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resolve, to decide.

ing to another what he is to (Diabolicaménte, adv. diabolicDeterminatamente, determi- write.Dettatúru, diorator- ally, nately, resolutely, precisely, ship, dictature.

Diabólico, adj. diabolical, deabsolutely

Dettazione, s.f. o. Dettatúra. vilish, wicked. Determinativo, adj. determina - Detto, s. m. word, saying, any Diacalaménto, s. m. a warming

tive, definitive. Determináto, thing said or spoken.-Dal electuary so called.
adj. determined, resolved.--detto al fatto c'è un grim tratto, Diacáno, u. Diacono. Obs.
* Alto determinato, wilful action. to say and to do are two Diacciája, s. f. a place to keep
Deterininazione, s. f, determi- things. -Detto, adj. said, ice for the summer.
nation, resolution.

spoken, called.

Diacoiáre, to frecze, to cool Detersivo, adj. cleansing, de- Dettofátto, no sooner said but with ice.-Diacciáło, adj. fro2tersive.

done, presently, directly.
Detestábile, adj. detestable. Deturpare, to foul, to dirty, to Diáccio, s. m. ice.
Detestando, adj. detestable. stain.Deturpdre, to defile, to Diacciuolo, s. m. icicle.
Detestáre, to detest, to abomi- pollute.

Diacére, to lay upon or down. nate, to abhor.

Devastáre, to waste, to destroy. Diacímino, s. m. an electuary Detestazione, s. f. detestation, Devastazióne, s. f. devastation. to expel wind in one's stoabhorrence.

Devére, v. Dovere. Obs. mach.
Detrággere, 1 to detract, to Deviáre, to deviate, to go from, Diácin! diacíne! deuce! devil!
Detrárre, spenk ill, to to swerve.-Senza deviare dal lack-a-day!
slander, to traduce.

nostro discorso, without losing Diaditúra, s. f, the act of lay-
Detrátto, adj. detracted, slan-| the thread of our discourse. ing down.

Devolúto, adj. devolved. Diacódion, s. m. diacodium, a Detrattore, s. m. detractor, Devorare, v. Divorare.

syrup made of the juice of slanderer, traducer.

Devotamente, adv. devoutly. poppies. Detrazione, s. f. detraction, Devoto, v. Divoto.

Diaconáto, s. m. deaconship, slander.

Devozióne, v. Divozione. deaconry. Detrimento, s. m. detriment, Di (a sign of the genitive case) Diaconessa, s. f. deacôness. loss, damage.

of.Di, with.-Egli ferito Diácono, s. m. a deacon. Detrúdere, to thrust down. di spada, he was wounded with Diadéma, s. m, diadem, royal Not used.

a sword. Di, -in.-Cosi è di or imperial crown.
Detta, s. f. debt, money owing. verità, it is so indeed.--))inmi Diadragante, s. m. a kind of
-Buonno cattira deita, good di cie t'ho io ofco, tell me in medicine so called.
or bad paymaster. Tagliar what did I oflend you.---Di, Diatanità, s. f. diaplaneity,
la dela, to make it up, to for. Di certo, for certain. the property of a diaphanous.

come to an agreement.Stur Di, an adv. of quantity, but body.
della detta, to be bail or sure in this sense is not expressed Diáfano, adj. diaphanous,trans-
ty-Esser in detta con uno, to in English. - Jer vi fu di molta parent like glass.

halves with one in play- gente nel parco, there was yes. Diaframma, s. mn. diaphragm,
ing:--Starsene a detta, to rely terday a vast many people in the midriff.
on another man's affirmation. the park.--Ven è ancora di Diagonale, adj. diagonal.
-Detta, good luck in play-i molto, there is a great deal Diagránte, s. I. a tind of gum.

left.---Di, than.- Più ricco di Dialéttica, s. f. dialectic, the Dettáme, s. m. dictates, pre me, richer than I.-Maggiore art of logic. cepts, instructions, rules.- di suo fratello, greater than his Dialéttico, dialectical, belongOperare secondo il dettamne della brother.--Di (prep. which ing to logic.--Dialéttico, s. nu Tagione, to act according to signifies) from.-Di giorno in 2 logician.

the dictates of reason. giorno, from day to day.--Mi Dialetto, s. n. dialect, a manner Dettáre, to dictate, to tell an- tolto il cappe lo di iesti, they of specch peculiar to some other what he is to write, one took away my hat from my part of a wountry, yet all word or period after another. head.-li, is sometimes used using the siane radical lan--Dellire, to prompt, to

rather for gracefulness of guage. suggest.--Deltére, to dictate, speech, than necessity. ex.- Dialoghétto, s.ın. short diato teach.

