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ter, Don.

Donamiento, s. m.}


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to pay.--Che domandate ? what Domine, che vogli far tal cosa? a woman that is lying-in.do you want?

-Domandır but will you really do such a Donna, a queen at chess. d’uno, to enquire after one.. thing?

Donnáccia, s. f. a degrading Domantáre, to require.--Cid Dominio, s. m. dominion, go- auginentative of Donna. do muntla considerazione, that re vernment, jurisdiction, the Donnájo, a man that runs quires consideration.

extent of a kingdom or Donnajuólo, after women, Domaadesséra, Doman da sera, state.

an effeminate lover of the adv. to-morrow evening, to- Dómito, adj. tamed, subdued. fair, a despicable womanish morrow night.

Dommaschino, adj. of damask Domandatóre, demander, a colour.

Donneáre, to court ladies, to dun, a petitioner.

Dommásco, S. m. damask, a make love to them.Don. Domandatrice, fem. of Do- kind of stuff of fine silk. neáre, to domineer, to rule, mandatore.

Dómo, ad. tamed, subdued. to govern. Domandazione, s. f. demand, Don, contracted from Dono, Donneggiáre, to domineer, to Domándita,

suit, request,

a gift or present.-Don, con govern, to play the master's asking, petition, question. tracted from Donno, Sir, Mas- part. Dománe, D. Dimane.

Donnescamente, adv. like a Doman l'àltro, the day after Donadello, s. m. a little book woman, womanishly.--Dona to-morrow.

that school-children read nescane'nte, courteously, civilDomáre, to tame, to break- first, when they begin to learn ly, kindly. Domáre, to humble, to sub- Latin.

Donnésco, adj., of or belonging due, to conquer, to overcome, Donagióne, s. f. } gift, pre to women, womanish, woo to vanquish.

manlike, effeminate, wanton. Domatóre, s. m. tamer, van- Donàre, to give, to present Donnetta,

S. f. a little quisher, subduer, conqueror. with, to make a present. Donnicciuola, woman, Domatriáre, to dogmatize. Donáre, s. m. gift, present.


poor sorry Obs.

Donativo, s. m. a gift or pre woman, a woman of mean Domatrice, s. f. she that tames,

condition, a wench. or subdues. Donáto, adj. given.

Donno, s, m. a lord, a comDomattina, to-morrow morn- Donatóre, s. m. a giver.

mander.--- Donno, adj. gentle, ing.

Donatrice, s. f. she that gives good, happy: -Dorno, sir, Domeneddío, God.

Donatúra, s. f. a gift, or free Doménica, s. f, Sunday:

Donazione, ) gift, a donation, Dónnola, s. f. weazle. Domenicale, adj.dominical, be a grant.

Donnoletta, diminutiveof Dón. longing to the Lord.La let- Donde ? adv, from whence? | nola. tera domenicale, the dominical -Donle, relat. whereof, Donnóne, s. m. a big woman. letter.--. L'orazione Domeni- which, of whom, with which. Donnúccia, s. f. little woman, cale, the Lord's prayer. Dondoláre, to swing, to toss a poor silly woman, Domenicale, s. m. Sunday's or shake to and fro.-Dundo- Dono, s. m. a gift, present. clothes.

láre, to dally, to loiter, to In dono, as a gift. Domesticáre, c. Dimesticare. idle, to pass and spend the Donúzzo, dim. of Dono. Domévole, adj. tameable, go-time idly.

Donúzzolo, dim. of Donúzzo. vernable, docile.

Dondolàrsela; to spend one's Donzella, maid, virgin, damsel. Domicilio, s. m. habitation, time in vain.

-Donzella, doxy,trull,strumdwelling-place, abode. Dóndolo, a thing that pet.-Donzella, waiting genDominante, adj. predominant. Dondolóne, s. m. S is swim- | tlewoman-Donzella, a woDomináre, to domineer, to rule, ming and dangling. Dondolóne, man. Obs.

to govern, to be lord and an idler,an idle fellow.-Don- Donzelláre, to toy, to spend master.-Un monte che dómina dolóne, play, sport, toying.-one's tiine idly:. la città, a hill that commands Voler il dondito, to play the Donzellésco, adj. maiden or the town.

fool.-Io ho paura che tu non damsel like. Dominatore, ruler or lord. vogli il dondolo de' fatti nostri, Donzellétta, dim. of Donzella. Dominatrice, 5.f. she that rules, I am afraid you play the fooi Donzellina, u. Donzelletta. or manages.

with us. A dondolóni, adv. Donzello, s. m. a batchelor Dominazione, s. f. domination, diogling-dangling.

