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, too whip or scourge. Fluidizi,. f.}


Fiumático, adj. belonging to a ing, bowing, flexion. Fochéttolo, s. M. an hearth. river.

Flésso, adj. bent, inclined. Focíle, s. m, a steel to strike Fiúme, s. m. a river.

Flessuóso, adj. flexible, apt to fire with Fiumétto, s. m. a petty river. bend.

Fóco, u. Fuoco. Fiumicello, dim. of Fiume. Flessúra, s. f. u. Flessione. Focolare, s. m. the fire-hearth. Fiumicino, the same as Fiumi- Fléto, s. m. tears, weeping, -Focoluire, the iron dogs to 4 cello.

lamentation. Obs.

keep up the burning wood in Finminále, adj. belonging to a Fléttere, to bend, to bow, to a chimney.-Focolare, house, river. Obs. incline.

family.-Focolúre, a chafingFiatáre, to smell, to scent, to Flobotomáre, to let blood, to

dish. hunt upon scent.--Fiutare una open a vein.

Focolíno, s. m. a little fire. cosa, to make an essay of a Flobotomía, . f. the letting Focóne, s. m. the priming-pan thing. blood, bleeding.

of a gun.-Focóne, a great Fiúto, s. m. the smelling, smell. Flórido, adj. flowery, florid. fire. Fizione, s. f. fiction, invention. Florifero, adj. flowery, full of Focosamente, adv. ardently, Obs. flowers. Obs.

vehemently, violently. Flagellamento, s. m. flagella-Flóscio, adj. faint, weak, feeble. Focóso, adj. fiery, hasty, pas

tion, whipping, scourging: Flótta, s. f. a fleet, a naval sionate, mettiesome, unruly. Flagellánte, adj. whipping, that army.

Focoso, hot, vehement, whips or scourges.

furious. fluidity.

Fódera, s. f. a lining. -Flagelláre, to aftlict; to Fluido, adj. fluid, that easily Foderáre, to line. trouble, to vex, to disquiet,


Foderatore, a scabbard or to plague, to punish. Fluire, to flow, run or fall sheath-maker. Flagellatóre, à scourger, a down. Obs.

Foderatúra, s. f. a lining, whipper, a tormenter. Flussibile, adj. fluid.

Fodero, s. m. a lining.--Fódero, Flagellazione, a whipping, or Flussibilità, s. f. fluidity, fluid a thick garment furred or lashing.

made of skins, which women Flagelletto,s.m. a small punish- Flussione, s. f. a fluxion or de were wont to wear over their ment, a small cross. fluxion.

shoulders. Mettere il fodero Flagello, s. m. a scourge, a Flússo, s. m. Aur, dysentery in bucato, to grow mad. --Fówhip, torture.-Flagello, ruin, Flusso, fuxion, defluxion.--dero, scabbard, sheath.-Trar plague, cross, punishment, Flusso, flux, the flowing of la spada dal fodero, to draw the tribulation, affliction, scourge. the sea.-Flusso e rifiusso, the sword, to unsheath it.-FodeFlagránte, adj. ex. in fragrante flux and reflux, the ebbing ro, a float, a raft, a piece of crimine, in the fact, in the and flowing of the tide. timber pinned together. deed.

Flútto, s. m. wave, surge, Fódero, victuals, fodder, proFlagráre, to burn, to be inflambillow.

visions. Burlesque. ed.

Fluttuaménto, s. m. doubting, Fóga, s. f. fury, heat, passion, Flámula, s. f. a plant, so called. wavering.

transport, mettle, Fláto, s. m. wind in one's body. Fluttuánte, adj. floating Foggétta, s. f. a small cap. Flatuosità, s. f. wind in the Fluttuánte, wavering, irre- Foggia, fashion, guise, manner, stomach.

solute, troubled in mind. form, shape.-Foggiu, a flat Flatuoso, adj. flatulent, tor- Fluttuazione, s. f. fluctuation. cap.--Foggia, manner, way, teated or subject to the Fluttuoso, adj. fluctuant, wa- carriage, behaviour.-Foggia, wind in the stomach. vering, irresolute.

perfection, proportion.-bella Flávo, adj

. fair, light, flaxen. Fluviále, adj. belonging to a foggia di cavallo, a fine shape of Poetical, river. Obs.

a horse. Flautino, s. m, a small flute. Flúvido, v. Flúido.