Sotto di me, under me.-Di, logue. Dettáto, s. m. elocution, style, (before the infinitive of a Dialogista, s. m. a composer of manner of speech.--Detiáto, verb) to.—Godo di vederla, I dialogues. composition. ---Comporre con am glad to see you. Diálogo, s. m. a dialogue. bel delluto, to write a fine style. Di, s. m. day...Benedetto sia'l Dialtea, s. f. an ointment made -Dettáto, proverb, adage, old di che pria vi vidi, blessed 1:e of marshrrallows. saying the day that I first saw you. Diamantáccio, s.

a bai Dettatore, s. m. he that dictates Di dì, in day time.

diamond, full of fays.
to another.
Dia, s.f. day. Obs.

Diamante, s. m. diamond, ada-
Dettatrice, fem, of Dettatore. Diabéte, diabetes, a disease
Dettatúra, s. f. the dictamen Diabética, so called. Diamantino, adj. as hard as a
of a master to his scholars. Diabético,


diabetical, diamond, adamantine.--'ore Deltatúra, s. f, the act of tell- troubled with a diabetes. diomanino, hard, cruet heart.


mant stone.

mean man.

Dibassänen, ... Obs. } * base: Dicadimento, s. my decay.

Diamarináta, s. f. a conserve of Di balzo, at a bound, at once. ing or peeling a tree.
Kentish cherries.

Di bando, gratis, for nothing. Di buon' aria, adv. blithly, Diametrále, adj. diametral. Dibarbáre, zto root up, to cheerfully:--Dibuon' arid, adj. Diametralmente, adv. diame. Dibarbicáre, $ pluck up by pleasant, jovial, jocund.-Di trically. the root.

buon muttino, adj. early, beDiametro, s. m. diameter.- Per Di bassa lega, 7 of a base,low, times.

dianetro, diametrically. Di bassa mano,} mean condi- Di butto, adv. immediately. Diámoron, s. m. syrup of mul- tion.-lomo di bassa lega, a Obs. berries.

Dicadénza, s. f. decay. Diamúsco, s. m. a kind of cor- Dibassamento, s. m. 7 decay, to .

dial powder. Diána, the reveille, the beat of ment, debasement.

Dicaduta, s. f. decay. a drum at break of day.— Dibassáre, to debase, to bring Dicaduto, adj. decayed, wast

Drilout, the morning stas: low, to diminish, to fail in ed, fallen away, declined.
Diunzi, adv. before.

strength or esteem.-Dibas- Dicapitamento, s. m. the act Diapapávero, s. m.an electuary sársi, to be discouraged, to of beheading of poppy

despond, to lose courage. Dicapitáre, to behead. Diapason, s. m. diapason, a Dibastáre, to unsaddle, to take Díceo, s. m. dyke, bank, causeterm in music, signifying an off the pack-saddlc.

way. octave.

Dibáttere, to shake or toss up Dicembre, s. m. December. Diapenídio, s. m. a kind of me and down, to beat.--Dibullere, Dicente, adj. saying, that says. dicine for a cough.

to debate, to discuss, to plead Dicere, v. Dire.' Obs. Diaprúno, s. m. electuary of pro and con. Dibattere, to Diceria, s. f. discourse, speech. dry plums.

beat, knock, or bruise to -Tewer diceria d'una cosa, to Diário, s. m. a journal or day- gether.--Dibattersi, to strug- talk much of a thing. book, a diary;

gle, to strive.Dibattersi, to Diceriúzza, s.f. short discourse, Diarrea, Diarría, s. f. diarrhea, be angry, to fret.

short and empty speech. lask, looseness.