Donzello, a knight or esquire. lordship, sovereignty,govern- Dođun'que, adv, from whence. -Donzello, a domestic, a ment, rule, power, authority, Obs.

servant-Donzello, tip-staff, empire.-- Dominazioni, domi- Donna, s. f. woman. -Donne, summoner, serjeant, bailiff. nations, oae of thenine orders wife.--Donna, mistress, lady, Donzellóne, s. m. an idler. of angels.

dame-Donna, nun.- Vostra Dopo, prep. after, since, beDómine, s. m. a lord.Dómine, Donna, the Virgin Mary: hind. Dopo che, after that,

a curate or priest. Dómnine, Donna novellu, a new-married since. a word of imprecation.--Che -Donna di partito, a Dóppía, s. f. a pistole. dúnune tu? what the devil woman that may be had for Doppiamente, adv. doubly. are you doing?-Domine, fallo money.-Donna dubbene, ho- Doppiáre, to double.--Dupe frito, Jove confound him. nest woman.-Donna di purto, piure, to double, to multiply


to increase.


Dove, adv. where, whither.im Doppiatúra, s. f.the stateofbe- Dossiére,

Dove andote? where are you ing joined, the act of doubling. Dossiéro, }

blanket, coverlet.

going ?-Dove, if, in case.-Doppiére, s. m. torch, taper.

Dosso, s. m. the back._Rassel- Dore, whereas, when.- Dove, Doppiéro,

tare e dosso, to make fit. s. m. a place.-- Sapete il dove Doppierúzzo, dim. of Dop- Dota, v. Dote.

do you know the place! piére.

Dotare, to jointure, to give a love che, ? anywhere, Doppiézza, s. f. duplicity, portion.—Lotáre, to endow, Iicpe che sia, wherever. double dealing, craftiness, to bestow upon.

Da dove, whilst, whereas. cunning, deceitfulness. Dotatóre, he that grants, leaves, Li dive, there, where. Doppio, s. m, double, as much or bestows a portion. Dovćnte, adj. that owes. again, as much more.Ve ne Dotazione, s. f. dotation. Dovére, must.-Deve essere cosi, daro il doppio, I'll give you Dote, s. f. dowry, portion.- it must be so.-Che dubbiamo twice the value.-E il doppio Dole, a gift, an advantage or fare? what must we do?-Dia più ricco di voi, he is as rich privilege.

vere, to be ovliged, forced, or again as you..!'oppio, chime Dotta, s. f. part of an hour.- necessitated.- Doiere, to owe, or music of bells..Doppio, Giugnere a Notta, to come in to be in debt. Quando dozesse adj. double.- Doppio, double, time-Piglinrsi, le sue dotte, costarmi la !', though I were deceitful.

to take one's pleasures. -Ri to lose my life for it.-ogDoppióne, v. Doblone.

melter le dotte, to make up the nuno dere fare quel che quo, D'ora in ora, every moment. time lost.Dolta, fear, ap- every body ought to do what -D'ora in ora, insensibiy, by prehension, doubt.--Tenere he can.- Deve venire ougi, be little and little.

in dotta, to keep in suspense. is to come to-day.-Dopere, Doramento, s, m. the act of Dottággio, fear, apprehension. s. m. duty, devoir, part.gilding,

Dottaménte, adv. learnedly. Farò il mio dovere, I'll do my Loráre, to gild, to gild over. Dottánte, adj. fearful. Obs. bestlidel dovere,more than Doratóre, a gilder.

Dottánza, s. f. fear. Obs. is reasonable. Doratúra, s. f. gilding, the Dottáre, to be afraid of, to Da dovero, in earnest,seriously.

state of being gilt orer. doubt, to suspect, to mistrust. Dovidere, v. Dividere. Obs. Dore, adj. of gold colour. Dotto, adj. learned, skilful, Dovízia, s. f. plentifulness, Doréria, s. f. gold things. versed in

plenty, store, riches. Dorico, adj. Doric, one of Dottoráccio, a sorry doctor. Doviziosamente, adv. plentethe five orders in architecture. Dottorale, adj, belonging to a ously, abundantly. Dormentoro, s. m. a dormitory. doctor, doctoral.

