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of money.

- Da, about. Erano da venti, Daddovéro, adv. in earnest. Danúro, u. Danajo. they were about twenty:- Dado, s. m. a die-Dado, a Danaróso, adj. pecunious, moDais sometimes a proposition cube-Scambiare i stadi, ito nied, full of money: of the genitive case. Dame contradict one's self.--Pagare Danarúzzo, s. m. a little piece no, of less worth; ila pin, of) i lumi e i dadi, to pay dear for niore worth...Da is used for a thing.- Dado, the boots, a Danda, an arithmetical term. a proposition before any in- kind of rack to make malefac- Dangiéro, s. m. Obs. danger. finitive mood, namely, if it tors confess their crimes. Da niénte, adv. of no worth, answers or has any relation Daga, s. f. a dagger.

good for nothing. to any thing mentioned be- Daino, s. m. a deer. Daino Dannábile, adj. damnable. fore, to, for 'to. ex. Questo è meschio, a buck.

Dannággio, s. m. damage, loss. buono na mangiare, this is good Dallı'no, ». Delfino. Ohs. Obs. to eat.Da, with the pro- Dalláto, by, by one's side. Dannaggioso, damageable, per• nouns, me, te, se, loro, signi. D'allora, thence.D'allora, in nicious. Obs. fies as much as alone, without nani, from that time.--D' Dannagióne, s. f. 7 damnaaid or counsel. ---Lo faro da allora in poi, since that time. Dannaménto, s. m. Štion. me, I'll do it myself.—Da, -D' allora in quù, froin that Dannáre, to damn to condemn, joined with a verb of motion, time.

blame, find fault wich. Danand the particles, me, te, lui, Da lunga, 7

nare, to cross, strike out, cannoi, um, loro, signifies, at the Da lunge, at a distance. cel. house.-Da me, at my house; Da lungi,

Dannatóre, a condemner, a da le, at thy house.-Da'[withi Dama, s.f.dame, mistress, lady. damner. an apostrophe, is a contrac - Dama, a doe or hind deer. Dannazióne,s.f.condemnation, tion of the article and prepo-| Nostre Dama, our Lady, the damnation, perdition. sition) from the, by the Virgin Mary-Dama, a mis- Danneggiamento,s.m.damage, Forzato da comandi del padre, tress that one makes love to. hurt, detriment. forced by the commands of Dama di qualità, a lady of Danneggiare, to damage, hurt. his father.comDa, like as.--Mi quality.-Fa la crna, she sets Danneggiátóre, he that causes tratto da principe, he treated up for a lady.--Dama, 'the hurt or loss. me like a prince.-Vi parlo queen at chess, draughts, or Dannevole, adj. shameful, disda amico, I speak to you as a cards.--Dame,s.f.pl.draughts, graceful, ignominious, infafriend. Da soldato, like a sol a play so called.

mons.Damnévole, damnable, dier.---Vestito da marinago, Damággio, s. m. damage, hurt. hurtful, prejudicial. dressed in a sailor's dress.- Obs.

Damevolmente, adv. damnaDu, sometimes expresses the Damaschino, adj. any damask bly. place of one's birth. Da work, damasquined. Dannificáre, to damage, hurt, Londra, native of London.-Damasco, v. Dommasco. damnify. Da, signifies sometimes, fit.- Damerino, s. m. a spark, a beau. Danvío, s. m. v. DanneggiaDonna di marrio, a woman fit Damigella, s. f. a young gen- mentu. to be married.--Scatola da ilewoman, a miss.-Damigella, Danno, s. m. cost, hurt, loss, tobacco, a box for snuff.-Da, a waiting gentlewoman, a damage, detriment. joined with the infinitive of lady of honour to a princess. Dannóso, adj. harmful, hurt. a verb implying necessity or Damigello, s. m. a spark, a ful. convenience, signifies to be. young boy, a page. Dante, adj. that gives:--Tra'l Queste non son cose da fare, Damma, s. t. a Joe or a hind dante e'l ricevente, between the these are not things to be deer.

giver and receiver.--Danie, done.Da, fit for, or becom- Dammággio, s. m. o. Damaggio. s. m. V. Adante.Dante, 'a ing.- Un cavallo da re, a horse Dammaschino, v. Damaschino. kind of leather. fit for a king ---Questo discorso Dammásco, v. Dommasco. Dantésco, adj. according to the non è da gentiluomo, this dis- Damo, s. m. a spark, a beau, a manner and style of Dance course is not becoming a gen- lover. tleman.-, with an accent, Damúzza, s. f. a petty lady: Dantescaménte, adv. after the is a person of the verb Dare. Damuzzáccia, s. f. a pretended manner of the poet Dante.

