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fallen away.

ter m.


Etettivo, adj. elective oén dinanzi, ed io soletto, they part of the head. "Elétto, adj. elected, chosen. went before, and I by myself. Eminente, adj. eminent, higla, Un eletto, an elected.-Eletio, Ellisse, s. f. ellipsis.

lofty.---Eminénte, eminent, choice, rare, fine.

Ellittico, adj. eliptical. excellent, famous, topping:Elettorale, clectoral. Su al Ello, prov. he, it. Obs. Eminérie, imminent, hanging tezza elettorale, his electoral Elmetto, s. m. helmet, casque, over one's head, approaching. highness.

E’lmo, head-piece. Eminentemente, adv. Elettorato, s. m. electorship, Elocuzione, s. f. elocution. nently. electorate.Ellcttoráto, an Elógia, 9. m. eulogy, praise, Eminentissimo, the epithet elector's territories.

encomium, panegyrick. given to a Cardinal. Elettore, s. m. an elector. Eloquente, adj. eloquent. Eminenza, s. f. an eminence, a Elettovário, s. m. an electuary. Eloquentemente, eloquently. hill, a rising ground.--EmiElettrice, s. f. electoressa Elaquénza, s. f. eloquence. néngal,' a title given to a carElettrico, electrical, that at. Elóquio, s. m. discourse. Obs. dinal. tracts like amber.

2 Eléttro, &. m. amber, amber- Else, s sword.

s. m. hemisphere.

Emisféro, Elúdere, to elude, frustrate, Emissário, emissary, spy, scout, Elettuário, s. m. an electu or evade.

-Emissario, a stallion, a stoneary.

Eniaciare, to make lean. horse. Elevamento, s. m. loftiness, Emaciáto, adj. grown lean, Emissione, s. f. emission, vent, greatness.

the act of sending out. Eleváre, to raise, to elevate, to Emaciazione, s. f. leanness. E’mme, the name of the leto exalt, to lift up.--Elevársi, to Emancep Obs. to einangrow proud.


cipate, Emolúmento, 5. m, emolument, Elevatézza, s. f. elevation, to set at liberty.

profit, advantage. height, eminence.—Elevatezza Emancipazione, s. f. emanci- Emorroidále, of or belonging di stile, sublimity of stile. pation.

to hemorrhoids. Elevato, adj. high, lofty-Ele- Emátita, s. f. hematités. Emorroide, hemorrhoids, á

váto, haughty, proud. Funbléma, s. m. an emblem. disease in the fundament,' Elevazione, s. f. elevation, ex- Emblici, s. m. plur. a kind of commonly called the piles. altation.Elevazione, lofti- plums.

Empiamente, adv. impiously. Dess, sublimity of style.--Ele- Embolismo, si m. embolism, Empiastráre, to plaister of vazióne, the elevation or height the adding of a day to a year, parget. of the pole above the horizon, which makes leap-year. Empiastro, s. m. a plaister.

the degree of latitude. E'mbrice, s. f. a tile.. -- Von Empiema, S. m. corrupted Ilezionato, adj.elected,chosen. guardur in un filar d'embrici, spittle. Obs.

don't stand upon a trifle. Empiemático, adj. that spits Elezione, s. f. election, choice. Embrióne, s. m. embrio, the often.

Elezióne, poll or right to fætus or child in the womb. E'mpiere, to fill up, to cram, vote in choosing a public Embrócca, s. f. embrocation, to stuil.-I'mpieie, to satisfy, inagistrate.

a kind of fomentation. to content.--E'mpiere, to load, E’lica, s. f. a kind of crooked Embrocsáre, to foment, to use to charge, to fill. line. embrocation.

Empietà, s. f. impiety, ungodElicére, to draw', to extract. Eménda, s. f. emend- liness, wickedness, fierceness, Eligénte, adj. that chooses) or Emendamento, s. m. $ation, barbarity. elects.

amendment, rédress. Empiézza, impiety, cruelty. Eligibile, adj. eligible. Emendáre, to correct, amend, Empimento, s. m. filling, stuf: Eliotrópia, s. f. v. Elitrópia, or mend. Linendärsi, to fing, or cramming. Elísio, adj. elysium.--Campi mend.

