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have no need of it.--Farsi, tol ashamed.-Far bocca da ridere,) to set sail. Fa cento, the approach.--Fatevi a me, come to smile.--For chiaro, to clear wind blows.-Fure il paolo, near me.-Farsi alla finestra, up-Furla ad uno, to play one to be a pimp.-Far ritu, to to look out of the window. a trick, to cheat him.-Fur live.-Far vita stretta, to live -- Fursi alle scale, to come upon i pumpuni, to pull off the su- niggardly.--Far vita regolata, the stairs ---Farsi alla porta, to perfluous leaves or young to live regularly.--Far vista, go to the door.-sver a fare shoots of a vine.---Farlierla, to feign, to pretend as if. Con uno, to deal with one.- to mow Fure, to be enough. | Far rivo, to revive, to bring Aver a far con una donna, to Fare, to crackor flaw, as walls to life again.--Far voglia, to know a woman, to enjoy her. do. Questo muro ha fatto, this induce, to entice.-Far la vog. Tre mesi fa, three months ago. wall is cracked.- Fare, to be lia altrui, to comply with an

Una settimana fa, a weekla luna fece jeri, o farà do- other's desire.-Far sua voglia, ago.-Farsi a credere, to think, mani, it was new moon yes to do as one pleases. to believe.-Fire, to appear, terday, or will be new moon Faréa, s. f. a sort of serpent. to risc.-Al far del giorno, at to-niorrow - Fur le forche, to Farétra, s. f. a quiver for arthe break of day.-llfarel- feign, to dissemble. Fare una la notte, in the dusk of the buvata, to chide, to threaten. Faretráto, adj. wearing a quis evening -tare, (joined to all -Fur caldo, to be hot weaadjective or to a substantive, ther.--Far fieddo, to be cold Farfálla, s.f. a butterfly. it takes their signification.) weather --Fur capo, to draw Farfallétta, s. f. , dim. of Fare ex.--Fur onure, to honour. to a head.-Far cupo ad uno, Farfallina, s. f.

falla. Far difesa, to defend one's self. to have recourse to one. Farfallino, s. m.

- Far fece, to testify, to shew, Far belle le piazze, to cause dis- Farfallóne, s. m. tale, story, to witness.Far lontano, to turbances.-Far all'anore, to fib, idle story.-Fure un fara remove,

or send away, to make love.--Far il giorgio, to fullone, to make a great blundrive away.-Fur bello, io set give one's self airs, to strut, der or mistake. off, to adorn, embellish, beau

to walk proudly along:-Far Fárfaro, s. m. foal-foot, horsetify.-Far forte, to fortify, to del grande, to take state upon foot or ground pepper. strengthen.-- Fargrazia, to par- one's self.-- Far calandrino, o "Farina, s. f. meal of any grain. don, to forgive.-Far nido, to

grosso legrujuolo, to make one Fior di farina, flour.- Questo nestle.---Fare spendio, to spend, believe that the moon is made non fa farina, this is not proto consume.--Far a' pugni, to of


cheese. ---Fare il callo, fitable, this won't do. Tu box -Far íumenti, to com to grow hard, to contract or non sei furina da cialde, you are plain.----Far uro dottore, to get an ill habit.-Far le fusa a cunning blade give one the degrees of a doc- torte, to cuckold.-Far fure Farinaccio, s. m. a bone to play tor.---Farsi discorde, to dis uno, to cheat onc.-Far caso, with, like a dye. agree.-Far noja, to tire, to to make account of:-Fure a Farinacciolo, adj. that which be troublesome. ---Far ajuto, to pennello, to do exactly.--Fare easily breaks or crumbles. help, to assisc. Far martire, Osteria, to keep an inn.-Fare Farináceo, adj. farinaceous, to make one suffer martyr- il conto senza l'osle, to count mealy. dom.--Farsi bele, to laugh at, the chickens before they are Farináta, s. f. a kind of hasty to ridicule, to jeer or banter. hatched.--Fare la quaresima, pudding.

tar foce, to disembogue it to keep lent.-fare le none, to Fariséo, s. m. Pharisee, and self. For fine, to end, to finish. preventone.-Fareuna predica, metaphorically, a sad dog, a Fir mencione, to mention. to admonish. Farc schermo, to scoundrel. Fer diritto, to do justice.-Fur defendone'sself.--Hurescncio,to Farlingotto, adj. barbarous, bene, to succeed, to thrive.

