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tend, to lengthen, to wire' Dimenío, o. Dimenamento. mid-day.
draw, to draw out at length. Di meno, adv. without, other- Di mezzo tempo, of a middle
--Dilungáre, to prolong, to wise. Non posso farne di meno, age.
defer, to delay.---Dilungársi, I cannot be without it.--Non Di mezzo verno, in the midst
to remove, to go from.-Di-! posso far di meno di non ridere, of winter.
lungarsi dal suo soggetto, to I cannot beip laughing.–Va-Diminio, 1 s. m.dominion,com-
make a digression.-Dilun- ler di meno, to be the worse Dimíno, 1 mand.
gáre, to remove, to put away, for.-Val dieci scudi di meno, Diminuiménto, s. m. diminu.
to keep off, to separate, to 'tis worth ten crowns less. tion, decrease, abatement.
part, to drive away, to dis- Dimensione, s. f. dimension.

Diminuíre, to diminish, to pel.

Dimentáre, to make one run lessen, to impair, to abate... Di lunge, adv. far off, dis- mad.

Diminuire di credilo, to fall in Di lungi,

Dimenticaggine, 1 o. Dimenti- point of credit.
Di lungo, adv. straight on, Dinenticamento, canza. Both Diminuíto, adj.diminished,less-

Dilusióne, s. 1. delusion. Dimenticanza, s. f. forgetful. Diminutivo, adj. diminutive-
Diluviáre, to rain very fast.-ness, oblivion.--Mettere in di- Diminutivo, s. m. a diminutive.
Diluviáre, to overflow, to menticanza, to forget.

--Ilimináto, t. Diminuito. drown.--Diluviáre, to devour, Dimenticare, to forget. Diminuzione, s. f. diminution, to eat greedily.

Dimenticatojo, s. m. the seat decrease.
Diluviatore, a great eater. of forgetfulness.--Netter ne! Dimissória, s. f. a dimissory
Diluviatrice, feminine of Dilu- dimenticatoj), to forget. letter from one bishop to an-

Dimentichevole, adj. forgetful, other.
Dilúvio, s. m. deluge, inunda- apt to forget.

Di modo che, adv. so that, in tion, great rain.-Dilúvio, im- Diméntico, adj. . (contracted such a manner that. moxierate eating

| from Dimenticato) forgot- Dimojáre, to soften after havDiluvione, a greedy-gut, a ten.

ing been frozen, as the earth great eater.

Dimentíre, to give the lie.does after a thaw. Obs.
Dimagráre, to make lean.- Dimentire se stesso; to contra- Di molto, adv. very much, a
Dimagráre, to grow lean.-dict one's self.

great deal.
Dimagráre, to diminish, to Dimésso, adj. pardoned. Obs. Dimonioru. Demonio.

in this sense. Dimesso, left, Dimóra, s. f. delay, stay.-DiDimagrazione, s. f. the grow- laid aside, remiss, careless, mora, abode, habitation, house. ing lcan.

neglected. Dimesso, cast ---Far dimora, to live in a Dimninda, s. f. demand, suit, down, dispirited, low, abject, place. request, asking, petition, faint.

Dimoragióne, s. f. 10. Dimoquestion. Soddisfare alla di. Dimesticamente, adv. domes- Dimoramento, s. m.} ra. manda, to answer to one's tically, familiarly.

Dimoránte, adj. that dwells. demand or question. Dimesticamento, s. m. familia- Dimoránza, s. f. delay, stop, Dimandagione, v. Domanda- rity, intimacy.

hindrance, stay. Obs.-Digione. Obs.

Dimesticáre, to tame, to make moránza, abode, dwellingDimandamento, v. Domanda- gentle and tractable. place. mento. Obs.

Dimesticarsi, to grow familiar, Dimoráre, to live, to dwell, to Dimandante, he that asks. to familiarize one's self with reside.Dimorire, to stay, to Dimandáre, v. Domandare, and Dinesticazione, s. f. familiari- stand, to stop:-Dimorare, to all its derivatives. ty, tamcuess.

remain, to continue, to abide, Diman da sera, to-morrow Címestichézza, s. f. familiarity, to persist, to tarry. Dimandasséra, 1 night, friendship.--Dimestichezza, ci- Dimorazione, s. f.) 6. Dimora. Dimandátore, he that asks. vility, kindness.--Pigliar di. Dimoro, s. m.