E’mpio, adj. inpious, cruel, elisi, the elysian fields. Emendazione, s. f.

inhuman. correc

} Elisire,

Eméndo, s. m. Obs. } tion, Empireo, adj. empyrean, emElisirvite, S. m. elixir.

amendinent.Far l'emenila, to pyreal. Elitrópia, s. f. precious stone make reparation.

Empireumático, enipyreumaso called.

Emergente, adj. emergent, ap- tic, that has the smell of fire. Elitrópio, the herb turnsol. pearing on a sudden. Veces- Impírico, adj.empirical -veElittico, adj. v. Ellítico. sità energente, a pressing ne dicina empirica, empirical phyElla, s. f. ihe herb called ele- cessity.-Danno emergente, loss sic, skill in physic gotten

campane.--Ella, she, it. -E!- which one sustains by not by mere practice.Ndedico la is used in Italian instead of being ponctually paid. enipirico, anempyric, a quack. you, but then it is a relative Emérgere, to emerge, issue or Empitiggine, ring-worm, to vossignoria, ex. Vuolella come out from under water. running with a dry scab, a cenit meco ? will you go along -Emerso, adjirisen, come out. with me?

Emético, adj. eme:ical, that É'mpito, s. m. impetuosity, vioElléboro, s. in. bellebore. provokes vomiting.

lence, anetfort, a shock, a push, Ellera, s. f. ivy:

Emicránia, s. f. megrim, great Empitúra, s. f. filling, stulling. Elli, they. Obs.--Elli gi- pain in the temples and fore cramming.



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{adj. both.

Empiúto, adj. full.

Enfiatúra, s. f. a swelling or Entratúra, s. f. entrance, entry. Emúgnere, to diminish, to Enfiazióne, tumour. -Entratára, access, adinita impair.

Enfitéusi, s. m. the renting of tance.--Non c'è entratura per Emuláre, to emulate, to vie land upon condition to plant nessuno, do body is admite with, to strive. it.

ted. Emulatóre, emulator, rival. Enfiore, v. Enfiatura. Obs. E'ntro, adv. in, within.-lun Emulatrice, feminine of Emu- Enfitéutico, adj. let out to farm, entro, here within. Colé en. latóre.

rent, or that for tro, there within. -Entro, Emulazione, s. f. emulation, which rent is paid.

prep. between.
envy, imitation with a desire Enigma, s. m. a riddle, a dark Entusiásimo, s. m. enthusiasm.
to excel
saying, an enigma.

E'nula, o Enula campána, s. f.
E’mulo, rival, concurrent,com- Enigmático, obscure, dark, scabwort, horseheel.
petitor, an antagonist. enigmatical, mystical, hard to Enumeráre, to enumerate, to
Emulsióne, s. f. emulsion, a be understood.

nurnber or reckon up.
physical drink made of the Enimma, v. Enigma.

Enumerazione, s. f. enumerakernels of some seeds. Enimmatico, o. Enigmatico. tion. Emungere, to diminish, to E'nne, s. m. the name of the Enunciare, to enunciate, to delessen.

clare, to proclaim. Enchimosi, eflux of Enorme, immoderate, vast, Eo, I. Obsolete, much used by blood. enormous, great, heinous, our first poets

.--Eco, adj. Encomiare, to praise, to be- grievcus.

eastern..Dagli Esperi a lidi

Eoi, from west to east. Po. s. f. en

Encomio, s. m. encominm, E'nte, s. m. á being that has E'pa, s. f. the belly.

commendation of a person. any kind of existence. Epáccia, s. f. a great nasty
Endecasillabo, adj. consisting Ente reale, a real or positive belly.
of eleven syllables.-Endera- existence or being-Ente di Epática, s. f. liverwort, good
sillabo, s. m. a short lyric rugine, an imaginary being. against the obstructions of
poem, made of verses con- Entiméma, s. m. enthymem. the liver.
Listing of eleven syllables Entità, s.f. entity, a being. Epático, s. m. a passage of the
Entómato, s. m. insect.

bile to the liver, otherwise E'ndica, s. f. abbroachment, Entrambi, ?

called the porus bilarius.-forestalling Entrambo,

Epático, hepatical or hepatic, E'ndice, s. f. a mark or token, Entraménto, s. m. entry, en belonging to the liver.-Vena remembrance, sign.--E’ndice,

epatica, the liver vein. 8. m. the nest egg.