- Da che, since.- Da che voi lady, one that sets up for a Dantísta, an imitator of Dante volele cosi, since you will have lady. it 50.-Da banda, aside.- Da Dámolto, of worth, of merit. Da nulla, good for nothing. befle, in jest, in mockery.la –l'ono da molto, a man of Danza, s. f. dance.--Essere in indi innanzi, hence forward. inerit.

dunza, to be talked of.-EnDa indi addietro, thence Danájo, s. m. penny, farthings. trare in dunza, to do as others backward. -Da indi in poi, -non darei un danajo, I would do.-Menar la dinza, to lead since that time.Da incli in not give a farthing.-Danijo, the dance. money.

Danzánte, a dancer. Dabbéne, good, honest.-Uomo Danajóso, adj. rich in money. Danzare, to dance.

dabbene, a good, honest man. Danajuólo, s. m. a farthing. Danzatore, a dancer. Dabbudả, s. f. a psaltery or Danarésco, adj. ready.- Pecu- Danzatrice, fem. of Danzatore, sautry,

nia danaresca, ready money. Danzatrice, s. f. a short dance:

the poet.

the poet.

qua, hitherto.

Da oggi innansi, ? for the future. dare and presume. Dare il bles, the first long, and the Da ora innanzi, ) -Da parte, enotto, to give the word.-Dare other two short. aside, secretly.-Da parte a il passo, to give free passage. Dattorno, about, round about, parte, through.--Da per se, by Dare in prestansa, to lend. - by, all around. himself.—Da per tutto, every

Dare in carta, to deliver in Davantaggio, adv. more, furwhere.

writing.--Dare in luce, to pub- ther. Dape, s. f. meat, food.

lish. Dare in terra, to fall to Davánte, o divánti, adv. before. Dappié, from the foot the ground; to run a-ground. -Dwante, prep, before, in Dappiéde, adv.) or foundation. - Dare in uno, to meet with presence of. Dappocaggine, s.f.ignorance, by chance.-Dar la baja, to Davanzále, s. m. the stone that Dappochezza, idleness,sloch- jest or laugh at.-Dare lu bil supports the frames of win

fulness, laziness, dullness. ona notte, to wish good night. dows, and jets out. Dappoco, adj. siily, that knows Dar la cordi, to give the strap- Davánzo, adv. overplus.

nothing, idle, slothful, spirita pado.-Dar la munp, to con- Dauco, s. f. a kind of wild carless, not able to help himself. sent.—Dare a credere, to make rot. Dappói, adv. since, after, after one believe.-- Aurre 4 dare, to Davvantaggio, adv. more. wards. -Dappoichè,since that. be in debt.-Darsi ad una cosa, Da vero, in truth, in carnest. Dapprésso, near by, just by. to addict one's self to a thing. Da último, at last. Da prima,

7 at first, from -Darsi attorno, to look about. Dazio, s. m. custom, toll, imDa principio, thebeginning: -Darsi impaccio, to trouble post. Da qui inpánzi, adv. here one's self about.-Darsi pace, Dazione, s. f. dedition. Da quince innanzi,

after, to quiet one's self-Darsi ad Dea, s, f. goddess. beaceforward, for the future, uno,'to prostitute herself.- Debaccare,to run about madly. -Da quindi innanzi, since that Dursi buon tem, to live a Debelláre, to overcome, to subtime.

merry life..-bersi inarovigliu, due. Dardeggiare, to dart, or hit to wonder.-Dur de' calcia ro- Débile, adj. feeble, weak, faint. with a dart.

vajo, to be hanged.-Darsi Debilézza, Dardetto, s. m. a little dart.