Both obs. Dimandatrice, s. fs she that pestichezza con uno, to contract Dimostragióne, asks,

a friendship with one.-Di- zione. Dimane, e, f, to-morrow,-Dia miestichexsa, carnal commerce. Dimostramento, s. m. sign, mine, morning. Innanzi la Diméstico, adj. familiar, inti- mark, token. dimane, before the morning. mate.--Febbre dimestica, a can- Dimostránza, s. f. demonstraNi maniera che, so that. tinual fever-Dimestico,tame.' tion, sign, token, mark, show. Di mano in mano, adv. succes. -djari dimestici, private af. Dimostrare, to shew, to desively, one after another. tairs. - limestico, tilled, culti- monstrate.-Dimostrare, to let Diman l'altro, the day after vated, inhabited.

see, to discover. to-morrow,

Dimettere, to forgive, to paro Dimostrativa, s. f. the power
Nimembráre, to dismember, don, Obs, in this sense of demonstrating.

to pull to pieces, to tear limb Dinettere, to discontinue, to Dimostrativamente, adv. de-
by limb -Dimembrare, to give over, to leave off, to monstratively.
alter, to change, to spoil.

Dimostrativo, adj. demonstra-
Nimenamento, s. m. agitation, Dimenzäre, to part by the tive.
motion, jolting

Dimostratore, a demonstrator, Duminare, to agitate, to shake. Di mezzo giorno, at noon, at he that shows.

0. Dimostra


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Dimostratrice, fem. of Dimos ten years.--D'intorno intor-| Di piáno, adv. freely, plainly. tratore.

no, round about. Dintorno, Di piatto, adv. in a concealed Dimostrazione, s. f. demonstra $. m. outline, outlines. tion.

Dinudáre, to strip naked.-Di-Di piglio, it is always joined Dimóstro, adj. (contracted nudare, to display, to unfold, with the verb dare, ex.-Dar from Dimostrato) demon to declare, to explain at di piglio, to take hold quickly. strated, showed. large.

Dar di piglio ad un bastone, to Dimunto, adj. lean, meagre, Dinumeráre, to number, to take hold of a stick. poor in Nesh, thin.


Dipignere, ? to paint, to draw Vinánti, 2 prep. before.--Di-Dinumerazione, numeration. Dipingere, $ in colours.-DiDinánzi, nanzi che, before Obs.

pagrere, to describe,to set forth, that I di dinanzi, the day Dinúnzia, s. f. denunciation. to shew. before.

Dinunziáre, to denounce, to Dipignitóre, I painter picture. Dinasáto, adj. noseless. proclaim.-Din:inziáre, to im- Dipingitore, S drawer. Di pascóso, ó Di nascosto, adv. peach, to accuse, to inform Dipinto, s. m. picture.--Dipinsecretly. against.

to, adj. painted, drawn.-DiDindério, s. m. a kind of long Dinúnziativo, adj. denouncing. pinto, enamelled, chequered, belt.

Dinunziatore, an informer, an Gente di prelú dipintu, people Diodo, s. m. a word which accuser.

with a disconsolate countechildren use to call money Dinunziatrice, s. f. she that nance. when they begin to talk. gives information.

Dipintóre, s. mn. a painter. Dinegire, io deny, co refuse. Dinunziazione, s. f. denuncia. Dipintoressa, 1 a female paiatDinerváre, to enervate, to tion, declaration.---Dinunzia- Dipintrice, } .er. weaken. zione, accusation.