Foggiáre, to fashion, to form. Flaúto, s. m. a fiure. Foca, s. f. a sea-licn.

Fóglia, s. f. leaf - Foglia d'oro o Flébile, adj. doleful, mourning, Focaccia, s. f. a cake. Render d'orzento, a leaf of gold or sad.oce fiebile, a doletul pone per focaccia, to render silver-Foglia, foil. Foglia, voice. like for like.

superficies, surface. Föglia, Flebotomáre, to bleed, to let Focacciuola, s. f. a little cake. mulberry leaves. blood.

Focáce, adj. red hot, all in a Fogliame, s. m. leaves.- Foga Flebotomía, u. Flobotomia. flame.

liame, foliage or branched Flemma, s. f.phlegm.-Flemmo, Focája, s. f. a flint stone. work.-Ruso a foyliami, flow

patience, moderation. Focajuóla, adj. ex.-Terreno fo- ered satin. Flemmaticità, s. f. phlegmatic cajuolo

, stoný land, land full Fogliáre, to grow green with quality of fint-stones.

leaves. Flemmático, adj.phlegmatic.- foce, s. f. the throat, the Fogliáto, adj. full of leaves.

Flemmático, patient, moderate. gullet of thethroat.- Foce,the Foglietta, 6. f. a small leaf.-
Flessibile, adj. pliant, flexible.
Flessibilitá, ';." 1. flexibiity

, ---Foce

, mouth, passage, open- foglićtto, s. m. a small sheet of

inouth or entrance of a river. Foglietta, a pint measure. pliantness. ing, entry

paper. Föglietto, a letter. Flessióne, s. f, flexure, bend- Focherello, s. m. a little fire.

Foglio, s. m. a sheet of paper.

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Foglio, page.-Dare ad uno the hull, peel, or skin inclos- waste, consume, or squander. il foglio bianico, to give him ing the seed.

Fondería, s. f. a casting-house. full power.---Foglio a foglio, Follóne, s. m. a dyer, a fuller, -Fondería, foundery. leaf by leaf.

a tucker.

Fondigliuolo, s. f. dregs. Fogliolína, s. f. a small leaf. Follóre, s. m. folly. Ohs. Fonditore, a founder.--- FondiFoglioso, adj. full of leaves, Folta, s. f. crowd, throng, mul- tore di campane, bell-founder. leafy;


Fondo, s. m. depth, bottom, Fogliuccia, s. f. a small leaf. Fólto, adj. thick.--- Folte tenebre, ground-Fondo, end. --!! So Fogliúto, v. Foglioso.

great darkness..-Laddove la discorso non ha fondo, there is Fógna, s. f. a common sewer. battaglia era più folta, in the no end of his discourse. Fognáre, to build sewers or thickest of the battle. Fondo, the further end, the conduits.--Fognare le misure, Fomentáre, to foment. extremity of any place, to cheat in the measure. Fomentatore, a favourer, a Fonds, a hole or dungeon.Fója, s. f. lust, lechery, concu furtherer or maintainer, a Foncio, bottom. Meitere in piscence. fomenter.

fondo, to ruin, to undo utterFóla, s. f. story, tale.

Fomentazione, s. f. a foment- ly.-Dar fundo, to dissipate, to Folága, s. f. téal.