Dibattimento, 2 s. m. collision. Di certo, adv. certainly: Diascáne, s. m. deuce, devil.


;}. Dibaltimento, Dicervellársi, to distii one's Diazéna, s. f. an electuary made discussion.

brains out, to think too much. of senna.

Dibattitore, s. m. searcher, en- Dicervelláto, adj. hare-brained, Diáspro, s. m. jasper. quirer, examiner.

cock-brained, rash fool. Diastole, s. f. in anatomy, the Di bel nuovo, again. Dicévole, adj. decent, hand

dilatation of the heart; op- Di bisogno, needful, necessary. some, seemly, becoming. posed to Sistole.

--vete di bisogno di qualche Di che, adv. therefore, so that. Diatessaron, s. m. a word used

cosul do you want any thing? - Di che, of which. in music.

- W'è di bisogno, I must - Dichiaragione. s.f. declaraDiávola, s. f. a she devil, a di bisogno che, it is need that. Dichiaraménto, s. m.] tion. termagant, a shrew, a turbu- Dibonariamente,adv.gracious Dichiarare, to declare, to mania lent or wicked woman. ly, kindly. Obs.

fest, to publish, to make plain Diavoláccia, s. f. a devilish wo- Dibonarietá, s. f. goodness, or known,to signify.--chia

man, a wicked woman. kindness, gentleness, mcek- rúre la guerra, to declare, deDiavoláccio, s. m. a great devil,! ness. Obs.

nounce, or to proclaim war. a bad devil.- involáccio, a : Diboscamento, s. m. the act of --Dichiarare, to give sentence. devilish man, a wicked man. pulling down the trees in a - Dichiarirsi, to declare, tu -Un buon dioroleccio, a good woody place.

tell, to open one's mind. natured fellow.

Diboscáre, to disforest, to pull Dichiaratóre, s. m. a declarer, Diavoleria, s. f. a devilish

down the trees.

an interpreter. troublesomne tsing:

Diboscáto, adj. cleared of trees. Dichiaratrice, she that deDiavoléssa, s. f. a devilish Dibottaménto, s. m. toss, shake, clares.

woman, a she devil, a shrew, commotion. Obs. Dichiarazione, s.f. declaration, a termagant.

Dibottáre, to agitate, to stir, interpretation, explanation. Diavoletto, s. m. a young devil. to shake, to move. Obs. Dichiarire, c. Dichiarare. Obs.. Diávolo, s. m. devil, evil Di botto, adv. immediately, Di chiáro, adv. clearly, manispirit.-E' un diroto, he is a suddenly, at once.

festly, devil

, he is a wicked man, he is Dibrancáre,todilate, to spread. Dichinamento, s. m. declinaa desperate fellow. Ifail dia- Di brigáta, adv. all together, tion, descent. volo in corpo, the devil is in in company.

Dichinánte,adj.declining,gaing him.-Fareil liaro!0,to be very Di brocco, adj. suddenly, at down. turbulent.- Sapere dove il dicia

Dichináre, to decline, to decay, solo tien lu codi, iobe sharp and Dibrucáre, u. Dibruscáre. to go downward. ---Questo cocunning.---Djarolo di mare, Dibruscáre, to prune, to lop. lore dichina più al nero che non the sea-cormorant.

Dibucciare, to bark a tree, to al bruno, this colour comes Diavolóne, s. m. a great devil. peel it.-Dibucciare,to peel off nearer to the black than the Dievolúne, devoloon, a kind the skin.

brown. of confit.

Dibúccio, 5. m. the act of bark- Dichino, s. m. decline, decay.


Dieci, ten.


-le mie forze cominciano an-| Didiacciáre, to thaw, to melt | Difettivamente, defectively. dare in dichino, I am in a de-l after a frost.

Difettivo, adj. defective, imclining state of health.-II Didietro, adv. behind. perfect...Difettivo, faultygiorno e nel suo dichino, it draws Die, s. m. day. Poetical. Verbo difettivo, a defective towards night, it grows late. Diéce,?

verb. Diciannove, nineteen.