} weakness. l'acqua rai piedi, to praise one's Debilità, Dardo, s, m, a dare.

seif.Dursi a gambe, to run Debilitamento, s. m.diminution Dare, to give.-Darse,to permit, away.-Darsi pensiere, to care of strength, grant, give leave.-Dare, to for.-Dar che dire, to give oc- Debilitáre, to weakea, to debistrike, to beat.-Dure, to shew casion to talk.-Dar le carte, litate, toenervate, to enfeeble. or demonstrate.-H color ile to deal at cards.-Dar le carie Lebilitirsi, to grow weak. tue camiscia che tusei carbu- alla scoperta, to speak one's. Debilmente, adv, weakly, fecvy, one may see by your mind freely. Dar nel matto, bly. shirt that you are a coaiman. to play the fool.--Dar giù, to Debitamente, adv. deservedly. Dare a cambio, to put out mo lose one's credit. Dare il pepe, Debitamínte, adv. suitably, Dey upon exchange.---Dare to banter or laugh at.—Dare, duly, adásso, ad uno, to fall upon to incline to. Questo panno Débito, s. m. a debt.-- For deone, to strike home.-Dare il nel rosso, this cloth inclines bili, to contract debts.--Dibito, extlesina, to baptize-- Dare to red.-- Dar l'erba cassia, to duty,obligation. Débito, adj. compimento, to finish. Dar cashier or turn one out of his due, owing-Debito, convenikazlo, to banish. Dar crollo, place.

ent, proper, suitable, fii,agreeto shake. Dar da durmire, to Darsena, s. f. a wet-dock. ables. Pena drbita, condign lodge.-Dar la ricerę, to give Da, scherza, adv. in jest. punishment.--Débit,obliged, cause for laughter. Dure ile Da senno, in earnest.

indebted, beholden, bound. ceci, to kick.-Dare de remi Dassai, sutlicient, very able.- Debito, right, lawiul. in acqua, to row.--Dare indu- Tenersi dassni, to think one's Debitore, s. mn. a debtor, ko, to delay.--Dar testimoni seli very capable.

Debitrice, s. f. 2 woman that ezza, to testify.-Dar fele, to Dassajczza, s. f. ability, adbe ieve.- Dare del lu, to thee, dress, art, skill, ingenuity. Debituólo,

small debt. and thou. Dar fond, to cast Dassézzo, adv. at last. Debitúr zo, s. m. anchor.-Dar luogo, to give Data,s.f.date,the time marked. Débole, adj. feeble, weak, faint. 2 opportunity.--Dar baldanza, Datário, an officer in modern Debolétio, adj. weak, faintish. to make bold. Der in nulla, Rome.

Debolézza, s. f. to miscarry.-Dar fastidio, to Dativo, s. m. the dative case. Deholità,

} weakness. molest.-Dar le vele e' vent, to Dato, adj. given, 3. Dare.--Dato, Debolmente, we:ikly, feebly. set sail-Dar di coltu, io hit a s. in. a gift, a present.--Puto, o Débolúzzo, adj. weikish. ball at a volley.-Dar di coszo, duto che, suppose, put the case Deca, s. f. decade, the number to buti.-llar di piglio, to that.

of ten. catch.-Dur il buon anno, to Datóre, s. m. a giver.

Decacórdo, s. m. a psaltery wish a merry new year.--Dar Datríce, s. f. a giver. with ten strings. it bizon viaggio, to wish ore a Dattéro, s. m. date, the fruit of Decadenza, s. 1. decline, decay. good voyage, or journey.-- the palm-tree.

Decadére, to decay, to decline. Ikar it ben tenuto, to bid one Dáttilu, s. m. dactyl, a foot in Deelgoni), adj. decagon. welcome.-Dare il cuare, to a Latia verse, of three silla- Decalogo, s. in. decalogue.




Penyeles acontecance" ten Decoroso,diaj

. } decorous

, de Defloraciones o de frete

years old.

ten years,

Decanáto, s. m. deanship, dean-¡ Declive, adj. bending down- Deferénza, s. f. deference. ry.


Deferire, to defer, delay; or Decano, s. mn. a captain over Declività, s. f. declivity. put off-Deferire, to value, to

ten horses.-Decáno,the senior Declivo, adj. v. Declive. in any order.-Decáno, a dean. Decolláre, to behead. Défesso, adj. wearied, tired. Decantáre, to sing out, to pub- Decorare, to set forth, to trim, Deficiente, adj. deficient. lish, to make famous, to cry to decorate.

