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open, represent, make knownE'ssere, to be, exist, or subEsperientemente, adv. by exor signify, to set forth.

sist..-Essere, to come, to perience,experimentally. Not Espositivo, adj. expositive. follow, to become. Nun sü used.

Espositore, s. m. expositor, ex-, quel che he sarà, I don't know Esperienza, s. f. experience, pounder, interpreter. what wil follow or become

knowledge or skill gotten by Espositrice, fem. of Esposi- of it.-Essere, to go, to be. - use or practice.-Esperiénza, córe.

-Sirè da toi domani, r'll come experiment, trial, proof. Esposizione, s. f. exposition. to your house to-morrow. Esperimentale,adj. experiment. Espósto, adj. expounded, ex E'ssere, to think.-Essere per al,grounded upon experience. plained.

andársent, to be ready to go. Esperimentáre, to experience, Espressamente, adv. expressly, - Fui per 'morire, I thought to to try or find by experience, plainly, in plain terms, clear- die.--Esser bene con qualcheduno, to make an experiment. ly, evidently, positively, ex to be well with one -Esser Esperimentatore, hethat makes plicitly,

male con alcuno, to be out with experiment or trial.

Espressione, s. f. expression, one.-Come che si sia, in whatEsperimento, s. m, experiment, representation.--Espressione, soever manner. Che che si sia, trial, proof.

expression, pressing, or squeeze whatsoever thing, any thing. E'spero, s. m. the evening star. ing out the juices or oils of ,- Può essere, perhaps, it may Espertamente, adv. skilfully, plants or fruits.

be.lome sarebbe a die, as expertly.

Espressiva, v. Espressione. one would say.--E’ssere, s. m. Esperto, adj. expert, skilful, Espressívo, adj. expressive, sig- condition, state.---Di grand dexterous in his art, expe- nificant.

essere, of great quality.--rienced.-- Espérto, experienc- Esprésso, adj. express, plain, cose sono in tunn essere, things ed, experimented, tried. clear, manifest.--Espresso, po are in a good way.- Von sono Gli esperti, the most skilful sitive, assured, determined. in essere d'andırre, I am not men in any art or science, - Espresso, adv. expressly, ready to go. Non conviene al appointed to examine a thing: plainly, positively, explicit- esser mio, it is not suitable to Espettatíva, s. f. ? expecta ly.

my condition.-Esseie, s. m. Espettazione, s. f.) tion. Espriménte, adj. that express- thing. Espiare, to expiate, to atone or

Essi, they. make satisfaction.

Esprimere, to express, or de Essiccante, adj. 2 desiccative, Espiazione, s. f. expiation, sa clare by word or writing, to Essiccativo, apt to dry tisfaction, atonement,

pronounce or utter.--Espri- up. Espiláre, to steal fraudulently. mere, to press out, to express, Esso, pron. he, it.--Con esso Obs. to squeeze.

voi, with, or along with you Espilazione, s. f. fraudulent Esprobazióne, s. f. exproba -llevarono i quattrini, e com theft. Obs. tion, reproach.

esso ci busiona on, they took Esplicábile, adj. explicable, Espugnabile, adj. that may be away our money, and beat that may be explained.

us into the bargain. Esplicáre, to explain. Obs. Espugnáre, to conquer, to over-Essúto, been. Obs. Esplicatore, commentator, ex come, to vanquish, to gain Estasi, s. f. extacy, trance, rapplainer.

by storm, assault, or force. Esplicazione, s. f. explanation. Espugnatore, s. m. conquerer, Estático, adj. extatic. Obs. vanquisher.

Estate, s. fi summer season. Esplicito, adj. explicit, plain, Espagnatrice, she that over- Estemporáneo, adj. extempocomes.

rary. Esploráre, to explorate, to Espugnazione, expugnation, Esténdere, to extend, to stretch search.

conquering by force. out, to open, to spread. Esploratóre, explorator, scout, Espulsione, s. f. expulsion, Estindere, to rcach, to go. spy. driving out.