Difctto, s. m. defect, flaw, vice, Diciannovesimo, the nine. Una Decina, ten in number. imperfection..---Diféito, vice, teenth. Diecinove, nineteen.

fault.---Difetto, want, lack. Diciassette, seventeen. Diecinovésimo, the nineteenth. -Disilo, want, need, necesDiciassertésimo, the seven- Diecisétte, seventeen.

sity, teenth.

Diecissettesimo, the seven- Difettoso, adj. defective, imDicibile, adj. that can be teenth.

perfect.-Difetluso, faulty. said. Di entro, adv. within.

Difettuso, weak, feeble, infirm. Diciferare, to decypher, to un- Diesis, s. m. diesis, the quarter Difettuccio, s. m. dim. of Diravel, to disentangle, to clear, of a tone in music.

to discover, co unfold. Diéta, s. f. diet.- Tenere a dieta, Difettuoso, v. Difettoso.
Diciferatóre, s. m. decypherer. to dict, to keep one to strict Difettúzzo, s. m. a small fault.
Dicimáre, to strike off the top, diet.-- Dieta, diet, assembly. Diffalcáre, to defalk, to cut off, .
to lop, to clip.

Dietamen'te, adv. quickly, to abate, to deduct.
Dicimáto, adj. having the top nimbly. Obs.

Diffálco, s. m. defalcation, decut off, lopped.

Dietáre, to diet, to keep one to duction, abatement. Dici nénto, se m. v. Dicitura. a strict diet. Not in use. Diffálta, s. f. default, defect, Diciménza, s. f. S Both obso- Dietreggiáre, to go back, to misdeed, trespass, fault.-Diflete. draw back.

fálta, breach of promise.--
Dicioccáre, to break off the Diétro, prep. behind, after. Dillálta, dearth, scarcity, pe-
cluster or tufts of fruits or Di dietro, at the end, at last.

Di dietro ria, backwards.-- Diffaltáre, to want, to lack, to
Diciottésimo, the eighteenth. Tirar in dietro, to put off, to necd.
Diciotto, eighteen.

delay, to retard. - Fursi in Diffamaménto, s. m. defamaDicitóre, s. m. sayer, speaker, dietro, to fall, to draw back. tion, slander.

teller, talker.- Dicitúre, ora Dietro porta, back-door-Diffamáre, to defame, to slan-, tor, speaker.

Dietro cavera, back-room.--der. Dicitúra,s. f. delivery in speak- Dietro pasto, after-meal. Diffamatório, adj. defamatory, ing.

Dietroguardia, s. f. rear. slanderous, abusive. Dicolláre, to behead.Dirol Ditalcáre, v. Defalcare. Diffamazione, s. f. defamation. lire, to break off, to lop off. Difalcazione, c. Defalco, Differente, adj. different, unDicollazione, s. f. beheading. Di fatio, adv. immediately, like, various. Di colpo, suddenly, instantly, ipso facto.Di fatto, effect- Differenza, ? s. f. difference, ively, really.

Differenzia, S variety, diverDi eólta, adv. out of hand, Difendere, to defend, to pro- sity, distinction.---- Differenza, immediately.

tect:-))ifi'nere, to keep from. difference, dispute, contro-
Di concórdia, unanimously. -Difendere, to forbid, to pro- versy, quarrel.
Di consérva, together, as a con hibit.

Differenziare, to distinguish,
voy or caravan, in company. Difendevole, adj. defensible. to make different from.
Di continuo, continually. Difendimento, s. m. defence, Differire, to differ, to be differ-
Di contra, over-against, oppo- protection.

ent or unlike, to vary.--Dif-
Direnditóre, defender.

ferire, to defer, to delay, to Di corto, shortly, in short Difenditrice, defendress. put oil.-Dwerire, to differ, time.-Esser vestito di corto, to Difensare, Obs. 3. Difendere. to disagree. be dressed in short clothes. Difensióne, s. f. defence.-Met- Differmamento, s. m. confutaDi corso, adv. in running, tersi atlifensione, to stand upon tion of that which was spoke runningly.

one's defence or guard.
Di costa, adv. on one side, Difensivo, adj. defensive.-Star Differmáre, to confute, to dis-

close by.Di costu" al fiume, su lu difensivu, to act deien- prove.
close by the river.