cover, to defend-lar se

sera, to rude, churlish, clownish. Far male, to hurt, to do harm. pass away one's time.-Fursi Farmácia, s. f. pharmacy: --Fur sua voglia d'uno, to dis sera, to draw towards night. Farmaco, s. m. drug, medicine, pose of one.--Non fa forza, -Far fette contro uno, to con- remedy, medicinal compoitis no matter.-Far molto, to spire against one.-Fare sfor- sition. mention, to speak of.com zo, to endeavour, to do one's Farneticáre, to dote, to rave, Fur vistu, to dissemble, besti-l'are sicurta, to bail, io to talk idly, be out of one's Far sembiante, s to pretend as be bail for. Fare siepe, to in- wits. if, to showm-Fatti con dio, go close, to shut up, to hedge in. Farnetichézza, s. f. dotage, about your business.- Fare a

Ogni pru fa siepe, every lit. Farnético, s. m. folly, metu, to go halves.-Far vela, tle serves.-Fere silenzio, io be madness, delirium, the franto set sail, to sail. Für abie', quiet.-Fure un sonno, to take tic or idle talk of people in to halt or make a halteny

a nap.--Far le spese ad uno, to a ferer.-Farnetico, adj. de. jatto, to happen, to come to kcep one, to maintain him.- lirious, light-headed, raving. pass, to fall oui.ini vien Farsi iardi, to grow late.--Fc Fáinia, s. f. a kind of oak. Futio, if I have an opportu- torto, to wrong, to injure.-- Fáro, s. m. phare, watch-townity.--Fur popolo, to assemble. Fir trupule, to lay snares.

tower, or light-house. -Iur lestu, to cope with, to -Farrugo, io charm, to make Farrágine, s. I. mixture of sunoppose, or resist.---Far faccia, desirous.c.fervedere, to show, dry grains sown in the same to grow impudent, not to be to make one sec. Far vela, place, a medley of several



sorts of grain together.-Far- - Fastidiare, to loath, to disa ship, labour.-Con gran fatica, Tagine di parole, a great many dain.

with much ado.-Fatica, words.

Fastidio, s. m, fastidiousness, work, labour.Quest è mia Farricello, dim. of Farro. weariness, molestation, dis- fatica, this is my work.--Fa-, Farro, s. m. a kind of bread taste, loathing, heaviness, tica, wages, reward.--Io voge corn between wheat and bar- trouble, disquiet.--Aver in fas- lio le mie fatiche, I will have ley.

tidio, to loath, to disdain.. my wages, I'll be paid for my Farsa, s. f. a farce, a droll. Esser in fustidio, to be trou work. - Durarfstire nel camFarsáta, s. f. the lower part of blesome. Pastidio, nastiness, minare

, to walk with a deal a doublet. filthiness, nasty thing.

of difficulty: Farsettáccio, 5. m. an old rag- Fastidiosaggine, s. f, aptness to Faticabile, adj. tiresome, toilged doublet. loath.

some, troublesome, laboriou. Farsettajo, 5.m. doublet-maker. Fastidiosamente, adr, tedious- Faticaccia, s. f. heavy labour. Farsettino, s. m. a little dou-l ly, in a tedious manner. Faticáre, to tire, weary, or blet.

Fastidiosetto, adj. somewhat fatigue, to harass.Fulicare Farsétto, s. m. a doublet, a kind troublesome or importun to work, to labour. of waistcoat.

Fatichevole, adj. laborious, that Farsettóne, s. m. a large dou- Fastidioso, adj. tedious, impor- works hard, industrious. blet.

tunate, wearisome, tiresome, Fatichévole, laborious, painful, Fascettino,

troublesome. dim. of Fascio.