Dovizioso, adj. plentiful, plenDormicchiáre, to sleep oft, to Dottoráre, to take or give the teous, copious, rich. slumber, to take a nap. degree of doctor.

Dovunque, adv. wherever, Dormiente, adj. that sleeps, Dottorato, adj. that has re wheresoever. sleeper.

ceived the degree of doctor. Dovutaménte, adv. deservedly. Dormigliáre, to sleep too much. --Dottoráto, s. m. doctorate, Douto, s. m. duty, part, due.Dormiglione, a great slecper. doctorship.

Dovito, adj. deserved, due, Dormiglioso, adj. sleepy, Dottore, s. m. a doctor, one owing. Dare ad ognuno il suo drowsy.

who has taken the highest dovuto, to give every one his Dormire, to sleep.-- Dormire degree in any art or science due. con gli occhi altrui, to trust to at an university.oDottore, a Dozzi, v. Dodici. Obs. another man's diligence. physician-Doitóre, an igno- Dozzina, 5. f. a dozen-MetDormire con la fante, to neglect rant fellow that pretends to tersi in dozzina, to intrude one's business. - Dormire all knowledge.--Dottúre, a kind one's self.--Poeta da dozzina, fuoco, to be negligent.-Chil of bird.

a poetaster, a paltry poet. durme non piglia pesci, idleness Dottoréllo, a poor sorry doctor. Dozzinále, adj. vulgar, combegeis poverty

Dottoressa, fem. of Dottore. mon, vile, base.-Dozzinale, Dormitóre, s. m. a slumberer, Dottoretto, dim. of Dot.

mean, middle. 2 sluggard.—Dormitóre, adj. Dottoricchio, tore, that im- Dozzinalmente, adv. commonnegligent, careless, supine. Dottorúzzo,'S ply contempt. ly, vulgarly, after the comDormitório, s. m. a dormi- Dottóso, adj. doubtful. Obs. Dormitóro, Story. Dottrina, s. f. doctrine, know- Draba, s. f. an herb so called. Dormitrice, feminine of Dar- ledge, erudition... Dottrina, Draco, v. Drago. mitore.

doctrinc, tenets, maxim. Dragánte, s. f. gum dragon. Dorsále, adj. belonging to the Dottrinále, adj. instructive. Draghinassa, s. f. a rapier, a back.

Dottripaménto, s. m. instruc- sword. Dorso, s. m. the back of a man tion, education, precept, do- Drago, s. m. dragon, a sort of pr beast-Piegur il dorso, to cument.

serpent. submit.

Dotrináre, to instruct, to teach. Dragománno, dragoman, an Duba, s. f, a dose or quantity Dottrinatóre, instructor, teach- interpreter made use of in Dose, 1 of physic to be given

eastern countries. at one time.

Dottrinézza, s. f. teaching. Dragóne, s. m. a dragon. Dossi, s. m, skins of grey squir Obs.

Dragontea, s. f. grass-plantain.

mon way:


Ś question, Duomila


Dramma, s. f. dram, weight of | Dubbierà, s. f. doubt, scruple. Dugencinquánta, two hundrca sixty grains.-Dramma, pit, Dubbiévole, adj. dubious, and fifey. piece. --Drummu, an ancient doubtful, irresolute. Dugento, two hundred. coin of little value.-Dromma, Dubbiézza, s. f. doubt. Duíno, s. m. two aces. drama, a play, either ' tra-Dúbbio, s. m. doubt, scruple, Dumila,

two thousand. gedy or comedy

irresolution, suspence.-Stare Dumília, S Drammático, adj. dramatic, in dubbio, to doubt.--Dubbio, Dumo, s, m, a bush, all kinds Drapélla, spear-head.

adj. doubtful, dubious, un of thorns, briars or brambles. Drappelláre, to display the certain.

Duna, s. m. downs.Dung, colours.