La mia vista non s estende tanto, Esploratrice, feminine of Es- Espulsivo, adj. expulsive. my eyes don't reach so far. ploratore

Esquisitézza, s. f. exquisiteness, i Esléndere, to extend, to inEsplorazione, s. f. exploration. daintiness, greatest perfec-, large or dwell.- Non m'estendo Esponente, expounder,explain- tion.

a dir più sopra questo soggetto, I Esquisito, adj. exquisite, choice, don't dwell or talk any longer Espórre, to expound, to ex curious, excellent, precious. upon this subject. plain.--Espórre, to expose, to Esse, s. m. the letter s. Estensióne, s. f. extension, hazard.--Esporre quaiche cosa Essenza, s. f. essence, that stretching. ---Estensióne, exalia venulita, to offer any thing which constitutes any thing. tension, extent. to sale.--Espórsi,to offer one's Essenziale, adj. essential, real, Estensivo, adj. extensive, that self ready.-Esporsi, to ex- particular.--Essenziale, essen reaches far pose one's self to danger. tial, necessary. -Essenziile, Estenso, adj. cxtended, stretch. Esporre, to expose. Espórre s. m. the main point, the ex ed. Obs. all'aria qualche cosa, to expose sential part of.

Estenuáre, to extenuate, to or set any thing in the air. Essenzialmente, adv. essential make thin or lean. Esporre, to declare, show, ly.

Estenuatívo, adj. lessening, that


overcome or won.


express, formal.


} belongilig | Exultánte, adj

. glad to a great




can extenuate.--Estennato di Estivále, adj. Obs. festival, E'sule, adj. banished, in exile. force, exhausted, weak, faint. Estivo, Estenuazione,extenuation,lean-| to the summer.

degree, ness of body. Esto, this.

Esultáre, to exult, to rejoice, Esteriore, adj. exterior, out- Estollenza, s.f.? both obs. exceedingly. ward, external.

Estollézza, Spride, haugh- Esultazione, s. f. exultation. Esteriorménte, outwardly.


Esuberante, adj. exuberant, exEstermináre, to exterminate. Estollere, to extol, to elevate, orbitant. Obs. Estermináto, adj. exterminat- to raise up. Poetical. Esurire, to be hungry. Obs.

ed, destroyed.- Estermináto, Estórre, to except, to exempt. Eta, s. f. age.-/tà, age, years. unmeasurable, huge, exces Obs.

E'tera, s. f. the welkin, the sive, exceeding great. Estorsióne, s. f. extortion, ex. E'tere, s. m. S firmament or Esterminatore, a destroyer.


sky. Esterminatrice, she that de- Estraneamente, adv.from with- Etéreo, adj. ethereal, belongstroyeth.

ing to the air. Esterminazione, s. f. ruin, de- Estráneo, adj. strange, fo- Esernále, adj. eternal. Estermínio, s. m. struc- Estránio, tion, extermination. Estrano, other country. Eternamente,

eternally. Fsternaménte, outwardly, ex- Estraordinário, adj. extraordi- Eternáre, to eternize, to make ternally.

nary, unusual, uncommon. eternal. Estérno, adj. external, outward. Estrarre, to extract, to draw Eternitá, s. f. eternity, ererEstersivo, adj. abstergent, or pull out.

lastingness, infinite duration. cleansing:

Estratto, s. m. extract, chemi. Etérno, adj. eternal, everlastEstéso, adj. extended, stretch cal extract.- Estrutto, abstract ing.-db eterno, from the beed.

or abridgement of a book. ginning.-Elérno, s. m. what Estesamente, extensively. Estratto, an extract, copy or

is eternal.- Tu te ne porti di Estimare, to estimate, to value, draught of a writing: --Es- costui l'elerna, you carry away to rate.-Estimáre, to believe, trútto, adj. extracted, drawn, along with you this man's to look upon, to reckon. or taken out.


- Eterno, adv. eternal, Estimáre, to ponder, to consi- Estravagánte, adj. extrava- continually. der, to examine. gant.

Eteróclito, adj. extravagant, Estimativa, s. f. discerning Estravaganza, s. f. extrava unsuitable. faculty or judgment.


Eterogéneo, adj. heterogenial, Estimatore, esteemer, prizer, Estrazione, 5. f. extraction. heterogeneous, of a ditt rent valuer, appraiser or rater. Estreinamente, adv. extreme nature, kind or quality Estimatrice, feminine of Esti- ly, very much.