- Fastidioso, hard, toilsome. Fascetto,

nice, dainty, hard to please, Faticoso, adj. laborious, painFascia, s. f. a band, a swath- delicate.

ful, hard, difficult, toilsome. band or fillet, a head-band. Fastidire, to loath, to nauseate, Fatiga, v. Fatica. Obs. -Fascia, the outside of the to be disgusted at.-Fustidire, Fatigabile, u. Fatichevole. Obs. bark of a tree. Obs.--Fascia, to weary, to tire, to be te- Fatigare, to weary, to tire, to infancy, or childhood. Obs. dious.

vex or trouble. Fasciáre, to bind or tie with a Fastidiúme, s. m. a world of Fato, s. mn. fate, destiny.--Che fillet.-Fusciáre, to environ, tó vexations or troubles.

giova nelle fata dar di corzo?? surround, to encompass.--- Fastígio, s.m.the top or height. what signifies to go against Fesciare un bambino, to swad- Fastigioso, adj. proud, haugh- destiny ?-Ma poichè era ne' dle a child. ty.

fati, but since it was destined. Fasciarello, dim. of Fascétto. Físto, S. m. pride, vanity, -Chi muta lato, muta satu, who Fasciatúra, the binding liga-vain glory, ostentation, rain changes place, changes conture.-Fasciatára, a truss. show, pomp.

dition. Fascina, s. f. a faggot, fascine Fastosamente, adv. vainly, Fatta, s. m. sort, kind, manner, or bavin.

baughtily, with ostentation, fashion, make.Ve ne sono di Fascináta, s. f. a fence of bavins. pompously, disdainfully. lute le falte, there are some of Fascinazione, s. f. fascination, Fastoso, adj. proud, stately, all sorts.--Essere in su la fatta, bewitehing.

vain-glorious, haughty, self to be after a thing, to be doFascino, 3. Fascinazione. conceited.

ing it. Fascio, s. m. bundle, packet.- Pata, s. f. an ideal Goddess or Fattaménte, adv. effectively, in Fascio di paglia, a truss of female being, not easily de- reality, in effect, really:-S straw.-Fascio di chiavi, bunch fined in English. Common futtamente, in such a manner, of keys.

-Fascio l'erba, a in our lyric romances. bunch of grass.--Far fascio do Fatagione, s. f. the being in- Fatteróle, adj. feasible, that ogni erba, to confound or mix chanted or invulnerable.

may be done. Obs. together, not to distinguish Fatále, adj. fatal, fated, order. Fattózza, s. f. feature, lineathe good from the bad. Fas- ed, appointed by fate. ment, shape, proportion of cio, burden, load, weight. Fatalità, s. f. fatality, fate. body.--Futtezza, shape, faFascio, a mixture.-Andare in Fatalménte, adv. fatally, by shion, manner. facio, to go to wreck, to be order of the destiny: Fattía, s. f. Obs. v. Fattura. destroyed.

Fatáppio, s. m. a kind of bird Fattibello, s. m, paint.-MelFasciuola, s. f. dim. of Fascia. so called.---Fatáppio, a stir- tersi il futtibello, to paint one's

Fascinolo, s, m, a little hur- ring, unquiet, restless boy face. dle or faggot.


Fattibile, adj. feasible, that Fastelláccio, s. m. a large fag- Fatáre, to appoint by destiny, may be done. got or fascine.

also to charm.-Fatáre, to Fatticcio, adj. lusty, robust, Fastelletto, Fastellino,

render invulnerable.--- Fata-| strong, well-limbed --Fatticdim. of Fastello.

taménte, adv. by order of cio, factitious, artificial.-Vino Fastello, s. m. faggot, truss, destiny.

fatticcio, adulterated wine. bunch.

Fatàto, adj. destined, decreed Fatticcióne, adj. very well Fastellóne, augm. of Fastello: by destiny.--- Fatalo, charm- limbed, very strong - Fastellóne, a tall, ill-shaped ed, invulnerable.

Fattivo, adj. efficient, acting, man

Fatatúra, s. f. invulnerable- efficacious. Fastidiáre, to molest, to trou

Fattizio, adj. artificial, ariful, ble, to disturb, vex, disquiet. Fatica, s.f. fatigue, toil, hard-counterfeit, falsified.




Patto,s.m. fact,act,deed,action. Fátuo, adj. stupid, insensible. Favoleggiáre, to make or tell - Indure pe' fatti suoi, to go Fava, s. f. a bean.--Fava, vote. stories.--Foleggiare, to banabout one's business.-Venire Pigliare due colombi ad una ter, to jeer or laugh at. al fatto, to come to the fact.- fara, to kill two birds with Favoleggiatore, a teller of tales Fatto d'armi, feat, exploit, a stone. -Fava, pride, and stories. chievement, battle, fight, com haughtiness, presumption. Favoleggiatrice, fem. of Favobat.-Fatto, a great thing, a Faváceo, adj. fabaccous. legiatore. wonder.Fun gran fatto di Favagéllo, s. m. celandine. Favolesca, 9. f. spark, any light vederci, 'tis a wonder to see raváta, s. f. foolish pride, pre- burnt thing, or paper flying you.-Fatto, behaviour, car sumption..-Facata, a mess in the air. riage, deportment, demea- made of broken beans, or of Favolésco, 2 adj. fabulous, Gour.-Fallo, fact, case, mat beans-meal.