Dubbiosamente, adv. doubt- bleak pains. Drappelletto, dim. of Drap- fully,

Dunghe, Obs. adv. then, pello. Dubbiosità, s. f. doubt, ques. Dunqua, Obs.

what Drappéilo, s. m..colours, the tion, uncertainty.


Andnte sign that distinguishes a cer- Dubbioso, adj. doubtful, du- | dunque, go then.

-Dunque, tain number or company of bious, uncertain, ambiguous. non son io capace difarlo? what, soldiers.-Drappéllo, a band, -Dubbioso, dangerous, diffi am I not capable to do it? a company. cult.

Duo, two. Drapellóne, s. m. the down- Dúbio, o. Dubbio. Obs. Duodécimo, the twelfth. hanging sides of a canopy Dubitábile, adj. uncertain, am. Duodéno, s m. duodenum. made of silk, church tapes- biguous, dubious.

Duolo, s. m. grief, pain, sor. try work.

Dubitamento, s. m. ? doubt, row, mourring. Drappería, s. f. all sorts of Dubitáuza, s. f.

two thousand. drapery or silk manufacture. uncertainty.

Duomília, Drappiére, a silk-weaver.-- Dubitáre, to doubt, to ques. Duomo, the cathedral church Drappiére, a mercer or silk- tion, to fear.Dubitáre, to of a city.--Duómo, a high

suspect, mistrust, or fear. cupola, dome. Drappo, s. m. all manner of Dubitativamente, adv. doubt. Duplicáre, to double. silk stuffs.-Druppo, clothes. fully.

Duplicatamente, adv. doubly. -Drappo di lana, woollen Dubítativo, adj. doubtful. Duplicità, s. f. duplication. cloth. Drappo d'oro, cloth of Dubitazione, s. f. doubt. Dupliciti, dissembling, dissigold.

Dubitévole, adj. dubious. mulation, disguise, hypocrisy, Drento, v. Dentro.

Dubitosamente, adv. doubt-! counterfeit. Dréto, v. Dietro.

Duplo, adj. double. Driada, s. f. wood-nymph. Dubítóso, adj. dubious, doubt- Dura, s. f. delay, stay, stop: Driéto, adv. behind. ful, uncertain, ambiguous.

Una cosa di lunga dura, a thing Dringolamento, s. m. the act | Duca, s. m. a duke.

of a long standing.--Far gran of swinging. Obs. Ducále, adj. ducal..

dura, to be a long while. Dringoláre, to wag, to shake, Ducalménie, adv. after the Stare alla dura, to be obstinate. Obs. manner of a duke.

Durabile, adj. durable, lasting. Dringolatúra, Obs. v. Dringo- Ducato, s. m. dukedom.--Du- Durabilità, s. f. duration, conlamento. cato, ducat, a coin of gold or

tinuance. Drittaménte, v. Dirittamente. silver so called.

Durabilmente, adv. continual. Dritto, u. Diritto.

Dúce, s. m. a general, or cap-l ly, always, for ever. Drizzáre, v. Dirizzare. tain-general. --Due, guide, Durácine, adj. f. pl. hardish, Droga, s. f. a drug. director, conductor.

speaking of certain fruits. Drogheria, s. f. drugs. Dúcere, to lead, to conduct. Cirieze duracine, hard cherries. Droghiére, ?


Duraménte,adv.cruelly,rough, Ducéa, v. Duchéa.

ly, hardly, harshly, severely, Dromedário, s. m.adromedary. Duchéa, s. f. dukedom. grievously. Duramente, with Drudería, amorous dalliance, Duchessa, s. f. duchess. great pain, with much ado. wanton sporting.

Duchessina, s. f. dim. of Vuramento, s. m. duration. Druda, S. f. a mistress, a. Duchéssa.

Durante, adj. lasting, continuconcubine.

Duchino, s. m. a duke's son, a ing:-Durantevila, during life. Drudo, a gallant, a lover, a

Duránza, s. f. v. Duramento. courter of women.--Drudo, Due, two.—Stare intra due, to Durare, to last, to continue.amorous, given to love.- be in suspense, or irresolute. La prédica ha durato un'ora, the Druco, servant. Obs. -Tiner fra due, to keep in sermon lasted one hour.-Dua, v. Due. susperrse.