Fomento, s. m. ation. waste.-jar fundo, to cast Foláta, s. f. a sudden rushing Fómite, s. m. incentive, fomes. anchor. Ancare a fondo, to

of things in.--Folata di vento, Fonda, s. f. a purse.-- Fonde di sink, to go to the bottom.. a blast or gust of wind. pistole, pistol bags.--Esser nella Mandare a fondo, to sink a Folcire, to sustain, to support. fonda, to live in plenty. ship.--Findo di fiasco, the Folgorante, adj. flashing, blaz- Fonda, a siing.

bottom of a bottle.---- Dia. ing, thundering

Fondacajo,a warehouse keeper. mante col fundo, a thick diaFolgoráre, to thunder.- Folgo- Fondaccio, dregs, grounds. mond.---Fondo, adj. deep.-táre, to shine, to dazzle, to Fondachetto, dim. of Findaco. Fondo, thick.–Barba fondo, a

glitter.- Folgoráre, to go, to Fondachiére,awarehouse keep- thick beard. Hy swiftly.

Fondúra, s. f. depth, deepness, Fólgore, s. m. thunderbolt, Fondaco, s. m. a warehouse.- profundity, lowness, a low

lightning.----Folgore, bright. Fúndaco, a clothier or mercer's place.
ness, lustre, splendour.

Fonduto, adj. melted. Folgoreggiante, adj. flashing, Fondamentale, adj. fundament. Fontále, adj. original, princithundering: al.

pal, first, chief. Folgoreggiáre, to thunder, to Fondamento, s. m. foundation. Fontalmente, adv. originally.

lighten. Folgoreggiúre, to go ---Fondani'nio, principle, be- Obs. swiftly.

ginning, root. -Fonda xento, Fontána, s. f. spring, source. Fólla, s.f. crowd, press, throng, contents, substance.--Fondu- Fontanella, s. f. a little fout. multitude.-Fólla, a heap, a mento, ground, cause, reason. tain.-fontanella della gola, great quantity

-Fontamento, the fundament. the pit of the throat.--FonFollastro, Obs. mad, foolish, Fondáre, to lay the foundation tanella, an issue. Folle, adj.

senseless, or ground work. Fondare, to Fontáneo, adj. waterish. wanton, waggish.

found or institute.--Fondare, Fonte, s. m. and fem. fountain, Folleggiamento, s. m. foolish to ground or establish.

spring, source. Fonte, cause, ness, madness.

Fondata, s. f. dregs, grounds. source, origin, occasion.Folleggiánte, adj. toying, play- Fondatamente, adv. on a good Fonte, font, over which chiling the fool. Folleggiante, foundation.

dren are baptized..-Levure mad, senseless, out of his Fondato, adj. strong, lusty. al fonte un bambino, to stand wits.

Cavallo fondato, a strong horse. godfather, or godmother. Folleggiáre, to fool, to play -Fondato, established.-- Fon- Fonti, the eyes. the fool, to do foolish things dato, firm, fast, steady, dur- Fonticello, s. m. dim. of Folleggiáre, to fume, to be able, sure, stedfast.--Discorso Fonticina, s. f.

Fonte. angry, to be mad.

fondato, a wise discourse..- Fora, t'. Fuora. Folieggiatore, one that plays lerreno fondutv,a deep ground. Foracchiáre, to pierce, to strike the fool, mad man.

-Verno fonduto, the middle of through, to run through. Folleggiatrice, femin. of Fol- winter.

Foraggiare, to forage. leggiatore.

Fondatore, founder, establish- Foraggićre, a forager. Folleménte, adv. foolishly. er, beginner.