Dipintúra, s. f. picture.- DipinDi netto, adv. neatly, clever- Di nuovo, adv. again, once túra, the art of painting,

Di più, adv, moreover. Diniego, s. m. negation, denial. Dio, s. m. God.--Dio, adj. di- Diplóma, s. m. diploma, royal Dinigráre, to blacken. -Dini- vine. Obs.-Dio gruzia, by charter, a prince's letters pagráre, to defame.

the grace of God. Dio lo fuc-cent. Dinoccare, to bruise or break cia, God grant it.-Dio mu ne Di poco, adv. of late, not long the knuckles.

guardi, God forbid. Dio co- since, a little while ago. Dinoccoláre, to break the glia, God grant.-Dio volesse, Di poi, adv. after, afterwards, kauckles. Fare il dinoccolato, would to God.

since. Di poi, prep. after. to feign want or poverty. Diocesáno, adj. one that is of a Dipopoláre, to depopulate, to The Academicians della Crus! bishop's diocese.

unpeople. ca explain the passive verbs Diócese,

Dipórre, ö. Deporre. diroccare and dinoccolure, rom- Diócesi, S

s. f. diocese.

Diportare, 1 to divert one's pere la nuca, cervicem frangere; 'Diottrica, s. f. part of the Diportársi, ļ self, to take but I think they are mistaken, science of perspective, diop- one's pleasure. and that the two words are trics.

Diporto, s. m. solace, recreato be explained, rompersi le Dipanáre, to rcel, to wind cion,comfort,delight, refreshwche, that is, rompersi le co

inent, sport, diversion, giunture della dita.

Diparére, s. m. opinion, sen- Dipositáre, to deposit. Dinodáre, to undo a knot, to timent. Obs.

Dipositário, depositary. uptie.

Di pari, adv. alike, equally.- Depósito, depositum, trust, Dinomináre, to name. Combattere di pari, to tight charge, a thing deposited or Dinominazione, denomina- hand and hand, without odds. committed to one's keeping. tion.

Dipartenza, s. f. departure. Di posta, adv. at once. Di non pensato, adv. unawares, Dipartimento, s. m. depart, de- Di presente, adv. presently. suddenly.

parture.--Dipartimento, de- Di presso, adv. near by. Dinotáre, v. Denotare. Di notte, adv. by night, night- Dipartire, to part, to divide, to ni prima,} adv. first, before.

separate, to sever.-Dipartire, Dipsa, a kind of adder. Dinsin a tanto, until.

s. m. depart, departure. Dipúnto, adj. stung, pricked. Do in su, adv. from above the, Dipartita, s. f. departure, going Obs. from the top.

Di punto in bianco, adv, slapD'in sul tetto, from the top of Dipelare, to make bald, to dash, at once. the house.

scald.--Dipeluto, adj. bald, Diputáre,to depute, to appoint. Dintornamento, s. m. the act scalded.

Distatu.s.m.deputy,delegate. of setting or marking the Dipelláre, to sea, to skin. Di quá, adv. this way, this side. limits.

Dipendente, adj. dependant. Di quácntro, adv. from hence,
Dintornáre, to delineate. Dipendenza, s. f. dependance. within.
D' intorno, adv. round about, Dipendere, to depend. Di quà giù, adv. from hence,
Dintorno,' from every side, Di per se, adv. by himself, or below.
about.--D'intorno, about.-- by itself,

Di quando in quando, now
Dintorno a dieci anni, about Di peso, adv. at once.

and then, ever and anon.

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Di quinci

, } adv. fron.henec

grow thin,

Di quà sù, adv. from hence Direttivo, adj. that directs. along, straightway, directly. above.

Dirétto, direct, straight, right. lo zo dirittou cusu, Igo straight Di quieto, adv. quietly. Diretto, directed, addressed home. Andur diritto, to go qui

Diretto, right, just, good, con straight on.-sinuar diritto, to

venient.---'ere'irrttoo indiretto, deal honestly, Di quindi, adv. from thence. directly or indirectly. Dirittura, s. f. suprighwess, Di qui a poco, in shori, in a Direttoré, s. m. director. honesty, integrity-Dirittúra, little time.