Duráre, to hold out, to keep Panno di Duagio, a superfine Duellántc, duellist, a person or continue.-Duráre,to bear, cloth made at Dowy. who fights a duel.

to endure, to undergo. Due Duále, adj. in Latin, dualis, of Duellare, to fight a duel. ráre, to stretch, extend, reach, Duéllo, s. m. duel.

to go. Il suo dominio dura fin Dubbiamente, adv. doubtfully, Duemila, ?

li, his dominions extend or

two thousand, uncertainly, ambiguously. Duemília, 5

reach to that place. Dubbiáre, to doubt, to ques. Duetánti, adv.

many Durárla, to hold it out. tion.

Duráta, s. f. duration, contie


to move.

young duke.





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rager, abettur.

Ibrióso, sad;. drunken.


Ebdomadário, s. m. he that Eccettare, to except. Durativo, adj. durable, lasting presides for the week. Eccétto, adv. except, but, sare. Duratúro, adj. durable. Obs. Ebers), 3. Ebano. Obs. --Eccetto, s. m. exception, Durazione, duration. Ebete, adj. weak.

difference. Durétto, adj somewhat hard, Ebo limento, s. m. ebulliti Eccettuáre, to except. tough. Ebollizione, s. f. S

Eccettuazione, s. f. excepDurevóle, adj. durable, lasting. Ebraico, adj. Jewish.m-Laleage Eccezione, stion. Durevolezza, duration, con Ebrrica, tie Hebrew law. Eccidio, s. m. ruin, destruction, tinuance.

Ebraismo, s. m. Hebraisin, the havock, slaughter. Durevolmente, continually, for Hebrew law.

Eccitamento, incitation, exci. ever, lastingiy.

Ebréo, adj. Hubrew, Jew. tation, instigation, encourageDurézza, s. f. hardness.-Di- Ebrézza, t. Ebbrezza.

ment, inticement. tezza di carne, toughness of Ebriaco, adj. drunk, fuddled. Eccitáre, to, excite, to insti. meal.--. uriiza, hardness, Ebriársi, to fuddle one's self.

pate, to egg or set on, to harshness, hard heartedness, Ebriatórt, 5. m. a drunkard. incite. ruggedness, cruelty, rigour, Ebrietà, s. f. drunkenness. Eccitatóre, instigator, encouobstinateness, stubbornness. Ebriézza, o. Ebbrezza. Durità, s. f. v. Duréz za. Ebrio,

Eccitatrice, fem. of Eccitatóre. Durizia, v. Durázza.

Eccitazione, excitation, encouDuro, adj. hard, firm. Pane Ebro, v. Ebbro.

rageinent, instigation. dhero, stale bread..--- juro, Ebulo, v. Ebbio.

Ecclésia, s. f. a church. Obs. strong, lusty, robust.-Duro, Eburneo, adj. of ivory, white Ecclesiáste, v. Ecclesiástico. hard, hard-hearted, cruel-Ebúrno, s like ivory Ecclesiastico, adj. ecclesiastical, Duro, obstinate, firm, stub- Ecatómbe, s. f. hetacomb. -Ecclesiástico, an ecclesiasborn, inexorable, implacable, Eccedente, adj. exceeding. tic, a clergynan, a church, cruel, barbarous, inhuman.--Eccedentemente, adv. exceed- man._Ecclesiástico, o ecclesiDuro, hard, troublesome, rur- | ingly.

aste, s. m. Ecclesiasticus. ged, laborious, harsh, din. Eccedenza, s. f. excess, that Ecclissáre, to be eclipsed, or cult.-Capo slu: 0, a blocklead. which is exceeding.

darkened, to be in an eclipse. -Duero di bocca, hard-mouth- Eccédere, to exceed, to surpass. - Ecclissáre, to eclipse, to ed, speaking of a horse. - Eccevere, to sin.

darken. Durótio, adj. somewhat tough. Eccellente,adj.excellent, extra Ecco, adv. here is, there is, Duto, Obs. contracted from ordinary, rare, good.---Ex- behold, here are, there are,

Dio t'ajuti, God be with cliente, excellent, a title of --!cco'l vostro libro, here is thee.

honour given to physicians your book. Eccomi pronto, Duttóre, s. m. leader or guide. and lawyers.

here I am ready.--Eccoci urEccellentemente, adv. excel- rivitu, here we are arrived. lently.