Entránte, adj. that penetrates. Epátta, s. f. epact, a number Endívia, s. f. endive.

-Il mese entrante, the next whereby the age of the Energia, s. f. energy, efficacy, month.--Entrante, forward, moon may be found out force, emphasis.

bola, that puts himself for- every year.. Energúmeno, adj. a man pos- ward.--Entránle, s. m. en- Epicédio, s. m. epieedium, a sessed with the devil.

trance, beginning. All'ens
E'nfasi, s. f. emphasis, ener trante della settimana, at the Epiciclo, s. m. cpicycle or

beginning of the week. little circle.
Entático, emphatical, spoken Entráre, to go, come, step, get E'pico, adj. epic, heroic.
with earnestness.

in, to enter.Entrare in pa- Epicuréo, adj. Epicurean, a Enragioncélla, s. f. a little role, to begin a discourse, to follower of the secc of Episwelling or tumour.

speak.--Entrare in pensiero, to curus.
Enfiagione, s. f. 1 a swelling begin to think.--Entrate in Epidemía, s. f. epidemical
Enfiamento, s. m. S or tumour. cammino, to set out. -Entrare disease.
Enfiaménto, increasing, grown in bullo, to dance ---Entrar in Epifanía, s. f. Epiphany, or
allro, to change discourse.-

Entáre, to swell, to blow. Entrare in collera, to fall into Epifonéma, 3. f. epiphonema,
Enfiare, to puff up, to grow

a passion.--Entrare in

posses a figure in rhetoric. proud.Enfiare, to swell, to sione, to take possession. Epigramma, s. m. an epigram. be blown or pussed up. Entrute, to reach or under- Epilensia, v. Epilepsia. Enfiatello, s. m. a little swelling stand the true meaning of.- Epiléntico, v. Epilétrico. or tumour.

Questa cosa non m'entra, I do Epilessía, s. f. epilepsy, the Enfiaticcio, adj. half swelled, not comprehend this. falling sickness. swolo a little.

Entráta, s. f. entrance, entry:- Epiléttico, adj. epileptic, Eafiativo, that makes swell. Nella prima entrutu, at the first troubled with the epilepsy: Enfiáto, s. m. a swelling or sight.-Entráta, income, re- Epilogaménto, s. m. v. Epilo. tumour.--Enfiút, adj. swella venue, coming in, rent.- gazióne. ed, blown, puffed up or lifted Entráta, entrance, beginning. Epilogáre, to epilogize, to up.-Enfiáto, gonfio, superho, Entratore, an intruder. make a conclusion or end. alliero, proud, high-minded, Entratrice, she that intrudes Epilogazione, s. f. conclusion, conceited, puffed up. herself.

end, recapitulation. VOL. I.



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Epílogo, s. m. an epilogue, a Equilátere, adj. equilateral, | Erbággio, s. m. all sorts of
conclusion of a speech.
equal sided.

Epímone, s. m. epimone, a Equilibráre, to weigh equally. Erbajo,s. m. grass-field, pasture.
rhetorical figure.

Equilibrio, equilibrium, equa- ground. Epinício, s. m. epinicion, a líty of weight.---Mettere in Erbajuólo, s. m. an herbalist or triumphal song,

equilibrio, to poise. - Ienere l? simpler. Episcopále, adj. episcopal. equilibrio, to keep the balance. Erbále, adj. of grass, that has Episcopáto, s. m. bishopric. Equinoziále. adj. equinoctial. the quality of grass, Episódico, adj. episodic, di Giorni equinoziali, equinoctial Erbaluccia, s. m. an herb that gressive.


grows with one leaf. Episodio, s. m. episode, digres- Equinozio, s. m. equinox. Erbétta, s. f.