Favólico, Obs. S fictitious. ter, point, business.Fatto, Fauci, s. f. pl. the throat, the Favolúne, s. m. a maker or the person of whom one gullet-pipe-fisser a'le fauci telier of tales and stories. speaks. Ho inteso parlare mola della morte, to be at the point Favoloso, adj. fabulous. to male de' fatti rostri, I heard of death.

Favolúzza, s. f. a little story speak very ill of you.- Pren- Favella, s. f. discourse, speech,

or fable. dere in su 'l fulto, to take in speaking.–Favella, language, Favoméle, ? s. m. honeythe fact. Tunto fatto, so big, idiom, tongue, or speech. Favone, S comb. so large, showing the large- Tener la favella ad uno, not to Favónio,'s. m. Zephyr, Favo. ness with one's hand. Un speak to one.

nius, west wind."pomo cosi fatto, an apple so Favellamento, s. m. reasoning, Favoráre, to favour, countelarge. -Di fatto, in effect, discourse, speech.

nance, help, back, assist, or really-Dal detto al fatto ve Favelláre, to speak, to talk, to befriend. Obs. un gran tratto, to say, and to discourse. ---Favellire in sul Favoratore, a favourer, abetdo, are two things.--Fatto, grunquam, to talk gravely and tor. Obs. adj. done, made.- Uomo fatto, eloquently.--Farelláre con la Favóre, s. m. favour, kindness, a full-aged man, a grown bocca piccina, to speak civilly. I benefit, good office, courtesy, man.--Una donna ben fatta, a ---- Favellare con le mani, to benevolence.-Col favore, by comely, handsome, well-l strike.--- Favellare senza bur. the favour, means, help.-shaped woman.-Futto, ripe bazzale, to speak rashly, with Tatiere di favore, recommendin season.-Fatto, with the out respect. ---- Faveliire, per atory letters. addition of si, or cosi, such, cerbottuna, to speak by a third Favoreggiáre, to favour, to as-, in such a manner or kind. person.----Favelláre come gli spi- sist, to protect, to befriend. Non ne troverete un altro și fat- ritati, to speak by another's Favoreggiatóre, favourer. to, you won't find such an mouth.--Favellare, s. m. dis- Favorétto, dim. of Favore. other. course, speech.

Favorevole, adj. favourable, Fattojáno, he that works in an Favellatore, he that talks. propitious, gracious, kind. oil-mill.

Favellatrice, she that talks. Favorevolmente, adv. favourFattojo, 5. m. a place to grind | Favellio, s. m. prating.

ably. olives, an oil-mill.

Faverélla, s. f. pottage made of Favorire, to favour, , help, Fattore, s. m. doer, maker.- broken beans.

countenance, assist, back, heL'alto fattore, God.--Fattore, Favilla, s. f. a spark of fire.-friend.--11i jarori ca, do me a boy, a servant, a lacquey. Favilla,a bit, a small piece, the the favour.---Furorito, adj. -Fattúre, an agent, a stew least thing

favoured, countenanced,helpard. Fattore, an apprentice. Favilláre, 1. Sfavillare.

cd, assisted. Furorito, fa-Fattore, a top.

Favilétta, s. f. a little spark. vourite, darling, dearly beFattoressa, a steward's wife. Favillo, s. m. splendor, bright- loved.-- Favorito, s. mn.favourFattoría, s. f. factorship, stew


ite, minion. ardship.

Favillúzza, s. f. a little spark. Favoritóre, a favourer,
Fattorino, a boy, a shop-boy. Fauméle, s. m. a honey-comb. abettor.
Fattucchiéra, a witch, a charin. Obs.

Fausto, adj. fortunate, prosTaúno, s. m. Faun, or sylvan perous, propitious, lucky. Fattucchiería, s. f. witchcraft. god.