Eccolo li, there he is.--Eccolo Eccellenza, s. f. excelience, li, there she is.-E'ccovene, E.

excellency. -Ewelle'izí, ex here is some for you.--Ecco,

cellency, a title of honour. then.--Ecco, s, m. an echo, Eccelsamente, adv. loftily, the rebounding of a sound. highly, mightily.

Echeggiare, to resound as the E. lo generally pronounced Eccelsitudine, s. f. loftiness, echo does. in Italian as at the beginning highness.

E'chite, s. f. a stone spotted of the words, Eminence, Ele- Eccélso, adj. highi, lofty, ncble, like a viper's skin.


Ecclissure, to eclipse. E, and.- Questo e quello, this Eccentricamente, eccentrically. Eclisse, and that.--E"cposti futa, he, Eccentricità, s. f. eccentricity, Eclisi,

s.f. an eclipse, it, or they.-E'si credea, he deviatioa from a center. -- Eclittica, s. f. ecliptic. thought.-Emi pure, it seems The state of having a dire Eco, s. m.or f. echo, rebound. to me.-Gli domandò chi e', ferent center from another ing of sound. fossero, he asked them who circle.- Excursion from the Economia,

s. f. economy, they were. proper orb.

Económica, s. stewardship, Ebanista, he that works in Eccéntrico, adj. eccentric. husbandry, housewifery. ebony wood, cabinet-maker. Eccessivamente, adj.excessively Economico, adj. economical. E'bano, s. m. ebony.

Eccessi: o, adj. excessive. Economo, economical man. Ebbio, s. m. dwarf elder. Eccesso, s. m. excess, superi- Economa, a good saving houseEbbrezza, 15. f. drunken- ority; pre-eninence.---Lcces- wife. Elriachézza, nesa.

36), escens, immoderation, su- Ecúico, . m. an instrument of Ebbriaco, adj. drunk.

perjuity.--Ereisso, exaggera- corture, made like an horse. Ebbricso, , adj.drunk, fuddled. ton, uravation or amplify- Ecuménico, adj. ecumenical.

-Ebrio, foolish, ing.--Liidssé, extacy, trance, Ed, and. Fui ed io, you and I. Fbrio, silly.--- Ibr, ine- rapture.--Eccesso, crime, sin, - Pietro ed Antoniu, Peter and

briated, intoxicated, insatu- ofience, trespass, wrong. Anthony. ated, conceited.

Eccesso, adj. excessively. Fdáce, adj. de ouring, rargas

gance, Element,



bus, consuming. ---Cure educi, I come on purpose for that. Egualità, s. f. equality, likewasting carts.---Tempo edare, -l'ho fatto a quest' eletto, ! Dess, conformity, irapartiality. consuming time.--Il Verlio did it with this intent.--Gli Egualmente, adv. equally. edace, a poetical appellation efetti d'un mercante, the effects, Eh, alas! of Time.

goods, or movcables of a mer- Eh, prythee.-Eh vutiene via, E'dera, s. f. ivy.

chant.-- In effetto, in effect, pr’ythee go about your buEderoso, adj. full of ivy. really..Per questo effetto, adv. siness.-Eh, so so, indifferent, Edificamento, s. m. edification, to that end, to that purpose. -Cone di piace questo vino? building

In effetto, in short, in con- eh, eh, how do you like this Edificáre, to build.- Edificáre, clusion.

wine? so, so, pretty well. to edify, to please.

Effettrice, s. f, she that makes Ehi, o. Eh. Edificáta, s. f. edifice, building, or procures.

Ei, he. Edificatore, a builder. Effeitualmente, effectually. Eja, come, come. Edifidatório, adj. edifying. Effettuare, to effectuate. Eimé, ah, ala: Edificatrice, s.f.shethat builds. Effezione, s. f. effect, any thing Elaborare, to elaborate, to do Edificazione, s. f. edification, done.

or work with application. building.-Edificazióne, edifi- Efficace, adj. efficacious, ef- Elásticà, adj. elastical. ·cation, good example. fectual, powerful, forcible. Elasticitá, s. f. elasticity. Edifi'cio,

Efficacemente, efficaciously. Elatério, s. m. elaterium, the Edifi'zio, 6. m. edifice. Efficácia, s. f. efficacy.

juice of wild cucumbers made Edile, edífe, a surveyor of Eficiente, adj. eflicient. up in a thick and hard conworks amongst the ancient Elligiáre, to limn, to draw, to Romans. paint.