Foraggio, s. m. fodder, forage. Follétto. s. m. a hobgoblin.- Fondazione, s. f. foundation.-- Forino, foreign. Obs. Folletto, a damned soul.. Fondazione, foundation, en- Foráme, s. m. a hole.--Foráme, Mi disse quel folletto è Gianni dowment.

a window. Schicchi, he told me that coul Fondatrice, a she founder. Forametto, s. m, a little hole was Gianni Schicchi's. Fondello, s. f. a button-mould. or window. Follézza, s. f. folly, foolish. -- Fondello, a funnel. Fondelo, Foráneo, adj. foraneous. Follia,

ness, simplici- a stand to put dishes upon. Foráre, to niake a bole, to bore, ty, frolic, foolish thing. Föndere, to melt.--Fóndere, to to pierce through. Follícola, s. f.

the husk of pour, to spill, to shed.---Fon- Foráre, to penetrate, to go or Follícolo, s. mn.

wheat or

dere in lagrime, to dissolve in get through, to wimble. Folliculo, s. m,

other grain, | tears. Fondere, to dissipate,, Forasiépe, s. m. a wren, a little



bird so called.Forasiepe, a célla, throat.--Forcella della ma, form, model, frame, little sorry fellow. vite, a vine prop.

mould pattern, draught Forata, s. f. a hole.

Forcellétta, s. f. a little fork, a In forma, in the shape.-1'ore Foratérra, S. f. a dibble, a little pitch-fork.

mui, di scarpe, a last. --Formu di planting or setting stick, Forcelluto, adj forked. cupelio, a block.- Forma di calForáto, s. m. a hole. Foruto, Forche, s. f. plur. gallows, zetta, a stocking-frame. adj. bored, pierced through. | gibbet.

Formábile adj which may

be Foratójo, s. m. an auger, a Forchéita, s. f. a little fork.- formed or fashioned. wimble, a piercer, a chirur- Forchetía, a fork to eat with. Formaggio, s. m. cheese. geon's trepan.

- Favellare in punta di forchetta, Formale, adj. formal. Foratóre, s. m. he that wim to speak with too inuch af- Formalità, s. f. formality, cere bles.-Foratóre, a wimble, an fectation,

mony. auger.

Forchettiéra, s.f. a sheath for Formalmente, ady, formally, Forbannúto,adj. banished. Obs. a fork,

substantially, essentially. Fórbice, s f. u. Fórfice. Forchetto, s. m. a fork, a pitch. Formamento, s. m. formation. Forbicétte, s. f. plur. a little fork.

Formáre, to form, frame, or pair of scissars.

Forchiudere, to shut out. make.- Formar parole, to utForbici, s. f. plur. shears, scis- Forch údere, to exclude. ter words.-Formáre, to forni,

sars.--Far forbici, to be obsti- Forcina, s. f. a fork.-Forcino, design, purpose, inform.narc.--Forbici, tenail, a kind a rest for a musquet.

Formure un processo ad uno, to of out-work in fortification. Forcóne, s. m. a great fork or draw an indictment against -lo mi trovo tra forcibi e ta- pitch-fork.

onc.--Fornare un assedio, to nazlie, I am perplexed, I don't Forcostumánza, s. f. an ill cus- lay a siege.--Formare una know what to do.- durre unu tom or habit. Obs.

questione, to propose a quese nelle forbici, to have one under Forcutaménte, adv. like a fork. ton--formare, to mould.one's thumb.--condurre uno Forcúto, adj. forked.

Furmarsi, to be made or formne!le forbici, to lead one in the Forcúzza, s f. dim. or Forca. ed.- Formarsi, to be bred. Fore, adv. 0. Fuora.

Formarsi, to arise.- Formarsi, Forbicine, s. f. plur. little scis- Forellino, s. m. dim. of Foro. to frame an idea of.

Ferize a peasant, a clown. Formatamente, adv. formally, Forbiciáta, s. f. a hit with a l'o! Gelo,

perfectly. pair of scissars.