Dificile, adj. hard, difficult. Dicotto, adj. withered, dried. Ditensore, s. m. defender. Difficoltà, s. 1. difficulty.-enDicozióne, s. f. v. Decozione. Di fermo,adv.certainly,for cer zu difficoltei, with ease.DitliDicréscere, ' to decrease, 10 tain.

coltii, difficulty, obstacle, ima wain.

Difesa, s. f. defence, protection, pediment.-Difficoltà, doubt, Dicreto, s. m. Obs. u. Decreto.

countenance, prop, support. question. Dificolta d'urine, Dicrollamcato, u. Crollamento -Far difesa, to resist, to with strangury. Dicrollare, o. Crollare.

stand. ---Difesa, fence, fortidi- Difficoltáre, to make difficult, Di cuore, heartily

cation. Lifesa, reply in law. to start difficulties,to question. Didascálico, adj. instructive, Diféso, adj. defended. Diticoltoso, adj. dislicul.-- Far didascalic.

Difettáre, to want, to be de- il difficultoso, to start difficulDi dentro, within. fective. Not in use.

ties. Vol. I.


at once.


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Difficultà, . Difficoltà. | Digerire, to digest, to concoctl put out of degree or dignity. Diffidáre, to mistrust, to disa what one eats.--Digerire, to Digradatamente, adv. gradual

trust, to suspect. Diffidare, to digest, to discuss, to examine. ly. despair, to have no hopes. -Digerire, to digest, to hear, Digradazione, s. f. degradaDiffidente, adj. mistrustful, dif to suffer, to brook. Digerire, tion. fident, suspicious.

to distila in chemistry. Di grado, adv. willingly, with Diffidenza, s.f. mistrust, dif- Digestibile, adj. easily digest- pleasure. -Di grado in grado; Diffidenzia,} fidence, des ed.

adv. by degrees. pair.

Digestiménto, s. m.) digestion, | Digranáre, e. Sgranare. Diffinire, to define, to deter- Digestióne, s. f. concuc. Di gran lunga, adv. by far, mine, to decide.- Difinire, to tion.

very much.—Di gran lunga, finish, to complete, to per- Digestire, to digest, to concoct. rather, more willingly, better. fect.Diffinire, to define, to Digestivo, adj. digestive. Migrassáre, to take off the give the definition of. Digesto, s. m. Digests, a part fat. Diffinitivo, adj. definitive, pe- of the civil law, digested Di grazia, adv. pray, prithee remptory.--Riposta diffinilica, by command of the emperor Digredire, to digress, to go positive answer.

Justinian.-Digesto, adj. con from the subject in hand. Diffinitore, the counsellor or trived, ordered, disposed, fit; Digressione, s. f. digression. assistant of a general, or pro- ready, prepared.

Digressivo, adj. digressive. viscial of a religious order. Dighiacciare, v. Didiacciare. Digrignáre, to grin like a dog, Ditfinizione, s. f. definition Dighiacciato, v. Didiacciato. to snarl. Diffinisióne, definition, deci. Di giá, adv. already.

Digrignánte, adj. grinning ion. Digiogare, to unvoke.

Viso digrignato, grinning Diffondere, to pour out.-- DifDi giorno in giorno, from day face. fondere in lacrime, to melt in to day...-Di giorno, by day, Digrossamento, forming, fatears. --Dilandirsi, to dwell! in day-time.

shioning, sketching. upon a subject.

Di giú, adv. below, beneath, Digrossáre, to form, to fashion, Difformáre, to deform, to dis-l down.

Digrossáre, to refine, to pofigure.

Di sù di giù, up and down. lish, to teach, to instruct. Difformatamente, adv. deform- Digiúngere, 1 to disjoin, to part, Digrumáre. to chew the çud, edly.

Digiúgnere, i to loosen, to un to ruminate.- Digriimare, to Diffórne, adj. deformedly,ugly, yoke.

ruminate a thing, to ponder disfigured, mishapen. Digiunáre, to fast.

it, to consider it. Difforinità, s. f. deformity, ug-Digiunatore, he that fasts, Diguastáre, to spoil, to waste. liness. that keeps fast.