Deficienza, s. f. deficiency.up-Decantáre, to decant, to Decorazione, s. f. decoration. Per deficienza, for want. pour off from the dregs. Decoro, s. m. decorum, good Definíre, to define. De pitáre, to behead.

fashion or carriage.

Definizione, v. Diffinizione. ten years continuance, adj

Deformáre, to disfigure, to Decorso, s. m, a course.-De-l maim. Decennário, adj. of ten. córso, adj. passed, last, past.

Deformazione, s. f. deformity, Deçénne, adj. decennial. Decótto, s. m. decoction.- Deforme, adj. deformed, ugly, Decennio, s. m. the space of Decotto, adj. boiled. -- Decotto, disfigured, 'mishapen, out of s. m, a bankrupt.

form. Decente, adj.decent, becoming Decozionáccia, s. f. a degrad- Deformemente, adv. deformDecentemente, adv. decently. ing augmen. of Decozione. ediy. Decénza, s. f. decency, becom- Decozióne, decoction. Deformità, s. f. deformity. ingness.

Decrepità, s. f. decrepitude. Defraudare, to defraud. Decevole, adj. decent, becom- Decrepitézza, the same as De- Defúnto, adj. deceased.-Il des ing. Obs. crepità.

funto re, the late king.-DeDechináre, v. Dichinare.

Decrépito, adj. decrepid. flinto, s. m. a dead man. Decidere, to cut, to cut off.- Decréscere, to grow less. Degagna, s. m. a kind of fish, Decidere, to decide, determine. Decretále, s. m. decretals, the ing-net. Decifferáre, to decipher. whole body of the pope's de- Degeneránte, adj. degenerat, Décima, s. f. tythe.

cretals or letters. Decretále, a ing. Decimále, adj. decimal.

degree or order.

Degeneráre, to degenerate. Decimáre, to tithe, to deci- Decretalista, s. m. a canonist, Degenerazione, s.r.degeneracy, mate. -Decimáre, to shear, to a professor or doctor of the Degnaménte, adv. worthily. cut off. decretals.

Degnáre, to deign, vouchsafe, Décimo, s. m. tithe.--Décimo, Decretáre, to decree, to enact. condescend. adj. the tenth.—Décimo, fool- Decréto, s. m. decree, ordi- Degnazione, s. f. gentleness, ish, silly, simple.-Un decimo, nance, statute.-Decréto,a vo courtesy, mildness, kindness. a simpleton, à blockhead. lume of the canon law.-De- Degnévole, gentle, mild, graciDecimonóno, the nineteenth.. créto, adj. decreed, ordained, ous, affable, courteous, deboDecimosésto, the sixteenth.

enacted.--Decréto,determined, nair. Decina, s. f. ten, half a score. resolved, fixed.

Degnità, s. f. worthiness. Decisióne, s. f. decision, 'deter- Décuplo, adj. ten times so Degno, adj. worthy.-Degno di mination. much.

fede, credible.- Degno, conveDecisívo, adj. decisive, peremp- Decurióne, s. m. a captain over nient, fit, suitable, agreeable, tory. ten, horse or foot.

proper, meet. Deciso, adj. decided, determin- Dedicamento, s. m. dedication. Degradáre, to degrade. ed.

Dedicáre, to dedicate, to conse- Degradazione,s.f. degradation. Declamáre, to declaim.


Deh, interj. alas ! Declamatúre, a declaimer. Dedicatória, dedication, epistle Deificamento, s. m. deification. Declamatório, adj.declamatory. dedicatory.

Deificáre, to deify. Declamazione, s.f. declamation. Dédito, adj. given, inclined, Deificazione, s. f. deification. Declaratório, adj. declaratory. addicted.

Deifi'co, adj. that has someDeclinamento, s. m. declina- Dedizione, s. f. surrender.

thing divine. Dedótto, adj. deducted. Deiférme, adj. as God.-Il teg. Declináre, to decline, decay or Dedúrre, to deduce, to deduct. no deiforme, the eternal kingabate.--Il giorna declino, it-Dedúrre, to infer.

dom. begins to grow late. Al de Dedúrto, adj. deducted, deduc- Deità, s. f. divinity, deity, god clinar del sole, at sun-setting, ed, inferred.

or goddess. -Declinare, to humble, to de- Deduzióne, s. f. deduction. Delatóre, s. m. a spy, an inpress.Declináre, to decline, Deessa, s. f. goddess. Obs. former. in grammar.