Equipaggio, s. m. equipage, Erbicciuola, Epistola, s. f. a letter attire, retinue.

Erbolajo, herbalist epistle.

Equiparáre, to compare, to simpler. Epistolétta, s. f. a little letter parallel.

Erbolato, S. m. a kind of or epistle.

Equiponderánza, s. f. equipon- pastry work with herbs. Epitáffio, 2 epitaph, an inscrip-1 derancy, equal weighing. Erbóso, adj.covered with grass, Ipitáfio, 5 tion on a tomb. Equiponderáre, to equiponde- grassy. Epiteto, s. m. epithet, a word rate, to weigh equally. Erbucce, s. f. plur. kitchenexpressing the nature and Equità, s.f. equity, justice, right. herbs. quality of another word, to Equivalente, adj. equivalent. Eréda, which it is joined. Équivalénue, s. m. an equiva- Eréde, 5

heir, heiress. Epitimbra, s. f. a weed lent.

Eredáre, to inherit. called.

Equivalenza, s. f. equivalence. Eredità, s. f. inheritance. Epitimo, s. m. the flower of Equivalere, to be of the same Ereditággio, v. Eredità. Obs. thyme. worth.

Ereditáno, v. Ereditário. Obs. Epitomáre, to make an epi- Equivocále, adj. equivocal, not Ereditáre, to inherit. tome, to abridge.

geometrically plain. Ereditário, adj. hereditaryEpitome, s. m. epitome, a- Equivocamente, adv. ambigu- Ereditário, adj. heir. bridgement, abstract. ously, equivocally.

Ereditevole, adj. hereditary. £pitima, s. f. epithema, a Equivocamento, s. m. v. Equi- Eremita, an herinit. medicine applied to the body, { vocazione.

Eremitággio, s. m. hermitage, or any other outward applica- Equivocáre, to equivocate, to the place where an hernit tion. speak ambiguously.

lives. Epitrimáre, to make or apply Equivocazione, s. f. equivoca- Eremítico, adj. belonging to epithemas.

tion, double meaning. an hermit, solitary. Epittimazione, s. f. fomenta- Equivochésco, adj. dubious, Eremitório, v. Eremitággio.

ambiguous, equivocal. Eremo, s. m. hermitage, the E'poca, s. f. epoch or epocha, Equívoco,adj. equivocal,whose place where an hermit lives; period of time.

sense and meaning may be also a desert place. Epúlide, s. m. a tumour or taken several ways.-Equi- Erésia, s. f. heresy. swelling

VOCO, s. m. an equivocation, Eresiárca, s. m. heresiarch. Epulonáccio, augment. of Epu or equivoque, a double mean- Eretággio, s. m. inheritance. lone.

ing: -Equivoco, adv. equivo- Ereticale, adj. heretical. Epulóne, s. m. a glutton.. cally, ambiguously; Ereticamente, adv. heretically. Equábile, equal, alike, uniform, Equo, adj. just, right, righte- Eretico, s. m. an heretic.

Erética, s. f. | Erético, hereEquabilità,s.f. equality, even- Eradicáre, to eradicate. tical, belonging to heresy. Equalità, Šness, unifor- Eradicatóre, he that eradi- Eretto, adj. erected, raised, mity, likeness.

high, haughty. Equanimità, s. f. equanimity, Erário, s. m. the exchequer, Erezione, s. fi erection, rais. moderation. the treasury:

ing: Equánime, adj. moderate, un- Erba, s. f. grass.--Ogni mal Ergastolo, s. m.2 a prison, a

alterable in mind or soul. erba cresce, ill weeds grow Ergastulo, S house of Equánte, s. m. the equator. apace.-on è erba del vostro correction, Bridewell, Equatére, s. m. equator, the orto, this is not of your own where people are compelled equinoctial line.