Forsétto, a country boy. Formativo, adj. that forms. Forbicione, s. m. shears, a Foresózzo,

Formáto, adj. formed, framed, large pair of scissars. Forésta, s. f a forest.

fashioned, made, shaped.Forbire, to furbish.-- Fórbiti d Forestieramente, adv. in a Como formato, a grown man, lui, care him not.--- Forbirsi strange manner, in a forsign a strong man.-formato, S. m. gli occhi, to rub one's eyes:

form, shape. Frbirsi le lagrime, to wipe Forestiere, adj. ? strange, fo- Formatore, former, framer, he one's tears.

Forestiéro, S reign, out-! thatgives the form or shape to. Forbito, adj. clean, polished. landish.--- Furestićre, a stran-Formazione, s.f. formation.

-Ore forbito, shining gold. ger, a guest, a foreigner. Formella, s. f. a hole in the Forbitújo, s. m. a furbishing Forestieria, s. f. a number of ground to plant or set trees in. tool.

strangers.--Forestieria o fores-1 -Forinella, a swelling about Forbottáre, to bang, to maul, teri', a place in a convent to the pastern joint, or corner to beat soundly. lodge passengers in.

of the horse's hoof. Fórca, . f. a pitch-fork, a Forésto, adj. savage, wild, so- Formentáre, to leaven. Obs. hay-fork. Forcu velenosa, the litary.

Forinénto, s. m. corn.-Fortail.- Forca, a cross-way. - Forfáce, to trespass, to trans- ménto, lcaven. Obs. Furra, gallows, gibbet.- Rizal gress. Obs.

Formica, s. f. an ant, pismire za da jorca, a very wicked Forrátto, s. in. ofienx, tres or emmet.--Form,ca di sorto, fellow, a Newgate bird. Va pass, crime, forfeit. Obs. a stubborn fellow.-Formica, alle forche, go and be hanged. Foi fattura, s. f. cheat, roguery, a running tetter, a corrosive -Da forche, worthy of the imposture.

ulcer. gallows, good tur nothing.- Foričochia, s. f. a kind of Formicajo, s. m, an ant-hillock, Forca, a villain, a rascal.- forked horse-lly.

an ant-hole, an ant's nest, a Far le forche, to pretend to be furtice, s. f. shears, scissars. swarm of ants.--Formacája, a very poor.

Forticette, s.f. pl. small shears great throng or crowd. Forcata, s. s. f. the space be or scissars.

Stuzzicare il formicrjo, to tween the thighs and the legs. Forfora, s. f. dandruff,scurf, awake a sleeping dog. -Forcáta, a fork-full. Forforaggine, sticking to the Formicáre, to benumerousand Porcatéila, s. f. dim. of Forcata. skin of the head.

thick, like theantsou a hillock. Forcato, adj. forked.

Foriére, s. m. fore-runner. Forinichetta, diin. of Formica. Forcatura, s. f. a fork-full. Forma, s. f. form.----- Forma, Formicolajo, s. m. a multitude Force, s. f. shears or scissars. shape, figure, fashion.--For- of ants. Forcélla, s. f. a little fork, or ma, manner, way, rule.------ Formicolamento, c. Forinicolso:

pitch-fork.--Forcélla, the Forma, look, mien, outsidc, Formicolato, adj. full of ants. mouth of the stomach.-For-| exterior, copatenance.---For-Formicolio, - s. il. prickling



a stove.


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like the stinging of ants: baker's shop.-Fare il forno, strong, to strengthen, to corFormicóne, s. in. a large ant. to be a baker.

roborate --Forti cársi, to for-
Formidabile, adj. fornudable. Fornuólo, v. Frugnuolo. tify one's self-Furtificirsi, to
Formidine, s. f. fear, timidity. Foro, s. m. a hole, a crack... 'gather strength, to grow
Not used.

Piro, a court of pleas, or 2 strong.
Formisúra, adv. excessively, market-place.

Fortificatóre, he chat fortifies. out of measure, beyond mea- Forosétto, v. Foresetto. Forriticatrice, fem. of torti.

Forra, s. f. a long and narrow ficatore.
Fórmola, s. f. formula, a set
valley, dale.