Defalcamento, s.m.defalcation. Delatrice, fem. of Delatore. Declinazione, s. f. declination Defalcáre, to abate or deduct. Del contimio, adv. continually, in astronomy.-Declinazióne, Dafalco, v. Defalcamento. Delegáre, to delegate. declension in grammar. Defatigare, to tire, wcary or Delegáto, s. m. a delegate. Declino, s. m. decline, decay. fatigue.

Delegazionc, s. f. delegation. -Il declino della luna, the wane Defensore, v. Difensore. Delettamento, s. m. delectaof the moon.--Il sole è in de- Deferente, s. m. in astronomy, Delettazione, s. f. S tion,de. clino, the sun is setting. an imaginary circle or orb. light.



, } v. Dinunzia.


Belfi'no, s. m. the dolphin fish. Demoníaco, adj. possessed withnaked, to strip, to shew one
-Delfi'no, the dauphin, the a devil.

naked.-Denudire, to unfold,
eldest son of the king of Démone, 2 s. m. a devil, de to discover.
France.—elfi'no, the bishop, Demónio, S mon, genius.
one of the chess-men. Obs. Denajo, v. Danajo.
Delibáre, to take an assay or Denegáre, to deny.

Denunziare, v. Dinunziare. taste.

Denigrare, to darken, to black- Deo, God. Obs. Deliberagione,v.Deliberazione.

Dependente, adj. dependent. Deliberare, to deliberate. Denomináre, to name, to de- Dependenza, s. f. dependence. Deliberativo, adj. in rhetorick, nominate.

Dependere, o. Dispendere. deliberative.

Denominativo, adj. denomina- Depilatório, s. m. an cintment Deliberazione, s.f.deliberation. tive.

to take away hair. Delicamento, v. Delicatezza. Denominazione, s. f. denomi- Deplorabile, i adj. deplorable, Delttatamente, adv. delicately. nation.

Deplorando, } lamentable.
Delicatezza, s. f. delicacy. Denunziáre, o. Denunziare. Deplorare, to deplore, to la.
Daficatura, s. f. delicacy. Denotánte, signifying. ment, bewail, or pity.
Dellneáre, to delineate. Denotáre, to denote, to signify. Deponente, s. m. a deponent
Delineamento, s. m. 7 delinea- Denotare, to remark, to take verb.
Delineazione, s. f. $ tion. notice.

Depónere, to depose, to lay
Delinquénte, s. m. delinquent. Denotazione, s. f. signification, Depórre, 1 down, to lay a.
Deliquio, s. m. a fainting fit. remark.

side. Deliránte, adj. raving: Densáre, v. Condensare. Depositáre, to deposit, to Deliráre, to rave, to be light. Densáto, adj. thick, compact, leave in trust. headed.-Deliráre, to talk idly dense.

Depositario, s, m. depositary, or madiy.

Densézza,? s. f. density, thick- trustees Depositário, a coniiz Delírio, s. m. delirium, raving, Densità, 3 ness.

dent. the state of being light-hcaded. Denso, adj. thick, dense. Depositería, s. f. the depoDeliro, adj, delirious, made Dentáccio, a bad tooth. sitary's abode, the place Delira impresa, a rash enter- Dentále, s. m. share, plough, where things deposited are prize.

share.- Jentále, shark, fish. safe lodged.
Delitto, s. m. crime, trespass, Dentámc, s. n. great quantity Depósito, s. m. deposit.-De-

fault, offence.-Delitlo di lesa of teeth.-Dentame, a set or pósito, money-chest.-Meltere
maestà, high treason.
range of teeth.

in deposito, io deposit.
Delivrare, to deliver. Obs. Dentato, adj. toothed, having Deposizione, s. f. deposition,
f. delight, delicious- teeth.

degradation.-Deposizione, de-
Dentatúra, s. f. a set of teeth. posit.----Deposizione, deposi.
Deliziano, Obs. v. Delizioso. Dente, s. m. tooth.--Cavalieri tion, evidence.
Deliziare, to delight.