Diguazzáménto, s. m. shaking, Diffusamente, adv. diffusively, Digiunatrice, fem. of Digiuna- waddling.-Diguazzamento di largely, amply, fully.

budella, a rumbling of the Diffusióne, s. f. diffusion. Digiúne, s. f. plur. the four guts. Diffusívo, adj. diffusive. ember weeks.

Diguazzáre, to shake, to stir Diffuso, adj. diffuse, large, Digiúno, s. nr. fast, fasting to waddle. ample, extended, long, prolix, Giorno di dicuro, fasting day. Digusciáre, to shell peas or tedious.

- digiuno, adv. fasting beans. Dificamento, s. m. the act of Dirumo, desirous, covetous, Di là, prep. beyond.-!i , a building. Obs.

fond.-di veder costui non local adv. the other side, that Dificare, to build. Obs.--Difi son dignuno, I am riot desirous way.- Passate di , go on that cáre, to edify. Obs..

to see him.-Si fece la mia site side. -Di , from thence. Dificiáto, adj. contrived, dis men diginna, my thirst was I vengo di li, I come from posed. Obs. almost quenched.

thence.Dili, of that coun. Difício, s. m. a building. Obs. Digiúnto, adj. disjoined, sepa- try.--Secondo il costime d lu, --Dificio, machine, device, rated, unyoked.

according to the custom of engine. Obs.

Dignità, s. f. dignity, worth, that country. Di lii, the oDifiláre, to file off, to march.-greatness, merit.Digniu, ther world. Nessuno sa le cose

Difiláto, adv. straight un, di- dignity, office, degree. di li, nobody knotr's how rectly forward.

Dignitóso, adj. worthy, noble. things go in the other world. Di filó, adv. without disconti- Digoccioláre, to drop, to fall -Di qui, di li, here and nuing, one after another. "by drops.

there. Difinimento, $. in. definition. Digozzáre, to cut the throat. Dilaccáre, to quarter, to cut

--Dilinimento, conclusion,end. Digozzúré, to take away in quarters, to cut to pieces. Difinire, v. Diffinire.

any thing that is about the Obs.Dilaccute, to tear in Diformità, s. f. v. Difformità. throat or neck

pieces, te rend. Obs. Di forza, adv. by main force. Digiadaménto, $. m. degrada. Dilacciare, to unlace, to unDi fresco, adv. lately, newly, tion.

tie. freshly.

Digradáre, to come down by Dilaccráre, to rend, to tear, to Di fuori, adv. without. degrees.--Digrudére, to short-l pull to pieces. Di furto, adv.by steaith. en, or grow short by degrees. Di là entro, from there with. Digeneráre, v. Degenerare. -Digrudáre, to degrade, to



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Dilagáre, to overflow. Dilettabile, . adj. delightful, | Diliberazione, s. f. resolution, Di la giu, ady. from thence pleasant, delectable.

determination.--Diliberazione, below.

Dilettabilita, s. f. delectation, ecliverance, delivery, release. Di láncio, adv. directly, strait. delight, pleasure. Obs. Dilibráre, to bear down the

ly, immediately, at once. Dilettabilmente, adv. delight-weight, to go out of the equiDilaniáre, to rend, to tear in fully.

librium. pieces.

Dilettamento, s. m. 1 delecta- Dilicaménto, s. m. delicacy, Dilapidare, to consume, to Dilettánza, se f. S tion, de- delicateness. Obs. waste, to spend wastefully, light, pleasure.

Dilicanza, niceness. Obs. to squander away.

Dilettante, s. m. a dilettante, a Dilicataménte, adv. delicately, Di largo, adv. liberally, abun- lover of music or painting deliciously. dantly, plentifully.

Though the Crusca has not Dilicatézza, s. f. delicateness, Di là sù, adv., from thence this word, yet it is most com niceness, effeminacy, softness. above. mon in Italy.

Dilicalérza, exquisiteness.Dilatamento, s. m. dilatation. Dilettáre, to delight, to re -Dilicatezza, curiousness, Dilatánte, adj. chat dilates. create, to please.Dilettarsi, neatness. Dilatánza, s. f. dilatation. to be pleased with, to delight Dilicato, adj. soft.-Dilicato, Dilatáre, to dilate, to widen, to in it.-Dilettarsi di musica, to delicate, dainty, delicious.-spread.--Dilatáre, to display, love music.