Fortificazione, fortification. form.

Forse, adv. perhaps.--Forse di Fortigno, adj. sourish. Formosità, s. f. beauty, hand si, may be so forse di , Fortino, s. m. a little fort, or someness, comeliness. No: may be not – forse o senza strong hold. used.

forse io v' unute: 0; I'll go with-Tortitúdine, fortitude,strength. Formoso, adj. handsome, line, out any more ado.-Forse, Fortore, s. m. soarness. comely, pretty

what, why – Furse, ch'ei non Fortuitamente, adv. fortuitousFórmula, o. Formola.

è belo? why is he not hand-i ly, casually, accidentally. Fornace, s. f. furnace, kiln. some? Forse, aboui.---'' Fortúico, adj. fortuitous, casuala Fornacéila, s. f.dim. of For d'eti forse di dieci a ini, he is -Caso fortuito, a mere chance. Fornacétta, Snace. about ten years of age.- lvi Portúme, s. m. strong taste. Fornaciájo, kiln-man, lime- forse a tre miglia, about three Fortúna, s. f. fortune, chance, maker.

miles from thence.--Sture in luck, accident. Fortuna, disa Fornája, a baker's wife. forse, to be in doubt - Fur- tress, misery, want, lack.-Fornajo, a baker. seché, perhaps that.

Fortuna, condition, case.Fornello, s. m.. a little oven, Fosennatággine, s. f. madness. Fortuna, tempest, storm.

Forsennatamente, adv. madly. Fortinu, disturbance, trouble, Fornicáre, to commit fornica- Forsennatézra, s. f. madness. disorder.--- Per fortuna, by

Forsennato, adj. mad, out of chance, by good luck.Fornicariamente, adv. whor- his wits, deprived of sense. Tener la fortina

Del ciuffetto, to ishly, forriicator-like. Forsennería, o. Forsennatezza

prosper, to thrive. Fornicário, fornicator, whore- Forsi, adv. v. Forse.

Fortunáccia, s. f. a degrading monger.

Forte, adj. strong, sturdy, able. augm. of Fortuna. Fornicatore, fornicator, whore - Forte, difficult, laborious, Portunaggio, s. m. tempest, monger.

hard.---Forte, strange

- Von Fortunale,
Fornicatoréllo, a contemptu- ii pr.ja forte, don't wonder: blustering weather. Both

ous dim. of Fornicatore. Forie mi pare ch'io non nebbia Obs.-Fortunále, adj. belong-
Fornicatrice, she that commits inteso nulla, 'tis a strange thing ing to fortunt.--Lu ruota fora
fornication, a whore a harlot. that I have heard nothing of tuna', the wheel of fortune.
Fornicazione, s. f. fornication. { it.---forie, severe, rigorous, -Pinto furtumule, unlucky
*Fornicheria, s. f. fornication. hard, stern.----Forte, strong- accident.---Tempo fortunale,
Fornimento, s. m. furniture tasted.---forte, s. m. a fort. stormy, blustering weather.
utensils requisite to furnish a --Forte, adv. very, much, ex- Fortunáre, to meet with mise
house or any thing.-Furni. tremely:-- -Desilero forte di fortunes, to be in distress.
mento di vettovaglia, provision, vederlo, I am very desirous to Forture, to revolt, to rebel.
victuals.-forniinento di guer see him.-- Mi spiace forte, I am Fortunataménte, adv. happily,
Ta, ammunition.--Forni.nento very sorry.---Forte, attentive- luckily, fortunately, prosper-
di casa, moveables, goods.--- ly.-- indar forte, to walk fast. ously.
Fornimento di spada, the built of --Dornir forte, to sleep sound- Fortunáto, adv. happy, lucky,
a sword. ---- Furnimento ilun ly.--- Forte, loud. -Parlute forunate.
abito, the trimming of a suit. forle, speak loud. Forte, cru- Foriuneggiáre, v. Fortunare. -
--- Fornimento di seila, the har-cily, barbarously.

