruccio, . m. anger, wrath, Cuccagna, s. f. a popular di- through all the cases, except passics.-Cruccio, anguish, version, and may also be the the first. Di cui, whose,




which, of whom. A ču, to i Far del cuor rocca, to take cou-Curiosetto, adj. over busy or whom, to which.-Cui,whom, rage.-Stà di buon cuore, take curious.-Curiosità, s. f. curiwhich.- Da cui, from whom,/ courage.-Far cuore, to cheer osity. from which.

up.-Far cuor duro, to be ob-Curioso, adj. curious, inquisiCujússo, s. m. affected Latin stinate.--Esser di povero cuore, tive.-Curioso, curious, rare, speech.

to be faint-hearted.-Prender neat,fine.- Curioso,a virtuoso. Culája, s. f. the paunch of a cuore, to grow bold.-Fare a Curra, s. f. a word by which crammed fowl.

mal cuore, to do against one's we call hens. Culáta, s. f. a blow given with will.-Cuori, hearts in cards. Curro, s. m. a roller.--Curro, the breech to any one, or on Di buon cuore, willingly.--Di a wheel-barrow. -- Poi procethe stones by falling back tutto cuore, with all my heart. dendo di mio guardo il curro, wards with some violence. Cuoricino, s. m, a little heart. and I still looking farther. Culátta, s. f. ihe breech. Cúpere, to covet. Obs. Cursore, s. m. a kind of mes. Culiseo, s. m. the vulgar name Cupézza,s.f.depeh, profundity. senger, cursitor. of an amphitheatre at Rome. Cupidamente, adv. desirously. Curváre, to curve, to bend. Culla, s. I. a cradle.

Cupidezza, 7s. f. covetousness, Curváto, adj. curbed, bent. Cuiláre, to rock the cradle. Cupidigia, 3 desire. Curvatúra, s. f. crookedness, Culo, s. m. the part on which Cupidità, s. f. desire, covetous-Curvezza, bent. we sit.

Curvilíneo, adj. curvilineal. Cultivare, o. Coltiváre. Cúpido, adj.desirous, covetous. Curvità, s. f. curvity, crook. Cúmino, s. m. the herb or seed Cúpo, adj. deep.---Cupa fame, edness. cummin.

great hunger.-Cupo, s. m. Curúle, s. f. curule chair. Cumuláre, to heap, to hoard. depth, profundity,

Curvo, adj. arched, crooked, Cumulazione, s. f. heaping or Cúpola, s. f. a cupola.

bent. hoarding

Cuprésso, v. Cipresso. Cusáre, to pretend, to insist. Cúmulo, s. m. heap, store. Cura, s. f. care, application, Obs.-Cusársi, to hold, think, Cuna, s. f. a cradle.-Cuna, diligence.—Por cura, to mind. or account one's self. Obs.

lodging, dwelling-place. -Cura, parish.-Cura, guar- Cuscinetto, s. m. a little pillow. Cúneo, s. m. a wedge.

dianship.-Cura, a bleach.— Cuscino, s. m. a cushion, a pi Cuniculo, s. m. a mine in the Curu, a cure of any distemper. low.

earth.-Far cuniculi, to un- Curabile, adj. that may be Cuscíre, v. Cucire.
dermine.-Cuniculo, a coney,

Cúscuta, s. f. a plant that hath a rabbit.

Curandájo, s. m. a bleacher. no firm rooting in the ground. Cunta, s. f. delay, demur. Obs. Curáre, to value, to esteem, to cúspide, s. f. point, the sharp -Senza cunia, without delay. care, to have a respect for. end., Poetical. Cinzia, s. f. a kind of odori- _Curáre, to cure, to dress, to Custóde, s.m.keeper, guardian.

ferous herb, flea-bane. take care, to look after.-Cu-Custódia, s. f. custody.--Aver Cunziéra, a vessel to put flea- ráre, to look after, to tend or in custodia, to have under one's bane in.

attend.--Curáre, to protect, care. Cuocere, to do, to boil, bake, to defend.-Curáre, to bleach Custódio, s. m. keeper, guardidress.-Far cuocere allo spiedo, or whiten in the sun.--Curáre Obs. to roast.Cuocere, to scald, pollastri o pesce, to draw fowls Custodire, to keep, guard, or burn, parch. ---Cuocere, to or fish.

preserve, to have in custody. grieve, vex, trouble.---Cuocer Curasnétta, s. f. a buttress or Custoditaménte, adv. safely. bue, to waste one's time in a buttrice.

Custoditore, that keeps in his thing that one has no know-Curata, s. f. pluck.--Curata di custody. ledge of.-Ciocere, to concoct, porco, a hog's haslet.

Custoditrice, femin. of Custotodigest. Cuocersi, toget drunk. Curatella, s. f. the liver. ditore. Cuocióre, s. m. a burning or Curativo, adj. that hath the Cute, skin, pill, bark. scalding quality of curing.

Cutérzola, s f. a kind of great Cuocitúra, s. f. boiling, baking, Curáto, s. m, a curate, a parson. roasting, dressing.

Curatore, s. m. he that takes Cuticágna, s. f. the nape of the Cuoco, s. m. a man cook. the care. Curátore, a guard- neck. Cnojo, s. m. leather.--Cuojo, ian or trustee.

Cutícola, s. r. a very thin skin. skin-Distender le cuoja, to Curatrice, s. f. a woman guard- Cutrétta, stretch one's self-Ognun c' ian.

Cutréttola, s.f.

a wagtail. è pel cuojo, e per la pelle, to be Curattiére, s. m. a broker. Obs. Cuvidígia, s. f. Obs. covetousequally in the scrape.---Tirar Curazione, s. f. cure, remedy. le cuoja, to die.

Cúrcuma, s. f. a kind of reed Cuvidoso, adj. Obs. covetous. Cuórt, 5. in. heart.-Cuore, life. that they dye with.

-Cuore, mind, soul. Cúria, s. f. the bar, a court or Cuore, heart, courage, spirit, curia. mettle.-Cuore, heart, midst. Curiále, adj. of the court or

D. -- Nel cuor della state, in the council-house. ---Curialt, s. m. midst of summer.--Dar il cu a lawyer, a barrister. ore, to have the courage. Curjándolo, s. m. coriander. Da, from.- Da me, from me. Vol. 1,





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