Vicande dilicate, dainty bits. to set forth, to master, to Dilettatore, he that delights or Dificato, nice.Dilicato, show.Dilatáre, to dilate.pleases.

pleasant agreeable.--!ilicato, Dilatáre, to disperse, to scat- Dilettatrice, feminine of Di- delicate, fine-Dilicato, thin, ter. lettatore,

small, slender.-Dilicato, deliDilatativo, adj. whose power Dilettazione, si f. delight, de cate, nice, weak, tender. can dilate lectation.

Dilicáto, nice, ticklish, danDilatazione, s. f. dilatation, ex- Dilettevole, adj. delectable, de- gerous. tension.


Dilicatúra.u. Delicatura. Dilavamento, washing. Dilettevolmente, adv. delight- Diligente, adj. diligent, laboriDilaváre, to wash away. (0-fully.

ous, careful, watchful. lure dilatato, a decayed hue, Diletto, s. m. delectation, de- Diligentemente, diligently. pale colour.


Diligenza, s.f.diligence,care. Dilazioncélla, diminutive of A diletto,

purpose. Diligenzia,) -Diligenza, diliDilazióne.

A bel diletto, adv. ly.on pur- gence, haste. Dilazione, s. f. delay,stay, stop, pose. -Prendere a diletto, to Diligióne, s. f. banter, derision. hindrance.

laugh at, to ridicule.--Mat. Obs. Dilegáre, o. Slegare.

prendi a diletto i dolor miei, but Dilimáre, to descend, to go Dileggiamento, s. m. raillery, you laugh at my grief.-*- down. Obs. jest, banter.

letto, adj. beloved. ---Mio dilila Diliquidáre, to liquefy, to disDileggiare, to mock, to laugh to, my beloved, my dear. solve.- Diliquidáre, to explain,

at, to ridicule, to deride, to Dilettoso, adj. delightiul, des to demonstrate. scoff, to banter.


Diliveránza, u. Deliberanza. Dileggiatezza, s. f. impudence, Dilezićne, s. of. benevolence, Diliveráre, 'c. Diliberare. Obs. e:Troutery.


Divizia, s, f. delight, pleasure Dileggiatore, a jesterga banter- Diliberamento, s. m. deliver- Obs.

ance, delivery, release, rid- Diliviáno, Obs.adj. delightDileggiatrice, fem. of Dileg-dance.----Delibermento, reso. Dilisiíso, ful, delicious, giatore.

lution, determination. delicate. Di leggiére, Di leggiéri, Di Diliberánza, s. f. deliverance, Diloggire, to march off, to leggiero, adv. easily, very delivery, release.

remove, to go from.--Dilouprobably.

Diliberáre, to deliver, to set giure, to go away, Dileguáre, to disappear, to free, to rid of, to release.-- Dilombarsi, to brcak one's own vanish, to get out of sight. Diliberare di prigione, to get back. Diléguo, s. m. disappearance, one out of prison.bilite- Dilombáto, adj. broken-back

-didare in dileguo, to come rare, to purpose, to resolve, to ed. to nothing

determine. --eti liberare, to dis- Diloptáno, adv. at a distance, Dilemma, s. m. dilemma, an patch, to make haste.-Dili from afar. argument consisting of two berare un negozio, to dispatch Dilucidare, to clear, to make propositions so disposed that or make an end of a business out, to explain. neither of them can be de- Diliberore, to lie in, to be Dilucidazione, s. f. explananied. delivered. Obs.

tion. Dileticáre,to tickle.--Dileticáre, Düiberatamente, adv. dilibe. Dilúcido, adj. plain, clear,cvi. to divert, to make merry, to rately, advisedly, consider-dent, bright. Obs. reereate.---Dileticáre, toflarier,' ately.

Dilungamento, s. m. distance, to please.

Diliberativo, ad; deliberative. remoteness, absence I Wanna Dilético, s. m. a tickling. -Diliberáto, adj determined, gamento, delay, adjournment. Dileticóso, adj. ticklish.


Dilunyáre, tu rreteh, to

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