Fortunecare, to be sea-sick. ness of a saddie.

Fortemente, adv.stoutly, vigo- Fortunévole, adj. fortunate. Fornire, to finish, to end, to rously, with force. Forte - Fortunosamente, adv. by accomplish, to perform. mente, very, much, very much. chance.---Furtunosaminte, fa. Fornire, to expire. --- fornire, Furterúczo, adj.somewhat sour. siously, tempestuously. to furnish, find, provide or Fortécto, adj. strongish. Fortunóso, adj. fortunate or supply, to give or afford. Fortezza, s. f. force, steadiness, unfortunate, lucky, unlucky, Fornito, s. m. r. Fornimento. courage, intrepidity, forti- happy, unhappy.--Fortunoso, -Fornito, adj. furnished, pro- tude. — Fortezza d'animo, con stormy, tempestuous. vided, supplied.--Fornito, stancy.----Fortezza, force, rortúra, v. Fortezza. Obs. finished, ended, accomplished strength.- Fortezza, sourness. Fortúzzo, v. Fortetto. -Fornito, endowed.---Fornitor, --Fortezra, a fortress, a cita- Forviáre, to stray, to wander of age, grown in years.---For- del.

out of the way.-Forvir, to ruto d'animo, endowed with Forticéllo, u. Fortetto.

degenerate.----Forviáre, to be courage.--- Fornito, adorned, Fortificamento, s.m. .fortifying, mistaken, to be out. embellished. fortification.

Fórvici, s. f. plur. v. Forbici. Forno, s. m. oven.--Forno, a Fortificáre, to fortify, to make Forvóglia, adv. unwillingly..


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dim. of Fossa. Fragránza, s.

Fra me,


Fare una cosa forcoglia, to do or grave.

frailty, feebly. a thing against one's will. Fossattélla, s. f. dim. of Fos. Frágola, s. f. strawberry. Forza, s. f. force, strength.. Fossatello, s. m. sa. | Fragóre, s. m. noise.- Fraghre, Forza, power, hand, posses- Fossáto, s. m. a brook, a small fragrancy. Not used in this sion, keeping.Forza, force, torrent.--Fossato, ditch. constraint, violence.--Forza, Fossarella, s. f.

Fragrénte, adj. fragrant. forces, troops.-Furka, force, Fossetta,

f. fragrancy, necessity.--Forza, strength, Fossicilla,

sweetness of smell. Inight, power. ---Difuran, with Fossicina,

Frále, adj. weak, feeble, frail. all might.--- Porlare di forza, to Fossile, adj. fossil, any thing Fralézza, s.f.frailty, weakness. speak loud.--A forza, by force, that is or may be digged out Fraleménte, adv. weakly, in a forcible manner. -A of the earth. --Sal fussile, mine feebly. marcia furzi, in spight of. salt.

Frammento, s. m. fragment. Non ha forza, 'uis no matter. Fosso, s. m. a ditch.

Frammesso, s. m. any thing Per forza, forcedly, by force. Fottivento, s. m. a kind of that is put between two other - forza di braccia, by hawk.

things.-Frammesso, adj. put strength of arms.--Lavorare Fra, prep. between, amongst, between. di forza, to work hard. in. Fra due muri, between Frammetténte, adj. that enters Ginoco forza, great want, lack, two walls - Fra noi, amongst between. necessity --Far forza, to force, ourselves.- Fra tre giorni, in Frammettere, to put between compel, or constrain.-Far three days.-Fra via, in the

or among:

- Framunettérsi, to forsii, to endeavour, to strive, way, upon the road. Fra intermeddle, to interpose. to attempt.

tanto, meanwhile.--Fra poco, Frammischiare, to mix with. Forzamento, s. m. compulsion, in a little time, presently. Frana, s. f. a. rugged, steep endeavour, violence.

to myself, place. Forzáre, to force, to compel, Fra mio core, within my- Franáre, to fall down, to rush, to constrain.

self.-Fraquunto, in what time. to slip, to slide, as earth does Forzársi, to strive, to endea- Frà, abbreviated from Frate. on a declivity.