Direttrice, fem. of Direttore. iinpost, imposition, tax, duty Di quivi, adv. from hence. Direzione, s. f. direction, con tribute.- Dirittura, right, Diradáre, to rarefy, to make duct, management,

claim, prerogative, privilege. thin, to widen.Diradársi

, to Diricciáre, to draw the chesnuts Dirittura line.--ddirittura,

out of their thorny husk. adv. directly, straight. Diradicáre, to root up, to pluck Diridere, v. Deridere. Diriváre, o. Deriváre. up by the root.-Diracicáre, Dirićto, adv. behind. Dirivo, s.m. derivation, origin. to root out, to extirpate. Dirigenza, s. f. direction. Obs. Dirizzacrine, ü. Dirizzatojo. Di rado, ady. seldom. Dirigere, to direct, to rule, to Dirizzamento, s. m. direction, Di ragione, adv. by right. steer, to govern, to guide, to straightness.---- Dirizzaménto, Diramáre, to prune, to lop, to manage, tu frame.--Iingere, amendment, reformation. • cut the branches. Diramure, to direct, to address to. Dirizzáre, to make straight

to spring out, as a tree does Di rilancio, adv. foreright, di. Dirizzire, to direct one's steps, with its branches --Diranire, rectly.

to go towards.-Dirizzar la ton separate in various branch- Di rimando, adv. again.--Ca- proda verso qualche luogo, to ci, to divide into branches. vallo di rimundo, an empty steer one's course towards Diramaziónė, 8. f. branching, horse, when he comes back. some place.-- Diriszar gli ocdividing

Di rimbalzo, adv. accident-| chi a qualche cosa, to fix one's Larancárc, to wrest aside. Obs: ally, by accident.

eyes upon something. Die Dire, to tell, to say, to speak, Dirimere, to divide.

rizare, to erect, to establish. to talk, to relate.--Dire, to Di rimpetto, ) over-against- Dirizzire, to correct, to reown, to confess.-Dire, to rell, Di rincóntro,l. Di rincontro, dress.-Wirizzure il becco agli to speak of, to mention.-- adv. by chance.

spurvieri, a le gambe a' cani, to Dire, to answer --Dire, to bid. Di rintóppo, adv. with main attempt impossibilities.--Di---Digli di venire domani, bid opposition.

rezzarsi, to raise, to get up. him come to-niorrow.-Dire, Diripáta, s. f. a precipice. Dirizzatójo, s. in. bodkin, used to call, to nan:-..-Cine a dire, Dirisione, u. Derisione.

by women to dress their that is to say-Voler diri, to Dirisórc, v. Derisore.

heads with. mean, to siguify.-lhe uvol La diritta, the best road, the Dirizzatore, s. m. director, dire che voi non venite piú? straight road. In diritta è di manager, overseer. whence comes it, or what can restore dove siamo, the best is Dirizzatúra, s. f. a line which be the reason you come no to stay where we are.-di women make upon their heads. more!---Dire addio, to bid ritta, on the right hand. by parting their hair in two. adicu, to take leave of, to bid Dirittaménte, adv. directly, Diro, adj. dire, impious, cruel. farewell to.-Dir villaniu, to justly, deservedly, exactly,

Poetical.. abuse, to revile, to call names. Dirittánza, 1. Dirittezza. Obs. Diroccáre, to destroy, to ruin, Dir male; dir bene, to slander, Dirittérza, straightness, direct- to demolish.-iroccat già, to to speak ill; to speak we!!, ness.--Dirittizze, uprightness, ( tumble down from. to praise. - Andur dicendo, to honesty, integrity.

Dirocciare, to fall down from give out, to divulge,to spread Diritto, adj. straight, direct. a rock or steep place, to flow.. abroad.Di pur se sai, sayi Diritto, straight up, upright. down a rock, as water does. what you will.--Trovar a dire, --Diritt»,true, lawful, just, up. Dirogáre, to derogate. to find fault.-Dir di si, to right, righteous.-- Vito di vi- Dirogatório, adj. derogatory. say yes.-Dir di , to say ritto matrimonio, born of a Dirónıpere, to break-Dirána

lawiul marriage --lirilto,evi-l puere, to break, to stop the imDire, s. m. a saying.

dent, clear, certain, unquesti- peruosity of water. Diróma Diredáre, Diretáre, Obs.

onable.--Giverder non ecchio di pere, to mollify, to soften.to disinherit.

ritto, to favour.--Nel diritto Dirónupere, to rout, to put to Diretanamente, adv. lately, of mezz, exactly in the middle. the rout.--Dirómpersi, to fall late. Obs.