del denie, parasites, table- Depósto, adj. deposed, put out
Delizióso, adj. delicious.-Deli- friends.mDenie canino, s. m. of place. Depósto, laid aside.
zzóso, voluptuous, sensual. dog's grass..Mostrare i denti, Depravare, to depravate, to
Del pari, adv. even, without to shew courage.-loccar col corrupt, spoil, vitiate.

dente, to eai.-Darsene insino Depravazióne, s. f. deprava-
Del tutto, adv. entirely, quite. a' denti, to bang one another. tion, corruption.
Delúbro, s. m. a temple. Po -Tener l'anima co’rlenti, to be Depredare, to ransack, to prey

almost dead.-Piglinr il morso upon.
Deludere, to delude, to mock. co’denti, to persist obstinately Depredatore, depredator, rob-
Delusióne, s. f. delusion, deceit. in opinion.- Denti cavallino, ber.
Deluso, adj. deluded.

tooth-wort.--Denii di latte, Depredatrice, fem. of Depre-
Dementáre, to make one mad. young tooth.--Denti di pettine, datore.
Deménte, adj. mad, out of his tooth of a comb.- Venti di Depredazione, s. f. depreda-

rastrello o di srga, the teeth of' tion, robbery. Deménza, 2 s. f. madness, lack a rake, of a 3aw.

Depremere, 5. Deprimére. Deménzia, ) of wit. Dentecchiáre, o. Denticchiare. Depressione, depression. Demeritáre, to demerit. Dentelliére, tooth-pick. Depremnúto, adj. depressed. Demeritevole, adj. unworthy. Dentéllo, s. m. dentils, a mem- Deprésso, adj. depressed, sile, Demerito, s. m. demerit.-i ber of the lonic cornice.- abjeci, slight.- La mia dhpressa mérito, chastisement, punish- Deniello,tooth.--Dentello,lacc, cuidizione, my mean condi. ment

such as women make with tion.-Stato depresso, low cir.' Demérso, adj. drowned, plung- their needics. ed, overwhelmed.

Denticchiare, to chaw, to Deprimere, to depress, to conDemérto, u. Demerito.

chew, to eat like one thai culcate, to oppress, to keep Democrático, adj. democrati- has no stomach, to nibble. under, to debase, to vilify. cal.

Dentice, m. shark, a sort tv despue. Democrazia, s. f. democracy. of fish.

Depurare, to purge, to purify. Demolire, to demolish, Dentro, prep. within. Deputáre, to depute, to send, Demolizione, demolition. Denudáre, to make bare or to appoint, to delegate.---Lin


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f. wish, eager

putare, to choose, to destinate. Descrittibile, adj. that may be | Destamento, s. m. the act of --Deputáto, s. m. deputy, de described.

awaking. legate.

Descrittivo, adj. descriptive. Destáre, to awake, to wake. Deputazione, s. f. deputation. Descritto, adj. described. Destáre, to awake, to stir up, Derelinquere, to relinquish, to Descrittore, s. m. deseriber. to revive, to raise, to quicken.

forsake, to leave. Obs. Descrivere, to describe to make Destare il fuoco, to blow the Derelitto, adj. derelict, forsak a description of.-Descrivere, fire.

to register, to set down. Destársi, to awake, to wake. Derelizione, s. f. dereliction. Descrizione, s. f. description. Destatore, s. m. awaker. Deretáno, adj. on the back- Desérere, to abandon. Obs. Destatrice, she that awakes. side or behind, backward... Desertáre, to waste, to deso- Destináre, to design, to destiDerel ano (ultimo) last. 11 de- late, to spoil, to destroy, to nate, to appoint. returno, s. m. the parton which make havock. Desertáre, to Destináta, s. f. destiny, fataliwe sit.

ruin, to undo, to impoverish. ty.-Destináto, s. m. destiny, Deridere, to deride, to laugh -Desertúre, to desert.-Deser- fatality, at, to scoff.

táre, to deprive, to rob one of Destinazione, s. f. destination, Deriditóre, a scoffer, a con any thing.--Desertársi, to mis appointment. teminer. carry

Destino, s. m. destiny, fate. Deriditrice, fem. of Deriditore. Deserto, s. m. desert, wilder- Destitúto, adj. abandoned. Derisibile, adj. contemptible. Desirto, adj. abandon Destitúto, destitute, deprived. Derisióne, s. f. derision.

ed, forsaken.