making.-- Mungiarsi l'erba to work. Equazione, equation, equal di sotto, to spend what one has, Ergere, to erect, to raise, to vision.

without applying one's self set up, to build. Equestre, adj. equestrian. to any thing - - Far fascio Erigenza, s. f. erection. Obs. Equiángolo, arij. equiangular. d'ogni erba, to put all in a Erigere, u. Ergere. Equicrúre, adj. equicrural, bundle, to make no distinc- Erisamo, s. m. a plant so call. that has equal sides. tion. Mai' erba, nettle.

ed. Equidistánte, adj. equidistant. Erbáccia, s. f. weed. Ermafrodíto, s. m. hermaphroEquidistánza, s. f. equal dis- Erbacolombína, s. f. the herb dite.


Ermellino, S. m. ermine, ab



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be out.


animal so called.--Ermellino, Erudíto, adj. learned, skilful. minatore.
the fur of an ermine. -Erudilo, taught, instructed. Esaminazione, s. m. examina-
Ermesino, o. Ermisino. Erudizione, $. f. learning, tion.
Ermeticamente, hermetically. scholarship, erudition. Esángue, adj. without blood,
Ermisino, a kind of silk. Ervo, s. m. a kind of pulse dead, paie and wan, heartlese.
Ermo, s. m. c. Eremo.--Ermo, like vetches or tares. Esanimare, to exanimate, 19
adj. solitary, eremitical. Erutcáre, to belch or break deprive of life, to dispirit.
E'rnia, s. f. rupture, hernia. wind out of the stomach. Esasperamento, s. m. the act
Ernióso, adj. broken-bellied. Eruttazioncélla, dim. of Erui- of vexing, the state of being
Eroe, hero.

exasperated, irritation, exasEroicamente, adv. heroically. Eruttatóre, a belcher.

peration. Eroico, adj. heroical or heroic. Eruttatrice, feminine of Erut- Esasperáre, to irritate, to ine Eroina, a heroine. tatore.

cense, to provoke, exaspeErpicáre, to harrow, to break Eruttazione, s. f. belching or rate, or'anger. the clods in a plowed field breaking of wind off the Esasperazione, s. f. exasperawith the harrow. stomach.

tion, irritation. Erpicatójo, s. m. a dragging Esacerbáre, to irritate, to ex. Esattamente, adv. exactly. net to catch quails, partridges, asperate.

Esattezza, s. f. exactness, puncand pheasants with. Esageránte, adj. that exagge- tuality, accuracy, diligence. E'rpice, s. f. a harrow.

Esátto, adj. exact, punctual, Erramento, s. m. error. Obs. Esagerare, to exaggerate.

strict, careful, diligent.--EsutErránte, adj. that errs, or Esagerazione, s. f. exaggera- to, exacted. makes a mistake.- Errante, tion.

Esattóre, s. m. a gatherer of errant, wandering, vagabond. Eságio, s. m. the sixth part money, a collector. l'avnliere errante, knight- of an ounce.

Esattrice, fem. of Esattore.
Esagitáre, to vex, to fret, to Esaudévole, adj. exorable.
Erránza, s. f. error, Obs. disquiet, to trouble. Not Esaudiménto, the being heard.
Erráre, to err, to mistake, to used.

Esaudíre, to grant.
Esagitazione, s. f. vexation, Esauditore, 6. m. he that
Erráta, s. f. portion, share. trouble, disquiet. Not used. grants.

Eságono, b. m. hexagon, a geo- Esauditrice, fem. of Esaudi.
Errático, adj. errant, wander- metrical figure which has six

equal sides, and as many Esaudizione, s. f. granting. Erre, the name of the letter angles.

Esaústo, adj. empty, drained, R.

Esaláre, to exhale, to breathe exhausted, Erro, s. m. a mistake. Obs. or steam out, to send forth a Esazione, s. f. exaction. Erroneamente, adv. erroneous- fume or vapour.--Esalúre, to Esca, s. f. bait.-Esca, bait, al. ly. recreate one's self.

lurement, enticeinent:- 4 Esalazione, s. f. exhalation. conder l' amo nell' esca, to de, erroneous.