Nomi eterogénei, heterogenial matóre.

Estremità, s. f. extremity, end, nouns are such as have one Estimazione, s. f. estimation, edge, brink or border of a gender in the singular numsating, opinion, esteem, judg- thing.--Estremità, extremity, ber, and another in the plument.

misery, distress-Essere all ral. E'stimo, s. m. tribute, custom, estremità, to be a dying.-Es- Etésie, s.f. pl. north-winds that tollage, tax, gabel, a subsidy tremità, extreme, excess.--Pas blow constantly every year to be levied according to sure d'una estremità ad un' altra, for forty days together, in the men's estates.

to pass from one extreme to dog-days. Estinguere, to extinguish, or another.

E'tica, s. f. moral philosophy, root out, to abolish, destroy, Estrémo, adj. extreme, last, or ethics.-E'ticu, a hectic fever. or exterminate, to quench, to utmost. Estrémo, extremity, Ericamente, adv. morally. put out.

extreme.---Essere all'estremo E'tico, adj. hectic, consumpEstinguibile, adj. quenchable. della vita, to be at the point tive, Estinguiménto,s. m. extinction of death.--Tutti gli estremi son Etimologia, s. f. etymology. Estinguitóre, a destroyer. viziosi, all extremes are vicious. Etimologica, adj. etymologiEstintivo, adj. that is apt to Estrémo, extremity, necessity,cal. extinguish.


Etimologizzáre, to seek for Estinto, adj. extinguished, Estrinseco, adj. extrinsical, that etymologies.

quenched.- Estinto, dead. is on the outside, exterior, Etimologista, etymologist. Estinzióne, s. f. extinction. Estro, s. m. poetic rage, inspir- Ernico, adj. ethnic, pagan. Estirpamento, s. m. extirpa- ed fury.

Etra, t. Etera. Poetical. tion.

Estuazione, s. f. burning heat. Evacurmento, s. m. v. Evacuar Estirpáre, to extirp, to extir-| Obs.

zióne. pate, to root up, to destroy E'sula, s. f. an herb so called, Evacuare, to evacuate, to emp, in a proper and figurative Esulceramento, s. m. 0. Esul- ty, to void.-Execuáre, to percerazione.

form, to fulfil. Estirpatore; he that extirpates. Esulceráre, to make or cause Evacuativo,adj.that evacuates. Estirpatrice, feminine of Estir- ulcers.

Evacuazioncélla, dimin.of Eva. patóre.

Esulcerazióne, s. f. exulcera- cuazione. Estipazione, s. f. extirpation. tion.

Evacuazione, s. f. evacuatione




easy or facile.



Faconlech eloquent,fluent

Evangélico, adj. evangelical, manufacture. --Fabbrica di Face, s. f. flambeau, taper, gospel-like.

panni, the manufacture of light. Evangélio, s. m. the gospel. cloth.

Facélla, s. f. a taper or link. Evangelista, evangelist. Fabbricáre, to build.–Fabbri- Facetamente, facetiously. Evangelizzánte, adj. an care, to frame, to fashion, to Facéto, adv.facetious, pleasant,

pounder of the gospel, that make-Fabbricure,to hammer. comical. preaches the gospel.

Fabbricatore, builder, mason, Facézia, s. f. nierry conceit or Evangelizzáre to evangelize, bricklayer, forger.

humour, a merry saying. to expound and preach the Fabbricatrice, fem. of Fabbri- Facialmente, adv. face to face. gospel.

Obs. Evangélo, s. m. 9. Evangelio. Fabbricazione, s. f. the act of Facidánno, adj. mischievous, Evaporamento, s. m. evapora- making or building:

hurtful. tion.

Fabbricúccia, s. f. dimin. of Fácile, adj. casy, facile. Evaporáre, to evaporate, to


Facilità, s. f. easiness, facility, dissolve in vapours.

Fabbrile, adj. belonging to readiness. Evaporatívo, adj. apt to eva- smiths, or to any manual art. Facilitáre, to facilitate, to make porate.