--Fra Pietro, father or Francamente, adv. boldly, freeForzatamente, adv, by force, brother Peter.

ly, openly, plainly. constrainedly.

Fracassamento, s. m. clutter, Francamento, s. m. security, Forzáto, a dj.forced, compelled. havock, hurly-burly. defence, safety.

-Forzaito, great, excessive, Fracassare, to destroy, to break Francáre, to free, to exempt, extraordinary.--Forcato, vio- to pieces, to split in pieces. to discharge, to release. lent,impetuous.--Forzíte, s. m. Fracassato, adj. ruined, undone. Francescamente, adv. after the a galley-slave.

Fracassio, s. m. / crash, crack, French way or fashion. Forzató e, he that compels. Fracasso, S ruin, destruc- Francescáno, s. m. Franciscan Forzévele, adj. forcible, vio- tion, havock,wreck.- Fracás- friar. lent.

50, noise, a ruinous noise. Francésco, adj. French, of Forzevolménte, adv. forcibly. Fraccurado, s. m. a puppet France.--Un Francesco, a Forzióre, s. m. chest, trunk.

Frenchman. Rather ludiForziurétto,

dim. of For. Fracidáre, tu rot, to putrefy. Forzierino,


Fracidézza, s. f. rottenness, Fraucheggiare, to exempt, to Forzieruzzo, putrefaction.

free, to set at liberty.-Fran. Forzo, s. m. forces, troops. Fracidiccio, adj. rotten, cor- cheggiáre, to back, to support, Forzóre, 5. m. sourness. rupied.

to abet or countenance. Forzosamente, adv. forcibly. Frácido. adj. putrefied, rotten, Tranchézza, s. f boldness, unForzoso, adj.) strong, power-corrupted. -- Tu m'hai fracido dauntedness, courage.--FranForzúto, Ś ful, lusty, stout, colie tre chiacchiere, you have chezza, franchise, freedom, imvigorous.

tired me, I am tired of your munity, exemption.----FranFoscamente, adv. obscurely, nonsense.---Linguu fracidei, sa-l chésze, liberty, freedom. darkly.

tirical or vencinous congue. Franchigia, s. f. exemption, Fosco, adj. hrown, tawny, dun Fracidume, s. m. rottenness, iminunity,franchise, freedom. or dark colour.- Fosco,dusky, putrefaction.-Fraridine, im- --Franchigin liberty, freedom. cloudy, dark Iria fosca, portunity, tediousness, tire --Franchigia, a privileged dim, cloudy air.- Tempo fosco, someness.

place. cloudy weather.-Fosco, un- Fradicózza, v. Fracidezza. I rancióso, adj. French, of happy, miserable, unfortu- Fradlicíccio, adj. somewhat France. Un Francioso, a

Frenchman. Fosforo, s m. the day star, or Frádicio, adj. v. Fracido. Franco,adj.free.- Franco, bold, the inorning star. Fradiciúme, s. m. u. Fracidume. courageous.

- Franco, free, Foss3, s. f. ditch, trench. Fraga, s. f. Poet. v. Fragola. sincere, frank, downright, Fosst, a grave.

Fragilezza, s. f. ? brittleness, open.---Franco, free, exemptFossiccia, s. f. a nasty ditch. Fragilità, fragility, ed, frank.-Franco, French, Fossata, s. f. v. Fossa. Obs. frailty, weakness.

of France. Fossatáccio, s. m. a large ditch, Fragiunénte, adv. weakly, with Francolino, s. m. a bird so

made of rags.

crous terms.



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