Desto, adj., awaked.-Desto, Derisivamente, adv. with deri- Desertore, s. in. deserter. brisk, sprightly. sion.

Deserzióne, s. f. desertion. Destra, s. f. the right hand.Deriso, adj. derided.-Deriso, Desiánza, s.

Destra, the right side.--Alla s. m, derision-Prendere in de wish.

dlestra, on the right side. Tiso, to deride.

Desiáre, to desire, to wish for. Destrále, s. m. a bracelet to Derisore, s. m. derider. Desiderabile, adj. desirable. wear on the arm or hand. Derisório, adj. derisory. Desiderante, adj. that desires. Destramente, adv. dexterously. Derivánte, adj. deriving from. Desideráre, to desire, to wish, Destreggiare, to manage with Deriváre, to derive, to proceed to long for.

dexterity, to use dexterity.-from.-Deriváre, to stream, to Desiderativo, adj. desirable. Destrogyiáre, to be on one's gush, to spring out.

Desideratore, s. m. a desirer, a right hand.- Destreggiáre, to Derivativo, adj. derivative. wisher.

use artifice. Derivazione, s. f. derivation. Desiderévole, adj. desirable. Destrezza, s. f. dexterity, agi. Déroga, s. f. derogation. Desiderio, 5. m. desire, wish, lity, nimbleness of hand or Derogabile, adj. that may be longing.

body.----Destrezza, sagacity, derogated.

Desideroso, adj. desirous,covet- sharpness of wit, quickness Derogare,to derogate,to lessen, ous.

of apprehension, cunning, to take from the worth of a Desidia, s. f, idleness, sloth. craftiness. person or thing.–Senza dero- Designazione, s. f. designation. Destriéro, a poetical word for are al vostro merito, without Desináre, to dine, to eat one's a horse. wronging your merit.

dinner.Desinure, $. a Déstro, s. m. opportunity, con Derogatório, adj. derogatory, dinner.

venient time.---Destro, the which tends to derogate. Desináta, dinner.

necessary house, stool, closeDerogazione, s. £. derogation. Desinatóre, s. m. he that dines. stool, prívy-Destro, adj. derDerráta, s. f. ware, provision, Desinéa, s. f. a dinner. Obs.

terous, handy, ingenious, incommodity.-L'errůta, price. Desinenza, s. f. ending, termi- dustrious, cunning, skilful.Questo a buona derrata, this nation.

Destro, right, straight, direct. is very cheap.

Desio, 2 s. m.desire, lust, Destro, favourable,good, prosDescaccio, s. m. a degrading Desióre, Obs. S longing for. perous.-Il mio fato destro ha augmentative of Desco. Desióso, adj. desirous.

toluto così, it happened so by Descendénza, 2. Discendenza. Desiráre, u. Disirare.

good luck for me. Descendere, i. Discendere, and Desire, s. m. desire. Poetical. Destruggere, v. Distruggere. all its derivatives.

Desistere, to desist, to leave Destruzione, o. Distruzione. Deschétto, a small desk ord, off, to forbear.

Deviáre, v. Disviare. table.- Desclétio, q footstool; Depláre, to desolate, to lay Detergente, adj. scouring, do a low settce.

tergent. Desco, s. m. a table --Chi non Desolazione, s. f. desolation, Detergere, to deterge, to wipe mungia a desro, ha mangiato di devastation.

off, to scour, to rub off. fresco, he that does not eat at Despetto, 7 s. m. spite, despite, Deterioramento, s. m. depratable must needs kave eat Despíito, $ malice.

vation. somewhere cise.''voursi a Despótico, u. Dispotico. Deteriorare, to grow or make aisro molle, to eat at a table Despoto, v. Dispoto.

worse or wicked, to impair. without a table cloth --Desco, Dessa, she, the same, she her- Determinaménto, s. in. deter. chair.--Desco, a butcher's self.

mination. stall, Desso, hc, the same.

Determináre, to determine, to




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