Esaltamento, s. m. exaltation. ceive one under the colour of Erroráccio, s. m, a degrading -Esaltamento, advancement, friendship.-Esca, tinder, augmentative of Erróre. preferment, improvement, touchwood_sociсinar l' esca Errore, s. m. error or mistake. good.

al fucco, to expose to an im'-Erróre, error, fault.-Er- Esaltáre, to exalt, to raise or minent danger. Tóre, trespass, sin, offence. lift up.--Esulture, to exalt, to Escandescenza, s.

f. anger, Errorúccio, s. m. a small praise, to extol or cry up:

sudden wrath. Errorúzzo,

fault or Esaltatore, he that exaltech or E'scara, s. f. a scar remaining

praiseth. Esultatrice, she after the healing of a sore. Erta, s. f. the steep ascent of that exalts.

Escarótico, s. m. escharotic, a hill.--Stare all' erla, to Esaltazione, s. f. exaltation, which brings a sore to a stand upon one's guard, to advancement, preferment, crust.


Escáto, s. m. a place where Ertezza, s. f. steepness.

Esámetro, s. m. hexameter. they put the bait for birds. Erto, s. m. steep ascent.--Erto, Esáme, s. m.

Eschétta, s. f. a little bait.
adj. steep, up hill Erto, Esámina, s. f. examin- E'schio, s. m. a tree so called.
straight, lifted up, reared. Esaminamento, s. m. ation. Esciáme, s. m. a swarm of bees.
Star erto, to stand upon one's Esaminánza, s. f.

legs. -Erlo, adv. directly up Esamináre, to examine, to Escire, to go out.

question.--Esamináre, to ex- Escita, s. f. a way out, Erubescenza, s. f. bashfulness, amine, to weigh, to consider, Esclamáre, to cry.out, to ermodesty, shame.

to discuss or sift.--Esaminare, claim.
Erúca, s. f. the herb rocket. to try, to make trial or expe- Esclamazióne, s. f. exclaman
Erudimento, s. m. teaching. riment of.

Erudire, to instruct, to in- Esaminatóre, examiner, he that Escludere, to exclude.

examines and considers.
Eruditamente, learnedly. Esaminatrice, feminine of Esa- Esclusiva,

Erróneo, adj.}


take care.

Esclusióa, } •. f. exclusion.




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Esecrábile, adj. Jexecrable


Esclúso, adj. excluded.

Esénte, adj. exempt, free from, in being. Escogitáre, to devise, to think, privileged.

Esistenza, s. f.existence.-Esisto consider earnestly, to in- Esenzionáre, to exempt, to tere, to exist, to have existe

free from, to privilege. Escoriazióne, s. f. exco- Esenzióne, s.f. exemption. Esitáre, to sell, vend, utter, or Escorticamento, s. m. s ria- Esequiále, adj. exequial, of or put off.- Esitáre, to hesitate, tion.

belonging to obsequies. to doubt, to be uncertain, to Escreménto, s. m. excrement. Esequiáre, to perform the obEscrementoso, adj. excrement. sequies.

Esitazione, s. f. hesitation. Eséquie, s. f. obsequies, fune- Eʼsito, s. m. issue, end, success, Escrescénza, s. f. excrescence. ral rites or practices, funeral. -Elsito, issue, passage, Escusáre, to excuse, to admit Esequíre, v. Èseguire.

outlet.--Esito, utterance or an excuse, to justify, to dis- Esercére, Obs. o. Esercitáre. sale.-Esito, expence, cost, pense with.

Esercitamento, s. m. exercise, charge.-- Accommodare l'esito Escusazione, s. f. excuse. practice, labour.

all introito, to spend proporEsercitante, adj. that exercises tionably to one's revenue.--or takes pains.

Metter qualche cosa nel libro Esecrare, to execrate.