Fábbro, s. m. a smith.-ll fabEvaporazióne, s. f. evapora

bro adusto, Vulcan.-Fabbri di Facilmente, adv. with ease, eation.

Vulcano, the Cyclops. Fabbro, sily. Eucaristía, s. f. eucharist. forger,contriver.-F«bbri siam Facimále, s. f. a mischievous Eucarístico, adj. eucharistical. noi delle miserie nosire, we are boy Evenimento, Obs.] event, suc the cause of our own misfor- Facimento, s. m. the act of Evento, s. m.

doing or making. Obs. Eoforbio, s. m. a kind of poi- Fábula, s. f. fable, tale, story. Fucimento del mondo, the creason extracted from a tree Obs.

tion of the world. called euforbius.

Fabulóso, adj. fabulous, feign- Facimola, s. f. ? witchcraft. Eufrasia, s. f. an herb so called, chimerical. Obs. Facimola, s. m. S Obs. both. ed.

Faccenda, s. f. business, thing, Facinoroso, facinorous, villan. Evvía, prithee! come, come! affair.

ous, wicked. Evidente, adj. evident, clear, Faccendiére, s. m. a man of Facitójo, adj. feasible. manifest, plainly made out: business, a busy-body.

Facit'ore, s. m.

2a maker, or Evidenza, s. f. evidence, de- Faccenduóla, s. f. a small bu- Facitrice, s. f. S doer. monstration, plainness, proof. Faccendúzza, S siness, an Fácola, s. f. link. Obs. Evisceráre, to eviscerate, to

affair of no great conse- Facoltá, s. f. power, faculty, 'unbowel. quence.

virtue, talent.--Fucoltà, riches, Evisceratóre, he that evisce- Faccente, adj. active, busy. wealth.

Faccetta, s. f. a little face, a Facoltoso, adj. rich, wealthy. Evitábile, adj. evitable, avoid. small side.---Lavorare un dia- Facondamente, adv. eloquenta able.

mante a faccette, to cut a dia- ly. Evitáre, to evite, to avoid, to


Facóndia, s. f. eloquence, fashun, to escape. Facchinaccio, s.

cundity: Evitatóre, he that avoids. sordid fellow. Evizióne, s. f. eviction, a con- Facchinería, work for a por- in speech. vincing either by argument ter, a mean thing fit for a Facondità, s. f. eloquence, faor law. porter.

cundity. Funúco, s. m an eunuch. Facchino, a porter. - Facchino, Facóndo, adj. eloquent, Auent, Evoé, an acclamation to Bac a pitiful or base fellow. facundious. chus.

Fáccia, s. f. face, visage. - Fac- Facultà, s. f. power, faculty, Euro, s. m. the east-wind. cia, appearance, outside, like- possibility, talent. -Faculli, Poetical.

lihood, probability, show.a- riches, wealth.-Fucultà, priEurópa, s. f. Europe, one of the Fuccia, side, front, fore-front. vileye, concession, grant,

four parts of the world. -Faccia, a page of a sheet-leave.
Eziandio, adv. also, even. Far fuccia, to grow bold and Facultóso, adj. rich, wealthy:
Eziandio che, adv. even that, impudent, to dare. Non aver Fádo, adj. sot, foolish, síly.

faccia, to be ashamed. -Dire Obs.
in faccia, to tell or maintain Faggetto, s. m. a place full of
to one's face, before his face. becch-trees.

-In faccia, to one's face. Faggio, s, m. beech-tree.

In fuccia, over against.-fic- Fagiano, $. m. a pheasant. F.

cia a faccia, man to man, face Omastar la coda al fagiano, to to face, -Voltur faccia, to turn

leave out the best of a thing. the head, to face.

Fagiuoláta, s. f. foolishness, Facciata, s. f. front, fore-front. silly thing. Fábbrica, s.f.building, edifice, Faccidánno, v. Facidanno. Fagiuolo, s. m. kidney bean, structure, fabric. Fábbrica, a Facciuola, the eighth part of or French bean. shopor workhouse. Fábbrica, a sheet of paper.