-Diritto, right, opposite to inio'a passion. Diretáno, adj. bind, hinder.! left.-— Diritto, s. m. due, rea- Dirompiménto, s. m. derout, Obs.-In parte diretona della son, law,right, justice, equity, rout. Jirompiménto, intertesta, the hind part of the Eben diritto, it is reasonable. ruption, hindrance, stop. head. -Diretáno, last. Obs. -Hiritto, duty, tax, custom.. Dirottamente, out of all meaDirétro, adv. behind, back-/ - Diritto, tribute. -Diritto, sure, excessively,immoderate

ward.Dirétro, s. m. the hind right, prerogative, privilege.ly, · part, the back part.

-Diritto, right, claim, title. Dírótto, adj. slack, loose, soft, Direttamente, adv. directly, - Diritto, fee.-Diritlo, adv. unbent.-Dirótto, unmeasurabsolutely.

straighty-straight on, straight able, excessive, immoderate.


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* Dirovináre, to ruin, to destroy, Disagguagliársi, to be unlike,| Disapparáre, to unlearn, to fore to bring to decay.

get. Dirozzamento, s. m. polish, in- Disagguaglia, s. m. difference, Disappassionátou adj. free, struction.

inequality, disparity, various averse, not given to, generous, Dirozzáre, to polish, to smooth.

not greedy. Dirozzúre, to make polite, to Disagiáre, to trouble, to hinder, Disappens.ito, adj. careless,negcivilize, to instruct. to disturb.

ligent, thoughtless. Dirubáre, to rob, to steal. Disagiatamente, adv. inconve- Disapplicáre, to live a lazy life. Diruffa in raffa,adv.by stealth, niently.

Disappréndere, to unlearn, to unjustly:

Disagiato, adj. inconvenient, forget. Diruggináre, to get out the troublesome, improper, un- Disapprováre, to disapprove,

rust, to polish. Dirugginare easy.-Visagiato, feeble, weak. to dislike, to blame, to find i denti, to rub one's teeth in sickly, infirm.--Irisagiato, fault with. anger, as monkies do when needy, poor, indigent, neces. Disarborare, to unmast. fretting-Dirugginare i denti, sitous.

Disargináre, to take away, or to clean the teeth with any Diságio, s. m. inconveniency, de nolish the banks that keep instrument.

trouble, inage, pain, fa a river from overflowing.. Dirupamento, s. m.tumble tigue.--Disário, poverty, Disarmamento,s.m. disarming.

from some rock.--Dirupamento, pinch, want.--Stare i disa- Disarmáre, to disarm. Disura precipice, steepy place. gio, to be uneasy, or not at wäre, to appease, to allay. Dirupåre, to fall down from a

one's ease.

Disasprire, to mitigate, to softprecipice, to run down from Disagiosamente, adv. inconve en, to-allay, to ease, to allea clift, or other such place.2.- niently, uneasily.

viate. Dirupáre, to precipitate, "to Disagioso, adj.troublesome, un-Disastráre, to trouble, to hurt. cast down headlong, easy: grievous.

Obs. Dirupato, s. m. precipice, steep Disagrare, to profane. Disástro, 's. m. disaster, misrock.

Disajutáre, to hinder, to dis- change, misfortune, damage, Dirupinamento, u, Dirupo. Obs. tarb.

prejudice, detriment. Dirupináre, v. Dirupare. Obs. Disajúto, s. m. hindrance, dis- Disastroso, adj. disastrous, unDirúpo, s. m. high and, steep turbance, opposition, obsta- fortunate, unlucky. rock, precipice.

cle, impediment.

Disattento, adj. inattentive. Disabellire, to make ugly.- Disalbergáre, to leave one's Disattenzione, disattention. Disabellire, to grow unhand- abode, to be gone.

Disavanzo, s. 11. detriment, dasome, to lose beauty. Disalbergato, adj. that has no Disabitáre, to depopulate, to harbour, no shelter, house- Disav vantaggiáre, to injure, to uppeople. 1.83

hurt, to do harm., • Diacconciaménte, adv., un-Disallogiare, to dislodge. Disavvansággio, s. in. disadvan

handsome, rudely, unman- Di salto, adv., immediately.- tage, prejudice, loss, damage. nerly.