Fautóre, favourer, abettor. Fattúra, s. f. fashion, make. Favo, s. m. honey-comb. Fautrice, fem. of Tautore. L'attúra, fashion, making.- Fávola, s. f. a fable, a story, a Favúle, s. m, a field where Futtúra, advice, counsel, se tale or fiction.--Esset favola beans have been sown.--Fa.. duction, seducing-Fattúru, al popolo, to be the common rúle, the stalks of beans. witchcraft, charm.-Fattúra, l talk.

Fazionáto, adj. disposed, invoice, a particular of the Favoláre, to tell tales.

placed, situated. goods sent to or by a mer- Favolatore, Favoleggia. Fazióne, s. f. shape, mien, look, chant.

countenance, feature, lineaFatturato, adj. bewitched, Tavolatrice, fem. of Favola

ment, presence.-—-Fuzione, charmed.

fa nion, manner, way.-10Facuità, 6. f. stupidity, insen- Savoleggevolménte, fabulous- zitue, oppression, imposition, sibility ly.

tax, burden.--Hasione, duty.







-Essere in fazione, to be upon | Fecóndo, adj, fertile, fruitful,! Fegato, s. m. the liver. duty. Fuzione, action, en- copious, teeming:

Fegatóso, adj. that has the gagement.----- Faziune, party, Fede, s. f. (una delle virtù teolo- liver over-heated. faction. N. B. The word gali) faith.--Fede doctrine, Félce, fern. fazione ought to be avoided religion, persuasion.----Fede, Felcequercína, s. f. oakfern or in writing, as it is but a poor (giuramento) faith.. polypody. word.

In fede, } faith, upon my Felciáta, s. f. cream cheese Fazióso, adj. factious, seditious, Alla ferle, faith. — Fede, faith, served in a frail of groen mutinous.

trust, assurance, word, pro- rushes. Fazzoletto, s. m. handkerchief. mise, parole-Fede, affection, Féle, w. Fiele. Fe', s. f. (contracted from feile) love, friendship, cordiality:- Felice, adj. happy, lucky, forfaith.

Fede, sincerity, honesty, in- tunate, blessed.Felice voi, Febbrajo, s. m. February. tegrity, ingenuity.Servar | happy you.-Di felice memoFebbre, s. f. an ague or fever. fede, to be faithful or true to.

ria, of blessed memory. -- Febbre continua, a continual -Fede, credit, faith, belief, Felicemente, happily, luckily. fever.-Febbre quartuna, a trust.Dar feile, to give Felicità, s. f. happiness, féliquartan ague.-Febbre terza- credit, to believe.-- Fede, as city, blessing, prosperity. na, a tertian ague.

surance, proof, or testimony. Felicitáre, tu felicitate, to make Febbrétta, s. f. a little fever. -Di buonu çë, truly, sincere happy, Febbricélla,

s. f. dim. of ly, candidly.---- I'n wono di Féllo, adj. fell, cruel, wicked. Febbriciattola,


buona fide, an honest man.- Fellóne, adj. felonious, direful, Febbricína,

Uomo dyno di fele, a credible cruel, wicked.-Un fellone, a Febbricitante, adj. aguish, that

felon, a very wicked man. has an ague upon him. Fedecommessário, o Fedecom- Fellonescamente, adv. cruelly, Febbricitáre, to be troubled missário, feofree, he who is treacherously, rascally. with a fever or an ague.

infeoiled, or to whom a feoff. Fellonésco, adj. felonious, • Febbricóne, som. a great, vioment is made.

wicked, bad, cruel. lent fever.

Fedecommisso, o Fedecom- Fellonéssa, an ill, wicked, feu Febbricóso, adj. aguish, that misso, adj. committed to the lonious woman. has an ague upon him. care of one to be disposed to Fellónia, s. f. felony, wicked. Febbrífugo, s. m. febrifuge, certain use.--I*tecommesso, ness, cruelty, barbarity, inan ague powder. $. in. feolliment.

humanity. Febbrile, adj. of or belonging Fedecommettere, to fęoff, to Fellonosamente, adv. feloniousenfeufi.

ly, wickedly, rascally, cruels : Febbróso, aguish, feverish, Fedediyno, adj. worthy of ly. Febrúzza, a little fever. faith, trust or credit, credible. Fellonóso, v. Fellone. Obs. Febre, E. Febbre, and all its Fedéle, arij. . faithful, loyal, Félpa, s. f. plush, shag. derivatives.