Esercitare, to exercise, to train dell'esito, to give any thing Esecrazione, s. f. execration.

up, to use, to employ.- Eser for lost. Esecutivo, adj. executive. citáre, to exercise one's body, Esiziále, mischievous, destrucEsecutóre, executor, one who to use exercise.--Esercitáre, io tive, pernicious, mortal.

executes or performs any exercise or practice.--Eserci- Esizio, s. m. destruction, misthing.--Esecutore della giusti- táre, to make trial or experi- chief, an ill end, death. zie, a hangman.

ment of.--Esercitársi, to ex- E'sodo, s. m. Exodus, the title Esecutrice, executrix, a female ercise one's self, to apply or of the second book of Moses. executor.

addict one's self to a thing. Esófago, s. m. the throat, Esecuzióne, s. f. execution, Esercitativo, adj. that exer. Esorbitánte, adj. exorbitant, performance-Esecuzione, ex cises himself.

excessive. ecution, the beheading, burn- Esercitatóre, exerciser. Esorbitánza, cxorbítancy, exing or hanging a malefactor. Esercitatrice, she that exer travagancy. Eseguimento, s. m. execution. cises.

Esorcismo, s. m. exorcism. Eseguire, to execute, to per- Esercitazione, s. f. exercise, Esorcista, s. m. an exorcist, a form, to do, to effect. practice.

conjurer. Escguitóre, o. Esecutore. Esército, s. m. an army.

Esorcizzáre, to exorcise, to Eseguitrice, u. Esecutrice. Esercizio, s. m. exercise, prac-conjure. Esempigrázia, adv.: for ex tice, pains, labour, motion of Esordio, s. m. exordium, a preample.

the body in order to health. face or preamble, the beginEsempio, s. m. example, pat- -Fare esercizio, to use exer- ning of a discourse. tern, model, copy, instance.- cise. — Far l'esercizio, to exer. Esordire, to begin, to use a

Per esempio, as, for example. cise. A military word. preamble before one comes Esempláre, to draw. Obs.— Esereditáre, to disinherit. to the matter. Esempláre, S. m. example, Esibire, to exhihit, to offer or Esortáre, to exhort, encourage, model, pattern.--Esempláre, tender, to present.—Esibírsi, admonish, persuade. adj. exemplary, worthy of to offer or tender.

Esortativo, adj. 2 exhortative, imitation.

Esibitore, he that tenders, Esortatório, s exhortatory, Esemplarità, s. f. righteous that offers.

efficacious, persuasive. ness, justice, equity, inno- Esibitrice, fem. of Esibitore. Esortazioncélla, s. f. a little cence, integrity.

Esibizione, s. f. offer, profier, admonition. Esemplarmente, adv. exem- tender, exhibition.

Esortazione, exhortation, inplarily, righteously. Esigenza, s. f. exigency, need, citement. Esemplativamente, adv. by necessity.

Esoso, adj. odious, hateful, way of example. Obs. Esigére, to exact, demand, or heinous. Esemplativo, adj. exemplary require,

Espandere, to spread, to disNot in use. Esiglio, v. Esilio.

play. Obs. Esemplificáre, to exemplify, to Esilaráre, to exhilarate, to Espansióne, s. f. a display. allege examples.

Obs. Esemplificatamente, adv. by Esile, adj. slender, thin, weak. Espediénte, adj. erpedient, fit, way of example. Esiliáre, to banish.

convenient, necessary.--EsEsemplificazione, s. f. exem- Esilio, s. m. banishment, exile. pediénte, s. m. an expedient, a plification, a giving an -Vandáre in esilio, to banish.

means, way, or device. ample.

Esimere, to exempt, to free or Espedire, to dispatch, to Esémplo, s. m. example, model, discharge from, to privilege. quicken. pattern, copy,instance. Poeti- Esimio, adj. choice, singular, Espedito, adj. expedite, ready, cal.

extraordinary, notable, excel in readiness. Esentáre, to exempt, free, os lent, passing good, eximious. Espedizione, s. f. expedition. discharge from.

Esistćute, adj. exisient, thai is Espóllere, to expel, to drive

cheer up


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