Fagótto, s. mn. a bundle of


m. a mean


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sticks or wood for fuel. |Faldélla, s. f. lint, filament to in fallo, to take one for anFaina, s. f. a pole-cat.

put on a wound.-Faldélla, other.-In fallo, in vain.--In Falange, s. f. phalanx. the quantity of ten pound fallo, for want.-Fallo, fifteen Falángio, 5. m. a venemous kind weight of wool.

at tennis.Vetter il piede in of spider.

Faldelláto, adj. full of lint. fallo, to make a false step. Fálbo, s. m. dusky colour. Faldellétta,

Fallóre, s. m. fault, error. Obs. Falcarc, to bend or makecrook. Faldellina,

$. f. dim. of

Falò, s. m. a bonfire.- Andare ed. Fa

a far falò, to go to be burned. Falcáre, to deceive, to beguile, Faldiglia, s. f. hoop-petticoat. Falótico, adj. fantastical, conto cheat.- la cure, to defalk, Paldistóro, s. m. å great chair ceited, humoursome, whimto deduct.

bishops make use of when at sical. Falcástro, s. m. a hook, bill, a church.

Falsamente, adv. falsely. great scythe or sickie.

Falegnáme, carpenter. Falsamento, s. m. falsity, falseFalcato, adj. hooked, crooked Falimbello, a fellow that is hood, untruth.

like hooks or scythes.- Carn waggish, apish, wanton, full Falsisda, s. f. a witch, a sorcefurcati, chariots armed with of play. hooks and scythes.

Falimbellúzzo, a little wanton, Falsáre, to falsify, to forge or Falcatóre, s. r. a man ancient- wagyish, or silly boy. counterfeit, to adulterate. ly armed with a scythe in Fálla, s. f. fault.

Falsário, falsifier, impostor, battle.

Fallábile, adj. fallacious. Obs. torger, false dealer, false witFalce, s. f. a scythe or sickle. Falláce, adj. fallacious, deceit ness, false coiner. Metler la faice nchiu biuda al ful.

Falsatore, corrupter, spoiler, trui, to meddle with other Fallacemente, fallaciously. falsifier. people's business.-Falce, har- Fallácia, s. f. fallacy, deceit, Falsatrice, fem. of Falsatore. vest time.-Face, the bowing guile or fraud.

Falseggiare, to falsify, to counpart of a horse's leg. Fallággio, s. m. fallacy, guile. terfeit, to adulterate. Falcetto, s. m. a small scythe Obs.

Falsétto, s. m. a false treble in or sickle.

Fallante, adj. deceitful, falla- music. Falchetto, s. m. a young falcon. cious. Obs.

Falsezza, s. f. falsity, false. Falciare, to mow.

Fallanza, s. f. fault, error, Falsia, Falciáta, a blow with a scythe. crime. Obs.

Obs. both. Falciatore, a mower.

Falláre, to fail, to offend, to Falsificamento, s. m. the act of Falciatrice, fem. of Falciatore. do amiss, to err.-Falláre, to falsifying, adulterating, counFalcinello, s. m, a bird so call- miss, to fail. Di poco fallò ch' terfeiting. ed

io non cutessi, I was very near Falsificáre, to falsify, to counFalcione, 5. m. a scythe or bill to fall.-Fallure, to omit, to terfeit, to forge, to adulterate. to cut bushes. leave ofl.

Falsificatore, e falsifier. Falciuóla, s. f. a little scythe. Fallatóre, transgressor, offen- Falsificatrice, she that falsifies. Fálco, v. Falcóne.

Fallénte, } der. Obs. - Fal- Falsificazione, falsification. Fálcola, a candle. Obs. lénte, adj. failing, frail. Obs. Falsità, s. f. falsity, talschood, Falcolótto, 8. m. a taper. Obs. Fallenza, s. f. fault, error, untruth, lie, tale, imposture. Falconáre, to hawk.

crime. Obs.