Di salto in salto, adv. leaping. Disavvantaggioso, adj. disadDisacconcio, adj. disordinate, Disamáre, to late, to love no vantageous. disorderly, undressed, obscene.

Disavvedimento, s. m. inadver• Disaccordáre, to be out of Disamatrice, s. f. fem. of Disa tence, want of heed.

Disavvedutaménte, adv. inconDisacerbáre, to assuage, to mi- Disami ízia, s, f. enmity, ha- -siderately. tigate, to allay, to appease, to tred, grudge.

Disavveduto, adj. inconsiderate, grow mild.

Disamina, s. f. 7 exanim unadvised, careless, heedless. Disadartaggine, s. f. unfit- Disaminamento,s. m. nation. Disavvenente, adj. unpleasant,

- Disemina nento, crial. Disa disagreeable, ill-mannered. Disadattamente,adv.awkward- minarner to discussion, inquiry, Disavventézz.a, s. f. deformity. scrutiny, search.

Disavvenévole, adj. disagreea Dísadátto, adj. unapt, incon- Disamináre, to examine. ble, offensive, unacceptable,

venient, unfit, uumeet, silly, Disaminazione, 3. f. examina- ill-mannered.- Disav.entuose, childish, simple, awkward. tion.

unbecoming, indecent, unDisadórno, adj. careless, un- Disamistádey s. f. hatred, en handsome. dressed. mity, grudge.

Disavvenire, to mishappen, to Disagévole, adj. difficult, crab-Disamoráre, iu leave offloving, mis hance. bed. to love no more.

Disavventúra, s.f. mishap, misDisagevolezza, s. f. difficulty, Disamorátu, adj. loveless, freed chance, misfortune. trouble.

from love.. Disumrito, ill. Disavventuráto, 1 adj. unhapDisagevolménte, adv.noteasily. matured, hard-hearted, love. Disavventuroso; } py, untorDisaggradáre; to displease, not less.

tunate, unlucky, wretched, to please, to dislike. Disamóre, 3. m. bate, grudge. pititul, miserable. Disaggradevole, adj. unplea- Disamorévole, adj. inkind. Disavvezzáre, to disaccustom. sant, disagreeable,

Disanimnáre, to deprive of life. Dislrande giáto, adj. banished, Disagguaglianza, s., f. inequa Visunim.ire, to discouraye, exiled. lity, disparity

to dishearten, to dispirit. Disbaratcáre, to rout, to dis.

waage, loss,






get rid.



perse, to put to flight.-Dis. Discendente,s.m. that descends, to take off the hair. barattato, adj. routed, dis a descendant."

Dischiudere, to open, to discopersed.

Discendenza, extraction, race, 'ver, to disclose, to declare, to Disbarbáre, to share the beard. lineage.

reveal. --Disbarbáre, to root out, to Discendére, to descend, to go Dischiumáre, to skim. destroy, to consume. down.---- Discenek're, to draw Dischiúso, adj. open. Disbarbáto, adj. beardless. one's origin from, to come Discinto adj. ungirt, negligent, Distoscáre, v. Diboscare. from-l'iscendere a parlare di slovenly, undressed. Disbramáre, to satisfy or please qualche cosa in particolore, to Disciogliere, to untie, to loose,

one's fancy, to satiate, to con descend to particulars.-Di- to undo. tent, to quench.

sréndere, to let down, to lower. Discioglićrsi, to escape, to get Disbrancáre, to sever, to sepa. Discendimento, s. m. the act away, rate, to part.

of descending or coming Discioglimento, loosening. Disbrigáre, to dispatch, to down.----Discendimento, de Discioglitórç, s. m. he that unhasten.-Disbrigúre coresolve, scent.

ties or undoes. Discioglifire, to determine. -Disbrigarsi, co Discensióne, s. f. descent. explainer,expositor,expound

Discensivo, adj. t'mt descends. cr, interpreter. Discacciamento, s. m. expul. Discensore, that descends, de- Discioglitrice, fem. of Disciog. sion. scendant.

litore. Discacciare, to expel. Discénte, adj. that learns. Obs. Disciolto, adj. untied, loose, Discacciatore, s. m. expeller, - Discente, s. m. learner. freed. -Disciolto, dexterous, Discacciatrice, s. f. S driver Discepolato, s. m. the while skilful.-Disciolto, free, loose, away.

one is a scholar, scholarship. licentious, rash. Discadére, to fall away, to de- Discepolo, s. m. scholar, pupil, Disciórre, i. Disciógliere. cay, to waste.--Miscadere di disciple.