Eláto, adj. raised, lifted up. Edilità, s. f. the office of him Effi'gie, e. f. effigies, image, Elazione, s. f. elation, haughti. that is edile.

likeness, shape. Edilizio, adj. belonging to an Efli'mera, v. Eti’mera. Elice, s. f. an holm-tree or edile.

EMúvio, s. m. elluvia, emu scarlet Oak. Editto, 6. m. edict, command-vium.

Elefánte, an elephant. ment, public ordinance or EMússo, effluxion, æf- Elefantessa, s. f. a she elephant, decree.

Esfondimento, flux, a run- Elefantino, adj. belonging to Edizione, s. f. edition. ning or flowing out.

an elephant Edra, s. f. ivy. Obs. Efformáto, adj. formless, de- lepra elefantina,. ? the leproEducáre, to educate, to bring formed.

Elefanzia, s. f. or train up, to instruct. Effrenato,adj. unbridled, fierce, maketh the skin rough and of Educazione, 's. f. education, unruly. Not in use.

colour like an elephant. instruction.

Effusioncélla, diminutive of Elegánte, adj. elegant, fine, E'ffe, the name of the letter F. Effusione.

neat, polite. Elegante, comea Erfemeride, ephemerides.

Effusióne, s. m. effusion. ly, handsome, beautiful,graceae Effemminamento, v. Effemmi- Efi'mera, s. f. ephemera, which ful. natezza.

lasts but one day.

Elegantemente, elegantly. Effemmináre, to effeminate. Egénte, adj. necessitous, poor, Elegánza, s. f. elegance. Effemminatamente,effeminate indigent. Obs.

Eléggere, to elect, to choose. ly, wantonly.

Egestióne, s. f. egestion. Not Eleggimento, s. m. election, Effeminatézza, s. f. effeminacy. used.

Effertainénte, adv. cruelly, Egiziáco,
barbarously, fiercely.

Elegía, s. f. an elegy.
adj. Egyptian.

Elegiaco, adj. belonging to Efferatezza, s.f. cruelty,fierce- E'gli

, he, it, they-Egli ma l'ha elegy,

dietto, he told 'it me. Egli è Elembicco, r. Limbícco. Obs. Efferáto, adj. cruel, furious. cosi, it is so. Se cosa appare Elementale, adj. elementary. Effervescenza, s. f. heat, force, ond'egli abbian puura, if they Elementáre, J --Elementáre, to earnestness, passion, fervour, look any ways concerned.

compose elements. effervescence E'glino, they.

Elemento, s. m. the elements, Effettivamente, adj. effective. Egli stésso, himself.

as fire, air, water, earth; and ly, effectually.

Egloga, s. f. an eclogue. metaphorically, the grounds Effettivo, adj. effective, real. Egregiamente,adv.egregiously. of any art, or the beginning Effetto, s. m. effect.-Effetto, Egregio, adj. egregioui, choice, of all things. effect, or success. Il vostro excelent, singular, rare, re- Elemósina, s. f. alms, charity. consiglio hu fulto effetto, your markable, fanous.

Flemosinário, s. m. alms-give -advice has had its effect. E'gro, sick, ill, siekly. Egro, Elemosiniere, f er. ElemosiEfletto, performance, deed, afflicted, grieved, sorrowtul.! nário, an almoner. execution,success.-Recure of- Egróto, adj. sick. Obs. Elemosinúzza, s. f. small alms. feito i na cosa, to accomplish a Eguaglianza, s. f. equality. Elenco, s. m. a catalogue or thing.----- Effetto, benefit, fa- Eguayliáre, v. Uguagliare. index in a book. vour, kindness,-Ftfitto, ef- Equále, adj. equal, even, alike, Elénio, s. m. dogs-grass, used fect, intent, purpose, design, impartial.

to poison arrow's heads. -Son tenuto per questo effeito, Egualezza, . Uguaglianza. Elctta, s. f. elcction,


sy which


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