Fálso, adj. false, not true, Folconcello, s. m. dim. of Fal- Fallibile, adj. fallible, that may forged, counterfeited, falsifail.

fied.-Falco,false, treacherous, Falcóne, s. m. hawk, falcon. Falligióne, s. f, error, fault. feigned, unfaithful.-Falso,

Falcone gentile, a kind of hawk. Fallimento, fault, error, fail s. m. falsehood, falsity-Dire Falconeria, s. f. falconry, the ing:-- Fallimento, bankruptcy. il falso, to tell a lie. Mettere

art of man: ging hawks. Fallire, to fail, to sin, do amiss, il piede in falso, to make a Falconétto, s. m. a young fal- offend or transgress.-Fallire, false step.-Falso, adv. false, con or hawk.-Faiconello, a to fail, mistake, or be out. falsely. piece of artillery so called. Fallire, to miss.-Fallire, to Falsúra, s. f. falsity, falsehood. Falconiére, s. m. falconer, one fail, to baulk one, to disap- Obs. who manages and looks after point him.-Fallire nelle sue Fálta, s. f. fault, defect, want, the hawks.

intraprese, to miscarry in one's lack.-Falta di moneta, want Fálda, s. m. any kind of fold designs.— Fullire, to become or plait of a garment, also a extinct, to fail.Fallire, to Faltáre, to want, to lack-Fal. ilake of snow, a lock of wool, break, to turn bankrupt.-tare di cuore, to be disheartena bush of hair, a handful of Fallire, s. m. error, offence, ed.-Faltare nel suo disegno, to flax.-- Falda, skirt, border, crime, misdeed, trespass. miss one's aim.-Non mi falta hem.--Falda di cappello, the Fallitore, s. m. transgressor, nulla, I want nothing. brim of a bat.--Fulda del tur offender.

Fáma, s. f. fame; report, reselio, the skirt of a doublet. Fállo, s. m. fault, error, tres nown, bruit, runour, comFolda del anonte, the side of pass, misdeed, crime, sin, mon talk.-Corre fama, there

oversight, mistake, transgress is a report, they talk.-Ice Faldáta, s. f. a great many folds sion.-Verrà sensa fallo, he will sama, there was a report. or plaits.

come without fail.--Togliere Famáre, to celebrate, to di


of money.

a hill,

Vulge, to publish, to praise. a boy.---Fanciúllo, young, a foot-soldier

-Il fante, a Obs. new, green.

knave at cards. Fáme, s. f. hunger, appetite.- Fanciullúzzo, s. m. a little boy. Fanteggiáre, to serve like a

Aver fane, to be hungry.- Fandónia, 9. f. a lie, an untruth. servant, to wait or attend Fame, dearth, scarcity:-Ve- Fanello, s. m. a linnet.

upon as a maid. Obs. der la fame in aria, to be very Fanfalúca, s. f. spark.--Fansı- Fantéllo, s. m. dim. of Fante. hungry.

lúci, a whim," whimsey, a Fantería, s. f. infantry, foot. Yamélico, adj. hungry. maggoty fancy.

Fantésca, maid-servant, wait. Famiglia, s. f. family.--Fomi-Finfano, adj. vain, silly. ing-woman, hand-maid. glia; house, kindred.--Fomi- Fanferina, s. f. jest, raillery, Fanticélla, youngservant-otaid. glia, serjeants, bailiffs, catch- bantering, jeering, jesting: Fanticino, s. m. dim. of Fante.. poles.Famigliz, a troop or Fur la funferina, to play the Fantilità, s. f. infancy, childcompany.

fool, to banter.Tórnure hood. Obs. Famigliaccio, a degrading aug. in funferina, to make a jest of Fantinería, s. f, malice, knavementative of Famiglio. a thing:

ry, roguery, roguish trick. Fanigliáre, s. m. a domestic Fangáccio,s.m.augm.of Fango. Fantinezza, s. f. infancy, childservant.--Famigliáre, a fol- Fanghiglia, s.f. slough, puddlc. hood. Obs. lower.— Famigliáre, a bailiff, Fungo, dirt, clay, mire. -Uscir Fantino, an infant, a boy, a a catchpole.--Famigliúre, adj.) del jungo, tu get out of trouble, lad.-Fantino, adj. malicious, familiar, intimate.

to get off:-Far delle parole crafty, cunning, Famigliaresco, adj. familiar. fango, to break one's word. Fantoccería,s.f.childish action. Famigliarità, s. f. familiarity, Fangóso, adj. dirty, muddy, Fantoccino, dim. of Fantoccio. intimacy. miry.