trusty, true, hoaest.--Fedcie, Feltráre, to filtrate, to strain Féccia, s. f. dregs.-Ticar il cine faithful Christian.-fedele, through. de la seccia, to rack wine. friend, Lcloved, dear.--Hele! Feltrello, s. m. a small cloak Fercia, excrement, ordure. mio caro, my dear friend, made of felt. La feccia de! popolo, the dreg Fedeliti, ö. l’edeltà. Obs. Feltro, S. m. felt. Féltro, a of the people, the mob, the Fedelmente, adv. faithfully, cloak or riding-cloak made sçum of the people. loyally, honestly;--Fedomenie, of felt.

s. f. the hole of any faithfully, truly, sincerely, Felúca, 2 s. f. felucca, a small vessel where they put the impartially:

Felúcca, 5 vessel used in the spigot or cock for the drigs Fedeltá, s. f. fidelity, faithful- Mediterranean. to come through.

11€55, loyalty, honesty, inte. Fémmina, the female. Some Fecciúso, adj. drezky, full of grity, sincerity,

Italians write etymologically, dreg.--.feccioso, importun- Federa, s. f.tent-cloth.-Federa, Fimina; but following the ate, troublesome, imperti-1, a pillow-case.

Crusca as well as pronuncia. Dent, loathsome, filthy, na ty. Tedinýnto, s. m. a. wound. tion, I write it with two m's. Fecondaménte, adv, fruitfully, obs.

Femnina, a woman,-Fém. Fedire, to wound, to hurt, to mina, wife, a married woman. to fructify, to make strike. Obs.

--femmina, a whore.- indare fertile or fruitful.

l'edita, s. f. a wound. Obs. nlle femmine, to go a whoring. l'econdatore, that makes fer-redità, s. f. filthiness, nastiness, Tommina comune, a whore, a tile or fruitful. dirties, atench.

strumpet.--Femmina di partito, Fecondatrice, fem. of Tecon Foditése, he what wounds or a mercenary woman. -Hema strikes.

mina del mondo, a 3. f. fertility, fruit- ledo, adj. filtliy, foul, pasty, whore. fulness, copiousness. ---Freun dirty, loathoume, sinking. Tenimináccia, a large woman, dia, eloquence, v, Facundia. Obs.

a big nasty woman, a fat 8. f. fertility, fruit- Fegatélla,s. f. liverwort (herb.) woman of the town. fulness, copiousness, ieeming- Fepatál! o, s. n. a bit of liver Femminicciolo, he that loves a roteci,

woman's company, 2 whorea

to a fever or ague:


plentitully. Fecondáre,


datére. Fecóndia,



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, adj. Ferétro, s. m. a bier, a coffin. to stay, to pause, to rest, ta effeminate, soft, womanish. Féria, s. f. a festival, a holiday: stand still. Femminále, adj. feminine, be- --Far feria, to rest, to keep Fermáta, s. f. the act of stoplonging to the women. holiday.

ping, the act of pausing. Femminélla, s. f. a poor little Feriále, adj. common, ordina- Fernientáre, to ferment, to

woman, a common woman. ry-Vestimenti feriali, every leaven. Femmineo, adj. feminine, be- day's clothes.

Ferinentazione, s. f. ferment, longing to the women. Ferialménte, adv. plainly, or- Ferménto, s. m. leaven Femminescamente, adv. wo- dinarily, commonly, honest or yeast, fermentation.

manishly, like women, weak- ly, downright, ingenuously. Fermézza, s. f. firmness, steadily, effeminate.

Feriáto, adj. vacant.--Giorno ness, constancy, courage, reFemminésco, adj. womanish, feriato, a half-day or festival. solution, stedfastness. Ferwoman-like, wanton, effemi- Feridóre, u. Feritóre. Obs. meaza, firmness, hardness. Ferigno, 5. Ferino.