Discipáre, to disperse. forze, to lose one's strength. Discepola, s. f. a female disci- Discipatóre, a waster, a spend. Discadimento, waste, decay, ple.

thrift. diminution, abatement; loss. Discernénte, adj. discerning. Discipatrice, fem. of Discipa. Discaduto, adj. decayed, fallen Discernénza, . Discernimento. tore.

Discernere, to discern, to dis- Discipidézza, s. f. insipidity: Discalzáre, to pull off shoes tinguish, to perceive, to see. Disciplina, s. f. education, disand stockings.-Disen/zure un - Discérnere, to comprehend, cipline, instruction. Discia albero o unu ile, to open a to understand.

plina, discipline, a sort of tree or vine at the root. Discernévole, adj. quick-sight- scourge.Farsila disciplina, to Discálzo, adj. barefooted. ed, quick-witted. ---Occhio dis- discipline, to scourge one's Discánso, s.m. escape, evasion. crnevole, a discerning eye. seif.---Disciplina, penance, Discapezzáre, to cut off, to Discernimento, š. m. the act or chastisement,punishment,core

chop on, to prune, to lop. power of discerning, judg- rection. Discapezsure, to behead,

Disciplinábile, adj. disciplinaDiscapitáre, to lose, to be the Discernitúre, s. m. one that ble, capable of discipline, doworse for, to be loser.

has skill in any thing, a good cile. Discapito, s. m. loss.-llo fatto judge.

Disciplináre, to discipline, to grun discapito in questo, I lost a Discernitrice, fein. of Discerni instruct.-Disciplinare, to disgreat deal by this.

cipline, to scourge. Discaricamento, s. m. the act of Discérre, to pick, to choose. Disciplinévole, adj. disciplinaunloading

Discesa, s. f. descent, the steepl ble, docile. Discaricáre, to unload, to dis- side of a hill.--Disceso, adj. Discolanénte, adj. licentiously, charge. descended.

dis-olutely, Discárico, s. m. unloading: Discettáre, to debate, to dis- Discoietto, adj. dim. of Discolo. Discarnáre, to pick the flesh pute, to contend, to altercate. Discolu, adj. wicked, sancy,

off.-Discioniri, to make or Discettare, to separate, to impertinent, shrewd, congi. grow lean, thin, or lank. disjoin, to disunite.

dent, riotous, wild. Discáro, adj. disagreeable, un- Discettazióne, s. 1. dispute, de Discoloráre, to discolour, to pleasant, unacceptable. We bate, contention.

tarnish, to stain, 10 spoil. discara la vita, my life is bur. Disceveránza, sepiration.. Discolorürsi, to grow pale. densome to me.-6 un luogo Disceverire, to sever, to sepa - Discolorazione, s. f. paleness, cosi ameno, che non vi sari niso rate, to divide, to distinguish. the state of being discoloured. caro acerlo codorto, it is such an Dischiaráre, l'. Dichiarare. Discolorire, u.Discolorare.--Dise agreeable place that you won't Dischiattáre, to degenerate. colorito, adj. discoloured, pale. repent to have seen it.- Non Dischitváre, cu unlock. Discólpa, s. f. excuse, justiicaci sia discoro dlo.ceitarlo, be so Dischierare, to disorder, to tion. good as to hear hit

put into confusion.-Dischic-Discolpáre, to excuse, to justiDiscatenáre, to unchain.

ráşsi, to range.--Si dischierúnno, fy. Discavalcáre, to alight from instead of Dischicraruno, they Díscompagnato, adj. without a one's horse.

ranged themselves. Danle. feilow. Discedére, so depart. Obs. Dischiomáre, to cut the hair, Discompórre, v. Scomporre.



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