Fantóccio, s. m. a simpleton, a Famigliarménte, adv. familiar- Fangotto, s.m. Obs. v. Fagotto. booby, a blockhead.-- Fanly, freely.

Fantáccia, an idle kitchen- tóccio, a puppet. Famíglio, s. m. servant.--Fa wench.

Fantoccióne, augmentative of miglo, a catchpoie, a bailiff. Fantaccíno, a foot soldier. Fantóccio. Famigliuola, s. f. a small family. Fantájo, a fellow that follows Fantolíno, a child, a boy, a lad. Familiáre, o. Famigliare.


Farchétola, s. f.a tcal, a waterFamosamente, adv. publicly, Fantasía, s. f. fancy, imagina-fowl so called. openly:

tion. Fantasia, fancy, opi- Farciglione, s.m. a water-fowl, Famosità, s. f. fame, renown.

nion, sentiment. Fantasia,l so called. Famoso, adj. famous renowned. fancy, maggot, frolick, ca- Fárda, s. f. spitele, catarrh, Famúccia, 's. f. little stomach, price, whim, whimsey. Fan- Farda, filthiness. or appetite.

tasia, fancy, mind, humour, Fardággio, s. m. carriage, bagFanále, s. f. the lanthorn or desire. Ho altra funtasia, 1 gage, luggage, goods. light of a ship; also a moon, have something else in my Fardáta, s. f. a bluw given with a kind of lan horn. head.

a filthy rag or some other Fanático, adj. fanatic. Fantasiaccia, s. f. great fancy, such thing. Fancellezza, s. f. youth, young strong imagination.

Fardelléico, ?

dim. of Fardello.

} age. Obs.

Fantasiáre, t. Fantasticare. Fardellino, Fancello, s. m. a youth, a boy. Fantásima, s. f. phantom, vi- Fardéllo, s. m. a truss, a bundle. Obs.

Fantásma, s. m. S sion, spirit, Far fardello, to pack away. Fanciullaccio, s. m. a boy, a ghost, spright, phantasm. -Far Farcello, to make up young man. Fantasticaggine, whim, ca

into a bundle. Fanciullággine, s. f. youth, Fantasticheria, Sprice, freak, Fáre, to do, to make, to act. young age, youthful days. frolic, maggot, foolish fancy. Fare, to cause, to bid, to comFariciullaja, s. f. a great many Fantasticamente, adv. fantasti- mand, or order.Gli fecetagboys together, a company of cally.

liar la testa, he caused his boys and girls.

Fantasticáre, to devise, to ima- head to be cut off.--Fitte che Fanciulla, s, f. a girl, a lass; gine, to fancy, to rove in vengu da me, bid him come to atso a whore. one's mind.

me.-Fare, to concern, to imFanciulleria, s. f. puerility, Fantasticatóre, a man that is port, to matter, to signify.. childishness.

always thinking deep. Che vi fa eyli che tenga o non Fanciullescamente, adv. child- Fantasticatrice, fem. of Fan- venga ? what is it to you if he tasticatore.

comes or not?--Fare, to play, Fanciullésco, adj. childish. Fantástico,adj. imaginary, fan to personale, or act like, to : Fanciullétta, s. f. a young girl. tastical.--Fontástico, fantasti set up for.-Fare le carte, to

s. m. a youth, a cal, humoursome, capricious, deal at cards.--Fare, to svit young boy.

whimish, whimsical, odd.— with, to become, to be proFanciullezza, s. f. youth, young Un fantástico, a fantastical per, to fit.- Questo non fa per age, youthful days.Fanciul man.

me, this won't do for me. lezza, childish action or deed. Fante, man servant. Fante, Aver molto u fré, to be very Fanciullina, s. f. a young girl. $. f. woman-servant, servant- busy.-Fur sapere, to let one Fanciuitíno, s.m. a young boy. maid.-- Fante, man, person. know.-Fur esercizio, to use Sanciúilo, 5. f, a child, a youth, -tante, child, boy.--Fante, exercisc.-- Nin ne ko a fare, I Vol. I.




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