Férmo, adj. firm, fast, fixed, Femminetta, a poor silly wo- Ferimento, s. m. the act of still. --Star fermo, to s and still.

man, a miss, a wench. striking and wounding. --Fermo, enclosed, shut up Femminézza, s. f. the female Ferino, adj. wild, savage, mon Fermo, firm, steady, constant, sex, or which is natural to

strous, fierce, of the nature stedfast, unshaken, resolute. women.

or quality of a beast.--Ferino, --Fermo, stable, firm, conFemminiéra, s. f. a multitude cruel, barbarous, rude, inhu- stant, durable, lasting. --Ferof women.Femminiírn, a

mo, resolved, determined.place where many women Ferire, to wound.... Ferire, to Con viso fermo, with a grave resort together.

strike, to hit, to smite, to countenance..---- Fermo, firm, Femminile, adj. feminine, be- give upon.-La barca feri hard, compact--Terra firma, longing to women.

sopra il lido, the boat struck the firm land or continent.Femminilmente, adv. womanupon the shore.

Canto fermo, plain singing:ishly, woman-like, weakly, Ferísto, s. m. the middle post Norte ferma, the dead time of effeminately, of a tent.

the night. --Fermo, contracted Femminino, adj. feminine, wo- Ferita, s. f. a wound, a hurt, a from fermato, stopped.S'era manish, belonging to women. cut.

fermo, he had stopped.Fere Femminóccia, a thick-set and Perità, s. f, fierceness, beastli-| mo, s. m. bargain.

pleasing young woman. ness, wildness, savageness, Féro, adj. fierce, cruel, stern. Femminuccia, s. f.) a despic-' cruelty, inhumanity. Teróce, adj. fierce, terrible, Femminúzza, S able little Feritója, s. f. a loop-hole, a courageous, stout, valiant,

hole in a fortress's wall. brave, résolute, bold, daring. Fendente, s. m. a cut, a cutting Feritóre, he that wounds. -Feroce, cruel, barbarous, in. blow.

Férma, s. f. engagement, obli-human.----Feróce, dreadful, Féndere, to cleave, slit, split or gation, promise, time. Fer- borrid, frightful,terrible, horcut, to rive.--Findere, to se ma di soldati, a recruit.---Fer- rible.- Feróce, rough, rugged, parate, to sever, to part. mui, set.-Bracco da fermu, a hard, sharp. Fendere, to grub up, to plow. setting-dog:- Ferma, confirm- Ferocia, s. f. fierceness, boldFeudérsi, to cleave, to break ation. -- Berma, covenant, an ness, daringness, cruelty. asunder, to split, to slit.--Fen- agreement, a contract. Ferocità, s. f. fierceness, crueldersi, to crack-Fendersi, to Fermaglio, $. m. clasp or ty, boldness, valour, courage, chop, to gape, to chink. latch.

fierce nature. Questo sorta di lezno non si fende Fermnaménte, adv. firmly, stea- Ferráccia, s. f. a sea fish with mai, this sort of wood never dily, stoutly, stedfastly.-Per- a poisonous sting in the cracks. nuuminte, certainly, truly, ve

tail. Fendimento, s. m. slit, chop, rily, indeed, for certain. Ferráccio, s. m. bad and useless cleft, crack, chink..

Fermamento, s. m. the firma-l iron. Fenditójo, s. m. a cleaver. ment, the sky

Ferragosto, s. m. the first day Fenditúra, s. f. slit, cleft, crack, Fermanento, s. m. establishe of August. chink, rift.

Fermánza, s. f. s ment,con- Ferrajo, s. m. a farrier. Feneratore, an usurer. Obs. firmation, settlement, settling. Ferrajuólo, s. m. a cloak. Fera Fenéstra, v. Finestra.

Fermánca, bail, security. rajuólo, an iron-smith. Fenice, s. f. phenix, a fabu- Fermárc, to stop, to stay, to Ferraménti, s, in. plur. tools or lous bird.

arrest, to hold fast,-firmáre, instruments of iron. Feniciótto, s. m. a young phe- to conclude, to determine, to Ferrána, s. f. a mixture of nix.

confirin, to establish, to sundry grains sown together. Fenile, s. m, a hay-loft. strengthen, to fortify, to Ferráre, to bind about with Fenómeno, s. m. phenomenon. make good.-Fermare il patto, iron-work-Ferrare un cavallo, Féra, s. f. a wild beast.

to conclude, to bind a bar to shoe a horse. Feráce, adj. fertile, fruitful. gain.-- Fermare, to resolve a Ferrata, 5. f. a window with Ferále, adj. mortal, deadly. thing, or upon a thing, to iron bars. Feralmente, adv, cruelly, fierce- decermine it, to come to a Ferráto, adj. done with iron, ly, brutishly

resolution Fermársi, to stop, shod, tipped, wrought, cover


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